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Found 8 results

  1. I am currently rebuilding my credit and recently got approved by Barclays with a small limit. I need a larger limit but how do I increase my chances that they will comply and how long do I need to wait before asking?
  2. I started rebuilding with no baddies and got a Capital One Quicksilver One with a $300 CLI. Then I got an ERC baddie with a four year old DOFD after I got the credit card. My FAKOs went from medium to poor immediately. I'd like to get a modest CLI increase so my card will be useful for car, truck and equipment rentals. Increasing the limit to $400 would be all I need, $500 would be perfect. How do I go about increasing my CLI? Should I not bother until my baddie is removed? What is an EO?
  3. Hey y'all, I've been reading for a while and I'm beginning my credit journey and I had a few questions. I have about 8 collections from about two years ago which I was going to do a pay for delete on many of them. Since they aren't that much. I have saved about a little under 6k with about 2800 in cc debt and was wondering what would be a better option. Pay down the CC debt and get a secured card for 3k from cap one or BOA or another provider. Or should I get a secured card at 5k? Which do you think would benefit me more. I had low utilization until I had two car accidents which made me n
  4. Got an e-mail for my Chase Freedom card I've had since 2006 (was originally a Starbucks Duetto Card, it auto-converted about 5 years ago to the Freedom)... it had a $2,000 limit ever since I opened it, but in the e-mail they were inviting me to go for a CLI "with no credit report check". I clicked the link they provided, logged on, entered my annual income, and BAM! Approved for an increase to $3,000!!! I currently have fairly high utilization on this card (above 50%), but a perfect payment history over the 8 years I've had it. Anyone else have similar success with Chase recently?
  5. Okay, I did an app spree OCT 31 and NOV 1st. During that time, I received double digit credit limits on 4 new credit cards. So, I figured, why not request a CLI on the one Capital One card that I already have. Going through the normal customer service was a joke, as they used my credit report from 2 months prior through an automated program and declined my request. I ended up going through the Capital One Executive Office and requested a $12K limit (up from $550). They asked if I would accept a partial approval. PAUSE. At this point, I'm thinking, they may do $10K or even $5K, so I say
  6. Soooooooo...a few weeks ago I had posted regarding the 3-5 day message from NFCU regarding a limit increase to my card that is already pretty high util due to some unexpected circumstances that required flights home for my family. I had only asked for $500 in hopes of not seeming too greedy and the next morning after receiving the message I noticed that my limit was in fact increased from $4500 to $5000 The card has since been paid off in full finally and for the heck of it I figured I'd ask for a larger increase. Lo and behold I received immediate approval for an increase to $7000!!!
  7. I checked my credit score seven months ago and it was in the low 500's. At that time I was over 120 days behind on my student loan payments and my total student loan debt was around $40,000. I have since paid off the past-due portion of my student loans but the balance remains about the same. The loans are now in deferment since I am enrolled in a graduate program. I have taken on additional student loans as well. Today I checked my score and it was in the upper 700's. I am very suprised by this. Is it possible that paying off the past-due debt and placing my loans in deferment could have ha
  8. Scored a nice CLI from Discover. Last jump was from $34 to $6k in November, followed by an auto CLI to $6750 in late January or early February. Asked for an increase today... approved to $10k -- woot! I appreciate this more than normal because my credit portfolio is SO heavy with GECRB that I need the diversification.
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