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  1. It's a long story and I can't get into it all right now, but I will explain later. In the meantime, I just wanted to say I am back. I thought we had this, but not enough income from working and looking like we will loose our home for good this time. Worst part. No place to go, and my 11 yr old was just dx with Type 1 diabetes. (not Type 2) T1 is a life threatening auto immune disease, when the pancreas stops all together producing insulin. He is on insulin (insulin shots everytime he eats anything over 5-10 carbs, plus one long acting at night) blood checks about 10 times a day. He can eat wha
  2. Hello, I have a home that was being rented out by a 3rd party company after a divorce that has been in foreclosure for more that 2 years. The home was supposed to be a lease to own for the tenants but the company went under and just abandoned all the properties. The foreclosure process then began in late 2010. Since then the mortgage has been sold to several lenders over the course of this time and appears on my credit report multiple times. It also is still pending now. I'm not sure what to do or if there is anything that I can do to speed this process along so that I can begin to repair
  3. In 2008 my ex wife got the house in a divorce. There was no way for her to refinance it in her name b/c of market at the time--she was $50,000 upside down and didn't have the money. It was best for the kids to stay where they were, so I just let let it ride. The Final Decree had very specific language about her financial responsibility. She moved to a new state a year later, in 2009, and hasn't made a payment on the house since then. I did have my name legally removed from the deed, but that is not the mortgage. I know. I know. I should have made her refinance it. I didn't--my mistake. But
  4. Wells Fargo started foreclosure proceedings in 2012, we were able to pay the late amount plus fees and the foreclosure was dismissed without prejudice in 6/2012. We went right back to regular payments and have never been late. My credit report shows that foreclosure started in 2012 and nothing else. It does reflect all of our payments since then but I'm not sure that it should even still be there.
  5. Hi there, I'm trying to help sort out some last few issues related to some property that was recently foreclosed on. The history: My mother purchased some land in Florida. She took out a mortgage to pay for the property. At the time, she did not live in the area but my wife and I did...so for purposes of inheritance and to legally allow us to maintain the land, we were put on the title (but NOT the note). Fast forward 10 years...My mother declared BK CH7. She was discharged back in May 2014. The property had already started the foreclosure process...it was put on hold for a sho
  6. Hello: Bad times lead to Mortgage problems. Our Mortgage fell into arrears, and we requested a modification. Instead my Mortgage co. Assigned the Note to one of the 'distressed loan' type of lenders, but we were modified and have recovered. Almost 2 years have elapsed since I landed the decent job and we're still working diligently to recover. On my credit report, my old Mortgage co. (Saxon) shows $0.00 balance; last reported 12/10 as "120+ Days past due." But when they assigned, they were paid (something) by the new lender, and they closed my account... right? My NEW Mortgag
  7. I am just looking for average time? I am in SC which is a judicial state. Sale date has not been set. Still trying to do loan mod and Record of Hearing date has not been set. Thank you
  8. I'm new to this part of CB. But I'm looking for guidance in purchasing a foreclosure in the state of North Carolina. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I went through a divorce a couple of years ago. One of the stipulations of the decree was that my ex was to have my name removed from the mortgage, instead she let the house get foreclosed on, and as we all know it has completely affected my credit. Is there anything I can do, like get a lawyer, go back to court, or something else, to get this foreclosure removed from my credit. I have already spoke with the bank and they don't care what the decree states. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  10. Hi CB. I've had several foreclosures outside of the CA SOL. I'm starting to address those entries on my CR. So far, I've opted out, deleted all of my prior addresses, and formulated a Jack Attack Letter for all 3 CRAs to be mailed out this am. As of now, my scores are TU-695, EQ-688, and EQ- 681. Hopefully, this goes my way and Astoria Federal Savings is deleted. @ SBA - Thanks for your insight and continued help.
  11. Yesterday I pulled all three reports and in going through the accounts saw that my foreclosure (Capital One (who bought out ING)) was not listed. I last pulled a report and score on April 10, 2014 and it showed up there (EQ) and also showed up on credit monitoring reports in April, but it's gone from all three this month. My EQ report actually says, "You have no mortgage accounts." The account had a DOFD of March, 2010, but the foreclosure was not finalized until April, 2012. TU has always reported it as expected to come off March, 2017. I don't know what to think. I know Cap One f
  12. Long story short I foreclosed was finallized and sold in 2008. I had 2 mortgages one from US bank and the other from Bank of America. They were both listed as charged off in 2008 and are set to fall off this year as sol in my state is 6 years. Will I see a bump in my score at all once both of these mortgages fall off? These are not my oldest tradelines either. I understand that 35% of a fico score is made up of making payments on time. Once these fall off that only leaves 1 thing negative on my credit to clean up yet.
  13. got a letter from www.SupportLawCenter.com with an offer to negotiate a new mortgage using the federal laws. I am a little suspicious of them as it seems too easy... have looked online and there are a few good comments and some watch out comments. Has anyone had any experience with them? thanks so much.
  14. Hi all, New to the forum, but referred by a long time member. This is going to be quite a long post, but want to make sure I get all the details out there as best as I can. Back in January 2008, I jointly bought a timeshare w/ my gf at the time (don't they all start like this?). It was through Shell Vacations Club, which was recently purchased by Wyndham Vacations. What makes it worse is that I re-upped the timeshare in 2009, purchasing additional 'points'. All in, the combined amount was around $27k at some outrageously high rate. The plan was to pay it for a few years (selling some o
  15. Hello everyone- Can anyone tell me if it is true that once a company admits an error in it's reporting to the CAs, all related credit reporting for that account must be removed? I am struggling with a very delinquent mortgage on a house that is now being sold in a short sale. The impact on my credit has been disastrous. It was originally with Countrywide. I disputed the reporting via Lexington Law. It was a long shot, but thought I would give it a try. The reporting was being done under the name Countrywide. Bank Of America now holds the loan. They reviewed their records, remo
  16. I found my dream home, its a short sale. Realtor doesn't want to put a offer on it she says 113,000 is to get me interested. Then when I put a offer on it the bank will come back with the real price. I say okay lets see what happens am I missing something.
  17. Does anyone know if these vampires are still in business? (I know, they sold their portfolio to Ocwen a few months ago, but if I dispute a TL, will anyone respond, or will it quietly drop from my CR?)
  18. I was behind on my payments with Penfed on a loan I took out in 2008 and they refinanced my HELOC by incorporating the closing fees and late interest into a new HELOC in May of 2010, which since it was the only loan on my property is in a first lien position. Even though they did it as a HELOC, they closed the line of credit. My balance is $85,000.00 which is the original amount refinanced. The property has lost value and is worth about $52,000.00. Since LTV is upside down I want to approach Penfed from a position of leverage and rework the loan with a lower loan amount.
  19. Here is a scenario: Home foreclosed. BofA sues homeowners, awarded judgement for $215K ($190K loan balance plus fees). Fannie Mae takes ownership of home for $1000. Fannie Mae sells home for $175K. Court still shows judgment due to BofA unchanged at $215K. What am I missing? I would think BofA was made whole (except for maybe the fees) by Fannie Mae, as it was an FHA mortgage? So how is it that BofA got paid $190K by Fannie Mae to make them whole AND BofA still has a judgment showing they are owed $215K from homeowners? Should not the judgment now reflect o
  20. First, a huge thanks to all here who helped with the credit repair and steered us through the 203K process last fall. We closed in October, all repairs have been completed, and we are thrilled with our new home. So, on to the next challenge: I am interested in purchasing and flipping a home I have found in a desirable neighborhood in Portland, ME. It most recently sold for $175K in 2006, and it was listed for sale at $225,000 in 2009. Unfortunately, the housing market corrected (tanked) and it was foreclosed on before it sold. There are over 50 comps from sales in 2013 within
  21. After spending much time reading through the board and researching, I finally sent out my first dispute letter to the CRAs! Posting it, because maybe it would be helpful for others, and also would love to get feedback. Hoping this will work! Attn: Equifax Dispute Department I am writing to notify you that inaccurate information is being reported and request its immediate deletion, under the FCRA. According Equifax Credit Report, dated November 19, 2013, a recent balance of $187,000.00 is being reported as due. In March, 2008, my residence at *** was sold in foreclosure. I
  22. We have had a property in Costa Rica for several years financed thru a Costa Rican bank. We have been having some financial difficulties and have not been able to work anything out with the bank in regards to lowering our payments. We have missed the last couple of payments and have been informed by the bank that they will be starting a foreclosure process if we do not pay the outstanding balance immediately. Interest Rates are astronomical and they are not open to any kind of a loan modification. We have been trying to do the right thing and listed the property about 6 months ago with the hop
  23. I have a home that was foreclosed on. The company that issued the notices and foreclosure is the one that serviced my loan. Now on my credit report, it shows another company that I was never notified of as being the party that issued the foreclosure. The servicing company is showing up as transferred. Is this possible? The foreclosure process did star with the servicing company and not the other that is showing up on the last 30 days that foreclosed.
  24. I had a foreclosure 3.5 years ago. After the foreclosure my "20 HELOC" was not paid because the house was "under water". I want to apply for an FHA loan and my current credit averages around 650 and everything has been paid including the HELOC. My question is the the FHA time wait of 3 years start on the date of the foreclosure or when we paid off the HELOC. I keep getting different answers even from underwriters. One said if the HELOC was not paid though the foreclosure then it becomes unsecured debt just like a credit card and FHA goes only by the date of the foreclosure. Had ano
  25. I had a foreclosure 3.5 years ago. After the foreclosure my "20 HELOC" was not paid because the house was "under water". I want to apply for an FHA loan and my current credit averages around 650 and everything has been paid including the HELOC. My question is the the FHA time wait of 3 years start on the date of the foreclosure or when we paid off the HELOC. I keep getting different answers even from underwriters. One said if the HELOC was not paid though the foreclosure then it becomes unsecured debt just like a credit card and FHA goes only by the date of the foreclosure. Had anoth
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