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  1. Hello WhyChat, Hope you're doing great. Helping a relative deal with Medical bills. Here are the facts: · My relative cut his finger while mowing his grass (over 1 month ago) · Ran to the nearest medical facility and they did NOT treat him at all however they sent him over to another equipped medical center. · The medical center where they sent him over is the ONE who treated his injured finger and took care of him and they billed him a $1000 (which he is willing to pay) · Yesterday he received another bill from the original facility he first ran into and who did NOT treat him and their bill was for $5000 · He is in shock and doesn’t know what to do he wanted to call them and dispute it but I am holding him off. How can he approach this situation with this medical facility that charged him $5000 For Nothing? Please advise Thank you
  2. It appears I have been balanced billed for services provided for in network which is illegal I believe. I was only supposed to pay around $38 but was billed and sent to collections for $1,580. It appears the medical provider took the amount they billed and subtracted it from what the health insurance paid and send that amount to collections. I paid it because I did not want it reporting on my credit report. The services provided were indeed within the network so what they did was not honor the member rate and billed me incorrectly. What action should I take and can I get a refund along with any other damages?
  3. I used to lurk this forum for advice. I had my scores hovering around 700 when I lost my job and had two hospital stays. I kept my head in the sand for a few years until I got brave and ordered my paper reports. After triaging them, I realized that things were not as hopeless as I'd feared. This time I am being sensible. I'm not apping for crap cards or just any store card that will approve me, and I am certainly not carrying a balance on any of my cards. If I hadn't had high balances on so many cards before, I would have been fine. This time I'm focusing on cards that will actually benefit me, and getting fewer of them. I currently have five cards and a car loan. I'm wondering: would it serve any purpose to take out a rebuilder loan at my credit union, or just let these cards age? Also, would it be wise to wait one more year before disputing my three remaining medical accounts? They are currently three years old and my state's SOL is four years. I don't want to invite a lawsuit. Thank you for any advice.
  4. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/9/19/1796833/-Dog-Owners-Time-to-Wash-or-Replace-Water-Bowls?detail=emaildkre No paywall link.
  5. Looking for some clarification regarding the process. I have sent each of the CRAs the initial dispute letter for a single account on my credit report that I am disputing per https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html I have received a response back from all 3 saying they were verified/valid with NO documentation provided or proof it's my account. My next step is (https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html-unpaid) correct me if I'm wrong is to send 3 letters to the Collection Agency. What do I put in the PM# field? Do I put in the PM# of the currents letter I am sending to them or something else? ABC Collections 123 NotOnYourLife Ave Chicago, IL Date: _________ PM#____________ Re: Acct # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX And do I have to wait 30 days to follow up dispute? Or can I send these once the Collection Agency receives it? https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE Thanks for the help.
  6. I finally got around to getting things done. The letters will be sent tomorrow afternoon priority mail proof of delivery only. Mainly my husbands 4 accts. all assigned July through Dec. 2015, all PAID, one with nationwide recovery and the other three with the same local collection agency. Mine is first reported 6/2012 with same local agency not paid. opted out a long time ago, have lived same house for too long to worry about deleting old addresses. To be sure I am doing this correctly..... will wait for response before mailing. 1. send this Credit Report Dispute Form MULTIPLE accounts new initial dispute form and wait for response from CRA OR for his (all paid) do I send the letter for paid collections first? MEDICAL DISPUTE VALIDATION LETTER FOR PAID ACCOUNTS
  7. Hi Why Chat Opted out Sent initial dispute EQ deleted Ex and TU came back confirmed. Next step?
  8. Hello, I am new to the forum and have done some reading around but I have not been able to resolve a question I have. I owe a medical debt which was sold to a collections agency but I have not received any communications from them and I am not sure how to proceed. Back in March of 2017 I saw my primary care doctor (in NC) and bloodwork was taken during the visit. Unbeknownst to me, there was a billing error where my insurance paid my primary care doctor but never received the bloodwork paperwork. The bloodwork was processed by an off-site hospital and I was not aware of this procedure up front. I heard from a random hospital (also in NC) in September of 2017 saying I owed $133 for bloodwork from that visit. I resubmitted this to my insurance company. I have a high deductible plan and my insurance company instructed me to pay the provider directly and gave me credit towards my annual deductible for the payment. I did not hear back from the insurance company until 11/15/17. At that point I attempted to pay the debt directly on the hospital's website but was notified that I could not pay as the balance had been forwarded to a collections agency. The agency appears to be a NC collections agency, but all I am provided with is a name and a telephone number. Since then I have not had any communications from the collections agency. I have not contacted them. I am happy to pay this balance but I am afraid of the consequences of contacting the collections agency on an unsolicited basis. I plan to buy a house in the next 6 months and do not want this to impact my credit score which is in the low 700's. What is the best way to take care of this without impacting my credit? Thank you so much for your time to read through this!
  9. Should I even bother paying this? It only shows on Equifax and just fell off from Experian. Finally getting back on track and was wondering if this would even keep me from future credit limits.
  10. Hi new member, I have a question, I'm currently on a payment plan with NRA collection agency for about $5k in medical debt. Which i should have paid off within the next 6 months. But I want to know would it be wise to do the HIPPA process now to try to get it just removed from my report. and I still be able to make my monthly payments. Also they said they would remove it complete once the debt was paid in full.
  11. My daughter had a medical procedure done back in early 2015. I paid the amount due and everything was fine. In fact, I guess I overpaid, because about a month later, I received a check back from the medical provider after insurance adjustments had been paid. Around December of 2015, I received a bill again from the medical provider, stating that due to further adjustments, I now owed them money again. I didn't understand it then, and I still don't understand it now, but that's not really the point. I talked to the medical provider a few times and then to my insurance a few times, and never got a really clear answer as to why I owed money, when they had sent me a reimbursement check earlier that year. Since I didn't understand it, I never paid. Fast forward to this year, and in March, the medical provider sent my bill to collections. I had forgotten all about WhyChat's HIPAA method, so this is what I did instead: I called the OC medical provider and paid them. I'm never going to pay a CA, so that's why I paid the OC. I had hoped the OC would contact the CA to remove the collection. Well, they didn't. Instead, the CA just updated the account to say "Paid." (as a sidenote, the amount the CA is reporting isn't even accurate, it's off by about $0.50, for whatever that's worth) I sent a letter to the CA based upon this letter at https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=536064&p=5137907 That letter apparently did no good, because the CA never did anything. I then went online to EQ, TU, and EX to dispute the collections by claiming "Not Mine." The collections all came back verified. It was at this point that I then remembered all about WhyChat and HIPAA. I typed up a letter to the OC medical provider based upon this letter at https://whychat.me/hipltr.html I used the ( b ) insert, since I had paid them already, with the receipt attached. I had hoped that they would contact the CA to delete the collections, but instead I got a response back from the OC medical provider detailing that the Paid Collections was accurate and some other information that was basically telling me that they weren't going to do anything. So I guess my next step is to send letters to the CRAs, as well as a follow up letter to the OC medical provider? Should I send a letter to the CA as well, based upon the letter from https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html? Do I send all these at the same time? Or the CRAs first, and then then the OC, and then the CA? Have I already screwed myself by doing incorrect steps first, before doing WhyChat's method? Thanks!
  12. key


    Does anyone know anything about this company?
  13. After quite a few months of research on credit repair I've decided to begin my quest to clean-up/correct my own credit reports. Below is a history of what I've completed, as well as a list of the steps that I have ahead of me. If anyone has any additional information for me along my path I'd certainly appreciate it! Steps Completed: 1) Request copy of my Credit Report directly form the CRA with corresponding report number 2) Opt Out 3) Clean up old/outdated/incorrect address data Next Step: 4) Send Initial Dispute Letter to all 3 CRAs (hand written and addressed, certified mail only) Accounts Being Disputed: Equifax :: 2 accounts (IC Systems - $208, and Collection Srvc of Athens - $245) Experian :: 2 accounts (IC Systems - $208, and Collection Svc of Athens - $245) TransUnion :: 1 account (IC Systems - $208) As a resident of Texas I admit I've been a bit confused as to which methods best apply to me, but even as as a TX resident WhyChats HIPAA process seems to be "the way." I am set to send out my 3 initial dispute letters tomorrow, but I wanted to check in with the group to make sure Im am on the best path for ME. to everyone who reads this, and especially WhyChat. thank you for your help! -aj
  14. Hello, I am new to CreditBoards, but have been pouring over the material and am very excited to begin my credit repair. I have triaged my reports and am looking now to tackle a number of old accounts that went to a collection agency for medical services. All of these accounts went to the same collection agency (for services at two local hospitals) and range between 6 and 2 years old. I paid the CA in full, directly, for all of these accounts. The CA is Skagit Bonded Collections, a local collection agency in northwest Washington State. I have 7 similar accounts on my credit reports from CA Skagit Bonded Collections. I read PsychDoc's very helpful sessions, and have begun reading up on Why Chat’s HIPAA program, but have been unable to locate a clear path for what to do to have these removed from my credit reports, if possible at all. I am sure I can find it in Why Chat’s excellent material, but so far I have been unable to locate information for when the CA was paid instead of the OC. If memory serves, I simply went to the CA and paid out of pocket for all of these services once I knew I owed them. I may have set up a payment play or two. I am not sure if I signed or turned in anything to the hospitals at the time of services, but I doubt it. The pay status on all accounts is, "Account Paid in Full; was a Collection." The responsibility on all accounts is, "Joint Account." I was married at the time I paid all the accounts and incurred services, but I am now divorced. Some of the account remarks state, "ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CONSUMR; >PAID COLLECTION." While others just say, "PAID COLLECTION." I do not remember disputing any accounts, though I may have said I never received any notice that I was to pay. I moved around quite a bit during this time, so that may be why I did not receive bills. I just moved again, and am awaiting my new driver's license and once I receive that, will begin work on deleting old addresses. But, I wanted to get going on this so I am ready once my old addresses are (hopefully) removed. Do I begin by writing to the hospital directly? Or should I write to the CA, who I paid in full for all services after they went to collections? Does anyone have a sample letter, or can you point me to one, that deals with paid CA accounts (paid to the CA) for medical services? Should I begin with a Goodwill Letter? Or should I jump right to a different kind of letter? And one non-medical related question - Can I get old addresses removed if I do not yet have my new driver's license with my new address? If yes, how so? Or should I wait until my new license arrives? Any and all information is very welcome. Again, I am relatively new, so if I am completely missing something, or there is a post somewhere that answers all this that I have yet to find, please let me know. Essentially, I just need to know where to begin/what to do. Sorry for the long post and let me know if any additional information is needed. Thank you!
  15. Hello all, I've been lurking and reading for a few weeks now, and have been following Why Chat's guide to get started. My husband and I are in the process of applying for mortgages, and we found that my credit report showed 4 medical accounts in collections. They're from my ex-husband, who went to the hospital after we'd legally separated, but before our divorce was finalized. I have a police report, and I'm going through Why Chat's HIPAA process to have them removed since they're all from 2009. Details below: EXP Potentially negative: CMRE Financial Services Inc Credit Systems International Inc Potentially negative closed: American Capital Enterprises High Desert Creditors EQ Potentially negative: Credit Systems International Inc Potentially negative closed: High Desert Creditors TU Potentially negative: CMRE Financial Services Inc Credit Systems International Inc So far I have: 1 - Opted Out 2 - Sent the address deletion requests (10 old addresses...yikes) via CM, no RR. TU received theirs, but the addresses I used for the other 2 CRAs must've been old. They were returned to sender, so I'm waiting to get them back in the mail to resend. 3 - Prepared the handwritten HIPAA Dispute Letters per Why Chat's guide using real report numbers. Questions I have: 1 - Can I send the TU dispute letter now that I have proof they've received it, even if I don't know if they've deleted the addresses yet? 2 - Should I wait until the other 2 CRAs have definitely received their address deletion letters before sending the HIPAA disputes? I'm itching to pull the trigger! 3 - Is there anything different from the normal HIPAA process that I should do since these debts were definitely not mine, and I can prove I didn't have liability? 4 - When is that new rule regarding medical debt not impacting credit reports taking effect? The frustrating thing is that even if you add all 4 of these debts together, they don't even total $2k. It's just annoying that these are giving my credit score a black eye when I've paid everything on time for my whole life. Thanks for the great help here!
  16. I started with few medical collections from late 2010 when I found this board and Why Chat’s system. I had moderate success and removed two out of three collection lines. Perhaps last one being rather stubborn and I would like get advice as to how I should proceed in my situation. Case is identical for all three CR agencies. 1) Started according to the system with removing old address and incorrectly spelled names. 2) Opted out. 3) Sends hand written notice to every CR and had all three marked line in question as disputed. 4) Account came back verified from every CR. 5) Send out medical DV letter to CA in question and received answer, also mailed follow up to every CR which came back as account verified. Perhaps I am not clear if answer satisfied everything DV letter was asking for. At first I did not think it did, but I hope more knowledgeable people can clear it up. Here is the exact text of CA response: _________________________________________________ Date: ##### Reference: #### As you are already aware, ARS represents the doctors who provide services in healthcare facilities throughout the country. In response to you request for verification of debt we have listed the information below. ARS has confirmed the outstanding balance of $692.00. This past due amount remains outstanding from services provided on the following date(s): Service date: Creditor Name: Invoice #: Original balance: Current Balance: CBR# ######2010 Inphynet South 123456 692 692 The account are delinquent and may have been reported to the credit bureaus. Please remit payment in full to the address show above. Best regards ARS. ______________________________________________ In light of this response from ARS and the fact that every CR agency came back verified. What is best course of action at this point? Is this letter satisfies all legal requirements or I have grounds for CFPB complaint? Thank you in advance.
  17. A few weeks ago I started the initial dispute process for 3 medical collections that I discovered on my CBR from 2009 and 2013. Although I have not received an official response via mail from TU, I just logged in to my Credit Karma account and saw that one collection (reported by Central Financial Control) was updated on 12-26-14 as CLOSED. At this point, should I patiently wait for the mailed response to my dispute from TU or should I proceed with the next step and send the dispute letter to Central Financial Control now? I know for a fact the account reported by CFC is invalid because a totally different CA is reporting the same account on both EQ and EX. Any advice will be appreciated!!
  18. Hello and Thanks in advance for your help. Well, the roaches have come out and I have recieved two different letters from medical collection agencies after a mortgage pull. I honestly do not know if they are valid debts. They are not currently reporting on any of my credit reports, however, I am positive that they will of I don't respond to their letters. One of the letters as a service date of 2/10/2011 for a balance Due of $900.00 the collection agency name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The other letter is From xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for $96.30 it does not have a service date on it. Should I send the Medical Validation Letter to the CAs from WhyChats page? I want to make sure I handle this properly in the right steps. Thanks again for your help.
  19. So, first of all, hello! I've been reading up on things here for a while now and just recently decided to join and start posting. You seem like a great bunch and I am excited to get started with using all the knowledge everyone here has provided. My name is Amanda, I am 28 years old and live in New Hampshire. I have been married for 6 years to my husband Jason. Due to being young and niave and overly trusting of my ex my credit was trashed. Prior to meeting me, my husband didn't have any credit. The only thing on his report was an old Cap One card that his mother put him as an Authorized User on. It was stolen shortly after opening. Over the years there have been medical bills that wound up in collections, and aparently an electric bill (though I thought we had it payed off before we moved). Last September I signed us up on Credit Karma and decied to work on improving and building credit. I decided that it would be much easier to focus on his and that is what I have been doing. Until now I have only focused on opening accounts and establishing some good history. This has worked rather well and brought his score up over 100 points on its own. He is now sitting at 624. Now that we have decided we want to go for a USDA loan, I need to deal with the collection accounts. USDA requires that all collection accounts have payment plans set up. Unfortunatly, we are already near the limit for our DTI ratios so I need to get at least some of them removed entirely before proceeding. So, after doing my research here, I have come up with, and tweaked a million times over, a plan of attack. I wanted to create a thread to log my progress, and also to get feedback and answers to a few questions. So here goes. Below I will list the current status of the credit reports, followed by my plan of attack, and lastly my questions and concerns. Current Credit Status Score: 624 Open Accounts: (I am already aware now that I didn't make the best decisions in opening all of these, so please do not lecture) Account: Capital One Platinum Secured (Partially Secured) Limit: $200 Opened: June 2013 Interest Rate: 22.9% Annual Fee: $29 Rewards: None Lates: None Notes: -------- Account: Fingerhut Limit: $500 Opened: Oct 2013 Interest Rate: 24.9% Annual Fee: $0 Rewards: None Lates: N/A Notes: NEVER USED. Every time I look at things I decide the financing charges and outrageous shipping make it not worth it. -------- Account: Capital One Quicksilver One Limit: $500. (Opened at $300, then giving a $200 CLI with the Credit Steps program) Opened: June 2014 Interest Rate: 0% Introductory rate. 12 months I believe, then probably 22.9% Annual Fee: $39 Rewards: 1.5% Cash Back on everything. Lates: None Notes: -------- Account: Credit One Limit: $500 Opened: Sept 2014 Interest Rate: 19.9% Annual Fee: $45 Rewards: 1% on Gas Lates: None Notes: I will probably call a month before the aniversary and ask to waive the annual fee, increase limit to $1000, or lower interest rate, and if none can be done will close the account. -------- Account: Walmart Credit Card Limit: $400 Opened: Dec 2014 Interest Rate: 22.9% Annual Fee: $0 Rewards: Special Financing Available, 5¢ off of their gas pumps (but we dont have any here) Lates: N/A Notes: Closed Accounts: Account: Capital One Limit: $1000 Opened: Feb 2005 Closed: Mar 2005 Lates: None Notes: Listed as Authorized User. Card Stolen. Collections: CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $919 Opened: July 2013 Closed: ---- Last Reported: Sep 2013 Remarks: Placed for Collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Medical Associates Balance: $252 Opened: April 2013 Closed: --- Last Reported: July 2013 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: probably a lab fee. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Medical Associates Balance: $125 Opened: Oct 2012 Closed: --- Last Reported: Jan 2013 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: He is pretty sure this was for the PT consult when he broke his hand. It was supposed to go to insurance but turns out employer lied about when insurance became active and it was not covered. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $175 Opened: Jan 2011 Closed: --- Last Reported: April 2011 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $1,311 Opened: Dec 2010 Closed: --- Last Reported: Feb 2011 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: Marcam Associates OC: Med1 Spear Memorial Hospital Balance: $175 Opened: Dec 2010 Closed: --- Last Reported: Feb 2011 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Unknown ER visit. Possible duplicate of other $175 from same CA and OC? Showing on: Trans Union only ---------- CA: NH/NE Credit OC: New Hampshire Electric Coop Balance: $232 Opened: Mar 2013 Closed: --- Last Reported: April 2013 Remarks: Placed for collection Notes: Electric bill from previous residence. I thought it had been payed off before we moved, but I guess not. Showing on: Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian Plan of Attack (possible changes pending answers to questions and suggestions) Opt-Out Get Credit Reports Remove Old Addresses from Credit Reports. (Waiting on SS card. Somehow he managed 29 years without one. Claimed it was never given to him, but his mom said she doesn't know where it is.) Verify the Medical Debts with Trans Union If VerifiedRequest Validation of Spear Memorial Debt from CA.If it IS VALIDATED:Ask OC if they will take back debt in exchange for Payment Plan. (unless the HIPPA program would work here too as we cannot afford to pay in full)If they ACCEPT:Make sure Marcam Associates collections accounts are removed. If they DO NOT ACCEPT:Ask Marcam Associates to consolidate Spear Memorial debts and set up payment plan. If they do, ensure that the consolidated account is not a "NEW" Collections. (This would ruin our chances of the USDA loan. No new in past 12 months) If it IS NOT VALIDATED:Demand the collections be removed from your credit report. If they are not removed, contact the credit reporting agencies for removal. If NOT verified, accounts should be removed and no further action is needed. Verify the NHEC Debt with Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. If VerifiedRequest Validation of NHEC Collection from CA. If Validated, pay for Delete. If Not Validated, demand removal. If NOT verified, accounts should be removed and no further action is needed. Questions and Concerns Do I have to remove ALL old addresses and only keep my current address or can I leave one of the old ones that has a positive TL attached? Why exactly do I need to deal with the medical collections first? My initial plan was so get rid of the electric first and then tackle the medical bills, but after reading here everything says medical stuff first. Why validate with the CRA first? Do I do all at once or one at a time? Wouldn't it look suspicious if I disputed every collection on the report? When dealing with the CRA, why do we not want delivery confirmation? What benefit is it to be certified without the confirmation? So, that is what I have so far. Thanks again for all the information provided on this website thus far and thank you in advance for any personal advice you provide regarding my case. ~Amanda
  20. Good afternoon, I have just posted my current situation and plan of attack over in the credit section [HERE]. Being as all but one of my collections is medical, it was suggested that I make a post over here for your advice on the situation. I have read your plan for dealing with medical debt, but being as from what I see, it involves paying the full amount owed, my plan did not include your method. Although I know for many people $3000 isn't much to be able to clean up your report but for us it simply isn't possible, at least not in a lump sum. Since I became unable to work 3 years ago, we are on a single income of less than $20,000 take home. So, hence my plan that if the debt was in fact proved as valid, a relationship exists, etc, etc, I would be looking at a payment plan. Preferably with the OC, but if they will not, then with the CA. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as far as how to deal with these debts. Thank you for your time. ~Amanda
  21. Hello, First post here. I recently started rebuilding credit in October. I got all three of my reports. Eq clean Ex 9 medical collections Tu 6 medical collections Both from are from one incident in 2011 April in San Diego totaling a hair under 30,000 Anyways, I disputed everything. Experian found them all valid. Transunion deleted them all in early November I got a credit alert from credit karma today, and went to my Transunion account and it is showing Uc med 1 02 San diego Added 12/23/2014 for 1226$ Opened on 11/03/2014 The company listed is Avante for the new collection. The previous 6 was California business bureau Did they re age this? Is it a junk debt buyer? I have already done my opt out and sent in to remove my old addresses according to whychat.
  22. Good read for those with medical collections. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/newsroom/cfpb-spotlights-concerns-with-medical-debt-collection-and-reporting/ http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/heres-how-medical-debt-hurts-your-credit-report/ http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/consumer-advisory-7-ways-to-keep-medical-debt-in-check/
  23. Good read for those with medical collections. http://www.consumerfinance.gov/newsroom/cfpb-spotlights-concerns-with-medical-debt-collection-and-reporting/ http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/heres-how-medical-debt-hurts-your-credit-report/ http://www.consumerfinance.gov/blog/consumer-advisory-7-ways-to-keep-medical-debt-in-check/ Whychat's HIPAA program: http://whychat.5u.com/hipltr.html
  24. Good Evening. First, I'd like to say how thankful I am that I found this site. All this time, I've thought the SOL for Tennessee is 7 years. I have been patiently awaiting January 2015 to file a dispute to have 2 medical accounts removed from my CBR. However, I just found out the SOL is actually 6 years in TN. A few years ago, I disputed them a few years ago with the CA and they never responded. I forgot about them until I recently received copies of my reports. Does anyone advise that I go directly to the EQ and TU website to dispute the accounts or is it imperative that I follow the SOL program instructions on this site? The following accounts are being reported to EQ and TU only (the info is the same on each report). Any response will be greatly appreciated. Date Reported: 03/2013 Date Assigned: 12/2009 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: BMH MEMPHIS Accounts Number: 76XXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $109 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 06/2009 Balance Date: 03/2013 Balance Owned: $109 Last Payment Date : N/A Status Date: 03/2013 Status: D - Unpaid Comments: Medical Date Reported: 03/2013 Date Assigned: 02/2009 Creditor Classification: Medical/Health Care Creditor Name: BMH MEMPHIS Accounts Number: 72XXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $530 Date of 1 st Delinquency: 09/2008 Balance Date: 03/2013 Balance Owned: $534 Last Payment Date : 11/01/2010 Status Date: 03/2013 Status: D - Unpaid Comments: Medical
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