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Found 6 results

  1. OK, have a late from December 2008 on a car loan. Account was paid in full and closed in February 2009. Was 54 month loan. Late only shows on TU and was only late on account. Have tried numerous goodwill attempts with no success. TU says it will fall off November 2015. When that date comes, will it become a positive account and remain on the report for 3 more years until it hits the 10-year limit, or will the entire trade-line drop off? As the late is 6 years old, my thinking was that trying to get the late removed with a dispute might cost me the trade-line if it just gets deleted instead of updated, which would hurt my AAOA more than a 6 year old late is hurting my score as the account dates back to 2004. Am I correct in that thinking?
  2. Here is my story. I have a Amex Premium Gold Card, about 5 months ago I lost my job and had to decide what neglect and what to pay. I neglected the Amex but now have the money to pay it off. My account is canceled but its not in collections yet, and I was just sent a letter saying I would be approved for a Optima card if I pay balance in full. What are my options? Should I pay Amex or is there a way to get the lates off my CR. Thanks for any help! My Score was 776 before all this now it is around 640.
  3. Hi, Im still in school and my student loans- Which Originated with Wells fargo and has been transferred serveral times- Are currently listed with PAST DUE 90 days!! HOW CAN THIS BE? I need assistance on how to effectiviely dispute these past due items because they're having a negative effect on my scores. HELP
  4. Hi We hit an issue with refinancing a property where my wife and I are both on the deed but I am on the mortgage note, not my spouse. I have mediocre credit due to a prior Ch 7 and a loan mod attempt (meaning payments were behind for a while). I declined the loan mod as it wasn't really going to do me any good and I brought the payments up to date. Now we want to refi in my wife's name only. The current mortgage does not of course show up on her credit report as she is not responsible for the payments (not being on the note). She has Credit score of 760, plenty of income in her name (verifiable), little debt, and the LTV is 75%. The bank said as long as the current mortage is currently up to date so they can get a payoff figure (which they have done) they wouldn't care about the late payments as they are in my name and the new mortgage is in my wife's name only but the underwriting department (mistakenly in the view of the loan officer) is asking for the payment history in my name showing up to date payments, which I cannot of course provide. This is not in a community property state. Everything I have read indicates that they should not be asking for this information, How can my credit history affect their decision to issue credit to my spouse who as I said, has excellent credit, never filed for bankruptcy, and has more than adequate credit and collateral. ? Thanks for any comments
  5. Some of you may have read my prior posts about US Bank. Was informed today they will NOT change the reporting to CRAs as they feel it is correct. It is not. As there has been some success with CLIs when contacting execs directly, or exec customer service, is it worth making one final attempt that way (CEO, Chief Risk Officer, Director of Accounts, etc) or has enough effort been made to resolve this and the best option remaining is to contact an attorney and sue them? Thanks!
  6. I think I'm close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but I'd like some advice on a few things. Long-ish post. I have 3 negatives left on my reports, 30+ positive accounts. For simplicity I'll use the credit.com snapshot thing. The negative accounts are a charge off from a bank account I forgot I had which ran an overdraft, a collection account that will fall of this May, and an old Wells Fargo . I've written the bank, called, begged and pleaded but they won't alter it at all. Wells Fargo also hasn't been very helpful. I sent a GW letter, and they sent me back the entire payment history and basically said "tough". A total of 16 late payments all on the WF card, 6 of them greater than 90 days. Wells Fargo and the charge off from the bank are both 4 years old now, and no late payments since then on anything. From November through January, I did the following. Opened a NFCU Visa, limit of 10K now. I used the BT offer to move all my revolving debt do that card. I owe 4K on it and am putting 1K a month to it to pay it down quickly. For this month it is reporting 7.3K but I paid 3K to it with the sell of a motorcycle. USAA for 4K, it's my daily card and I PIF. Walmart, Victoria's Secret, Chase, all for $500. I still have my Star card with an $8700 limit, no balance. I use them every few months and PIF, though I usually pay them as soon as the charge shows so they haven't reported a statement balance. Harley-Davidson motorcycle loan for 16K, NFCU auto loan for 15K. I plan on applying for a mortgage next summer so want to have a good amount in savings even though I'll be doing a VA loan. My scores at the moment are 673 through Walmart, and 675 through DCU. I'd like to be in the 700s, preferably 730+ as PenFed has really good rates and I know they want a higher score. Will I reach my goal by then? I don't plan on applying for anything new, if I don't get auto-cli then I just won't ask. Also, should I give up on Wells Fargo and the bank or should I keep sending them goodwill requests until they either do it or send me a court order to stop?
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