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  1. Hi guys. I would like to send a goowill letter to Nelnet for some lates I had in the past. Would anybody happen to have had success in the past, and/or would know who to send a letter or email to? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello friends. I'm so glad to be here! Thanks for having me. My Creditkarma score is 555. I know that's not FICO, but it's going to be terrible regardless. I'm 28. So my credit right now is a mess. I've dabbled in trying to fix it, but I really want to make some serious progress now. I'll try to be succinct yet thorough. Credit utilization, payment history, age of credit history, and credit inquiries receive "A" marks on the report card thing. Total accounts (3 accounts) is D. Derogatory remarks (1 + 1 in collection) is B. Overall grade is F, obviously. The following 5 are my baddies. 3 Collection accounts. Two charged off accounts that at least are now paid or in the process of being paid: (1) Sears-CO, paid in full to CA after they had it for a month. I didn't do the DV or anything. Staying until 11/2015 (2) Capital 1, CO, process of paying in full via payment plan. Sent them a DV letter, and they (a legal office CA representing Cap 1) got back to me with all the documents from what I could tell. 1 more year to go. Staying until 1/2016 (3) CA hired by my past leasing office (OC) for not paying a small cleaning bill. I found out recently after pulling my CR. Received no notification from either CA or Leasing office to the best of my knowledge. OC claims not to have received my forwarding address (that I also updated on USPS when I moved). Comes off CR mid-2018. 2 Closed accounts with late payments: (4) BOFA credit card, several late payments over 3 years. Longest one is a 120 day late entry. Will become positive account in 1/2015. Stays until 2/2018. (5) Chase credit card. A few late payments over 2 years. Longest is 60 days. Will become positive 8/2014. Stays until 12/2017. *also 1 hard pull for credit card application last year More about me: I have 3 active accounts in good standing (no late payments). 5 positive (no late) overall including car loan payoff. I used to have excellent credit prior to about 2008. I just got super lazy about paying bills and well.. now I'm in a shameful state. Based on information I'd like the input for my plan and would like suggestions on possible letters to expediate some removals from CR. My to do list so far: 1) Delete previous addresses with CRA. 2) Apply for a credit card(s) to increase accounts. I'm debating between applying for several secured cards that from what I understand should be easy to obtain with a deposit and/or applying for a unsecure rewards card such as Capital 1 Newcomers rewards card. I should have done this earlier. I didn't know about secured cards. My concern with secure cards is they suck, annual fee, and mostly useless once my FICO improves, and I'm eligible for better credit cards. Do I keep the secure cards after credit improves or close them? Most of the recommended secured credit cards have annual fees. I don't plan on keeping any sort of balance on any of the credit cards month to month. Also, I have around $1000-1500 to start off with for the secured cards. What is a recommended way of putting in the deposits for the secured cards that I apply for? 3) I'm not sure what to do about baddie (3). The apartment complex is part of a huge company that basically owns one of the major cities in Orange County, CA, and I'm not even sure they have the authority to accept payment. I'm looking into a PFD or Goodwill letter depending on who I would address the letter to. PFD for CA and Goodwill for OC? Is 1-2 punch worth considering? The CA doesn't seem to be reporting it from month to month. Just the date that the account has gone into collections. 4) I'm open to ideas on using letters for the other baddies. Finally.. do letters still work effectively? A lot of the posts regarding DV and letter approaches were posted a number of years ago. Back then, things like PFD was a lot more successful. It seems to me that the CA's would be much more efficient and experienced dealing with the claims. If you made it through this, THANK YOU! I am just one guy who couldn't sleep a wink last night thinking about all this, and I'm just looking to turn things around.
  3. So I've emailed my credit union's CB disputes department several times trying to get them to remove a few late payments from my credit card and auto loan. The first time I tried about a year ago or so they said they would do it, but then I saw it pop up on my EX file. I had a few lates from earlier this year that I've been trying to get them to remove. I said something to the effect of being a member for five years, been current otherwise and that I was able to pay off the loan and CC. Now they just keep saying that they can't remove them because they are reporting correctly. If I escalate to an EO who would I address the letter to? CEO, COO? What else can I do? Thanks.
  4. My DW emailed the Citibank CEO asking for a goodwill deletion. They called her to get account info, then responded by letter a few days later that stated in part: Do you think hey misunderstood our request? We are asking for deletion from the Credit Bureaus, not from their own internal records.
  5. Hello, I have been dreaming of good credit and having a 730 since I've been little. I was in the process when I turned 18 and I got my first secured card courtesy of Capital One. I would pay it off every month. Then months later I applied for discover and a regular capone credit card and approved by both. I was paying my cards and then I lost a job and ended up moving to another state I for 4 months on my discover and 3 months on my Capone cards. As Soon as I got a job I paid off my two capone cards and Theb I paid my Discover card they reopend it for me and everything. I talked to capone today and they said they will send a letter to the three bureaus stating that I was unemployed so on and so forth and wait for a reply in the mail so praying they erase these late marks. Discover on the other hand was so rude they just kept saying by law we must report info to the credit bureau and that we cannot help you we do tell them that you are doing well every month that you pay . I was signed up with a lady who does credit repair but tmrw I will be opting out. I have read that I can do a goodwill letter And in some even say they did it through Email Please may someone help me What email address can I use to email my goodwill letter to Discover and what is the best address to mail one to them. I dont wanna be one of the people they just toss aside. I have been doing somewhat well with my score my fico is a 601 and the 3 bureaus are around 502 All my hard credit inquiry should be removed by February 2015 so then my score will in have these negative marks towards late payments when I was unemployed which suck. I would like to be able to get a loan one day well sooner than later. Anywho all and any help is appreciated thank you in advance thank you for bearing through this long post
  6. So I am back from boot Camp and stationed in Japan and during the time I was securing a new auto loan for my wife I missed two payments on our existing auto loan and are trying to buy a house so Im hoping this goodwill letter will remove the two lates that are the only two I have had out of the almost 3 years I've had the auto loan which is now paid off in full! Please any comments will be beneficial. THANK YOU CB FOR THE TEMPLATES! August 18, 2014 Regarding: Account No. XXXXX Hughes Federal Credit Union ATTN : Collections Department 951 E. Hermans Rd Tucson, AZ 85706 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing a letter about my experience with Hughes Federal Credit Union that is a mixture of a grateful "thank-you" and a pressing request concerning a Hughes Federal Credit Union auto loan in my credit file that I would like to have revised. I was very fortunate to have received the Hughes Federal auto loan December 1st, 2011 several years before I enlisted in the United States Navy on June 5th 2013. On October 15th my now wife informed me of one of the most special moments of our life, and that is we were expecting a beautiful little girl. We were then engaged on January 10th 2014 in Kauai and I eventually headed to Boot Camp on February 5th ,2014 in order to serve my country and prepare for a financially stable future for my soon to be wife and future daughter named Aria. I went on to graduate from Boot Camp April 5th 2014, was able to get married during my Tech school on April 19th 2014 and my daughter was born on May 24th 2014. I then graduated Tech school on May 31st, and unfortunately had to leave my family behind for the time being while I left to Japan on June 15th 2014 where I am currently stationed. I became disorganized with respect to, as you saw, making two timely payments with Hughes Federal credit union. I fully recognize my responsibility with respect to payable accounts and have worked diligently to rehabilitate my relationship with Hughes Federal credit union. This account is now paid off in full and hope you understand my full gratitude for working with the accompanying Lender. To be honest, this year has been very much chaotic, stressful, and at times slightly overwhelming but rewarding in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. Through the entirety of my time with Hughes Federal credit union I have always made my payments an absolute priority, and during the time in which I was having to prepare to leave my family in order to go overseas and securing a new car for my wife there was a brief period of confusion and I hope you understand I have done everything possible to amend this situation and do the right thing. Thankfully, responsible credit management is reflected in my credit records which -- excluding the Hughes Federal late entry -- are excellent. I wish to thank you for renewing your confidence in me and for giving me a second chance at a relationship with you, that I intend on growing and am determined to keep spotless. We are about to shop for a mortgage, and it has come to my attention that the late notations from Hughes Federal credit union may preclude me from taking full advantage of the very lowest interest rates now available. Since those notations do not reflect my overall excellent history with Hughes Federal, I am requesting that you give me a second chance at a positive credit rating by revising the auto loan. Your customer service representative suggested that I write you for a "goodwill adjustment." I sincerely hope that there is redemption at Hughes Federal Credit Union, and I beg you for such consideration. Please let me know if any additional documentation would assist in reaching a positive outcome, and I thank you again for the time you have spent reading this letter. Very hopefully yours, NAME ADDRESS
  7. Had a 60 day late 2 years ago on my chase card, sent a goodwill letter, and they came back with cold denial based on 'accurate information was reported' remark. Below is my response. I plan to mail monday, let me know your thoughts. Hopefully not too harsh for it's own good. 8-22-2014 Regarding: Account No. Cardmember Service PO Box 15153 Wilmington DE 19886-5153 To XXXXXXXXXXXX: Thank you for your response to my inquiry dated 8-2-2014 regarding the above referenced account. I have considerable respect for your company and not only the reputable name Chase has created for itself in the credit card industry, but I also the appreciate the line of credit Chase has extended to me with respect to my credit card account . With this said, I find myself somewhat disappointed that your response didn’t seem to address the request that I made directly. Given the state of my personal life at the time of the alleged late payment (and without going too far into the more private details of my life obstacles at the time), I made a simple goodwill request that you grant me this one reprieve from, as you saw, the late payment. Your response instead addressed the accuracy of the information reported to the credit bureaus and did not address the unique conditions that I shared with you to explain what may have caused possible late payments in my life at that time, if they did in fact occur. Considering my previously positive experience with Chase I approached this situation with good faith that I was dealing with a company who valued its customers and the business they bring through both good and bad situations. In addition to this, due to more responsible use of personal credit lines my credit score has already begun to improve within the last 12 months. As I grow into a more responsible credit worthy consumer than I was in my younger years, I will have need of business relationships with companies such as Chase. My decision on who to do business with and who to recommend to friends, family, and business partners will rely heavily on who has treated me fairly and reasonably in the past. I would ask you once more, before time and resources are spent on investigating my rights as a consumer and your obligations as a creditor under federal law, to reconsider rescinding this alleged late payment from all 3 credit bureaus. If you refuse to consider this request, I would then ask that you escalate all 3 letters thus far and my concerns about my future business relationship with Chase to the manager of your customer satisfaction department before you respond. If the potential for a future private and business relationship with a customer is not important to you or does not impact your professional position, there may be others with Chase that might be more understanding and grateful of nurturing potential private and professional relationships. Thank you for your time in this matter.
  8. Does anyone have a good contact email or mailing address for Walmart credit card/GE/Synchrony, to send a goodwill request? I've searched the boards but haven't found anything. Thank you!
  9. Hello everybody! I have a credit card from Fifth Third Bank that was charged off in Dec. 2010. They sold the debt to Jefferson Capital systems in Nov. 2013 and are now reporting a $0 balance. Jefferson just contacted me at the end of May 2014 with their first letter to which i had 30 days to pay or ask for validation. I sent them a DV letter and its been about 35 days and no reply. They did change what they were reporting on my credit report to in dispute though. So now I have a couple questions. How long does it usually take them to respond? Is there anything i can do in the meantime or just wait? Secondly is it a possibility to send the OC a goodwill letter to remove the original account or adjust it or will that possibly stir up a mess I don't want to be in? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! I did try searching the forums for a while but didn't get exactly the answer i was looking for.
  10. Last week I called Capital Bank regarding my one and only late payment with them, a 30-day late from 6/11. The very nice woman told me she'd check with her supervisor and I didn't hear anything back. So I decided to give it another try today. Called and spoke to a woman who responded with that whole BS line about how the FCRA required them to post all activity whether it was positive or negative, yada, yada, yada. She wouldn't even speak to her supervisor and gave me the address for disputes. I was pretty bummed after the conversation. And if it weren't for CB I probably would have stopped there. Instead... Three minutes later I called back and got the FIRST woman I'd spoken with, who apologized for not getting back with me. She said she'd just gotten a response from her supervisor and was JUST about to call me (I didn't buy that either). She asked if she could put me on hold and when she came back on the phone I was prepared for the worst. BUT: she told me that they were deleting the 30-Day Late and reporting to the CRAs TONIGHT! I'm TOTALLY PSYCHED and will say that if it weren't for these boards, I wouldn't be exercising my assertive muscles nearly as much as I do now. And I wouldn't be getting such good results. So thanks everyone. I count each one of these little improvements in my credit as a huge victory.
  11. Sorry there is a lot of information below. I had some great success here cleaning up my credit, but every case is different, and I was still sort of at a loss when a friend asked me for advice. These are the 7 baddies on her credit report from TU. She ran into some financial trouble in 2007, closed all her cards, and used one of those credit counseling agencies to negotiate paybacks. Other than one of the GECRBs, it looks like everything got paid in full. She has one GECRB store card now, so not blacklisted or anything. Her file is pretty thin, mostly less than two years old, and only a few credit cards and a car loan at that. So basically, looking for advice: How much do 5-7 year old late payments still hurt score, if at all? If they still matter, does it matter more that they show as 60 or 90 or 120 days, or when they are that old, they basically all matter the same? Do you attack all baddies no matter what, or as I have seen mentioned, does the law of unintended consequences weight heavily on that decision? Would losing an account like BOA that was opened 12 years ago, especially with a thin file, do more damage by dropping AAOA than any benefit from removing a few nearly 7-yr old lates? How would you advise these 7 oldies be addressed? Dispute, goodwill, leave them alone? Thanks! BOA Date Opened: 03/13/2002 Loan Type: Credit Card Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 07/13/2011 Date Closed: 06/27/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 60 days in 08/2007 an in 09/2007 for $456 Remarks: Account closed by consumer CNB Date Opened: 12/10/2005 Loan Type: Note Loan (Auto) Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 02/12/2010 Date Closed: 02/12/2010 Maximum Delinquency of 30 days in 09/2007 and 01/2010 Remarks: Closed CNB Date Opened: 07/24/2004 Loan Type: Note Loan (Auto) Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 02/13/2009 Date Closed: 02/13/2009 Maximum Delinquency of 30 days in 09/2007 and 12/2008 Remarks: Closed DISCOVER Date Opened: 10/19/2005 Loan Type: Credit Card Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 07/13/2011 Date Closed: 06/27/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 60 days in 09/2007 Remarks: Closed by credit grantor GECRB Date Opened: 02/08/2006 Loan Type: Charge Account Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 02/24/2011 Date Closed: 06/27/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 08/2007 and 09/2007 for $124 GECRB Date Opened: 11/06/2005 Loan Type: Charge Account Balance: $0 Last Payment Made: 05/18/2009 Pay Status: Charged Off Date Closed: 06/13/2007 Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 09/2009 and in 11/2009 for $94 Remarks: Purchased by another lender; unpaid balance charged off Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 05/2016 US BANK Date Opened: 02/23/2007 Loan Type: Conventional Real Estate Mtg Last Payment Made: 08/16/2013 Date Closed: 09/03/2013 Maximum Delinquency of 120 days in 12/2010 for $2,691 and in 03/2011 for $2,732
  12. Hello All, After reading (Why Chat), and reading(Psyc Doc), and reading... I am still confused as to HOW to attack recent lates. I am hoping (Please show mercy!) that you all can help point me in the right direction. I have three cards with Comenity. All three went late at the end of last year/ beginning of this year because of unexpected medical expences that could not be avoided... I have made things right by paying down/catching up on payments. I am now current on these accounts, however the lates are glaring on my report. The three cards are listed as below: Victorias Secret: Limit reduced to -0- but pays as agreed. Account is still open but has 0 available credit. I owe 500. One Stop Plus: Limit reduced to -0- Paid in full zero Balance. Account is still open but has 0 available credit. Woman Within: Limit reduced to 100.00 Zero balance. 100.00 Available credit. My question is should I Goodwill these cards first or Dispute them (I believe some of the lates are not accurate)? If I Goodwill them do I send the letters to one address for all three accounts? Many thanks to all of CBers for helping me see light at the end of the tunnel of credit despair....
  13. Does anybody have any good contact information for EAS? I've attempted everything with this company to remove 2 negative tradelines listed on my Experian CR for the same Comcast account. This is a paid collection. Disputes with the CRA have come back verified.. Contact with the CA has gone unanswered.. Attempts with the OC have been unsuccessful, as well as the BBB. It's been suggested that I try a GW letter. I've had difficulty finding any contacts.. If you know of anyone that I could address my letter to, please let me know! Thanks.
  14. Hello, new here. Like many others I am realizing I should have come here a long time ago. Anyway, I have few questions/concerns. Current score: 633 I've read a lot about removing items from your credit report on this site. I have also read about the possibility of sending a letter of goodwill to have certain items removed. In my case, it involves an auto loan with Capitol One. I was 30/60/90 on the very last payment of the loan back in 2010. I talked to a rep there who gave me the fax number of the CBR and gave me a few pointers on what to write (It has a great impact on my credit, I was trying to make arrangements at the time, it was my last payment etc.). I am a little conflicted over what I have read. It looks like some have had luck doing this with Capitol One. However, if I send this letter and it does not work, can they use it against me if I try to dispute the lates? I also paid off loan with Santander that had a 30/30/30/60 at one point about 4 years ago in the middle of the loan. However, I have not heard many success stories regarding sending them goodwill letters. Not sure what I should do here. Another question relates to the 6 CCs I have under a payment plan with a CCCS. I have about $6500 left and none of them were ever late.. even before the payment program. I now have the money to go ahead and just pay these off. I want the balances updated on my reports asap. Would it be a bad idea to immediately dispute them in a way to get the records updated or would this look bad? Maybe there is a better way to go about this. Also, do you think paying these off will have a major impact on my score? Anyone willing to guestimate? In addition to the above I also have a paid collection with Brighthouse a couple years ago. I made the mistake of paying $25 to the debt collector and then paying the rest of the balance to Brighthouse directly. I really wish I would have not done that and would have researched what to do first. The good news is I do not have any late payments in the last few years on any of my CCs and have never been late on my current car and motorcycle loans. Thanks for reading and any help.
  15. Hello everyone, I am a newbie, but I have been reading the forums, and I decided to try and goodwill two consecutive 30-day lates with Discover. I emailed the CEO and another Exec the first time, and got a call with the usual "we have to report, can't change, blah blah blah." I waited a month and sent another pair of emails. This time, I got a call...the woman (in an annoyed voice) said "This letter was the same one I received from you in November, right?" And then re-iterated what she said last time. It wasn't the exact same letter, but, obviously, the content was similar, as it is my story. Has anyone else run into this? I haven't read anything like it so far... Has anyone been successful with Discover late deletes recently? Or not? These lates are the only lates on my report, and Discover has been super stiff about it. Thanks for any input or stories.
  16. First post here. Had some good luck with a capital one CSR today. Sorry for the excitement towards the end, I really wanted to show my appreciation to the CSR and this is my first attempt at removing negative marks on my credit score. My question is, does this guarantee the late payments will be removed? And if they are in fact removed, will it take the full 60-90 days. Thanks!
  17. Hi All First time poster, long time lurker. I sent pre hipaa letters to Transunion and Equifax (the accounts aren't on EX) for 5 of my 12 medical collections. I received a letter from TU THE NEXT WEEK saying that they are all removed. Still waiting on EQ. I didn't want to send too many at once, so I'm going to wait 60 days and send TU another pre hipaa for the rest. Anyone see potential issues with that? I've read a lot, but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything. I also have some paid charge offs that I sent goodwill emails for yesterday: Chase, Credit One, and Capital One. I've seen success stories on these, but not any in the past few months. Has this worked for anyone recently? I'll update if I hear anything from them...crickets so far, but I forgot to include my # (good job, dork) in the email. Hopefully they'll email me or look at my account because I know they have it. Other than that, I have a paid Verizon charge off that I've disputed twice to no avail and an unpaid utility that's only on Experian. I'm going to try to goodwill Verizon and dispute the utility. Side note: I've had pretty good success having new collection accounts that pop on removed if I dispute them right away (I have credit monitoring).
  18. I just wanted to share my Goodwill success story with you all. I had a few late payments back in 2007 which resulted in NY&co Comenity bank suspending my credit line. I did pay them off in full. The account has been open since then, but they never gave me back my credit line. I wrote them a goodwill letter for those lates in 2007, and guess what?? Two weeks later they removed them!! Now I'm going to really push my luck and ask them for my credit line back. Wish me good luck!
  19. Good morning. I've never worked on a student loan item before, so please forgive my ignorance. I have a US Dep of Ed reporting as follows: TU: Closed; $0 balance; Educational; Pays Status Current; Past Due $0; High Bal $1389; Opened 1/6/2007; Reported 3/31/2011 EX: Closed; $0 balance; Educational; Pays Status Current; Past Due $0; High Bal $1389; Opened 1/1/2007; Reported 5/31/2011 EQ: Closed; $0 balance; Educational; Pays Status Current; Past Due $0; High Bal $1389; Opened 1/1/2007; Reported 5/01/2011 History of lates: 60 days x4; 90 days x 9 (earliest in Jan 2009); notation of 120 on 3/2008 DOFD not noted and no "will remain until" date shown. On paper reports from bureaus this shows as Direct Loan Svc System I am down to a few negatives on my reports, and looking for anything that will bump my score at all. Any thoughts on whether it is possible to get goodwill on the (many, many) lates, or get more favorable reporting? Any input would be appreciated.
  20. Wrote Georgia Power a Goodwill PFD asking if the account could be deleted upon payment in full (balance was only $101) ... they wrote back stating that they would do so if payment was received by the 29th of this month and also stated they report on the last day of each month and to give up to 15 days for deletion to reflect on reports. Searched the threads to see someone else successfully was able to get a paid accoutn deleted as well. Im not going to push the signature route on this one.. I'll chime back in to inform of the account in fact being deleted but this is DEFINITELY more progress than I've seen couple times over in the threads with Georgia Power...
  21. The lone collection I am fighting is with Cavalry, for an old GECRB/Old Navy account. I sent a goodwill letter to GECRB in June, explaining the terrible financial hardship I experienced in 2009, and begging that they simply delete the trade-line. Of course, as they charged-off the $200 or so dollars, I did not expect them to be too generous with their goodwill, but at the cost of a stamp, worth a shot. Especially since I had paid a GECRB/HHGregg from the same time in full. So while they were not made whole, they got most of the money they were owed, maybe 90%. Today, I received a letter that they were unable to locate my account based on the information I provided (name, address, partial acct# from credit report). They are asking for: Name on account, phone, current and previous addresses, DOB, last 4 of SS#, details on what I would like amended. I would love to provide this and maybe get some goodwill. But at the same time, Cavalry has failed to verify, and I do not know if the OC and the CA share info. Do you think this is a legitimate attempt to locate my account information to be able to at least consider some goodwill, meaning I am just being very paranoid, or would providing all this information be providing written documentation of what I owe and what Cavalry has been unable to verify?
  22. Just wanted to let everyone know that they should not give up on Macys. I tried to get them to remove a couple lates last year and was told no. I called every day for the past week and somone finally said yes. I had a 30, 60, 90 120 late from 2011 and they deleted it in less than a week. They did not however removed the 30 days late in 2012 hey but Ill take what I can get for now! Dont give up!!!
  23. Hi ya'll. I just joined the forums a couple days ago. I have already found it very valuable, but I didn't find the answer to my question so thought I would ask here. I am asking in this forum over the Debt forum because it involves Credit Cards as well as CAs. If this is still in the wrong place, please let me know and I will move it. My story (and question): I am 28 and am on a path too rebuild my credit. All three of my FAKO scores (I haven't checked my FICO in a couple years, it was right over 600 last I checked) range between 633 and 667. In 2009, I moved into an apartment of my own and got a Target card as well as a Furniture Fair card for the items I would need for my apartment. I will break down the cards and payment history below. In July of 2010, I lost my job and had to move to my current location. I never received any more bills from either company until they got sent to collections. Furniture Fair: 2009: July - November: Paid on time. December - 30 Days Late 2010: January - July: Paid on time. I thought the account was paid in full as I hadn't heard anything from them (no bills/letters in the mail, no calls, etc). 2010: December: Received a call from company that said I owed them. 2011: Jan-Feb: Paid the balance I was told I owned and closed the account. Target: 2008: May-November: Paid on Time In November my card/wallet got stolen. I called Target and they were supposed to send a new card and stop that card. I never heard from them after that conversation, nor did I receive anything in the mail from them. 2009: In April, the account got turned over to collections (again, I didn't receive anything about this). 2012: End of April of 2012 (3 years later!) I finally received a call from the debt collection company Midland Credit Management. I paid the balance of what they said I owned (I paid 50$ less than the actual balance) in May of 2012. Both of the accounts have been paid (by me) over a year ago. I am in the process of debating on writing Goodwill Letters to the companies about getting them removed. My question: Should I contact the actual companies (Furniture Fair/Target) or Midland Credit Management?
  24. Ok, so hubby is just about to change jobs - a very, very good job (and will indeed have a background/credit check) AND we are in the midst of refinancing our home. We have fairly good credit - Never ever late on a mortgage (and we have three because we own 1 primary and two rental properties - have had several mortgages since 1989). Have had car loans for 20 years (8 total, of course all closed/paid off but current one - and only have one missed payment back in 2006 (1 30 day late). We do also have one paid medical collection from 2009. We do have some CC debt but manage it ok - 40% utilization which hurts the score, but not too badly - last FICO from April was 682. So ok with that, and plan to pay off all CC in October when we have some stock options that vest so it should shoot up a good bit then as well. Until Last Week!!! I pay our Ally Financial Car Note online every month. I logged in last month to pay (around May 7th), and SWEAR I paid, but not sure if I was interrupted or my connection hiccupped - but logged into my checking account last Tuesday to balance it when I noticed the Ally payment never posted!!! Went back and checked emails and nope - no confirmation email was ever received. I literally just DROPPED THE BALL on this one - no excuse at all, just was busy and boom.....(and the reason I never received a phone call was due to they have an old number on our account (we got rid of our landline) - I didn't realize that so I updated that, too with both cell numbers!) - all my statements are electronic, and I probably received a late notice but I've been at our vacation home for 3 weeks and haven't received my mail). So I log into Ally and yep - no payment posted.....Payment was due 4/27. This was Tuesday 5/28. I immediately paid both the 4/27 and 5/27 payments. I have NEVER been 30 days late with Ally - had this loan since 2010, and actually had another loan with them before that that was paid off in 2010. I am freaking out - pulled equifax and score has PLUMMETED to 603! (Shows current 31-60 days past due right now). So...asking the experts - what do I do? Has this ruined my scores for several years??? I am sick to my stomach over this...UGH! Began researching these boards and it appears to me that my best option is to try a GW letter to Ally? But googled that and saw where most people have not had success with that. Not even sure where to send? Also when googling this I saw a blog where the blogger talks about these situations and he suggests sending a GW letter AND disputing with the bureaus. But that seems....I don't know - won't that aggravate them if I try to dispute (and it's legit - not sure how I would dispute - I obviously didn't pay the dang thing!) Is there some logic I am missing as to why I should do both? Educate me, please! ;-) Thank you!!!
  25. As previously noted, a friend was having issues with US Bank, specifically errors in the reporting of the monthly statuses from 2012. Prior to 2012, there were numerous lates and even the start of the foreclosure process, which were not in dispute. Along with the diligent efforts to get the 2012 errors corrected, a separate goodwill letter was sent asking if anything could be done about the earlier lates? OK, no progress on the 2012 issue, and friend has been assured by US Bank that will be resolved by COB on Tuesday the 11th. However, yesterday ALL lates prior to May 2011 were removed. So now from the opening of the mortgage in 2007 to today, the only thing that shows late are the errors from 2012. My question is: The removed everything (even going way beyond the scope of what was requested) but were quite careful to NOT remove any lates in the last 24 months. Is this normal? As basically what matters most is the last 24 months, was it that as long as THAT was reported accurately they did not care to remove everything outside that range? I will let you know how the errors are resolved (or IF) tomorrow, but just wanted to know if anyone else has this sort of experience?
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