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Found 3 results

  1. I've spent the past 4 hours hammering the johnny-come-lately payday loan scammer who made the woeful error of calling me from a local spoof at 3:49pm CDT. FTC...CHECK CFPB (including .wav files of voicemails)...CHECK Family who can expect a call to "locate me" any minute now...CHECK, CHECK But the part at the end of this story floored me. I mistakenly answer the first call and can tell it's a call center. I quickly wiggled out of it before he could launch into his routine, because I truly was on another call. He calls back 30 minutes later...I let it go to voicemail. None left. Nineteen minutes pass; call #3. Half hour passes; call #4. FOUR MINUTES later comes call #5...and voicemail #1. (Guess who's getting served tomorrow...?!) AND...he left a toll-free number with his extension. I call him right back and go right into MY "routine" as soon as I told him my name. ME: Mr. Castillo, do you have something to write with? Good. I'd like you to meet me at my attorney's office tomorrow to serve me. Her name is ________ ___________, and I'll spell it for you. That's __ __ __ __ * ...are you writing this down...?? HIM: Um...well...let me transfer you to a claims agent who can explain the situation to you... ME: You can't tell me the info...? Your voicemail sounded rather authoritative -- actually, Mr. Castillo, it sounded overtly threatening -- so I'm quite sure you can handle this yourself. HIM: Well, don't you wanna know what the claim is about?? ME: No, I don't. From your tone, I am clearly in a lot of trouble. You haven't mentioned that this was an attempt to collect a debt, either, so I assume you're calling about criminal charges. My attorney will take it from here, but I'll meet you there tomorrow. Take down this address... (he fumbles through paper...) She's a federal and state felony defense attorney, and her office is the entire 24th floor of 987 Main St., Hou...are you getting this on paper, Mr. Castillo...?? (he repeats the address so far...) Good. And I'll see you there at 1pm. Please don't be late, because she play tennis with District Attorney D@v0n And3rs0n at 3pm. HIM: Well, let me get you over to a claims agent to discuss this first... ME: NO. I've told you where to find me. Your voicemail said you needed to verify an address for processing & serving a "claim" tomorrow. And ALL further communication WILL go through my attorney. DO NOT EVER call this CELLULAR NUMBER AGAIN. Do you understand me, Mr. Castillo? HIM: (He places me on hold to shut me up; muzak commences; I promptly hang up.) Now I'll be a MONKEY'S UNCLE if he didn't call me back in 90 seconds...called THREE times (those were calls #5, 6 & 7 inside of 90 minutes!) trying to force me to pick up...and then left a ridiculously aggressive message and said his next call would be to my "references" if I didn't call him back immediately. Now I have to confess that, for those 90 seconds between hanging up on him after he was squirming and stammering and confused as H3LL...I felt sorry for the putz. I know his buddies were sitting next to him in that rinkydink cubefarm ...laughing their butts off at him. But when he lost his mind -- conceded to his assaulted pride -- and CALLED ME BACK..........?!?!??! Meh. I got over it. Interesting tidbit: I've filed CFPB complaints against companies whose addresses I didn't know in the past, and they fell flat because the company isn't "registered" with the CFPB. This one actually pre-populated when I filled in the "company" field -- but the CFPB doesn't have their address, either, it would appear. Looks like someone is already watching these nimrods. SEVEN calls & 2 voicemails in 90 minutes...? Harass much...?! ETA -- Post #1000 for me!! Yaaaay!
  2. We are dealing with a bank that has threatened to foreclose on a mortgage my husband and I hold on a business property he uses for his dental practice. The mortgage had been 90 days overdue for the several months. Today (Tuesday, June 4th), the bank called my husband and told him that if he did not bring the mortgage current by Thursday, June 6th, they would initiate foreclosure proceedings. They refused to offer or discuss any program or otherwise work with us. Years ago, we had paid extra into the principal of the loan so that we a few years ahead of schedule for paying off the loan. However, the bank rejects this line of reasoning demands that we bring the number of payments up to date. We did not take out the mortgage with this bank; the original bank was acquired by a chain. The mortgage was obtained with help from the Small Business Administration. We suspect that the bank has ulterior motives in trying to foreclose on us. We suspect that this bank would like to acquire the property because it is in a prime location on a state road in the heart of the natural gas fracking industry in our state. The property itself could not be used for fracking, but it is in a good location for a business that could serve the industry. The bank has been in the habit of doing nasty things to us. For example, we would receive letters claiming that they were calling the loan because my husband’s life insurance (a requirement for the mortgage) was not paid up when this was not the case. This bank also had been in the habit of taking money for payment of the mortgage from a business account we have with them (also a requirement of the mortgage) at different dates during the month, not the date we had agreed upon, and without warning, often interfering with our ability to make payroll or pay other obligations. Furthermore, the account that they would take from is in the name of the corporation my husband started whereas the mortgage is in his and my names (my name is not on the corporation because it is a professional corporation or PC). The practice has suffered financially because of a former office manager whom we know mismanaged finances and whom we (and our current accountant) believe embezzled a large quantity of money over the years. The local police investigated but claim that they could not find evidence of theft or embezzlement. Several times we were told that the police were ready to make an arrest, and they just needed to do another check of the evidence. Then we would be told that the evidence didn’t hold up to scrutiny. Along with the loss of money, the embezzlement got us in trouble with the IRS because the former office manager did not send in checks for payment of the payroll taxes for several quarters. This person intercepted mail and phone calls, so we were in the dark about this (and about debts to vendors). After the person left, we found drawers full of checks my husband had signed that obviously had never been mailed. The primary problem here is preventing foreclosure on this business property. We have made a big investment in this property, paying over $300,000 over the years, and thepractice is a key source of our income. We are attempting to borrow money from friends and relatives to prevent the foreclosure. Any advice regarding dealing with the bank regarding the foreclosure would be welcome.
  3. Hello, I'm new here and I hope I'm posting in the right section. I graduated college in 2009 and starting making payments like normal after 6 months on my private loan through Sallie Mae. I paid $280 every month until I lost my job in May 2012 and was found ineligible to collect unemployment compensation. It took me about 6 months to find a new job. During my period of unemployment, I could not pay Sallie anything whatsoever. I was living on my savings only. I'm so glad I was able to find a new job in December. Shortly after I lost my job in May '12, Sallie Mae upped my monthly payments to $480 a month. I couldn't afford to pay them a dime. They would not negotiate a thing with me whatsoever. Then the repetitive, harassing phone calls began around September, while I was still unemployed. When I got a job in December, I was planning on making normal payments to Sallie Mae again, but they were still unwilling to budge from their $480/mo, so I paid them what I could. Then on January 10, 2013, my roommate committed suicide and I found him. (This is not a joke post whatsoever. I'm very serious about this.) I won't get too into the details. He was my only roommate, and also a good friend. Within a week or so of that, I informed Sallie Mae about what happened and I had to go back to paying them nothing because my bills doubled and I had to find a new place to live, which I did in mid-February. They did not offer me ANY options during that time. I was forced to continue missing my monthly payments of $480. I am now living in a new apartment with my girlfriend and also a mutual friend (which is what we wanted anyway, but not under these particular circumstances). Before moving, I had to use almost ALL my remaining money to pay for moving, a new security deposit + 1st month rent, etc. By the time I was done moving, I only had about $100 in my bank account. I'm just about to start repaying Sallie Mae, now that I have more money and a "decent" safety net. Over the past 2 months, I've been getting voicemessages from a company called Allied Interstate. I never answer because they never say who they represent in their voicemessages. However, I googled their phone number recently and they are a debt collections agency who represents Sallie Mae. The strangest thing happened today. This Allied Interstate place called one of my friends (from 8664530229) and disguised themselves as a potential employer who is looking to hire me. They told my friend that I used him as a reference, and that they had an incorrect phone number for me. I guess this is one of their tactics to track down people? I wish my friend could have recorded it. He said they've been calling him for a month and he's going to try to record it next time. This can not be legal at all! Any opinions? I think I'm just going to ignore this Allied Interstate and go back to making normal payments through Sallie Mae. Thanks, ScarsUnseen

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