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  1. Hey there, I recently turned 18 and want to get a new car on my own (parents won't co-sign). I am considering leasing or financing a BMW, as my car is a bit older. The problem is that I haven't developed credit yet. What isn't a problem is my income, I make plenty to pay for the lease estimate ($550/month). I also won't have a problem getting insurance or setting up an auto pay or anything like that either. So, before I go to a dealership and make a fool out of myself (if I can't pull it off), I was wondering what options are available and any ideas. Thanks a bunch.
  2. After many years of paying rent we have decided we want a home of our own. Would 18 months be too early to start the mortgage process? Here is our story...bear with me it's long, Back in December of 2012 we closed our accounts at a traditional bank and moved our accounts to a credit union (bank was giving us no love even when we never overdraft in the 5 years with them). September of 2013 requested a CC from credit union and received it. Been keeping uti under 10% paying off each paycheck. November we received a car loan with credit union for a 7.99% interest for $33,000, paying on time,
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/08/us/politics/obama-plans-steps-to-ease-student-debt.html?_r=0 More information to come later today!!
  4. Hi - first time home buyer here and going through the loan process on a quick close, which has me a little stressed to get all appropriate documents as fast as possible. In that, I got my tax returns from the past 2 years to provide our mortgage banker. He said there should be more pages to the federal tax returns, as I provided him with about 4 for each year. Confused as to what more he needs? He said in original email all pages and schedules, but don't have any further pages from our accountant. Is this something I'd have to request from the IRS? Please help.
  5. Just a PSA - Dropped to 1.24%. Not sure if there's a thread around here that I missed?
  6. Hi all- Quick question. My good friend owns a home that has recently appraised at around $825,000. He has 1 mortgage and that's for $398,000. His income is roughly $42k per year. His credit is bad/fair, no bankruptcies or foreclosures, mainly charged off cards. We're wondering, does anyone think he could qualify for a loan for $80,000 based on the equity in his home? We've yet to apply anywhere; first wanted to run this past the pros here. (I'm usually over in the credit forum). Oh, and if so, with whom do you think he should apply? THANKS!
  7. please look over my numbers my closing cost seem really high I am so lost I might have duplicate charges listed. I am applying for a FHA VHDA loan with no money down but a second loan that covers my down payment. Initial loan amount:139,428.00 loan term:30yrs your initial interest rate:3.875% initial monthly amount owed for principal, interest, and any mortgage insurance:808.54 per month adjusted origination charges:2,205.30 charges for all other settlement services:8,317.67 Total Estimate Settlement Charges:10,522.97 appraisal fee:475.00 credit report fee 50.00 VHDA tax servi
  8. What is up with Title Company's I am having a hard time getting quotes about how much the title company that my realtor recommended is charging. Same thing with my lender's title company. I am asking for them to send me all the charges in a email and the the price for each a long with the total. What's up with wanting this info how else will I compare prices?
  9. Can long term auto financing lower someone's fico score? Does it look bad to other lenders even if you pay it off early? I want the longest loan term I can get, but I want to pay it off early.
  10. I'm almost done my chapter 13 plan and my mortgage guy thinks he will be able to get me approved for conventional financing. My credit has bounced back, I've got a steady job and income as well as a decent down payment. Has anyone here been able to qualify for conventional financing soon after a 13 discharge?
  11. Hi Guys! I recently paid off my car and will be ahead 400 a month starting this month! Woohoo! Unfortunately I need to do my timing belt and need to take care of a few leaks...blah blah, anyway it's going to cost me about 1800 bucks I have the money in savings but I plan on buying a house this summer so I didn't want to dip into any off that. I was curious to know what everyone's opinion was on borrowing from your 401k? I have about 30k with fidelity. If I borrowed 1800 and set a tern of 24 months , I'd roughly have about 75 bucks deducted from each paycheck. I believe the interest rate with
  12. Squeaky

    FHA Loan

    How does everyone feel about FHA loans? Any experiences? Any advice?
  13. In April of 2013 I paid off my auto loan in full. In January 2014 I requested my credit report by mail. When I received my Equifax report, everything seemed to be in order. However, from May 2013 to December 2013 it has my loan listed as "No Data Available". Does this mean that they assume that I still have the loan? Shouldn't it had stopped at April or something? I tried asking this question to people online but everyone misunderstands me. They think that I'm asking why the loan is on my report if it's been paid. That is NOT what I'm asking. I get that things stay on your report for X am
  14. Hi All - Apparently I ended up getting the cart before the horse...I applied for an auto refinance with JFCU a few days ago (they have a promotion underway) and clearly selected on the online application I was not a member - I went through the application and got an automated response that provided the requested amount, and they also provided an interest rate specific to my credit score with a status of "PENDING". I call today to check the status since I haven't heard a thing - the lady I spoke with seemed surprised I was able to submit an application without a membership and had to
  15. I DESPERATELY want to send my statements & copy of paystub in asap to get these paid and reporting. So please, I hope this great community can help clear up the questions I have below. The quicker I can get these answered, the sooner I can send my docs in. With that said, here is a bit of info before my questions. I appreciate EVERYONES help as this is very important to me right now. So thank you! I was approved by DCU for a debt consolidation loan yesterday. It doesn't cover all of my cc debt but about 90% of it,and I've never done a debt consolidation before over numerous CC'
  16. Hello folks, This is our (my wife and I) first post. I was curious as to what I should pay first. My wife and I started our major overhaul of our finances today. We have approx $5500 (bonus from work) to pay off some debt. Coincidentally, we have a loan through NFCU for just about this amount ($5900 to be exact). However, we also have another $20k in credit card debt. Our monthly payment on the NFCU loan is $270 month. Should we apply the $5500 + cash in our bank account to pay off the loan and save $270 a month, or should we apply $5500 toward credit card debt? Thanks in advance for your
  17. Hello .. i have a question about a notice we received stating .. Notice of Sale of Ownership of Mortgage Loan. It came from a lender that apparently our current lender sold our loan to. We have been having difficulty paying our mortgage since 2012 and into 2013 due to a job loss in dec of 2011 as the new job we acquired in april of 2012 pays less then the one we had before. Mortgage being almost 1900.00 a month not including property taxes and insurance. We of course are in arrears with them some due to their not accepting our payments when we were able to pay and of course all their adde
  18. I apologize if this information is easily found, however I have been parusing for about a half hour and can't find it. Any help is appreciated. I have noticed credit apps being posted, assuming someone is reviewing and responding with an overview of possiblities? I could be totally wrong with what I think :-) My situation: Am looking to replace my car in April at the latest. I have been spending the last couple of months rebuilding my credit, seems I have little to none. I have a bk from 2007, a tax lien (from divorce) paid off and cleared in 09. My house from 09 shows paid off/s
  19. Hi, guys, I’m currently in a 2006 Honda and I’m looking to upgrade. It’s worth about $9K KBB book value (if private sale) and I still owe $5K on it. My credit file is thin. My EX FAKO is 697, one 6 year old paid civil judgment, one secured credit card reporting for the last two months, one potential medical collection and my car loan of 2.5 years. I got it when I had no credit score whatsoever, so the rate is a deadly 17 percent. I have a CA lurking regarding a medical collection that was on my report (but luckily it was removed in dispute) that will be permanently barred from re-reporting i
  20. So I'm wondering because Im coming up on the two year mark if I can PIF the remaining balance and if this will give me a nice little boost in my credit?? Before I pick out a new SUV for me and the family during summer. 15,000 left on auto loan- 2 years perfect payments 1st premiere card $300CL- 2 years perfect payments Credit One $500CL-5 months perfect payments 1% uti TU 708 EX 675 EQ 650 Just want to get an idea of how much it's going to help, hope this enough info
  21. Hi everyone. This is my first post on here. I am a long time reader though. I know there are a lot of experienced folks on here so I have come today with a question of my own. I had an issue with my health insurance (preexisiting condition) and now they don't want to cover my back surgery. Its a lumbar fusion and you won't believe how much it cost- Its costing $170,000 approximately. I have tried to just live with the pain but I'm on serious pain meds and its been difficult on my body. I don't want to be on this forever either. I am able to pay $70,000 without tying up too much
  22. Hi all, I'm settling into the idea of applying for a debt consolidation loan to simplify payments and reduce the amount of interest I'll have paid when the debt is all said and done. I'm currently snowballing payments as cards are paid off, but, I have become frustrated with my high APRs. I call each of my cards once a month asking for reductions in rates / hardship programs. Only one card has so far acquiesced. I have 4 cards with interest rates and balances as such: 21.24% $4,682.71 13.24% $7,555.59 19.99% $3,813.66 18.99% $2,193.59 $18,245 (Total debt) 18.365% (Average APR) Over the
  23. Hello everyone I am in need of a car, I have come across a late model truck that I like 2003 ford expedition with about 160,000 miles. for 3,000. I have a account with navy federal my Equifax score is 616 fico and my Transunion and score is 685. I have 4 neg on my Equifax report not paid and one paid all under 800.00. I rather have a pull from Transunion but navy always pulls from Equifax. What are my chances of getting this loan. I will be paying it off in 4 months because I am trying to buy a home. I am looking for a loan for 2000.
  24. Just wanted to ask a question about how long would it take to get an approval from usda underwriter? Midlands sent my file to the usda underwriter on Friday after asking for every possible information I could possibly give them. Just was wondering since it's been a stressful few months. Hopefully it's an approval on their end. Thanks in advance
  25. I've read a few times about payday loan places trying to draft multiple payments in the same day, over the course of several days, and so on. No, I didn't take one out, this is just a question. Is it legal for them to do something like this? It seems to me that it could be argued this is intentionally harmful to the consumer. Just wondering if one would have legal recourse against a place that does this for willfully causing financial harm.
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