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Found 15 results

  1. Not sure if I'm posting in the right section. I worked for a credit repair company for the past 2 years. They did credit repair for $800.00 - $1500.00 per client. I have beening teaching people for the last 4 months how to get all accounts removed from their credit report for $200.00 from all three bureaus. If anyone is interested please contact me.
  2. Does anyone have a copy of a settlement letter from macys they could send me?
  3. Hi all, Thanks for all your help thus far. I am finally making progress. I have this last negative account on my experian report. Equifax and Transunion has fixed this on my report but Experian is being stubborn about it. I received this letter from my mortgage company after I contacted them trying to get the correct information. I had a short sell back in 2007. Experian says this will not fall off until August of 2015. Since they say in this letter that the loan was still due from May of 2007 shouldn't it have fallen off already or do I go by the Dec 2008 date. I
  4. Who do I call or write an obsolete letter too? Also how do I write the letter?
  5. Newbie here. Needing help w/ things. Been lurking and I don't think I've found this scenario yet. I haven't touched my Credit report in years. I figured my credit was in the toilet but my goal has been to fix it up and I've started this week. I've been playing catch up and think I need to work on creating various validation letters to send out to CA's. I've grouped my debt into 3 blocks: CC's and Lifestyle, Vehicle Loans and Medical Accounts. I've only been at this for two days but I am proud at how organized I've gotten. Even did a spreadsheet for myself. I must admit, I am a l
  6. Perhaps they consider it acceptable, but my bank does not. The wording in the first half is so mealy-mouthed, it makes my account which was paid in full (Not settled) well over a year ago look as if there's still payment pending. After a long phone conversation that ended up with a legal rep on the phone with me, this is the ONLY letter they send, they refuse to provide a payment date or date satisfied, and won't budge on it. Just an FYI, if you're looking for a PIF from Verizon now, this is as close as you will get. Oh, and it will take 24-48 hours.
  7. My family just found out a couple weeks ago my uncle has stage 4 cancer. He's been out of work for over 8 months and hasn't seen a penny of income since March. He's in debt by roughly $27,000 between credit cards and medical bills. He has been able to keep up to date with his debt by means of my grandmother. We went into a BK lawyer this past week and he's recommending he doesn't file for BK since at this point he's got no income, he has three vehicles that he owns 50% of each. Aside from that, he has no property, no assets, etc. The lawyer doesn't think any creditor would come to take a
  8. Hello all... I have sent a dispute letter to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. This letter went un-awnsered for 50 days. I followed up with a second dispute letter sent CMRR. I have received a response from all three, two of which state that the information will be removed. I do not trust that it will be, as I have been fighting with them for years over the same problems (my father and I have the same name, and our reports get mixed up). I have read that after changes have been made due to a dispute, that I can request a free paper copy of the updated reports. Is this true? And if so, doe
  9. Rubin & Rothman LLC Re: Account # xxxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam, I dispute your claims in their entirety and request validation as mentioned in your letter dated mm dd, yyyy. More specifically, I hereby request that you please send full validation as intended in accordance with the FDCPA. Should proof of this debt be unattainable and forwarded, I will assume there your claim is invalid and will consider this matter with your company closed and expect immediate removal of all notations of this account. In addition, phone calls are inconvenient at all times. Sincerely,
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to posting on the credit boards, so I hope this isn't a redundant post. I've looked around in the forums, and a lot of what I see on this particular topic is from several years back. So forgive me if I have overlooked something relevant. After opting out and now waiting for old addresses to be removed from my reports, I am approaching the next phase of writing my first dispute letters to the big 3 CRA's for removal of some collections accounts. I see that the "Jack Attack" still seems to work very well. But other than that, I was wondering what the best current me
  11. I looked through the Resources "Sample Letter" forum and didn't see an example of an Obsolete Letter. When using the search functions, I find plenty of people reference Obsolete Letters, but I was unable to locate any actual letters to review. Is one available to look over that I am missing? Kat
  12. I am about to send out a couple goodwill letters this week to HSBC for 2 accounts that were charged off/sold in 2009 to ask them to delete. Everything I have read leads me to believe they do not do this. Just wondering if anybody has had any success with getting HSBC accounts deleted and how they accomplished this feet? Also does anybody have an email address that I could send the letter to?
  13. so i have payed my amex accout in jauary and received the optima pre approved application 3 weeks after paying my account in full. so i filled out the app and sent it to amex 2 weeks ago and still have not received my card so i called them today and they looked me up by my social and the rep said that there is no resent card i have applyed for. my question is how long does it take to receive the card in the mail also do they have to call you and tell you that the card is on the way?? please help im very confused i just want my amex card here.
  14. I have a letter from American Express that is 10 months old confirming that I was a victim of identity theft and that AmEx has taken "all necessary steps to close the account and remove any and all derogatory information regarding this American Express account from your credit bureau report." Nothing shows up from them on my credit report anyway. I have excellent credit. Apparently someone charged thousands of dollars to an account under my name 10 years ago, but even Amex acknowledges this was theft and not my fault. A year or so ago I applied for an American Express card, and I was denie
  15. The 30 days I allowed for a response to a PFD letter that I sent has passed without a response. Is the next step to give them a call? I am nervous about messing up and accidentally doing something stupid. What should I do?
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