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Found 6 results

  1. Marriott is again running their 70,000 point bonus promo if you sign up for the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier card. You only need to spend $2,000 the first 3 months. The typical bonus is 50,000. A a card-member, you get a certificate for 1 free night every year. Typical rooms at their mid-level brands are 15,000-25,000 points, so in addition to the free night, the 70,000 points will give you another 3-4 free nights. You just have to look on a case by case basis. Many of the modest brands like Town Place, Spring Hill, or Fairfield can be had for 7,500-10,000 points per night, so 70,000 points would earn you a week or more. One travel site estimates Marriott Reward points are worth a penny each. That would make this deal worth $700, plus the certificate for 1 free night. The only drawbacks I can think of is that Chase is not the most generous in the game with CLIs, and CLI requests are typically hard pulls. Also, there is no annual fee the first year, but $85 thereafter.
  2. My Chase Marriott statement cuts on the 26th. For September, that statement showed a horrific balance of $7900, on an $8,000 limit. I was awaiting a large reimbursement which arrived a week later than I expected. On October 1st, I paid that balance off in full, along with smaller balances on my two other Chase cards (they have statement closing dates of the 15th & 17th). When I updated my reports today, all three Chase cards show with a zero balance, updated October 1. I have never had a credit card update mid-month like that, but and I am thrilled I will not be showing that killer utilization all month. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this from Chase, but they already had my banking business and were my two most used cards (Marriott and Amazon), but they just keep finding ways to earn my business. When I look at how bad Lowe's sucks, as does Capital One, it is nice to have at least one credit partner you can count on.
  3. I got a gift of sorts from Chase... Late last month (Aug 2014) I applied for a Marriott Rewards Premier Card. I froze EX like a good soldier and applied online for it (no previous Chase cards or history) I didn't get an online approval but it said pending. So I get a call from Security department saying that due to a fraud alert on my TU report my app needed further review. My TU had an alert because my wallet was lost/stolen. I answered a few questions like what was my address back in so and so year and could I name 2-3 of my oldest or closed cards. Then the agent said "Congratulations. Your application for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card has approved with a line of 18k" and my 40k bonus points will be added when I perform the required spend. Then I told him, I didn't apply for a CSP but for a MRP card with an invite from Marriott for 70k bonus points. So he place me on hold for a few minutes and when he came back he said, "Congrats blah blah... for the MRP with a line of 18k" and that I would receive the card within 10 days. I asked if they could match my Flagship NFCU CL and they said no since it was only open for 3 months. and no counter offer. I said thanks, satisfied with the CL for my 1st Chase card, and ended the call. Well I got the MRP yesterday and went online to verify it and set up my account. Today I got in the mail a CSP with the same credit limit. And when I went online to verify it, my profile now showed both. I used both cards today and went online to see the pending transactions and there they were. Should I even call CS or should I just take the win and go about my merry way?! This blew my mind LOL I checked my CRs with SC and MPM and only one HP on TU is showing, btw... so 36k between 2 cards with 1 HP
  4. I am a Marriott Rewards member, closing in on Gold status. I would LOVE to have the Chase Marriott Premier Rewards Card. The issue, it looks like they typically pull Equifax or Experian, which for me would be an immediate denial. Is anyone aware of any special considerations given when applying for the card if you are a Silver or Gold Rewards member? Clearly, this is a Chase card, so they are the ones assuming the risk. Does my good standing with Marriott count when I apply or not? Dave
  5. Does anyone have experience with the pre-qualifiers on Chase? I checked it out and it said I am pre-qualified for two cards, Slate and Freedom. Obvioulsy, pre-qualified is not pre-approved, and both are sometimes meaningless anyway. With FICOs in the 670-690 range, it appears from CreditPulls I would be toward the lower end of the approval range for both. Had a Chase card back in the 90's which was closed in 2004 (no bad marks) and still have an AU listing from 2004 that is on reports but not updating. All checking and savings are also with Chase. Would it be worth going for either of these two? What I really want is the Marriott Rewards, so would it make more sense to try for that instead? Or do I just wait to do anything with Chase until my scores get over 700?
  6. Thank you CB'ers for All your help and Support... Your help over the last 5 years has made this Win possible! Thanks! My TU score just broke 750, so I thought what the heck, I'll try for some Big Reward cards with Chase! Background: I only have 1 previous Chase card with a toy limit. It was a former WaMu card that was transferred to Chase, currently with no balance. I have both EX and EQ on the Freeze due to too many Inq's, so I only have TU open with 2 Inq's showing from a month ago. Current TU myFICO - 752 So, here I go thinking All my Apps will be declined..... 1) Chase Southwest Premier Rewards Sig Visa. - Instant Approval - Limit 7,000 - 25,000 bonus points Waited 2 days.... then decided to go for more 2) Chase Sapphire Preferred Sig Visa - Instant Approval - Low limit 5,000 - 50,000 bonus points Waited a few "hours" and still wanted more!! 3) Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Sig Visa - Approved! Limit - 5,000 - 50,000 bonus points plus 1 free night at Mc. Now, the Marriott was NOT Instant! I was initially declined due - too many applications within a 6mo period! So, of course I called the Chase Recon number! Answered some questions and bam Approved! I about fell over... Granted it's a small limit compared to my limits with Navy and PSECU! But I think without Navy and PSECU this would have never happened!! And to top everything off... The Credit Anlyst was so nice and easy to deal with, and she did Not pull another HP on TU!! Unreal! right! Of course YMMV - I could have just been really lucky to get a credit analyst that was in a good mood! Thank you CB !!!!
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