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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, everyone, I am in New York and have been contacted by a collection agency (which writes on the letterhead of attorney Mark Nichter) regarding hospital service in 2011 and 2012. I had been very sick then so don’t remember all the billing particulars but the total amount due is $1,197.73, according to the collector’s letter. I had insurance which covered 90 percent of the bill and I assume this is the balance that I didn’t pay. Being out on disability I wasn’t able to afford to pay my portion then but I am in a better position now to pay over time. My question is: could I arrange to just pay the hospital directly? I could probably do it over three or four months rather than all at one time. I don’t want to deal with the collector directly as the rep who calls me is truly awful on the phone. I always tell them I won’t discuss it on the phone and please to write to me but before I hang up they always manage to yell about how I know I had cancer and had treatment at this particular hospital and why won’t I pay up. It’s too much. This hasn’t yet shown up on my credit report and since I’ve recently just gotten my reports clean, I’d like to take care of it in a way that won’t harm my credit. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. I have a hospital bill of $3500. Collection has been disputed and verified. I have been paying off and on, when I have the money, for two years (to the hospital ONLY). My husband and I both acquired second jobs and we are now ready to tackle this collection and get it off my CR. We will have all of the money by April of next year at the latest. My Questions: Should I just save up the money and make one payment to the OC with the HIPAA letter? OR Should I start paying what I gather monthly to the OC and make the last payment using the HIPAA letter? My fear is the hospital suing me for the money before I get all of it together. I will have over $1000 by August to put towards this bill. I have already tried to talk to the hospital about retracting the bill from the CA once it's paid off, but they refuse. This is my last doctor bill from my hospital stay and of course my biggest. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi, guys, I had a medical collection for $1,500 go on my report in Feb. 2009. My report says it’s supposed to fall off in March 2015 but I’d prefer to handle it so I can get a credit card and improve my score. The credit report says the account was “updated” in October 2013, and the description of the loan type says “Collection Agency/Attorney.” I’m guessing that means the hospital has just sold the debt to them? Anyone know for sure what that means? Here’s the problem: I actually had five other smaller medical collections from the same hospital removed last month after I disputed them online (before learning of Why Chat’s process). They were placed there by the same CA as this $1,500 one. I also dispute this bill but the CRA said it was verified.I am wary of doing anything that could cause those other deleted collections to be re-added. How should I handle this? Can I still try to pay the hospital w/Why Chat’s method -- HIPAA and insert a? Or maybe it would be best to just wait the year and let it fall off? It’s my only collection. (I do have a paid federal tax lien that I’ve asked the IRS to remove, and there’s a default civil judgment that I paid in full and have GW’d the OC on, but I doubt they’ll agree to vacate the judgment. Those are both from 2010). I would appreciate any advice. I don’t want to make things worse here, but I would like to increase my chances of getting a credit card and showing revolving credit on my report (have just gotten approved for Cap 1 secured so hoping that will help). Thanks so much for everything.
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