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  1. I have two collection accts. with Midland. One is for $870 and the other for $940 or so. I have disputed (the original amounts were incorrect) and they came back corrected and verified. Should I attempt PFD? If that's a no-go, should I PIF or just try to settle for a lesser amount. They send me offers every few months to settle for around $540 each. It's another 3 years before they SOL is up and I'd like to get them off/paid before then so I can get my credit back in order.
  2. Just a note: I've already opted out, I've requested old addresses to be removed, I've ordered paper reports - I do have a TU from online as a 'summary' for now. Today I received a letter from Midland/MCM that they are the new owner of my Credit One credit card with a balance of $648.17. I'm about 120 days behind and I guess they sold it. I do owe the money. That said....the letter states they are the new owner and considering forwarding this account for possible litigation. If they don't hear from me by 12/15 they'll proceed. To stop from continuing I need to mail $300 or call to see if I qualify for discounts or payment plans. Then at the bottom it says "we will not report your debt to the credit bureaus if you set up a payment plan, make a payment by 1/31/15 and make all payments as agreed." Thoughts??
  3. Had a collection with Midland pop up for an old Orchard Bank card. Account was outside SOL, sent FOAD letter. Below is the response I received: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear David, The purpose of this letter is to advise you that you did not provide sufficient information to investigate your dispute of the credit reporting of your above-referenced account pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We understand you are disputing the accuracy of our records concerning the above referenced account. After reviewing the information you provided, as well our own account notes, and information provided by the previous creditor, we are unable to determine the nature of your dispute, and consequently deny that our records are incorrect. In order to further investigate your dispute, we need additional information to help verify the basis of your dispute. Including a complete explanation of your dispute would be helpful. Further, copies of any documentation you may have to support your dispute. In the interim, we have requested that the three major credit bureaus change the status of this account to “Disputed”. Examples of documentation we need or which would be helpful include the following: Paid in Full or Account Settled: a) a copy of the front and back of payment instrument with copy of settlement offer or statement showing balance and account number; a copy of the paid in full or settlement letter showing account number. Fraud or Identity Theft: a) a copy of a police report; Federal Trade Commission Fraud Affadavit that has been filled out (which can be obtained at www.ftc.gov/idtheft); or c) notarized fraud affidavit. Balance Discrepancy: a) copy of contract that states rates for time frame of disputed service; a copy of bills or statements that show amount owed or rates; c) a more detailed explanation of disputed charges. In the meantime, as requested by you, we will no longer be contacting you regarding this account by phone or mail unless it is to further respond to a dispute by you under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The account may still be reported on your credit report as unpaid. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So at this point, not sure what to do next. In the past, if one of these pesky ghosts popped up, a good slap always sent them scurrying back into the gutter. This time, Midland did as they said, and updated the listing with the three CRAs. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dave
  4. I just got a Midland tradeline deleted from my credit reports. I first submitted a DV and Midland quickly validated (the debt was legit). I called Midland to settle* -- I offered to pay in full ($200) if Midland agreed to delete the tradeline from my 3 credit reports. They refused, saying they would only update the tradeline to paid in full. I ended up walking into a brick and mortar T-Mobile store and asking to check on the status of an old account I had with them. The T-Mobile agent told me the account had been sold to a CA, but I asked if he could call customer service and see if I could pay the account right there in full. After a quick call, corporate agreed, and I walked out with a paid in full receipt showing my account number, phone number, address, and name on the account. I faxed a letter and receipt to Midland disputing the charges as already paid in full to T-Mobile and demanding they delete the their three reported negative tradelines from my credit report. I was denied via mail. I called Midland and asked them to explain the denial. I again explained my dispute verbally. After a few minutes on hold, Midland's customer service representative told me they agreed with my dispute and were going to be deleting the tradelines. The entire process took 15 days. A few takeaways: I read tons of horror stories about Midland on these boards. If you can afford it, I think (when trying to delete T-Mobile related tradelines with Midlands) this method is the easiest way to do it. After Midland agreed to delete, I filed a dispute with the three CRA and it speeds up the process of the change showing up on your credit report. *Many people say not to call their consumer support, but if you let them know you are recording the conversation and you're knowledgable about your FCRA rights, I have always found disputing faster via phone.
  5. First, I would like to thank everyone here for sharing your wealth of information. I just signed up a few days ago and have been lurking for about 2 weeks. A little about me. I walked away from everything approximately 6 years ago in order to leave an abusive relationship. I had a house, a car, a few credit cards and a few other outstanding bills. I knew my credit was going to be trashed, but I didn't much care. I have essentially been living without any credit since then. A few weeks ago, I decided to try and rebuild my credit and that is how I ended up here. I have been reading the newbie section and I will admit that I am overwhelmed. I have started by trying to delete my old addresses and by opting out. I am content to let most of my old debt fall off of my report. No one is trying to actively collect from me at the moment and I can easily wait as things will start dropping by this coming March (2015) and most should be off by July (2015). I do have a Midland collection that I am confused about how to proceed. It is scheduled to fall off in November of 2016. The original debtor was TMobile and the amount is $357. The statue of limitations for open ended accounts in my state is 3 years. But for written contracts is 10 years. I can't find clear information about how my TMobile account is classified. Any ideas about how to handle this? Should I ignore it and wait for it to fall off? Should I make an attempt to get it off of my report? I can't tell if this is still within the SOL or if I am safe from that now. I was hoping to have my credit cleaned up enough by mid 2015 to purchase a small starter home for me and my kids. The only report I have pulled so far is Experian. Credit Karma says I have a score of 580 and that is with the record of a foreclosed home, repossessed vehicle and several charged off credit cards and utilities. I hope that I am posting this in the right place and that you will offer some advise as what the best course of action might be.
  6. I was preparing to send a FOAD letter to Midland regarding an old HSBC account. The DOFD was May 2009. What worries me is I currently reside in Maine, where SOL is 6 years. HSBC account was Nevada (4 Years). HSBC accounts were acquired by CapOne in Virginia (3 years). I was living in Pennsylvania when the account was opened (4 years). Surely moving to a state with a longer SOL, after the SOL had already passed, does not suddenly reopen the window for litigation? How do I know what applies?
  7. I had another post but thought it may be best to start a new one with this information. I disputed Midland's collection on my TU report and this is what is now written as a note: "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)." So basically they verfied the debt but that doesn't mean that it's validated correct? I could send them a DV letter? I'm still reading up on boards every chance I get. This debt is the only negative on two of my reports (besides some late fees). Midland is currently NOT showing on my EQ report (that one appears to be my cleanest) and this what is listed on my EX: MIDLAND FUNDING Potential Negative Closed Account Name: MIDLAND FUNDING Account #: XXXXX Balance: $140 Date Opened: 8/1/2011 Account Status: Closed Payment Status: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department At this point, I'm little lost. I have been reading anything and everything regarding them and DV and PFD. In this case they seemed to have have closed the account but on my TU report it is open. I just would love to have some advice on what my next step should be. How can the account be closed AND be opened at the same time?? What in the world do I do now?
  8. Hello, I could not find a simple Validation Letter, i have used and modified one before, just cant find one. I have a Midland Funding collection that i need to mail them a letter to validate the debt. The debt was paid along time ago. I have not received any phone calls or letters, its just reports to the bureaus. Its for a old capital one that was paid years ago. Any suggestions on letter?
  9. Does anyone know how a cell phone bill is classified? I have been googling for days and have yet to find a clear answer. The statue of limitations in my state is 10 years for written contracts and 3 years for open accounts. I have a 3.5 year old cell phone bill in collections (Midland) and I desperately need to know if the SOL has run out on this. Thank you.
  10. I have an issue that I need help on in Louisiana. These are the relevant facts: Had CC with $16000 balance that is past the SOL for 2 years. (SOL in La is 3yrs) On Report it indicates as Charged Off since June 2011. Last payment was made on February 2009. Over the period until 2012 there were numerous CA's sending letters but no legal action. No reports to the Credit Agencies. Chase sold (?) it to Midland Mortgage in July 2013. Midland sent letter stating that the balance was owed and they turned it into what appears is a credit account with an interest rate of 17.6%. I did not respond to any of Midland's Correspondence. For 3 months they sent a statement assessing the financing charges and increasing the balance. In January 2014 a derogatory alert came stating from Midland on my credit report. Report shows 30,60, 90, 120 days late. Received first letter offering 70% of Chase balance in January 2014. In this letter they acknowledge they may not be able to pursue legal action but they are still willing to settle for the 70%. Received second letter offering 80% of Chase balance in May 2014. With same statement of unable to collect legally. My question is: Can a collection agency purchase the loan and then set their own rates and payment terms? It is my understanding they can only go by the original CC terms. Correct or not? Is it correct that after 7 years (February 2016) then the Chase matter should come off the credit reports? At what point can you get the CA's off your report? can they keep re-filing the claim? Thank you for your responses and inputs
  11. I have 5 baddies remaining on my credit report. All 5 are PIF, and all are going to fall off within the next 10-15 months. 2 of these are from OC's and from what I can tell are VERY unlikely to be removed early (Amex and BOA). The other 3 accounts are all Midland Credit Management. They are all CO's that were PIF before I discovered that you can negotiate for a pay for delete with the collection agencies (boo...). I have done some research online and it seems that MCM is one of the worst CA's that can hold your account. I have called MCM 4-5 different times and spoken with 3 levels of supervisors attempting to get a goodwill deletion and they have all told me the same story: MCM does not delete any accounts, even PIF. I submitted a dispute to TU this past Monday with a request to verify all information in hopes that MCM will not bother, but am looking for any other ideas or strategies I can use. I have not yet tried sending any letters or emails to MCM. Has anyone had success bombarding executives / managers at MCM with emails? If so, who should I be emailing? Also, strangely, MCM is only reporting on EX and TU, not on EQ. Is there any way I can use this to my advantage? Any help would be appreciated. Need to see these baddies gone!
  12. First off DV Letter went out like 24 Days ago. Nothing from them yet... The OC I was able to get deleted off EQ TU I'm out of sol Also does it hurt my worse that they always Update the report every month? Any advice to a veteran newbie... Account Name MIDLAND FUND Account Number 853270**** Condition Derogatory Responsibility Individual Current Balance $632 Original/Balance$427 Status 9 Original Creditor Opened 0 9/08/2009 Reported 05/19/2014 Remarks Placed for collection
  13. Hello to all my CB fam! So I'm in the process of looking for my first home to purchase. I have an approval for my mortgage loan and the only thing they are requesting is that I pay off the only collection listed on my credit file. The collection is a Midland/T-Mobile account for $470 from 2010. My question is how should I proceed with this? Originally it was two accounts listed, but when I applied for new T-Mobile service in November it disappeared from two bureaus completely and only one account is listed on Equifax now. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. I received a letter from Midland Credit Mgmt stating they are "the new owner" of xxx account and that MCM, "a debt collection company, is now the servicer of this obligation." It lists OC, original acct. #, MCM acct # and current balance. It is mine. I've read quite a bit and not sure if they technically have to send my anything else under the FDCPA, but will this work as a validation letter? Is there anything else I can/should do? To whom it may concern: In regard to the above referenced account, please be advised I dispute your claims and request full and complete validation per the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and all applicable state laws. I also request that all communications be by U.S. Mail, as it is inconvenient for me to receive phone calls at home or at work. Sincerely, ________________ (no signature)
  15. Hello - I am working on cleaning up my wife's credit reports, and she has a collection account with Midland Fund that they opened on 8/2011. The original creditor was GE Money Bank. We have worked very hard over the last 4 years to get a ton of Medical bills paid off that buried us, caused a loss of our home, etc. Anyway, this is one of the final accounts that we have left on her Credit Report. She periodically gets a letter from them, requesting payment of $3700 or so, and I believe the amount due to the original creditor was around $2500. I dont want to send a dispute or validation letter to them in fear that it will prompt them to sue, as I have read lots of bad things about them. What I would like to do though is find out when this debt should drop from her report. However, that is the problem, the original Creditor is NO longer on her credit report. I believe that the account went past due for good in 2007 or 2008, so it should be closed to dropping....or may even be past the time. I just dont know, because there is no listing on her credit report for GE Money bank. Can anyone recommend a way to find that out? Could the Credit reporting agency maybe provide that info? I know there are other posts on here about some settlement that occured and forced them to remove lots of info from people's Credit Reports, and have tried to read through several of the rulings, etc....but just dont understand how or if it might apply here. They are reporting monthly on this account. Anyway, I am at a loss here on what to do, or where to start. If I am understading everything correct, then an account should drop off or not be reported any longer once it reaches 7 years and 180 days past the first missed payment right? Again, just do not know what to do about this one, any feedback or recommendations would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!!
  16. I recently obtained validation information from Midland Funding regarding an account in collections. I CM-RRR'ed the DV letter to them last month. I am with-in SOL in Louisiana. SOL ends around 03/2015. I want to try to have them delete the TL off my CRs. I want to send a PFD letter for a settlement amount. I won't lowball since I know I'm inside SOL, somewheres around 55%-70% of total. I know its a touchy area sending PFD Settlement letter within SOL. My question is, lets say I send the letter, they do not accept the settlement. Will they send something back stated something to the affect of "no we don't want partial payment blah blah". and then I can send another PFD for the full amount? Just looking for the best route of action to have them delete by paying the least I have to. Thanks in advance.
  17. Okay...so it has been 30 days since Midland has received my four (4) Debt Validation letters that I sent CMRRR. (I sent one letter for each account/TL) They signed for it all on 17 March. Today I check my mailbox and there is nothing in there. I expected not to get anything back from them, but woulda been hella surprised if they did send me something. My situation is that I never received any notification from them in writing on the four TL's that they are reporting. I found out Midland was reporting them because I pulled my credit reports. There has been conflicting information so I am trying to get some things clarified. The more I read the more confused I am. So here are my questions. 1. Even if I did not get a notification from them, will my Validation Letter still be good and they had 30 days to respond? 2. Hypothetically, what if I get validation in the mail from them after the 30 days? 3. Do I send them another validation letter and wait another 30 days or an estopple? 4. Can I just show the CRA's each CMRRR receipt, card, and letter and ask them to delete since Midland didnt validate? 5. What should/would be my next move? My goal is to have the TL's deleted from my CR. Thanks !
  18. HI all! I am looking at my Experian report which is my worst report and for Midland there are two from Midland that say almost nothing...and I also have The CBE Group who are also reporting for one of the Midland accounts... For negatives on Experian I have 5, these 3 and two more one from LVNV that I just disputed obsolete and hopefully that one will drop off. After I get the answer back for that dispute, I wanted to maybe dispute the 2 Midlands? I know that my report shows "customer disputes..." but this had to have been last year when I disputed this. Thank you for your help!! MIDLAND FUNDING Address: 8875 AERO DR STE 200 SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 (800) 825-8131. Original Creditor: T-MOBILE Status: NO STATUS. Date Opened: 08/2012 Date of Status: 11/2012 Reported Since: 10/2012 Last Reported Date: N/A Type: NA Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: N/A Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: N/A High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: N/A Recent Payment: N/A Your Statement: Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act. MIDLAND FUNDING Address: 8875 AERO DR STE 200 SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 (800) 825-8131 Original Creditor: T-MOBILE Status: NO STATUS. Date Opened: 08/2012 Date of Status: 11/2012 Reported Since: 10/2012 Last Reported Date: N/A Type: NA Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: N/A Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: N/A High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: N/A Recent Payment: N/A Your Statement: Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act. THE CBE GROUP Address: PO BOX 126 WATERLOO, IA 50704 (866) 912-1312 Original Creditor: T-MOBILE USA Status: Collection account. $435 past due as of Jan 2011. Date Opened: 12/2010 Date of Status: 01/2011 Reported Since: 01/2011 Last Reported Date: 01/2011 Type: Collection Terms: 1 Months Monthly Payment: $0 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit: $435 High Balance: N/A Recent Balance: $435 Recent Payment: $0
  19. Midland FInancial is attempting to collect a debt from me that I really truly believe is not mine or is a mixup. This is an old tmobile account from many years ago, which as I understood it was no more then $200.00 (even with Tmobile's fees). Midland is collecting for $900.00. I sent a valdiation letter to them stating I disputed the item and they wrote back essentially with a lcover letter stating that they are collecting for this $900.00 then an attached list of fees, etc with a grand total that was $700.00. THe phone number that was associated with me on this list was never a number that I had with Tmobile. After hitting brick walls with Midland, I filed a complaint with the CFPB and attached all documentation and stated that the amounts that they are reporting, collecting for, and totalling up are three different amounts. It was like Midland completely ignored my complaint. This was their response: So basically they can just ignore your documentation and the original complaint? Because none of this addresses my complaint! Im not sure how to respond to re dispute this. Also their attorney who responded is not admitted in my state. Does that make a difference?!? Response Ms. ________, you express a concern that your validation requests have been ignored. [NOTE I NEVER SAID MY REQUESTS WERE IGNORED. I ATTACHED THEIR RESPONSE TO COMPLAINT I FILED STATING THAT THE AMOUNTS WERE INACCURATE] A review of Midland Credit's business records indicates that shortly after Midland Funding acquired the above-referenced account, on June 13, 2012, Midland Credit mailed you a validation letter, which informed you that Midland Funding had acquired the account, and informed you of your rights pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (15 U.S.C. § 1692 et seq.) ("FDCPA"). Please note that the letter was mailed to you via the United States Postal Service, and was not returned as "undeliverable" - satisfying the requirements set forth within the FDCPA. Midland Credit's business records indicate that it did not receive any correspondence disputing the debt or requesting validation from you in response to the letter. A review of Midland Credit's business records indicate that it received the first correspondence requesting validation from you on November 20, 2013, which cannot be considered timely. [MY INITIAL LETTER WHICH THEY RESPONDED TO WAS ATTACHED TO THE COMPLAINT CLEARLY STATES I DISPUTE THIS DEBT IN ITS ENTIRETY] The FDCPA specifically states that, unless a consumer provides a debt collector with notice of such a dispute within 30 days of receiving the initial validation letter, "the debt will be assumed to be valid by the debt collector." (15 U.S.C. § 1692g(a)(3).) Because Midland Credit did not receive such a notice at the time, Midland Credit appropriately proceeded with efforts to contact you and collect the debt. Although the received correspondence of November 20, 2013 was not timely, verification information provided by the seller was mailed to you in response to your dispute on November 25, 2013. A copy of the verification information provided by the seller and previously mailed to you is enclosed. Please note that the verification information provided by the seller meets the requirements of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA"). The original contract, complete payment history, and a full set of billing statements are not required under the FDCPA. Chaudhry v. Gallerizzo, 174 F.3d 394 (4th Cir. 1999). Ms. _________, you also express a concern that the phone number indicated on the verification information was never yours. Midland Credit stands ready to assist you in clearing your record if you have been a victim of identity theft or fraud. If such is in fact the case, Midland Credit respectfully requests that you provide it with a copy of either a police report or affidavit of fraud showing that you reported the fraudulent activity. Please note that an affidavit of fraud can be found at www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/resources/forms/affidavit.pdf. If submitting an affidavit of fraud, you should complete the form and have the form notarized. You may forward appropriate documentation to Consumer Support Services at the address on this letterhead. Unless and until such documentation is received, based on the information provided by the seller, Midland Credit respectfully must conclude that the debt remains valid. A review of Midland Credit's business records indicate that it is accurately reporting the above-referenced account to the three major credit reporting agencies as required. If you are ready to settle this debt, you may qualify for a reduction in your account balance. Please call a Midland Credit account manager at (800) 825-8131 to help settle this account balance. Please see Midland Credit's comprehensive response, which is attached, for further details.
  20. Midland is reporting to the Credit Bureas on an alleged Citibank account. I have disputed this with the Credit Bureas and it has come back verified. Today I called Citibank to see if they could provide me with an account number of this alleged account. After speaking with Customer Service and explaining that I was lookoing for an account number so that I could verify this alleged debt I was forwarded to the Asset Department. After being put on hold for 10 minutes I was told that they are unable to find any records showing I ever has an account. My question is what would be the best way to deal with Midland who is still refsuing to stop reporting this as a deinquient debt. Thanks.
  21. I have been reading for a while, still confused. I made a screen name so I can ask questions. Geez, I don't even know where to start, dispute or validate, opt out, etc. I want to do a 1-2 punch but I feel like I would mess it up. There is an address on my EX and EQ that NEVER belonged to me! I can't get my free report from TU, i don't know why. I feel overwhelmed! If I dispute the prior and false address on my report would they have 45 days (because) to fix as opposed to 30? Also, a collection from midland is being disputed (as said on both reports) and IDK why, i didn't initiate it on EX but I did dispute on EQ and it came back verified. BOGUS!!!! . However, the information is wrong. Its an EXTREMELY inflated collection from TMOBILE (I owed them in the ball park of $800-1000) but somehow it became $1,900+! And reporting as open or gone to collections in 2011. I had Tmobile from march 2008-2009(november of 2009 is when I was about 60 days overdue and never paid them ,I got sprint. They started sending me collections in 2010 but I know I Can't find them. I'm not sure if midland sent the collections or not but it was a collector.). So the latest it should report delinquent is mid 2010? Did Midland reage my account? When I dispute to a CRA, should I write in blue ink on legal paper or what? Is that out? Should I only dispute after I validate? I feel like I had a plan before I saw my credit report, and now Im baffled for some reason. Can anyone help? Post links, anything, I feel lost.E XPERIAN has Account in dispute under Fair Credit Billing Act. EQ has MIDLAND CREDIT MGMT INC 8875 Aero Dr Ste 200 San Diego, CA-921232255 (800) 825-8131 Account Number: XXXX Status: Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $1,936 Type of Account : Open Credit Limit: Term Duration: Terms Frequency: Date Opened: 09/30/2011 Balance: $1,936 Date Reported: 09/26/2013 Amount Past Due: $1,936 Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: Scheduled Payment Amount: Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 11/2011 Months Reviewed: 21 Creditor Classification: Activity Designator: N/A Charge Off Amount: Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: Factoring Company Account (debt buyer) Date of First Delinquency: 09/2009 Comments: Consumer disputes this account information, Collection account 81-Month Payment History No 81-Month Payment Data available for display.
  22. After calling a few times a month for nearly a year, Midland finally sent me a dunning letter. As far as I can tell, still not reporting. Time to warm up the printer!
  23. I have three entries on TU placed there by Midland within the last few months. I am working with a "professional" credit repair person who has gotten several baddies off all three CRAs but he has no idea how to approach this one. We asked for DV about two months ago, and Midland responded with a simple "we checked, it's a valid debt" and reinserted the three listings on TU. The "professional" has no idea what to do now and suggests we may have to live with this being reported this way if Midland refuses to cooperate. Ummm... hell no. The debt is all from 04/2009, far past SOL in my state. Midland is reporting the debts as going to charge off in 02/2013, 05/2013 and 08/2013. So, they have reported the age wrongly and it is tearing up my TU score. They have not reported to EX and EQ. How can I deal with this to get the debt either removed from TU, or at least dated to correctly reflect to charge off date of 04/2009 ? The good news is, by EQ score has risen to 645 and my EX score is at 638 as a result of the professional help I have hired. My TU score is 571 and that is causing me to be denied credit from my recent mini app spree. Also, EX and EQ don't show any baddies, but the outstanding debt still shows the totals of all the baddies that were removed. This is screwing up my debt to income ratios. Any idea how to deal with this ? My first priority is to remove the items reported with current dating from TU, the second priority is to clear up the numbers on EQ and EX to reflect correct debt to income ratios. Any suggestions ? I'm feeling pretty defeated here and could use some serious help. TIA
  24. Equifax back door. Vle Bishes Midland reporting the following on an old TMobile acct. Tmo agreed to end contract due to zero coverage at new residence. Instead of sending me the proper documentation agreeing to term contracts they hit me with double ETF and balance due on subsidized phone/hotspot. I want to disputebut I am confused. This is clearly a collection, reporting pays as agreed. The second item is Loan Type: Yes. What does that even correlate to and how can I best attack them on this. I have to tread lightly as they have a satellite office here in my city and I am afraid that they will sue. Without the docs from TMob I am reluctant to be as aggressive as I would normally be. Midland reporting EQ as follows: Name: MIDLAND FUNDING LLC Acct #: Credit Limit: n/a Date Reported: 07/29/2013 Date Opened: 11/29/2012 Balance: $827 Past Due: $827 Acct Status: Dispute ItemHide Details MIDLAND CREDIT MGMT INC8875 Aero Dr Ste 200 San Diego, CA 92123-2255 (800) 825-8131 Account Number: Current Status: Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $827 Type of Account : Open Credit Limit: N/A Terms Duration: Terms Frequency: Date Opened: 11/29/2012 Balance: $827 Date Reported: 07/29/2013 Amount Past Due: $827 Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: $0 Scheduled Payment Amount: $0 Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 01/2013 Months Reviewed: 5 Creditor Classification: Activity Description: N/A Charge Off Amount: $0 Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: $0 Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: yes Date of First Delinquency: 09/2011 Comments: Consumer disputes this account information, Collection account 81-Month Payment History Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2013 * CA * * * * 2012 * *
  25. Hi all, I was hoping for some Suze Orman style guidance I'm a 26 year old post grad NYC'er that happened to make some poor decisions when I was younger. Now, I'm in a stable job and really trying hard to rectify my past mistakes. My credit score via myfico (Equifax) currently sits at 634. I currently have the following: 1x Gap card, 30% utilized, 100% on time payments, opened March 2008 = $300/1500 1x CapOne card, 100% utilized, 100% on time payments, opened Nov 2011 = $1500/1500 (a payment of approx ~$1000 will hit anyday now, bringing it down to 33% utilized) 3x AES Student loans, 95% on time payments = ~$10,000 I have a few delinquent remarks due to 2x Best Buy master cards which went into collection. 'Date of Last Activity'/Last payment on these cards were Dec 2009. (this should be the start of my 7 years, correct?) I made no attempt to pay or speak to ANY debt collectors to reset this clock. Unfortunately, from what I read, the two Best Buy master cards went to some of the worst bad debt collectors: LVNV and MIDLAND. Now, on my credit report, these look like they are listed as NEW debt and not listed under collections. LVNV funding is as recent as THIS MONTH! See below: LVNVfundg Status as of Jul, 2013 Date opened May, 2013 Date of last activity Dec, 2009 Largest past balance $354 Account Type Open Account Account holder Individual Industry Factoring Companies Descriptions Collection account No contact information provided by Equifax Balance Current Status Past Due Amount $364 120+ days past due $364 MIDLANDmcm Status as of Jun, 2013 Date opened Dec, 2011 Date of last activity Dec, 2009 Largest past balance $856 Account Type Open Account Account holder Individual Industry Factoring Companies Balance Current Status Past Due Amount $1,009 120+ days past due $1,009 Now I've been feverishly reading everything I can about LVNV and their shady practices. I just want to be sure I do the right thing from here on out. I know the debts from LVNV and Midland are probably referring to the Best Buy Master cards. Technically, I could pay these in full RIGHT NOW, but I want to be sure the 'New Loan' type they have added to my credit report are removed. Or... I'm only 2 years away, should I just not pay them and wait for them to be removed and focus on building my good credit? If so, what are some better ways of improving it? Do utilities in my name help? Should I get a prepaid credit card? For LVNV, I've written a Debt Validation letter using this template: http://www.bblocklaw.com/practices/debt-collector-harassment/make-them-validate-the-debt/ And will send it certified mail to: Resurgent Capital Services LP 15 South Main Street Suite 600 Greenville SC, 29601 So, after all that backstory, here are my questions: I can't just ignore this debt as LVNV & MIDLAND have added new 'loans' to my credit report, right? Should I send them both debt validation letters? If the debt validation shows that both of these are from the Best Buy mastercards, what should I do next? Ideally, I should pay in full, correct? How can I get these sections removed from my credit report and put back under the 'Collections' section? Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my post. Any help would be super insightful and helpful. This is all so confusing and I just want to start doing good now to avoid any more stress and heartache. -Christian
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