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Found 9 results

  1. And that means interviewing lenders. I get that the learning curve is high buying your first house, so I'm trying to ask as many relevant questions as possible before I decide to apply with anyone. Please let me know what I am missing! Thank you! What kind of mortgage products do you offer? Do I have to decide which one I want when I seek prequalification? I have cash savings, but I anticipate needing some of that money for closing costs and moving expenses. Do you have down payment assistance programs? Downpayment minimums? If I do apply, how long will my prequalification last? Will you pull my credit again before closing? What do I need to apply? What fees are associated with your loans? Origination fee? Funding fee? What upfront costs should I be prepared for at closing? Escrow for taxes? Prepay homeowner’s insurance? Are there any penalties or negative amortization? At what point will I receive a Loan Estimate? Will you be servicing the loan or are you likely to sell it off?
  2. Hello all, New to the boards here, but I have to say the amount of knowledge that's shared is pretty amazing. I think that is awesome that everyone takes the time to help each other out as much as they can. I ruined my credit years back, and I'm finally on the road to redemption. I do plan on posting my trade lines here on the boards for some insight, but I'm running short on time. So it will have to wait until another day. I do however have a question regarding the collection agency, National Account Systems. I have a dental bill in the amount of $131.00 that was overlooked. My DW put the bill on the fridge and forgot about it. Subsequently the dental office sent it to collections. Now normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but my dentist and his partner had a falling out and went their separate ways. So my dentist is no longer partners at that office anymore. I called the dental office told them that I pulled my reports and seen that I forgot to pay my bill, due to the fact that the account is now in collections. I asked if I could come up to the office over my lunch break and pay it directly to them as I really didn't want to deal with the collection agency. The account manager at the dental office said she would talk to the dentist and get back to me. I explained to her that I would like to have the collection agency's negative tradeline removed upon full payment to them. A gesture of goodwill. For goodness sake, I've been going to them for years and always paid. Well she calls me back and tells me that the dentist would like me to deal with the collection agency due to the obligation he has per their agreement. However, she did say he had no problem with them removing any negative information once the account was paid. The account manager informed me that she had already called the collection agency and informed them I would be calling. She gave me the contact info for the CA and I called them as soon as I could. I called the CA up and spoke to the accounts manager for the company. He told me that the dental office called, told him what had happened and that we could get everything taken care of upon receipt of full payment. He had no issues with deleting the tradeline. Now I know what everyone says on these boards "Never call a CA!" Normally I live by that mantra, but I thought this was a special circumstance due to the situation and my relationship with my dental office. So the accounts manager tells me that if I want to pay over the phone with my card he can get that tradeline deleted ASAP. So right before I pay I ask what the total cost is going to be. He proceeds to tell me that it will be $131.00 for the past due bill and a $159.00 fee to delete the negative tradeline. I asked him why he did not inform me of this before he wanted to take my payment. Then it hit me, he works for a CA, and due to my laps in judgement, I almost thought they could actually do the right thing. I told him while I understood that he is in the business to collect on the behalf of his clients, that is an extremely unethical way to conduct business. Then credit boards popped into my head, and I told the CA "Thanks for your time and have a great day!" Now I have searched the boards, but all I can find is information related to PFD. My question is this. Is what this accounts manager did illegal. To me it really felt like I was being extorted. I know...I shouldn't be surprised. What I want to do is call them back and say that I have no choice but to pay their deletion fee, but I need it in writing before I pay. Something that say after receiving $290.00 the tradeline will be removed. That way I can show that the original balance will be satisfied, then the ball will be in their court to explain the other $159.00 charge. What do you all think? Sorry, first post! I will practice condensing my information! Thanks guys.
  3. I got some Capital One balance transfer offers that offered 0% for 12 months and 2% and 3% fees. The offers had an expiration date after which the checks are treated as purchases. I called up and confirmed there is no fee if after the expiration date and they are just like a purchase, so I intentionally waited until after the offer expired and maxed out both accounts to build history for free and planned to PIF. Unfortunately, Capital One failed to inform me that they add a ten day grace period onto their offers, in fact the first level CSR declared I used them before the grace period expired and quoted an offer date ten days later. It was only when I spoke with a supervisor that they informed me of the grace period and how they were doing me a 'favor'. I was able to get them to take corrective action and make me whole again, but it used up about half an hour of my time, so I'm posting this here to alert others to this 'feature' of their balance transfer offer checks.
  4. Wow. I just got off the phone with Citi Best Buy. I have two accounts, 1 with a 600 limit and no annual fee and the other with a 300 limit and a 29 dollar a year fee. I was asking about getting the fee removed from the smaller account. The rep I spoke with informed me that BOTH of the accounts would now have the fee, and ALL Citi BB accounts would now have the 59 annual fees. So, my oldest good account will be closed in June after 4 years of perfect payments.
  5. I have read through much of the newbie section, and have read the transcripts/notes for Psychdocs lessons. However, I'm still a little unsure with how to proceed with this troublesome loan that got sent to collections. I have made payments for the last 9-10 months, and while I have received letters from the CA with the original creditor listed, I have not actually received any sort of validation/verification. I am particularly interested in Eliminating the $2,919.87 in collection fees. Reducing monthly payments to something closer to $60/month. How can a Request for Verification letter help me here? Can I claim to still be within the 30 days? Does it matter? Can I, or should I, dispute? Are there other options that I don't know about? The Loan 2006 to 2007: $8,500 student loan through the State of Alaska Dept. of Education. Used in Alaska. I was a resident of Alaska at the time of loan. [i'm not sure what original interest rate was.] 2007 to Dec. 2011: Attend and finish college in Idaho. Gain residency. 6 month grace period begins. Sep 2012: Entered repayment. Did not pay for whatever reason (poor and forgetful). Creditor would not grant forebearance or lower monthly payments. Feb 2013: Get contacted via phone by a CA: Premiere Credit of North America, LLC. Principal had increased to $11,951. In addition, the CA said (via phone) collection fees of $2,910.87. Made a payment of $83, the "suggested minimum." [Girlfriend moved in so I had some money to spare] March 2013: Start making payments of $102.47/mo. July 2013: Join US Navy to pay down loans and reduce interest. Currently in Illinois. Today, 20 Nov, 2013: I called and tried to request a forebearance, to which CA said they couldn't grant such a thing but that they could stop processing payments. I'm skeptical that they will actually stop. The account they have only has $2.00 in it (I don't use it anymore) and I'm not sure how to guaruntee the CA won't charge it. Principal balance is still $11,951. Current interest in addition to principal of 11,951 is $458.27. Total being requested by CA is $15,246.80. **They have mentioned numerous times over the phone that they would be willing to reduce or drop all fees if I could get my bank to give a personal loan. I also finally sent out SCRA letter and copy of enlistment contract requesting reduction to 6% APR. I have also looked at my credit report: The status is that it is in collection, $1,040 past due as of Sep 2013. It is scheduled to continue until June 2019, so I think the SoL won't help me here. The CA is not mentioned by name ANYWHERE in any report!!! Can this be of some help???? Of interest though is that my payments have been reported, although only $83/mo has been credited each month since MARCH 2013, and I definitely made a $83 payment on 1 February 2013 and then $102.47 in March. I'm guessing the CA is using the $19.47 difference towards "their" interest?
  6. The CFPB has issued an open letter to Employers regarding the use of Payroll debit cards http://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/201309_cfpb_payroll-card-bulletin.pdf Discusses the EFT act ( regulation E ) all fees must be disclosed ahead of time, that the bank must provide account statements in the past 60 days for free, and that the employer cannot force the employee into the payroll card plan.
  7. Breaking my CB virginity! I recently traded in a car, I noticed in the contract I've been charged the full amount for registration fees. I renewed the tags on the car I traded in approximately 2 weeks before the trade, they were transferred to the new vehicle. I'm due a refund from the dealer, but I'm curious to know this: If I financed the vehicle including the registration fees, should I be refunded the amount of the overcharge including the total amount of interest I'll be paying for the term of the loan?
  8. I had a BOA checking and savings acct from Aug 2007 through April 2009. I had over $10,000 between the 2 acct's. I used alot of the funds to pay some accts off from my previous marraige, buy some stuff, but never came close to a $0 balance. Due to the way they input these transactions from largest to smallest, the way they held my direct deposits until they charged me ODF's ($500-$600 at a time ) I ended up paying over $4600 in ODF's in a year period. I even took out $4,000 in loans to cover the difference. They "force closed" the acct in July 2009. They're adamant that I still owe them $848.00, even though due to the time frame, it shouldve been rolled up in the CAL last year. I was in Afghanistan at the time, and didnt receive a check, or notification from the Class Action. I called and expained it to the Office of CEO Rep and she assigned it to their fraud dept and to another rep. After a few minutes, that rep gave in, said she would waive the $700+ in ODF's, but I still have a $140+ in true $ that need to be paid. I said I dont agree, but pay if they would remove the erroneous $ amount from Chexsystems, which he said quickly refused. She only said she would update to new $ amount once paid, which would be purple to do, since it rolls off Chexsystems next year. She said she would update their system to show this new balance. It was their ODF's that caused the neg balance and closed the acct. Without the ODF's, i still would have had over $5 grand in the acct, and not have had to take out $4,000 in loans. BOA hasnt reported to any CRA's yet, though they said its getting ready to. I challenged with the SoL, which stumbled her. She gave me the # to their "dispute" dept and it was left at that yesterday. Thinking I should dispute with Chexsystems since they're updating the $ amount in BOA system. Any ideas which type of dispute to use? What's should be my next step?
  9. Does anyone have experience with the Priceline Barclays card abroad in a country whose currency is U.S. Dollars? I'm planning on being in Turks and Caicos and would like to use my 2% card if there won't be any FETF.
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