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Found 9 results

  1. http://www.cnbc.com/id/102078876 http://krebsonsecurity.com/2014/10/malware-based-credit-card-breach-at-kmart/
  2. I filed my taxes in 2012 but I was in prison at that time. I was released in January of 2013 and immediately started working again. I recently found out (in early 2014) that my identity had been stolen. I called the IRS but they have been giving me the run-around for around 9 months. I'm poor and I need help getting my 2013 tax return. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get this resolved? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I recently learned that I have charge off of several hundreds of dollars from comcast that is being reported on my CR although I have an active account in good standing with comcast. I contacted comcast and after several calls one csr was able give some details about why this was showing on my CR. She stated some catv equipment was ordered a few months ago and never returned. I explained that I've never ordered any equipment and had the same service for several years. I assured her that I never requested any upgrades or new service. After asking for the date and location of activation she was able to give the address of services and the person who opened the account which is not my address nor anyway related to my name. She eventually realize that this appeared to be fraud and told me that I would have to fill out the following form: http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/pdf-0094-identity-theft-affidavit.pdf and get a police report Once I filed a police report and completed the form I would have to go into a local branch and show proof that I filled out this form. I attempted to iterate that this account was not created by me and that comcast needs to investigate why new service was allowed to be created especially since it would've been trivial to identify that service already existed for said ssn, but she stated nothing could/would be done until I completed the process she requested. My question is since Comcast is making the claim that this is legitimate isn't the burden of proof on them and not on me. Legally they made a claim so why do I have to prove my innocents? I have not sent any formal validation request to comcast but based on our phone conversation I do not think I would get any different results as all they will see is an account was opened with my ssn. This really isnt a post about the validation process but more of a question about burden of proof and what is consider proof... Is an account showing in some company's system enough proof? Should I be able to sue comcast - not that I necessarily want to to do this but its clear they were negligent or did I somehow forgo my rights to sue when I signed up for services? I will probably submit to their request and fill out the form and police report but if there is any other recourse I may consider taking legal action. To be completely honest I do not feel good about filing a complaint with the sherrifs office. I'm no criminal and have a clean record but I choose to limit my dealings with government agencies. I like to keep my digital profile as non-existent as possible and I simply do not want to acquiesce to any additional contracts.
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me... who is CCB/BLNLE? I found out today (thanks to a well know credit card company whom I already have a credit card with) that someone had applied for a credit card. They were 'concerned' as this person used the same social security number as mine, same birth date, but different first name. They also used our old address that we moved a year ago from. Looked at my credit report, a total of 9 applications in the past 5 days! I spent the day telephoning the companies (found the telephone numbers as they were easy to find, eg GECRB/WALMRT and TD/TARGET etc. However, I cannot find anything about CCB/BLNLE???? What credit card company is this, does anyone know? Thanks in advance
  5. Two years ago, I lost my wallet. Someone tried to open a wireless phone account in my name. Since then (and also because I've been working on building my credit, I've had credit monitoring. Everything has been fine until this and last month when I've gotten alerted to two unauthorized inquiries on my credit. Two for auto loans and one for resident screening. I've initiated a fraud alert on my credit and sent letters to the companies making the inquires via certified mail. At this point, would it be best/beneficial to just have my social changed? I am worried that this will cause issues with taxes, updating the # (with my apt complex, banks, auto loan, jobs, etc...), and may affect the progress I've made building my credit. Any advice?
  6. I called my bank to ask about foreign rates. I wanted to know how I can withdraw cash for free in another country. She offered to check and told me that I needed a high yield bank account. She needed my bank account number which I did not know. I told her that I have my debit card number. She said she can't use that to check what account I have so she asked for my SSN. I was dumb enough to give it to her and right after knowing my SSN, she asked for my Debit card number. I thought it was weird why she asked for my debit card number when she didn't want it before and that she couldn't check up my account with that? Have I been scammed? I want to put fraud alerts on my credit. How can I do this? I am not exactly sure what fraud alerts are, can someone clarify? Also should I sign up for all three credit bureaus? Equifax, transunion, and experian? Which is better. When I call will I be speaking to a robot or human to put fraud alerts in my credit? Should I give them my SSN? Should I check for virus before entering my private information? Any other advice? I was thinking of doing the lifelock stuff and the kroll service which is now changed to prepaidlegal. Any advice guys? I am new and it is my first year in college. I should not have any credit history.l never even worked before.
  7. Hi guys I was trying to get my credit report from annualcreditreport.com. But all of the 3 agencies on there I was unable to get my credit report by online, they say that I have to call or mail because they can't confirm my identity. For equifax near the end where they need to confirm my identity, they said Now we just need to make sure that you are really you. These questions are based on information in your file, and only you should know the answers to them. _____ Your credit file indicates you may have a mortgage loan. Who is the credit provider for this account? how much is the monthly payment Your credit file indicates you may have an auto loan/lease, opened in or around January 2012. Who is the credit provider for this account? I DON'T have any mortgages or auto loan or any loan of any kind!!!!!!! what's going on???? one question also asked me in what state or city or street that I have lived with xxx xxx in the past 10 years.....but I don't know that guy they mentioned at all!!! last time I did credit report was in 2007, then I went to Asia, now I am about to go back and wanted to check my report and .....?????? what is going on? as a result I can't see my credit report in all 3 agencies....because they can't confirm my identity. very possible that my identity is stolen?!?!?! what do I do now? please help I guess first step is to see my credit report, maybe try one of those paying sites? but what if after I paid and they still can't confirm my identity and can't send me the report? pleaes help !! thanks
  8. Last week, I received a phone call from my main bank asking to confirm a recent charge that they thought was suspicious. My credit card had been used in a big box store across the country, so my bank diligently cancelled my card and removed the charge. Since then, I've been receiving daily calls from other banks about credit card fraud - again charges in stores that have declined in other parts of the country. Some of these are on store credit cards that I rarely use and have not used in the last six months. Has some major institution that would have access to all my different credit cards been compromised lately? My wallet and cards are with me, so I'm surprised/unnerved to be recieving these alerts on all my cards, held with different institutions. My car did get broken into around the time this happened although no cards/bank statements/receipts were in the car. My car registration documents (name and address) were in the car at the time but not taken. What can I do to protect myself? I'm checking through all my accounts and statements carefully and am checking my credit scores. Anything else I should do?
  9. I had a call from Nordstron about an hour ago. It seems someone hacked my on-line acct with them and purchased three very expenses ladies shirts to the tune of close to $800.00 and used an address to ship them to California. They figured this was out of my normal purchases, glad they did. I haven't used the card since last December. I am not a size x-small either...wish I was! Nordstrom tells me this happens. I have a good security on my computers and have a very hard PW. The perps have my phone number now! Since they were able to access my account they also have my home and work address. Now I am scared! Order cancelled. new card issues. Logon PW changed. They said to file with my local Police. I did change the PW to something very hard, and yes I wrote it down. I also changed my Cap One PW as well. I have the perps address and googled it. It is in Santa Ana, CA. I looked it up on the Orange Co tax records, and someone lives there but I don't have a name. It also could be a "drop" house. What more do I need to do? Do I need to freeze all CR and file with FTC for identy fraud?
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