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Found 4 results

  1. I recently received a letter from First Nation Collection Bureau, Inc. out of Sparks, Nevada. The debt is listed as originally an AT&T account. This debt very well could be legitimate, but I honestly have no idea because the last time I held an AT&T account was 8-9 years ago. The letter contained so little information I am having a hard time determining if this was even legitimate. I have checked all 3 of my credit reports and there is nothing to reflect this collection. I am just looking for some general advice how to handle a situation like this. Thanks!
  2. I don't know if trying to improve my credit has stirred up the ugly monsters, but I received a letter from FNCB trying to collect for a debt with Sears. The last time I had a Sears card, I was 22ish???? I know that Sears fell off my credit back around 2006 so it must have had it's first delinquency around 1998 or 1999? What the heck are they trying to do? These are not on my credit reports any longer. Do I write up a FOAD letter and send it Certified Mail or do I just ignore this? I don't understand how they were able to come out of the darkness and start collecting on something so old... sounds like a scam to me.
  3. LVNV is on 2 of my reports for and old Providian account. It will age off in a few of months. It is, without a shadow of doubt, well beyond the SOL. I am in CA and always have been. I sent LVNV Whychats "letter to collection agency validation/dispute/cease and desist" letter, certified mail, to LVNV in January. After I confirmed receipt, I sent an itemized dispute to the CRAs listing the incorrect line items. I never heard from LVNV. They verified the account with the CRAs. I just received a dunning letter from FNCB listing LVNV as the owner. It has the typical 30 day language. It also tells me I can request all the information I already requested from LVNV. It does NOT note that the debt is past SOL. It does offer me a settlement. I assume I want to dispute and request validation. Should I also lecture them on the SOL? Should I also enclose the letter I already sent to LVNV? And copy LVNV on the whole thing? Can I also file a complaint with the CFPB? Against both companies? I appreciate any assistance on this.
  4. Hey everyone, I just received this letter below from First National Collection Bureau. It is in reference to a very old First Premier Card. There is only about 1 year left on the reporting statues and is well past the 4 year SOL of Texas. First National is not reporting because First Premier has not transfered the account to them, they just hired them to collect, First Premier still reports the balance of the charge-off. Since this is so old I just want to keep it off my reports, or any potential of it getting on my reports. Also in the letter, FNCB never represents the alledge debt as past the SOL, that is a miss-representation of the debt. Also in the right upper area it seems like they are using a scare tactic in the amounts due section. They have a court cost section listed as a zero balance and also attourny fees listed as a zero balance. This seems like a veiled threat of court action on an inactionable account, is this legal? Should I go FOAD or DV in this situation? Here is the letter. Thanks so much! D
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