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Found 7 results

  1. My MIL passed away. My DH received a bill from the subacute healthcare facility for her 9 days this month before she passed away. Are we responsible in paying the bill amounting for $3,000+. Also, is anybody here familiar with Medi- CAL recovery in California? She was under the Medi-CAL for more than a year before she passed away. I know medi- CAL paid about $4,000+/ month for her care with $3,000+ co- pay. We are left with no WILL nor any property to pay Medi- CAL if ever. Thank you!! Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I am clueless about credit stuff and I need some advise, please. I have been paying several medical accounts through a debt consolidation program... Many of the medical bills were handled by collections companies, I paid off 5 of them already. When will they show as paid off on my report? Is there anything else I should do? Also I still owe one more medical account from 2008. My 2013 credit report showed that account with a balance of $720...I have been making monthly payments to the collections company and by now I should only owe $324. I called them to negotiate a settlement amount and they said I owe $565...They are applying interest... What should I do? I have been trying to raise my credit score, now is 599 Thank you!
  3. It never ends. Just two days ago I learned that I had gotten some really bad derogs off my report and then today I get a call from an attorney about a medical bill from 2011. Honestly, it was such a bad couple of years for me medically that that I got a ton of complicated and confusing bills but it seemed my insurance took care of it all. I have very good insurance, fortunately, and figured anything that the insurance didn’t pay the hospital would notify me of at some point. Instead of hearing from them, I’m getting calls from an aggressive attorney. Can you guys advise me on how to proceed? The amount is $2,000 and I’d be happy to enter a payment agreement but the attorney’s rep is pushing me to pay a big part of it soon – which I can’t afford. What should I do? I’d much rather deal with the hospital, but is it too late at this point, since they have an attorney calling me? I asked the attorney for a copy of the bill and he said they typically wouldn’t give it to him unless we go into litigation. I’m really not sure what to make of that but I’ll call the hospital first thing in the morning. Can you please help me handle this the right way? I’m just getting started with rebuilding my credit and I’d hate to have all that good work go to waste because I handle this wrong. Thanks so much for all your help.
  4. Hi! I'm new here but have been reading over successful testimonies here for weeks now! Very awesome what you're doing here! I've highlighted all my questions in red. So far, I've only opted out. I had questions about the other two required steps... As far as getting the annual credit reports with report #-- I have a personal credit monitoring service that updates every month so I can already see EVERYTHING on EVERY bureau. Do I still need to order all three credit reports from each bureau? As far as deleting outdated or inaccurate addresses-- Do I send that request letter BEFORE my hippa dispute or can I just include the request to delete old addresses WITH the original dispute, in the same envelope? I have a couple questions regarding WhyChat's method for medical bills... I have (3) medical bills, all from late 2012. The amounts for each of the (3) bills are: $601, $270 & $601 (two of these amounts are under the same account #) They were all ONLY reported to Experian. (I know this thanks to my credit monitoring service) My question is, before starting WhyChat's Hippa dispute process, do I need to pay off the three medical bills? I guess I just need some reassurance. I'm afraid if I start this dispute process & the bills are not paid in full, the CA and OC might decide that because I want to bring this all fresh to their attention a year later, they might as well go ahead & report it to the other two bureaus they haven't yet- TU & EQ... Just feeling a lil paranoid... 'let sleeping dogs lie' ? Does the Whychat hippa dispute process REQUIRE for the medical bills to be paid in full before disputing successfully? I also saw that Experian says they do not accept disputes by phone OR mail... So therefore, how do I send the dispute certified rr, in blue handwriting? This is what Experian says on my personal credit monitoring site about sending in disputes: Experian does not accept disputes by mail or phone, but you may file a dispute online by visiting http://www.experian.com/ Thank you to anyone who can help me with these 4 questions!
  5. In February 2011 I went to the ER with what ended up being kidney stones and they had to be surgically removed. I went through with the procedure and my insurance covered a good portion of it but not all of it. Because I went to the ER, then a urologist, then had outpatient surgery at another facility I received at least 10 different bills for everything. I wasn't making much money at the time so I paid all the smaller bills I could afford and ignored the larger bills. They have been in collections as of October 2011. Currently in collections: 1. $1,185.00 - ER visit 2. $91.00 - Anesthesia 3. $1309.04 - surgery total : $2,585.04 I could pay the $91 anesthesia fee in full but I'm wondering if it's worth it at this point. It seems like a huge ordeal to figure out who to pay and actually get the collection removed. The other 2 I could not afford to pay in full and I know once you start paying them the statute of limitations starts over. I'm cautious to contact the collections agencies directly, I wouldn't mind trying to settle for significantly less but again I don't want to re-start the clock by showing interest. I'm not sure how it all works. My credit is in the high 500s and this is definitely not the only blemish however they are the only accounts in collections. 3 different bills, 3 different collection agencies, set to be wiped in 2017. Leave them be and don't pay or try to settle and go through the removal process?
  6. 4 years ago had an emergency and went to hospital. Had $500 ER fee but forgot my insurance card so they put me in the system of owing them $500. I procrastinated filing paperwork and got stuck with the bill going to collections when I moved states (this was in FL) ..In anycase, the debt is mine. have been trying to repair last few years and negotiated all debts (thanks to this form). The original creditor has since been bought out and while they would surely take my $500 or negotiated rate, they do not have record of me owing them any money or that I even went to the ER. So basically I'm dealing with this scumbag collection agency now. Originally, few years back I sent CA DV letter. However, the address on negative CR item was incorrect. Letter was returned to me. Looking back, I'm positive they put this address on reports so all letters get rejected and you have to go find their address online. Because I was working on all my other items that had responded to DV letters, I didnt follow up with this one as much as I should have. CA has two names with same address and legal affiliation with each other. CA used one of their names to add on one of CRA and other one on another CRA. At same time I received undelivered letters to CA few years back, I disputed online with CRA and both they were removed. Months later, CA played hokie-pokey by ensuring that they made sure each of their company names filed one time with CRA on the collection. Kept disputing online since was frustrated with undelivered DV. Eventually all went away and seemed to stay off. 2 Years later, the CA added back the collection to CR. One mark on two CRA using one of each of their company names. Finally this time I looked around on the internet and found several addresses for their company. I sent DV letters to 4 locations and duplicated the DV letters in both of their company names. One of the addresses worked and a successful copy for each company name they filed with was delivered and signed for return receipt certified. In between this period, I disputed online for no knowledge of collection, since first delinquency date was current over 3 years off. Got items removed from two CRA. They they played the hookie-pokey again resubmitting the collection with different company name on different CRA. Received no response with DV letter. It's been 36 days. Now, I get a new update on 2/3 CRA that show the collection as an "Account" right beside my credit cards and read "Potentially Negative Closed" with all of the information about the collection wrong or missing. I'm pissed. The two CRA that they attached this "Potentially Negative Closed" on, the CRA didnt even have a collection on the report when this was attached. For some reason, it seems that this is the wrong place for this collection to be on my credit report for medical from CA. I'm positive that these scumbags have broken the law somewhere here or at least have legal rights for removal based on the following: Incorrect address on CR. Years back and recent addresses were all the same. Couldn't be one time thing or mistake Adding by multiple of their internal company names at one time. How can "two different" CA own one account. Adding and marking CR as "potentially negative closed" after 10 days having received DV letter on CRA where the collection didnt show up. My report went from 723 to 589 just like that with this one item. I'm sure I messed up here somewhere in handling this one account the best way.... but I'm unsure of how to move forward. I want to go for their jugular if they've violated any laws. Pride might get me, but getting this removed ONLY is simply not an option now. I want their head! lol Sorry this is a long rant ....i got worked up any help on where to go from here or something they might have done illegally I would GREATLY appreciate it.
  7. I am just starting to work to repair my credit and have a charge on my credit report from Central FINL Control in Anaheim CA for $450.00 from 2007. What are my steps in having this taken off my report or settling without a negative impact? I am completely lost, any help or assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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