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Found 9 results

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  3. I'm at a 802 credit score. I've never been in collections and while I have debt, it is all student loan debt that I am paying. I've never had to help someone with bad credit before. We are both in our late 20's. Her score is around a 630 transunion and 700 equifax. I finally got a new job and moved my fiancee from Texas to NY. We are interested in getting married and getting a house/moving for her degree in 1 to 3 years. She does have some credit problems that we would like to take care of. She's never had anyone tell her how to handle credit or anything, so she is oblivious to it all. She has medical collections because her mother told her that she paid her medical bills at the time, but she actually did not, and she took her at good faith for this. I am helping her learn but it takes time. She has about 1100 to 1700 total in collections. Trans-union and Equifax somewhat show the same thing just Equifax show's t-mobile and transunion does not. All of her collections other than T-Mobile are medical based. She has 7 collections total, with phoenix financial having 3 of them all from the same date. She also has a charged off card not showing in collections. Paying them off isn't a issue as she has more then enough to pay them all in full, but I want to get everything I can off of her account. All of these collections are from texas prior to her move here in NY. The amounts I posted below are not the exact amounts but close. First Electronic Bank - 600$ - Closed End of 2014 (5 Yrs Old) - Charged off as bad debt, profit and loss write-off - (Not showing in collections, only under closed accounts) Wakefield & Associates - $600 - Opened End of 2015 Merch & Prof CollBur - $15 Opened End of 2015 Creditors Bureau USA - $230 - Opened Mid 2018 - Consumer disputes this account information, meets FCRA requirements (She told me she's never disputed anything) Pheonix Financial Serv - $124+130+91 - Opened Mid 2019 Convergent Outsourcing - $367 OC = T-MOBILE Opened - Mid 2019 I'm reading through all the HIPPA stuff on this forum but it's a lot to take in at once, any advice for us? I want to keep communication on the phone at the minimum with any CRA.
  4. In 2016 and parts of 2017, I've had a few credit cards go into collections. 1. Credit Card from a bank is about $20,000.00 2. Credit Card from a store is about $5000.00 3. Credit Card from a bank is about $5000.00 4. Credit Card from a bank is about $3000.00 At the time I was not working and did not know about negotiating/settling . I am now working, making about a small $33K a year. Should I pay off this debt? Do I call the collection agency's and pay it off? What's the best route to take? Best
  5. Sometimes I just don't understand texting on the phone. Used to be a big Blackberry fan, but switched to Android. Now use Samsung devices. Samsung has their texting app, and my carrier Verizon has their version of the app that I prefer. (it shows me "sent" and delivered"). Why are their so many other texting apps? The other day my niece sent me a group text from an app called GroupMe. It came thru on my regular app, but I had to download the GroupMe app. I also downloaded WhatsApp, but soon as I found out they were part of Facebook, I deleted my account. What is the point or advantage of "other texting apps since you can send group texts with the apps already on the phone or from the carrier? This mystifies me logically. Oh, and BTW, I ain't changing to apple.
  6. https://www.vox.com/identities/2018/7/23/17602312/stand-your-ground-florida-michael-drejka-markeis-mcglockton (VIDEO)
  7. Hi, My namer is Jonathan Taylor I am posting to get help with a debt that I owe, that will go into collections. I do not have the funding to pay it off. so I need to know what are my other options? Please help thank you
  8. Hello CB family, Looking for an advice My cc APR is 14% and my current balance i owe is $15700 out of $16000 card limit Monthly minimum payment been around $400 Never missed a payment though but i am slowly drowning. Would you suggest me applying for personal loan to consolidate my cc debt? or its not worth it since i might end up with higher rate? should i consider BT cc or stay where i am at? Any ADVICE would be highly appreciated! Thank you
  9. This isn't technically about auto finance, though it's related. I am going to look at a car this afternoon, and I haven't had a chance to get mine cleaned up or detailed. Will that make a difference as to the trade in value?
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