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Found 131 results

  1. I need help. I am trying to do the right thing and get things, financially, back in order and under control. I seem to be having some success resolving some issues, but I need guidance. I need your help. I was young. I was dumb. I am paying for it now. I have recently decided that I can overcome my mistakes, and finally picked up the phone and set up some payment arrangements. It wasn't easy (for me), but I did it. I think what had stopped me from doing it sooner was really my pride and my embarrassment rolled into one. I bit the bullet, and the parties were willing to work with me, to my surprise. So, according to my credit report, I now have one thing holding me back from accomplishing things that I want to do, and that is student loans. I defaulted on three student loans through Sallie Mae, and one through the Dept. of Education. I put the one through the DOE into rehab, and have successfully pulled it out of default, and it will be paid off in full within the next 4-5 months. The Sallie Mae loans I took out were in the amounts of $8,392, $16,000, and $17,500. A total of $41,892. Honestly, don't know exactly when the loans "defaulted" but on my credit report it shows that each were "open" in 08/05, 05/06, and 08/06. I know that my debt from Sallie Mae was sold/charged off/handed off to a collection agency. The balances on my credit report shows I now owe a total of $88,641, and that is also what the collection agency told me I owed. It also shows that the "past due" amounts on the loans are $12,291, $12,273, and $6,161. I'll come back to these loans. Several months ago I decided I needed to get my life together (from past mistakes, foolishness), and start thinking about the big picture, instead of today and today only. In addition to the student loans, I had a judgement that was filed against me in 2008, from an old credit card when I was about 20, and an account from T-Mobile in collections. The student loans, a judgement, and an account in collections were what was showing negatively on my credit report. I bit the bullet, and it hurt, went to the bank and pulled cash out. I went to the courthouse and paid the judgement off in full. I then turned around and contacted the collection agency that had the T-Mobile account and paid it off. My credit report still shows the judgement that was filed against me in 08/08, and now the T-Mobile account shows it has been paid. I applied for a mortgage in April 2014, and like I assumed, I was denied. I honestly just wanted to see where i stood, and if I could get any information on what I could do to get myself qualified to purchase a home. To my surprise, the lender that run my info told me that my score was a 654. Then the lender told me that was my score was not what disqualified for me loan, it was that judgement against me that threw up the biggest "red flag" (this was the week before I paid the judgement off in full). As a matter of fact, I was told that they have people with scores lower than that do get approved, but I needed to take care of the judgement ASAP and could reapply with them in 90 days. I was told that a lot of people with absurd amounts of student loans get approved. I knew I wasn't the only person in the world who defaulted on student loans, but didn't know how it would affect me. Like I said, I was told from the bank the biggest thing against me in their eyes was the judgement. So, I went and took care of the judgement the next week, and also paid off the T-Mobile account as I mentioned earlier. So I'm thinking to myself, that's two down, time to tackle the big student loan(s). Like it was an omen, or something of the like, a couple days after I had paid off the judgement and T-Mobile account, I got a letter from the company that now holds my Sallie Mae student loan debt. So I called them that day, as I really didn't even honestly know who even held the debt. I figured since I was getting old things squared away, just keep rolling with it. I called and they told me they wanted the loan paid in full, I told them unfortunately I had just went grocery shopping and wouldn't be able to stroke the nearly $90k check. I was then informed that I could settle the debt for $25k, and I informed them that I also could not stroke that check at the moment. So, then they say well, "What can you pay?" I told them I'd pay them $100 a month and they said that was fine. I set it up on auto draft and have made the first two payments, and figure at least making and showing an attempt to pay on it should reflect on my credit report in the future. So, in my mind I was fairly pleased by myself for at least "trying" to get things back on track. So, in the matter of a week or so, I had paid off a judgement in full, paid off the only negative collection account showing on my credit report, and at least started making a monthly payment on the student loans. So I figured, now that I'd done that, I'll go try again to get pre approved to buy a house (mid May, 2014). So, in I went and explained my situation, and was told well lets run your credit and see what we can do. I was told my three scores were (I believe these are right, but I'm trying to remember from memory) 654, 629, and 597 (I don't remember what the names of the reports were, but I know they weren't the typical Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). I don't remember which was what score but those were the three scores. I was told they'd have to go by the 629, and needed it to be a 640 before continuing. After quickly scanning my credit report, I was told more than likely just paying my three credit cards to around 20% of their limits would probably be enough to boost that score over the 640 mark. Then the student loans were noticed on the credit report. It then quickly turned to, I see where you just started paying these back as it had updated to a "1" instead of a "9" showing on my credit report. I was then informed that regardless of my score, I could hang up getting a loan for a home until I had 24 consecutive "1's" for my student loans. I was told that it is possible if your loans are set up on auto draft, which mine are, that sometimes the underwriters will pre approve someone for a house with twelve consecutive "1's". I was told though that even if I were not paying the loans and they had slipped by the initial credit report, right before the closing of the house they re-check credit and it would have definitely caught old student loans, and then right before closing, they'd shut down the process. So, at least I didn't get that far and get crushed by that blow. Speaking of credit scores, and I already know that these are not the gospel, but I have accounts on www.creditkarma.com (TransUnion) and www.creditsesame.com (Experian). I am currently showing a 673 on Credit Sesame, and a 636 on Credit Karma. I'm not exactly sure what a "Vantage Score" is but mine on Credit Karma is a 723. I am adamant now, that I am little older and wiser, that all my bills are 100% on time. I have actually been that way for at least a few years, problem I suppose is I just recently started trying to "fix" what I'd screwed up years ago. I work hard, and make pretty decent money, and I want to have something to show for it. I know I cannot possibly be the only person that is dealing with something like this at the moment. Here are some questions that I have, and any advice, guidance, information would be most beneficial. I appreciate you taking time to read my situation. It is much appreciated, thanks in advance. 1. Would going to/hiring a credit advisor/ credit repair agency help me in any way? 2. Should I send all the bureaus a copy of the receipt showing that the judgement was indeed paid in full? If so, will this help my score by the bureaus knowing it has been paid? 3. Would it do me any good to contact the collection agency that holds the debt and tell them I'm wanting to buy a house? I doubt they care, but... 4. Do I need to take out any other loans that I know I can repay on time or early to show different types of payments on my credit report? i.e. auto loan, personal loan, etc? All I have now, are credit cards. * Also a quick note, on my credit report it shows the the three Sallie Mae loans separately, and when I receive the letter from the collection agency that they are about to auto draft my account for payment, they have the sum all lumped together. Does this matter? Could it be adjusted to show one lump sum on my credit report with one row of "9's" instead of three individual loans with rows of "9's"? 5. Are there any lenders that specialize in situations like mine? If so, who? 6. Should I re-apply (in 90 days) with the bank that I initially tried with in April 2014, who seemed more worried about the judgement than the student loans? Thanks again. If I need to move this post to another thread, please let me know.
  2. I'm almost done my chapter 13 plan and my mortgage guy thinks he will be able to get me approved for conventional financing. My credit has bounced back, I've got a steady job and income as well as a decent down payment. Has anyone here been able to qualify for conventional financing soon after a 13 discharge?
  3. Okay, I have been doing some reading and I found a few different opinions about my situation. I purchased a home in 2005 and defaulted in 2010. I joined a class-action lawsuit against HSBC due to malpractice in foreclosure proceedings. I received less than 500.00 from one ruling but their is an ongoing ruling. They were instructed cease reporting which they have since 2010. Transunion reflects a 0.00 balance and does not indicate a foreclosure, but Experian and Equifax reports the following: As of: Oct 1, 2010 TRANSUNION EXPERIAN EQUIFAX Account #: **** **** **** Condition: Derogatory Derogatory Open Balance: $0 $194386 $194386 Type: Conventional real estate mortgage Conventional real estate mortgage Conventional RE Mortgage Pay Status: Late 120 Days Foreclosure Past Due: $20,242 I would like to buy a home this summer. My husband already qualifies for a home loan but I would like for my income to be included so I have to get this off. Please help. PS Sorry for the format but I am not to savvy in that department.
  4. Hi, So my husband and I have no credit history. It's not that we have bad credit, it's that we have none. Since I stay at home with our son, only his history matters. We just got him a secured Capital One card today. We really want to be in a house in the next 5 months if at all possible, and if not definitley in the next year. Is it possible to raise his credit to at least 650(to qualify for FHA) in the next 3-5 months to get pre-approved for a mortgage? How fast can we build his credit? We are never late on payments, but don't have enough alternative sources of credit to be approved for a FHA loan now(we checked), so we are trying to build fast. Should we get him more than 1 secured card? Our FHA officer told us we should, but does it really help to raise his credit faster? Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. I have a question. I have bankruptcy protection under a chapter 13 bankruptcy and I have been making my payments on time but I think that Chase has me a month behind. I could make my payments much easier if I could get rid of the PMI. I already have 20% down and am wanting to know if the bankruptcy will keep me from getting the PMI taken off if I either get caught up or find out that I am not really behind? It is only a few hundred dollars a month but I could apply that to the principle or other bills. Thanks ahead of time.
  6. My ex-husband and I bought a home in 2003. The loan was in his name only with both our names on the note. We separated in 2006. He agreed to pay the mortgage as “child support” (not court ordered). Unfortunately, he missed a few payments without my knowledge before I received a registered mail slip informing me that they were going to foreclose. I alone when to the company, US BANK to have the loan modified, signing all paperwork with his name with the knowledge of the person processing the modification. I was told by her, that after I pay on the loan for a while that the loan could be transferred with a quick deed from the ex. I have paid each house payment on time since 2006- without ever being a day late. I called to find out how to transfer the loan and was told it was nontransferable. I was also told I could not use my payment history because the loan is in his name. My credit scores are Transunion 641, Equifax 583, and Experian 580. I have 4-15 medical collections on different reports, most below $50 with one for $2200, another for $700. These were deductibles he agreed to pay (not court ordered). My name is on them because I have the medical insurance and take the kids to the doctors. I also have a released, paid NC revenue tax lien recorded on all three reports for 2008. This was listed as a joint lien. I paid the lien off through being garnished at work, he didn’t pay due to being self-employed and unable to be located. Yet, it is still on my report. I want to buy a home in my name and am financially able to do so but I do not have the credit or the payment history. I have disputed everything on my reports, including the lien, and asked for multiple addresses to be deleted. What else can I do? How can I get the house payments reported?
  7. I'm looking to refinance my mortgage soon and I have a few things I'm looking to clean up between now and then. As of the last few weeks one of the last blemishes on my reports dropped off. All that is left are 2 satisfied judgments, when I bought my house in July '12 they were verified with the courts as being satisfied. One of which we had to have them file the paper with the court to report as such, the other was confirmed when my LO requested the doc from the court. Both of these are scheduled to drop off my reports in 2015. Unfortunately both show on EX but EQ and TU only show 1 (ironically they each show the opposite of the other CRA). My first question: Should I try to dispute them or should I try to have them vacated via the courts then removed? (from what I understand in UT I can file a motion to vacate but I haven't consulted an attorney yet).My scores have been ranging in the mid 600's due mostly to high utilization, AAOA and inq.'s. on EX 17 now with 5 from my mortgage gone by end of May, I have 10 from '13 due to an app spree last may and a car I purchased in Aug. 13 on EQ also with 5 dropping off by end of May. TU only shows 2 which were last month and I can B* them if I really need to. I recently, hasn't reported yet, got a huge CLI on my Discover that will drop my utilization there from 90 to 30 and have done some other shuffling to have more of my cards report a $0 balance. The end result should bring my overall utilization near 40% with less of my cards reporting a balance. By the time I do the refi I will have paid more of them down/off so I should be around 20-30% overall then. Side note, long term I'm going to close accounts for cards with high APR's and less than a 2k CL but I'm not closing anything until I have better terms on my mortgage. Pre-refi I am looking to open a card with Navy Fed to BT balances off smaller cards with higher APR's and util but they denied me yesterday (I'm going to appeal but apparently I need to wait for denial letter). I have around 4k I'd like to remove from other cards but 3k would allow me to be sure none of those are over 40% util so I'm hoping to get about a 10-15k limit with Navy. In Aug my 0% intro on my Discover is done so I'm planning to see about opening a card with a 0% BT offer that will give me at least a year to pay that off. My GF and I just got her 0% card paid off today since that intro was up in May and will be working on mine now so I estimate I'll only need to move 1000-1500 over. I realize that yet more new accounts isn't good for FICO but so far it seems to be better than high util and I really don't want to pay interest on the Discover balance if I can help it. I've poured over the Credit Pulls data for the Chase Slate and Citi Diamond cards. I think I can get approved for one of them but I'm not sure and I'll need to wait until about May to be sure all the changes last month and the amounts I'm paying down this month will report. I expect all of that will take until June-July which is ideal for my refi but I'm not sure where rates are going to go. I'd like to wait on my refi because I want to have 24 months of payments on my mortgage and so I don't have to list my old address. I'd like to have nothing to do with that address primarily due to some drama with my old landlord (long story that is tangential to this post). I'm thinking I want to do my refi with Navy Fed. After going through many loan programs offered by several lenders their 5/5 ARM with no PMI sounds really nice since my goal is to drop about $200/mo and it looks like I may be able to keep my current rate for the first 5 years. I'm sitting at owing 192k and the house is worth about 230k so I'm really close on LTV. When I bought the house I had to use a local program that offered 100% financing and the first is FHA so I'm stuck with PMI for at least 5 years (I was fortunate to not get caught with the new PMI rules). So my next question is: Can anyone tell me about their experience getting a mortgage through Navy fed?To make a long post more of a novel... I tried to cover any questions that might come up but my general question is for advice. I'm really trying to restructure my debt while I pay everything down/off and the house is the biggest hurdle that I think I can make a bit lower.
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but my BOA mortgage was sold to Resurgent who now has us paying Shellpoint. This happened back in January, My mortgage is gone from my report - all of the BOA history and nothing new. Is this normal?
  9. We are FINALLY ready to apply for a mortgage & hoping to do an FHA loan. Any suggestions as to where to apply for one? We've thought about Quickenloans and Vanderbuilt Mortgage. Mid score is 618
  10. Hi all, I hope it's okay that I posted this here--wasn't sure if it should go under "Mortgages" or the basic "Credit" forum. My husband just pulled his CR because of a big drop. Turns out our late mortgage is showing up on his reports. The mortgage was taken out in my name only back in 2007. I applied for a modification in 2011 (house value dropped about 30%). We worked with a local community housing agency to complete the modification paperwork. As part of the paperwork, husband had to sign a doc stating our budget, his income records, etc. were accurate. It did not read like a new loan agreement and we specifically asked the community agency if this was adding him as a co-borrower on the mortgage. They said no. When I log into the mortgage website, only I am listed as borrower. Co-borrower is listed as blank. All mail about the mortgage (including the certified letter about the lateness) comes addressed to me only. SO, my question is this: Could the agency servicing out loan be reporting this to the CRAs almost like an authorized user type thing? On husband's CRAs the mortgage acct is listed with him as as a "joint account owner" or "joint borrower", yet due to reasons above I don't think this is correct. How would we best challenge this? Thanks in advance. P.
  11. I found my dream home, its a short sale. Realtor doesn't want to put a offer on it she says 113,000 is to get me interested. Then when I put a offer on it the bank will come back with the real price. I say okay lets see what happens am I missing something.
  12. Saturday we accepted the counter offer and will be talking to the broker about a USDA Guaranteed home loan on Monday. We have used this same broker for an earlier attempt at buying a house, but the sellers refused to make repairs so we walked away. His company does not service the loans, his fee comes as a kickback from the lender. I don't yet have a GFE for this property, but I do have the closing cost worksheets from this and a more recent inquiry that we never offered on. My question is, going USDA, how much change in fees might there be between using a broker who works with a lender and going through a local bank myself? There is also the sub-question of "how close together must inquiries be to not wreck my credit scores?" On the 7th we looked at a worksheet for the 210k purchase price and have the following estimates: Pre-paids 1,755 Closing costs 2,275 Combined PMI, MIP, and funding fees of 4,286 Lender credit 615 I can tell at least a portion of the PMI/MIP/FF is based on the cost as it is a grand higher than a home we looked at for 160k -- I just can't say what the breakdown is since this is only a worksheet. Do these amounts seem in line for a 3.875% note rate (4.494% APR) or is it worth my while to shop around this week? Some background, my adult son and I are buying the house together -- I may eventually retire out of state, but he intends to stay in this house/city forever. When we applied in September my scores were 707, 708, 708 -- with a long credit history but bogged down by school loans in IBR. My son's credit is really thin, we had to use bank statements showing his weekly rent transfers and his name on utilities to go along with his only credit card. His scores were enough to make a momma proud though, 749, 758, and 769. Many thanks!
  13. Hi I am a newbie to the site and very early on, but extremely encouraged by what I have seen so far! I have seen a few posts about applying for a mortgage to pull all of the collectors out of the woodwork. Is there any validity to that assertion? I don't have much to clear, but I prefer to rip off the band aid so to speak... Thanks
  14. Hello every one I would like to know can I qualify for a house and how much house can I afford. Thanks in advance for any help. Credit experian 644 equifax 670 tr 693 I have 3 unpaid medical bills for 384, 44, these are from 2011 and a medical bill for 75.00 only on Experian that will fall off in April of this year I have one credit card with NFCU with a 1000 limit with utilization of 1% I have one car loan with a balance of 2700 it was only for 3000 so it is a new loan I have a paid verizon collection for 48.00 that was paid off in 2011 and 3 personal loans that was paid as agreed Income 3600 monthly Monthly debt payments 100.00 car loan Employment at current job since 2011 in the same career for 15 yrs I live in VA and I am a first time home buyer
  15. I have been working on repairing credit and home searching for about five years. My credit was in complete despair after my divorce and so far I have paid off all the old debt except two things that are now judgments against me. One is for $5000 and the other is about $8000. The reason I haven't paid these is 1) I haven't had the money and 2) This was my exes debt and I felt like he should pay it. These items should be off my credit report in about a year and a half so at this point I am just playing the waiting game. I realize this makes me look bad but that is what I am doing. Everything else is paid off and I only have a student loan and a car payment now which total around $800 per month. My monthly income (with overtime which is consistent for several years) is about $4900. Questions: Can I get financed for a home with these two unpaid judgements on my credit? Can I go the FHA or USDA route? Any advice, information, tips and tidbits would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Does anyone know if these vampires are still in business? (I know, they sold their portfolio to Ocwen a few months ago, but if I dispute a TL, will anyone respond, or will it quietly drop from my CR?)
  17. I figured this might be helpful to others. I imagine a good majority still rely on the standard FICO 04 model. Feel free to add to this list based on your own experience. Navy Federal (NFCU) - FICO 04 Ryland Mortgage Company - Mortgage Enhanced FICO 04 Standard Pacific Mortgage Company - FICO 04 Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - FICO 04
  18. I have to ask this question because I have been working with a mortgage company and they won't even touch me unless I have no medicals on my credit report. Well today I checked with another mortgage company and he told me that if medical bills are under 1000.00 I don't have to worry about them. Has anyone heard of this because I've been trying to get the last three off of my report. They total 500 all together and I just payed 384.00 and 44.00 I used the why chat method so I am confident that they will come off and boost my score. But I am just wondering why the other collection agency said I had to get rid of those collections and they just wanted me to pay it. It might have something to do with being a 1st time homebuyer I don't know. maybe someone can shed some light on this for me?
  19. Here is a scenario: Home foreclosed. BofA sues homeowners, awarded judgement for $215K ($190K loan balance plus fees). Fannie Mae takes ownership of home for $1000. Fannie Mae sells home for $175K. Court still shows judgment due to BofA unchanged at $215K. What am I missing? I would think BofA was made whole (except for maybe the fees) by Fannie Mae, as it was an FHA mortgage? So how is it that BofA got paid $190K by Fannie Mae to make them whole AND BofA still has a judgment showing they are owed $215K from homeowners? Should not the judgment now reflect only the difference between what the judgment was when entered and what the remaining difference is now, and not the whole amount? In other words, if the judgement gets paid today, BofA will have pocketed $405K for a $190K loan. Or, am I WAY confused over how this works? Would appreciate an explanation.
  20. When I last applied for a mortgage, my scores were EQ-637 TU-623 EX-631. I pulled reports w/scores recently, EQ screwed something up (reported 0, I'm dealing with that) but I got TU-685 and EX-616 I don't see anything that should account for that big of a bump on my TU score, so what I'm wondering is - how reliable can I consider the scores sent by the CRA's vs. the scores that a bank will get pulling my credit for a mortgage? I'm shooting for that 'magic' 640 but I don't want to even move on anything again until I can be reasonably sure I'm there (obviously, I want to avoid too many inquiries)
  21. Hello .. i have a question about a notice we received stating .. Notice of Sale of Ownership of Mortgage Loan. It came from a lender that apparently our current lender sold our loan to. We have been having difficulty paying our mortgage since 2012 and into 2013 due to a job loss in dec of 2011 as the new job we acquired in april of 2012 pays less then the one we had before. Mortgage being almost 1900.00 a month not including property taxes and insurance. We of course are in arrears with them some due to their not accepting our payments when we were able to pay and of course all their added fees for this and that. When they sold our loan to the new lender the arrears did not transfer along with the loan to the new lender. Is this proceedure .. i thought they would just forgive the arrears after selling our loan to another company. Our payments will not change with the new lender and that is something we were trying to work out with them .. to lower our interest rate so we could have a more affordable payment but they wouldn't do it. Another thing they've done as i just discovered this today is we had a sideline of credit with them along with our loan that we could not pay on due to job loss that they charged off last year and sent to a credit agency. We started paying the credit agency last year in april and are still paying it to this day. When i logged in today to check on the loan transfer they stated that our loan was no longer with them but transferred to the new lender. What caught my eye is there were 2 loans listed ... one being our home mortgage and the other was the loan they charged off last year and what we are paying now to the credit agency. How could this happen? I'll say i've been very upset today as i couldn't call anyone due to the weekend but come monday all parties involved will be getting calls. We are not going to pay twice for the same loan. Your thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you ..
  22. Greetings, I have been with NFCU around 8 months. I have carried a balance between $2000 and $3000 for about 6 months. I have 13 trade lines and NFCU is the only one I carry a balance on. We hope to use NFCU for our mortgage soon and figure perhaps I should treat them with kid gloves until we get it (by PIF every month until mortgage is secured or doing a balance transfer). I just got approved for the OCCU beaver card (20K) and apped for the Duck yesterday as the rep said if I got one, I'd likely get the other. I am considering using one of the OCCU cards to do a 0% balance transfer from the NFCU card. How would NFCU feel about this? Would it look better to them that it was paid off, or would it look worse because I am just shuffling my debt around and depriving them of the interest they have been getting monthly from me? What would you do? Should I do the balance transfer and keep NFCU clean until mortgage or not transfer and keep paying them off at the speed I am capable of (a few hundred per month or so)? Thanks in advance, SG
  23. Hi everyone, last mortgage payment was made in 2007 state of Georgia. Does anyone know if the sol would be the same as the written contract sol for credit? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hello everyone, I posted this in the mortgage loan/ foreclosure but thought I would here also. Ok, DH is active duty military, he purchased a condo in HI in 2006. It's a VA loan guarantee and financed through Countrywide, but because of military obligations we had to move to GA. We were able to rent it out for a few months but the tenant also left because of military obligations and we were never able to rent it out after that. Bank of America took over in 2008 and new we weren't able to make payments. They also know we are active duty. We tried short sale and had a buyer but BOA held up paper work and the buyer changed his mind. We haven't made a payment since 2008 ( the loan defaulted while living in GA) because of another military obligation, we moved NC over a year ago. Also, the condo association has a lien on it, but it's not on DH's report, but BOA is though. Today, we received a dunning letter from a debt collector attorney. The letter has the typical dispute the validity of the debt in 30 days wording, and also a threat of lawsuit/default. It also says: "Please contact the undersigned immediately if the following applies to you or any other party to the subject mortgage loan at this time as you may be entitled to relief under the Service Members Civil Relief Act if you're a member of the United States Military". We would really like some direction on this, any help is really appreciated. If you're not clear on anything please ask and I'll answer to the best of my knowledge. TIA
  25. Hello all, I have a question that hopefully someone here can answer. I did post this in the mortgage forum as well, but since it applies to both I was hoping someone in this forum may be able to assist as well. I have a mortgage pre-approval (and am scheduled to close December 26th), but my ratios are really tight. I know I can't let anything new report balances on my credit report, and have been trying really hard to pay my cards off before the statement cuts...but I missed two. They were small balances, but they would be adding about $65 in monthly payments to my numbers, which I believe could skew my ratios just enough to get me in trouble. The two cards that reported were Merrick and WalMart. Do you think, since I have since paid them off, that I could call each of them and request that they update the balance before my next statement date? Has anyone done that? A rapid rescore would not apply here, would it, since they will not have reported the new $0 balances? The statement dates are the 27th and 28th, which is too late-- I don't want this messing up my mortgage!

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