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Found 9 results

  1. So I have a little lull in the action right now while my existing irons do their work in their respective fires, so I've been researching and reading, looking for trends of what has had some success, what has had minor results, etc etc. Came across the jack attack method in my readings, but haven't seen anything recent posted; seems like there was some good success with it in the 2009-2011 time frame, not much said since then. At least as far as I can find on here using the search. Anyone still use this method and have success with it? Am I right to understand that the point is to pi
  2. I submitted a "jack attack" letter via snail mail to TU. I did log in online and asked them to send me my results via email. There were 5 items that needed to be fixed. 3 collections that I asked to be remvoved as they are obsolete (should fall off by July) and 2 late payments that I am fighting. TU replied yesterday with "investigation complete" email. 2 collections deleted and 2 late payments updated (not in my favor). BUT they totally ignored the third collection that was due to fall off in July. Not updated, not deleted, nothing. Since it's 31 days today and the investigation
  3. Hi all, I've searched and I can't find a general consensus on the boards. I disputed 4 TLs with each of the 3 CRAs. I was very specific in my disputes, "Monthly amount not provided", "Open date of jan 23, 2009 incorrect, please change or delete". Of the disputes, only 1 came back as deleted and that was because the CA didn't respond in time. Major failure. I'm wondering what should be my next step? All are outside of the SOL for Cali. Most are parking tickets, cc's, and a couple cable/cell accounts. I've offered to PFD for most of these, only to hear that they 'don't do that".
  4. Hello CB!! This is my very first post here on CB and looking for help! I started my journey by going through Sky Blue Credit Repair and to be completely honest They were great, but now after looking through this forums for many months I feel it is now my turn to finish the Job. 05/2013- exp- 560 5 derogs eq- 535 5 derogs tu-590 5 derogs 12/ 2013- exp- 675 2 derogs eq-643 3 derogs tu-708 1 derog The main derogs were collections which I paid and had deleted, but the one aspect of my credit report I cannot seem to get handled is my CO from wells fargo when I was 18 and didnt rea
  5. I'm getting ready to launch this good ol' jack attack on the few remaining baddies on my EQ. I was hoping someone would take a look and give it the CB stamp of approval before I do it. Here's my jack attack below: American General Finance (908XXXX): This account shows a scheduled payment amount of $160. This is incorrect. Please correct or delete. The account number does not match any original creditor’s file that I have. Please correct or delete. This account shows last payment date of 05/2012 but yet the payment history shows it was charged off as of 05/2010. Please correct or d
  6. I recently sent out a Jack Attack dispute to Experian and Equifax: Equifax verified everything, while Experian refused to re-investigate. In response to Experian's previously verified claim, I filed complaints with both the CFPB and the BBB demanding they investigate my claims. Today, I received Experian's response to my BBB complaint: How would you all respond to this letter? Also, less importantly, how would you all repsond to Equifax "updating" everything listed in the Jack Attack?
  7. I sent a Jack Attack to TU 27 days ago. They have not yet responded and there are no changes to any of the 5 accounts I addressed on my CR yet. I'm trying to be proactive, so I'm hoping to write a follow up letter now so that if they don't respond within 30 days, I can mail it out. However, I'm not sure what to do next. What letter should I follow up with? Are they required to respond within 30 days? Thanks
  8. Hello, I am in the beginning stages of repairing my credit, I have been reading and taking in all of the information available on this site. So far I've triaged my CR's for all 3 bureaus, I've had all incorrect addresses, phone numbers and employers removed from my reports as well as Opted out. Yesterday I sent out DV's to the CA's CMRRR and followed Why Chats HIPPA program for a medical account that is past SOL. Here is where I'm at a lost... Today, I looked over my CR's again and noticed that I.C. System INC is reporting to EX and EQ that an account was opened 11/1/2008 and
  9. I have two paid charge-offs on my CR that I want to remove..after some research I have come across a few methods. I am deciding between the Jack Attack and Doc's Nutcase letters...which is most effective initially? The two paid COs are from Victoria's Secret (WFFNB) and Macy's (DSNB). Thanks!
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