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Found 23 results

  1. Can one of my in house experts please explain how 3 inquiry removals added up to a 48 point increase?? Believe me I'm not complaining but Nanna always said "if it's too good to be true then it probably is!" Any input would be appreciated.
  2. My head hurts. Any feedback is appreciated. TL;DR: House shopping. Credit union claims they have pulled my credit report(s) and received rather bad scores. I can find no evidence of either the pull or a reason for the bad scores. Background: My lease is up at the end of January and the goal is to have bought and move into a house by then (it is sooooo much cheaper to buy in my area vs. renting.) I figured I had adequate credit--not great, but no significant bad guys like collections or anything. My credit cards have always had low limits but I never really cared. I never carry a ba
  3. I have a few soft inquiries from three CA's. I can not think of any reason for them pulling my credit. I get no correspondence from any of them. I do have a list of phone numbers that call me (I do not answer and they don't leave a message) and two of them are on the list ( Ol' Ed and First Nat'l). They are: Law Offices of Ed Overcash Account Discovery Sys First NTL Coll Bureau None of these show up as collections or anything on ANY of my CR's. There's only two things they can be calling about, one is for $127 for an insurance premium that I will probably never pay and the ot
  4. Does anyone know how sensitive some creditors are about inquiries? New accounts? For instance, does Citi care about inqs or new accounts that are 6 months old? Cap 1? Amex? When do certain creditors stop caring, 6 months? 12 months, or do some of them hold it against us for the full 2 years? I have gotten Cap 1 Ventures with a 15 inqs on Ex, 5 on Eq and 3 on TU and a lot of new accounts when they pulled the reports. Does that mean they don't care about inqs on 1 of the 3, or are they doing some kind of averaging since they pulled all 3?
  5. This is probably somewhere on CB but I haven't found it yet. If it is, please point me to the thread. I am curious if there is a BW-style spreadsheet that shows the net effect of inquiries from zero to say more than 10 with everything else held constant? I'm wondering if there is a maximum damage that can be done. I have read that inquiries cost about 4 points, but does that mean that 12 inquiries on the same CRA would cost 48 FICO points? I suspect there is a cap. I assume that people with clean reports who are regular B*ers have a good FICO reason to incur the cost of Qui
  6. I'm in the final throes of Escrow (Cross your fingers) and wanted to report on some weird Inquiry info they're pulling/reporting. This doesn't look like it"ll have any negative impact on my loan. I'm just reporting for information only and out of curiosity. Before the packet was submitted to the UW for conditional approval, I was asked to write a letter of explanation for the single inquiry on EX. The enquiry was over a year old for a CC I currently have. But the joint tri-merge the bank pulled showed the Inquiry with a different date. On their report it was dated just a few months back. T
  7. I sent a FOAD letter to Portfolio Recovery Services on August 21st. They're attempting to collect an alleged debt that is pasy the SOL. The credit line for the debt is off my credit report, but Portfolio continues to come up in the "account review inquiries" section of my report. The last time they pulled my report was September 9th. My question: does portfolio have a legal right to check my credit report? I have told them I won't pay and not to contact me anymore... are they violating FCRA? Does the (soft) inquiry negatively impact my credit score? Thanks for the help!
  8. Hey Everybody! Today I thought I'd post my Hard Inquiry success story, I started my rebuild last October, when my scores were in the 400's and I applied everywhere trying to obtain credit, which resulted in a bunch of hard inquiries, most of which i was denied for, so after several months of disputing and many things being removed from my CR I noticed that if you get anything removed from TU, TU will re-send your CR to any hard inquiry you were denied credit for, but EQ and EX would not which didn seem so fair because they denied me credit based off of stuff that had been removed, so the idea
  9. I was denied a credit card recently because of "too many inquiries in the past 12 months". I have about 5 in the past 6 months but they are not for CREDIT CARDS! 3 of them are for utility services- Verizon, AT&T, and a CONED electric, and the others are from Credit Union savings accounts I opened up. Why do they not differentiate the TYPE of Inquiry rather than just saying "Oh, it's a hard pull, so it's bad." ??
  10. The used car market is very agressive here and cars are moving very fast. I have a few cars I like at a dealership but I have to go through all the approval process etc. If in deed I get approved and they don't have any cars I want to buy will another hard pull or inquiry at another dealer hurt my credit? It's very Likely I may have to go to a different dealer as this one dealer only has a few cars in my price range. However there is another dealer with many more cars in my price range. My scores aren't that great and I don't want to sink my score and ruin my chances of getting appr
  11. I've been rebuilding credit very slowly the last two years. I recently acquired a $4500 Chase Freedon card and a $1500 Barclays crd. Both inquiries show on Experian and Equifax, but not on TransUnion because I had it temporarily frozen. The Barlays acct is showing on all three but Chase hasn't hit yet (got card two weeks ago). I would like to go for one more card then cease for 6 months. I need a card that will access TransUnion or Experiian due to less inquiries and higher scores (around 725 each). Equifax has been hit recently due to inquiries, hurting my scores Myfico is 720 My
  12. I pulled my TU report today to try and remove my last IIB that's due to fall off in 5 months and as I was looking at the inquiries, under Account Review, this company showed up. I've never had an account with them, never received any offer from them, and have never been late on anything, except a 30 day on an old car loan that was paid off when I traded it in, and even that is almost 7 years old. I've never heard of them, nor do I have any old debt that could possibly be collected on. Everything's been squeaky clean since I filed BK7 in 2007. Odd that this showed up and it was just within
  13. Hello, I have 7 Inquires in one year. That year started last April. I have not applied for anything since last April. I am ready for to do another card spree. How many Inquiries should I be concerned about?
  14. I have over 20 inquiries on my credit file, is it imperative that I have those deleted to increase my score? I am trying to get a 750 score on all 3 bureaus, I'm currently at 623
  15. Been reading tons but still unsure about my specific situation with TU. Advice is appreciated. I have one baddie on TU. I had disputed the baddie plus the address it was tied to, which is not mine. (I guess I disputed them at the same time and could have done a better job with it.) They removed the address thankfully, but marked the account as "updated". That was 9.5 months ago. Am I better off waiting until the 12 month mark to dispute it again or can I dispute it now? (I don't want to wait, because I'm hoping to refinance this summer but want to first get a secured card, etc.) And, EX ha
  16. So Im preparing for my spree and just want to know what everyones opinion is on my current inq status! TU- 6 EXP-18 EQ-5 But, after this month (Dec 28) my inqs from my car excursion will be rolling off TU-3 EXP-3 EQ-3 Reason I would do it sooner is Im going to finish paying for my ladys ring and want those points, because Im proposing in January in HAWAII!! Currently TU-708 EXP-678 EQ-643 Please give me some advice!
  17. My CK score is now at 685 and has hit a plateau. I have only one current credit card, its about 12 yrs old, with a balance of 300 and limit of 4800. Three quick questions: 1. Average age on accounts is 8 yrs. I could call Amex and remind them of an account I used to have some 15 to 20 years ago. Will that help? 2. I have two inquiries from last year. How do I get rid of them? 3. I have two negatives. A charge-off from Discover which was last reported on March 2012. And a settlement with BofA last reported in Sep 2011. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  18. Hello all! Quick question to make sure I understand this concept correctly. Because it would really suck if I am wrong and apply! I am "pre-qualified" (via website) for multiple Capital One cards. I am rebuilding and need more unsecured cards. Lets say, hypothetically, I apply for three capital one cards. That's 3 pulls on each CRA. Nine total. My understanding, however, is that if I apply for all three on the same day, I will only incur ONE pull from Capital One on each CRA. Is that correct? I hate the triple pull, but if I can get multiple cards out of it, I'll do it. I just don't w
  19. Hey guys, about a week ago I apped in-store for the Walmart Card, and the cashier said I had to call in. Called in, verified my identity, and the rep said instant approval for 1.5K, expect the card within 10 days. OK......... But I still do not have an INQ on none of the 3 bureaus, but it is already reporting to all 3. Past two apps have either hit TU or EX and were declined. Any explanation as to why no INQ has shown up yet?
  20. So for the last couple of days doing b*, I've noticed that all of sudden each day I'm seeing a different number of inquiries for TU. As of tonight, it is showing 4 inquiries on MPM and 2 inquiries on USAA. Anyone have any idea why?
  21. Hi CBers I was wondering how many INQs does AMEX consider too many? I currently have two (mortgage inqs; May/June 2013) and I was thinking of using about three more (AMEX BCE, Chase Freedom & Citi Dividend, Citi invited me to apply) for a total of 5 INQs and then back on ice EX goes. Thoughts?
  22. I have a CA that hit me with an inquiry in 2012 and I am writing them a nasty letter right now to tell them to delete it. Now I also have EX frozen. Will that impact them being able to delete the inquiry, assuming they even try? I froze so I could apply for a Chase card so they wouldn't pull EX but I got denied anyways. Just wondering if I should unfreeze before sending off my letter here. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
  23. So back in January I found out I was the victim of ID theft- someone applied for and received a Sears card and a Best Buy card using my information. Thankfully I have USAA monitoring so the problem was discovered in a matter of days. A police report was filed, and both accounts have been closed and deleted from my credit reports, but the inquiries for those accounts remain. I have fraud alerts on all three CRAs as a result of this ID theft, so is there any downside to disputing these INQs for removal? I'm going to be looking for an apartment and a car loan in August, and would like my repo
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