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Found 18 results

  1. I filed my taxes in 2012 but I was in prison at that time. I was released in January of 2013 and immediately started working again. I recently found out (in early 2014) that my identity had been stolen. I called the IRS but they have been giving me the run-around for around 9 months. I'm poor and I need help getting my 2013 tax return. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get this resolved? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Xpost from Idenity Theft. I have sent block letter per FACTA to Experian along with FTC Affidavit, police report, driver license, social security card, utility bill (for address verification) and received 2 page letter from them after a month of investigation. Basically here what is said on the first page "If you still wish to have this information blocked, please submit an identity theft report without the deficiencies noted at the end of this letter". At the end of the letter is noted "The identity theft report that you provided to us does not meet the guidelines established by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act for the following reasons(s): It was not filed with a law enforcement agency which subjects the person filing the report to criminal penalties relating to the filing of false information" Can someone explain what is this response and what is my next step? This is unbelievable. Equifax and Transunion diligently blocked within 24 hours of receiving. [/ post]
  3. First let me say that it is a pleasure being a part of this awesome community/forum, and I look forward to learning so much from you all. This site has given me renewed hope in my quest to obtain more favorable credit scores! I have only been a member for a couple weeks (newbie) and probably spent 5 hours my 1st day trying to read all the info (not possible). Therefore, I look forward to a long long relationship with creditboards.com. Current Score Situation: EX 596 TU 576 EQ 532 A little background... 1 BKO - Discharged 9/2009 2 Charge Offs - Accounts I did not authorize/open (furniture acct & credit card) 8 Student Loans - Reporting 90-120 (deferment request not processed, their error) 10 Collections - (8 Hospital/ER, 1 Installment, 1 Appliance Warehouse) About the fraud... I have 5 accounts that were opened fraudulently. A police report was filed, also completed an FTC ID Theft Affidavit, sent to all 3 CRA's about 50 days ago. To date all those accounts haven't been blocked. EQ has been the only CRA to respond, in fact EQ said they investigated and determined 3 of the accounts belong to me (not true). I am furious because I don't know what else to do. I would greatly appreciate any advice you all can give me that might be helpful and getting this stuff removed. I will also continue to reading the threads as well. Thanks, Prodigy
  4. I copied this from Insid(ious)ARM -- looks like this fella had a run-in with his comeuppance. A California office of the U.S. Justice Department announced Friday that a debt buyer was arrested on bank fraud charges related to a line of credit from a bank used to fund debt purchases. The arrest was made after an investigation by the FBI. Michael T. Sahlbach of Granite Bay, Calif. was arrested Friday for six counts of bank and wire fraud, United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced on behalf of the DOJ office for the Eastern District of California. A federal grand jury returned the sealed indictment Thursday; it was unsealed after his arrest. According to court documents, Sahlbach owned and operated a debt collection business, National Credit Acceptance Inc., that purchases pools of consumer debts from other companies at a discount, and then attempts to collect on these debts from the consumer. In order to purchase the debt pools, Sahlbach opened a $25 million line of credit with First Bank to help support his business. The credit agreement required that if NCA wanted to buy a debt pool, it would provide 15 percent of the cost of that pool and 85 percent would be financed by First Bank. According to the indictment, on several occasions from September to December of 2008, Sahlbach represented to First Bank that he had contracted with Lender Exchange to purchase debt pools. As a result of those representations, First Bank wired a total of $6.8 million to Lender Exchange. Sahlbach had not told First Bank that he actually controlled Lender Exchange. In fact, in August 2008, he had registered it with the California Secretary of State using the alias M. Hansen and used the address of a parking garage on Capitol Mall. If First Bank had known Sahlbach controlled Lender Exchange, it would not have extended credit. The indictment alleges that Sahbach did not use the money to purchase debt pools from Lender Exchange, but transferred the funds to other bank accounts he controlled. He used those funds for business expenses and to provide the 15 percent contribution to receive additional funds from First Bank. Shortly after obtaining the final disbursement from First Bank, Sahlbach defaulted on the entire line of credit with First Bank. If convicted, Sahlbach faces a maximum statutory penalty of 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine. Assistant United States Attorney Jared C. Dolan is prosecuting the case.
  5. My tale is a common one these days. If you’re a newbie and freaking out because you are in a similar position – you are not alone. I've had at least 4 of these bottom-feeding fake payday loan scammers try making a run at me over the past 2 years, and it all started with an inquiry I made through a website that acts as a payday loan "broker" -- they farm out your personal information to dozens (hundreds?) of potential "lenders" to fish for the best rates. (Lesson learned...ugh.) (By the way, I accepted ONE offer that was legit -- complete with online contract – and I paid it back within the contract terms. I have documentation of that repayment. I don't think the ensuing calls have been related to that loan, but rather, the info I submitted to the "broker" went out to a bunch of fraudsters.) A few months later, I started getting voicemails wherein the caller claims to be "Ms. Carter with the Process & Summons Division of Harris County"...blah blah blah. She leaves these threatening, official-sounding messages with a "FINAL OPPORTUNITY" to resolve "TWO COUNTS OF BANK FRAUD" directly with the plaintiff, but I must call said plaintiff's legal counsel at such-and-such number and reference "Court Docket #XYZ-ABC..." -- all totally ridiculous. I saved every one of the voicemails in MP3 format, and if I ever can identify the party, I will pay top dollar to someone to throw the book at them in civil and criminal court, if possible. It got REALLY annoying when they called my father, who lives 200 miles away from me, and my brother's EX-mother-in-law in a city just outside of Houston (the references I used on that online process back in 2012). But most egregious of all: they contacted my EMPLOYER and left the same detailed messages for the Executive Assistant to the CEO. It was humiliating, and the CEO was genuinely concerned for me. But I explained the situation and referred him to FTC info regarding this type of thing, and he told his Exec. Asst. to route any future calls to him, so that he could give them a run for their money. Unfortunately, they only called my employer one more time a few months later, and it was another voicemail, so no one ever actually spoke to the caller. But they pop up with calls to me and family members every few months. So I'm still waiting for the sheriff to show up with my warrant. I guess he's been overly busy for the past 2 years, so in the meantime, the calls seem to have shifted to some newer players who are a little less tacky about the methods they employ. However, they use veiled claims that they're calling from some governmental or law enforcement entity -- or sometimes imply they're attorneys -- and instruct me to "have my attorney" return their call. Of course, they add that I can return the call, myself, if I have no legal representation...how nice of them. So I happened to answer the most recent call, which I NEVER do. The conversation was very civil -- although it violated ALL KINDS of laws and tossed around the word "felony" -- and they agreed to send me something in writing about this alleged debt. Of course, as you can well imagine, no mail has arrived in 2 weeks. And they keep calling to "follow up with me" on said documentation, and I save every last voicemail. What makes this one unique is that they actually gave me a name for themselves and a phone number that appears to be traceable to an actual business. Most of these places use Google Voice numbers that change weekly, and they claim they're with a fictitious law firm (confirmed by the State Bar of whatever state they claim to be in) or a governmental agency who's never heard of them, if you contact said agency (if it exists.) So now that I have somewhere I can actually send certified mail to, I am going to request (in writing) for them to send me what they allegedly sent me already, and I will go on record with a limited C&D to ensure said written documentation is forthcoming. (It ain't, by the way.) And today it hit me like a lightning bolt – I can actually give them the name of “my attorney” for all future communication...! I have a unique relationship with a very accomplished state & federal trial lawyer who occasionally does legal correspondence for Fox News. These people are threatening felony charges on the phone calls, and they may just move on to another victim if I were to tell them to address all phone calls to my attorney. And while I can't put it past one of these morons to actually pick up the phone and dial the number I give them, I am 99.999999 percent certain they wouldn't dare do such a stupid thing. They may not be the sharpest tools in the shed, but any imbecile who can perform a simple Google search -- and who is racking up potential felony charges, themselves -- can see that THIS attorney may not be the best person to fool with. Then it occurred to me that there may be some legal reason why I can't just go claiming she’s my legal counsel if I haven't actually retained her services (not in the past decade, anyway)...or if not a legal reason, it may just be a huge violation of privacy or other personal and/or professional boundaries. So I asked her. And she told me to ABSOLUTELY give them her name and contact info, and to be sure I let them know that she’s forwarding all info about them to the Harris County District Attorney. In fact, she wants to do that part now, if I have identifying info that can be confirmed. P.S -- DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS.
  6. I just really need to know WHAT is happening, so that I can know HOW to address it....opinions please. Up until Feb, we could access DHs EQ just fine. Middle of Feb, no longer could pull his file from MyFico, EQ or any credit monitoring service. Wasn't even able to access the file using a confirmation number from a previous dispute. Made a couple of phone calls, faxed in requested info, DL, bank statement, utility bill, SS card....still no luck. Called EQ a couple of days ago, they said there wasn't an issue except that they are reporting an 2 old address and no current addy (dispite all the proof faxed to them). Yesterday, I was able to access most of his file, using a conf # from a dispute. Today, I tried to buy his file from MyFICO and was told there was insufficient data to supply a score. (makes me think it's a split file?) One thing that I did notice...all his recent positive TLs that he's an AU on since December, are not on the file that I can pull from EQ. Also, I see a fraud alert placed on 2/14/14. So, is this an issue with a FA? credit freeze? Split file? or combination of these things?
  7. Hi, guys, I was just looking over my TU report and noticed in the soft pulls section that Equifax softed my TU for this: "Permissible Purpose: Colorado Health Care/Investigate Fraud." What in the world? Anybody have a clue as to what this could be? There are no additional details there, other than that the pull was made by EQ back in December and I really don't want to call them up on this and trigger some kind of alert. Could someone have stolen my identity for health purposes? I have been sick a lot so I'm pretty on top of my medical/insurance bills and related correspondence and I haven't noticed anything hinky (outside of the ridiculously high charges and when the insurance companies decide they just won't pay for something). I'd appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks!
  8. http://www.kmov.com/news/just-posted/News-4-confronts-phony-debt-collector-scheming-local-residents-242876911.html (KMOV) – News 4 Investigative reporter Chris Nagus confronts the man behind a debt collection scheme targeting people across St. Louis. Harassing phone calls, threatening letters and unwanted visits from a phony business but it’s unclear whether the people actually own any debt. Chris Nagus confronted the man behind the bogus business and learns this phony debt collector was using the St. Louis Prosecutor’s office to get payment. Click the video player to see the latest News 4 Investigation.
  9. so here's the skinny. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away BofA closed 3 accounts with money in them due to suspected fraud. They reported the accounts to Chex and never sent me a check for the balances (well over 3k). So i sued BofA and won because not only were my accounts closed in error, but they never gave me the money in the accounts when they did close them. So i write a letter to chex telling them that the report of fraud was null and void due to the results of the court case. I sent them them a copy of the court verdict along with the letter. So they come back and tell me that the info from BofA was verified and refused to remove. So my question to you guys is there anything i can do to get them removed? The accounts were closed in 9/2009.
  10. Hi all, I have applied for a United Airlines Chase credit card four times in the past two years and have been denied each time. The denial letter has always been vague. Yesterday, I spent over an hour at a Chase branch investigating the situation. I gave the manager my social security number and, as it turns out, Chase has a record of a credit card I shared with my father about 18 years ago (my father had given it to me in my teens to help pay for gas for my car. I stopped using it after a few years but he kept using his copy). Here's where it gets weird: The branch manager showed me on his computer screen that there were two cards issued: one had my social attached to it, the other had both mine and my dad's social. Both cards were the same account but re-issued as a different cc number at a later date. The branch manager said the screen showed both cards filed under "bankruptcy". I explained that I never filed for bankruptcy, but my father had. He called the bankruptcy dept at Chase to inquire. The bankruptcy dept told him that, yes, there was a $1,000 balance on the card and was in collections (for 18 years!!!) but there seems to be a "fraud" association and advised the manager to call the fraud dept. The branch manager called the fraud dept and was advised the following: the balance was not in collections. I do not owe anything. But there was still some sort of "fraud" associated with charges on that card. I left the bank, scratching my head and feeling helpless. So here's where I'm at: I really want to apply for a United Chase credit card but each time I do, my social security # activates this strange history on my record. How do I get this cleared up???? Please note that my credit report is impeccable. This activity from 19 years ago does not show on my report. It seems to only show on the Chase side somehow. I have never had any issues getting credit cards from other banks. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. With the fraudulent charges from Capital One days, in June. I log into my account and I see no changes. Called them two weeks ago, they said "just wait" (basically.) Capital One sent me new card, Citi re-issued me a new account number (again).... What is happening there???????? Are they maybe just waiting the full one month, or three months like it was in 2008 with Rushcard and then on Day 91 all the charges get reversed and I receive the credits, and I am "back on track" on my credit repair??? Should I call them again?? Again.. WHAT are they doing??
  12. Anyone that lost a house and credit trashed due to these sorts of shenanigans at BOA should contact an attorney. It's likely that similar stuff goes on at other banks. http://www.naturalnews.com/041410_Bank_of_America_housing_bubble_home_foreclosures.html
  13. I am trying to rebuild my credit. My score is so low My FICO.com refunded my money. I have since removed medical collections and disputed collections that were my husbands and not mine. Still waiting on results. The CRAs have put a fraud alert on my CR when I deleted old addresses. My brother-in-law is going to put me on one of his accounts as an authorized user to help me rebuild credit until I can get a credit card of my own. My question is...will he be able to add me on his account with a fraud alert on my CRs? I really need something revolving to help me out so I can get something of my own. I am planning on getting a credit rebuilder loan from our credit union. I just want to wait until I get the results back from the CRAs on my next dispute. Any help will be appreciated.
  14. Needed to see if anyone can offer some good advice on what my next step should be. Here's what happened: a few months ago an unauthorized debit of $30 (I know. nothing crazy, but it's now matter of principle) was drafted out of my checking account. So I immediately contacted the bank who had me come down fill out an affidavit stating I didn't authorize this debit and had never heard of nor associated with the company that did it. I also had to change my account number ,order new checks, just the basic things anyone would need to do. Long story short, my bank said that "they would do what they could on the backside of things to go after these people but you;ve done all you can do." Really? So I then I filled a report with BBB in the state this company is supposedly in as well as the state attorney general, and filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Of course I contacted the company multiple times only to be told I had to have done this or they wouldn't have my information. Strange thing is the account number they used was my checking account number not my debit card number, which is what I do use when shopping online. Other than a utility now and then do I ever write paper checks. I doubt there is anything I could do further, but I thought I would ask cause this site has been incredibly helpful with other matters. Thanks in advance Keith
  15. Last week, I received a phone call from my main bank asking to confirm a recent charge that they thought was suspicious. My credit card had been used in a big box store across the country, so my bank diligently cancelled my card and removed the charge. Since then, I've been receiving daily calls from other banks about credit card fraud - again charges in stores that have declined in other parts of the country. Some of these are on store credit cards that I rarely use and have not used in the last six months. Has some major institution that would have access to all my different credit cards been compromised lately? My wallet and cards are with me, so I'm surprised/unnerved to be recieving these alerts on all my cards, held with different institutions. My car did get broken into around the time this happened although no cards/bank statements/receipts were in the car. My car registration documents (name and address) were in the car at the time but not taken. What can I do to protect myself? I'm checking through all my accounts and statements carefully and am checking my credit scores. Anything else I should do?
  16. I was hoping to find some advice on how to proceed after an issue with a car salesman running my credit repeatedly without permission. My wife and I bought a car from a salesman who is related to her about a year and a half ago and we recently had another child so we contacted him to keep his eye out for a larger vehicle that may work for us. After talking to him over the phone about three cars he told us after each one that we were too far "upside-down" on our vehicle because they were attempting to give us $4000 under blue book trade-in. When we went to another dealership today and filled out a credit application it came back that our credit was run through 8 different banks, sometimes multiple times on different dates (a total of 18 new inquiries over three months) and my credit score dropped from a low 700 to a 610. Over this time I have had no new loans and made every payment on time for all of my loans (car and student only). I am planning on calling the dealership tomorrow and talk to a business manager about the issue to see if they cannot do something about the salemans actions and to contact the credit bureau to get these inquiries erased as we never gave permission to run credit and never even went to the dealership to look at any car, let alone sign any paperwork. I wanted to check a few different resources to see if there is any other legal action that needs to be taken as I take this situation very seriously as it is fraud and forgery in my eyes. Any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hello Everyone, I've come to a complete hault and I am stuck on what i need to do next. I've sent a letter to chexsystems regarding BOA reporting me for "Suspected Fraud". I noted in my dispute that there's no evidence of Debt Owed and No Evidence of Fraudulent Activity. After I sent the letter of Dispute, I recieved a letter from Chex Saying: "Chexsystems has been unable to verify the accuracy of the disputed information submitted by BOA...... If the reporting member does certify the accuracy and completeness of the information, it will be reinserted into you consumer file...." I thought!!! Great!!! This actually worked and I am able to open a bank account without having to worry about a thing! WRONG....! I get a letter back from Chex saying: "...BOA California was deleted from your consumer file due to the length of time that had passed since your original dispute was recieved. Since that time, the source of the information has certified that the information is accurate, therefore, it has been reinserted into your consumer file". Chexsystems enclosed bank statments from BOA the year my account was closed. Closed due to NSF. I feel that the information BOA provided Chexsystems with is inadequate and I'm being wrongfully accused for something I had no intentions of doing. I want to send another Dispute letter, i just don't know what i should put down... Can someone please help me...
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