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Found 9 results

  1. Apped for Lowes after reading about generous CLIs from them. (not to mention TU pull). Got the, call 800 number for additional review, message and initially approved for $1300. bleh. Called backdoor a couple hours later and spoke to some very nice lady from overseas about increasing to $25k. After a few minutes of reviewing my CR, "Unfortunately, we can ONLY approve you for $12k." Darn! haha Next goal, get back in with AMEX.
  2. I see some really nice credit lines, but I now have 3 good Visa/Master and I never shop at Lowes
  3. Perhaps someone can advise on how to proceed? A little background for those who do not know: Purchased a major-fixer-upper house last October. Had waited to pull trigger on new credit cards as did not want it to hurt mortgage approval. With repairs to home, utilization went through the roof, maybe to 85-90%. Currently have 10 credit cards or revolving accounts, 7 of which have balances, 3 do not. Another 3 have balances under $200, which could be cleared next cycle if it makes a difference. Basically, it would make a difference on number of cards with balances, but barely 1% on utilization. Overall utilization is now 48% and steadily dropping each month. Now here is the tricky part: The two accounts I would most like to see have CLI's are GECRB (Lowe's and Home Furniture) and AMEX (Delta). The issue is those have some of my higher remaining balances. The furniture was $5,000 of no interest for 24 months. So I have been paying that $200 per month for the last 7 months, but obviously that still leaves a $3,600 balance against $5,000 limit. Lowe's is a little better, as the limit is $5,200 (and I have hit it several times) but currently have it paid down to $2,2000. Amex has a $5,000 limit and a $3,000 balance. Overall, have $34,000 in revolving credit and $16,000 in balances. Credit scores in mid-to-high 600's. As noted, opened several new cards in October after mortgage closed, and two in 2014. Would GECRB and AMEX consider CLI's or should I just use what I have and wait until all the October 2013 accounts are a full year old? Also, with several other cards having no balances, I could balance-transfer the AMEX and Lowe's balances to to other cards if that would help somehow? Thanks all
  4. I have managed to increase my scores to upper 680s. I contacted my credit union and was able to modify my car loan from 5.99% to 2%. Saw it cost a hard so I asked if she could run a credit card app on the same pull. She came back with a 5000 approval. 11.99% rate with 3.99% intro. It's a rewards card. .. not to sure on how the program is set up on it yet. Decided to try Lowes (turned down 18 months ago when I first bought my house) hubby works there and we are about to buy 4000 fence. I wanted to get either the 5.99% 84 month deal or 0% at labor day hopefully for 18 months. Instant approval for 2000. Called and got 7500 on asking. Took all of 3 minutes! Up to now I had: Target 200 Cap one 750 Home depot 2750 Total 3700 lines, balance approx 500 on the hd. My report is far from perfect. I have 5 chargeoffs that are due to fall off in the next 3 to 9 months. Also some car lates from about 5 years ago. I have an on time mortgage and 2 always on time car loans. All my open cards have always been on time. All collections are gone. (My attorney took care of those with 5 fdcpa suits all settled in my favor) Finally feel like my credit woes are behind me. Took me 2 go rounds on here! Lol sadly this is the highest my score has ever been. Looking forward to 700s! Btw ge is one of the reporting old chargeoffs so they apparently don't blacklist.
  5. I am moving. I am renting a small 2 bdrm home about 10-15 minutes west of my current location. Movers are coming 8/23. Fenced in back yard for Cosmo! I needed a washer and dryer. I hated when I had to schlep clothes to the laundrymat. I checked out BB, Home Depot, HHGregg, Lowes. I went to Sears outlet, not happy. I also looked on-line. They all price match; supposedly. It was between HD and Lowes. Lowes gave me 10% off as purchase was over $299.00, then Lowes gave me an extra 10% off as I had a coupon since I am moving and applied on-line. Also the w/d was on sale. Even though I am not buying a home, i am moving. HHGregg gives you a debit card to rebate the $79 fee....not interested. When I walked into HHGregg, I had four salespeole surround me...didn't like that. They sell on commission.. Lowes and HD don't. I went with Lowes, as I received the extra 10% off. The washer and dryer has free delivery and install. Electric dryer; no gas there. Also First Energy has a $50.00 rebate for Energy Star appliances: washer, a/c, dehumidifyer, fridge, ect. I am doing the Lowes no interest for 6 months. They gave me $4500 CL. I got the set for $958 out the door; this included the hoses, duct thingy. Knock off $50 more when the rebate comes in. Many people don't know about the rebate energy star program from First Energy. First Energy is in several states. Your utility may also have a program. There are also rebates to haul away old appliances. http://energysaveohio-home.com/energy-efficient-products/energy-star-appliance-rebates/ I started packing up my stuff. I didn't realize how much stuff I had. One person and a dog. I have more T-shirts than I could possibly wear. I have to go through them, and thin them out. Books, books, books! I haven't moved since 2006.
  6. After reading everyone's success with credit line increases with the luv button I decided to try Lowe's and I was approved for CLI. I went from $500 to $1250. I know I shouldn't have because I'm closing in three weeks on my house but oh well. Hope it was a soft pull.....THAKS EVERYONE AT CB!!
  7. Yesterday, I applied for the Amazon store card and I was approved. I decided to try my luck and apply for Lowes and I received the following message "We need 3-4 days to review your application". Is this a denial? Is there a way to check the status of my application?
  8. DW and I was in Lowe's the other day and we were looking at a washer/dryer set when an associate mentioned applying for the Lowe's card but I decided I would apply at a later date. When I got home I did a search on the Lowe's card and a Lowe's Visa Reward Card popped up in my results. An old thread mentioned it was once issued by CapOne but now I believe it is now issued by GECRB...I also noticed a AMEX version as well. I would love to have the Visa version...https://credit.lowes.com/LowesMarketing/marketing/LowesLogin.jsp Returning Users Sign in to your Lowe's credit account by selecting one of the following cards: Old thread: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=250092&do=findComment&comment=4833668
  9. ..it seems to be "working" again after many months (or longer) of being disabled - and you had to call in. My last increase was by $2k on Sept 1 2012, bringing me to $6400. I hit the button today, asked me for my income, and increased me another $3600.. I'm now at $10k I only use this card for large purchases with 0% promo financing. The regular APR is up to 24.99%, so it's definitely a PIF card unless you are carrying a balance under one of their 0% financing offers.
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