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  1. I have a experian 578. I have a equifax 588. I have a transunion 586. Are there any credit cards I can get approved for?
  2. Hello, I already had one $5000 Cash Rewards Visa with BofA and a $300 limit Signature Visa as well. The $300 Visa was open since 2007. The $5000 limit one has been open since 2011. I also have a $2500 Amazon store card since about 2011 and a Capital One Quicksilver Visa with an $800 limit, and a Capital One Platinum MasterCard with a $700 limit. Have had both of those since 2010. The $5000 BofA Cash Rewards card, Amazon Store Card, and both Capital One cards have all been as the limit since last summer. I never had any late payments. I have had my checking account with BofA since 2007. I also have a business account with BofA. No Money Market amounts or anything like that with them. My Experian score is 726 (That's who they pulled) I was in the branch on Monday and the teller said I had a Credit Card offer. So I sat down with the representative, and had him put in an application for another Cash Rewards Visa with a $5000 limit. That was instantly approved and I got the credit card in the mail yesterday. So today I'm at work and decide to call in and do a balance transfer from my other cards to my new card. While I'm talking to the CSR I ask if he thinks I can get a CLI to 10 or 15 grand. He said he thinks I can and maybe they won't even do another inquiry since I just got this card yesterday. I said ok go for it. 15 grand. He doesn't get an immediate answer back and says I should hear something in the next 3 days. This was around 1PM today. I check my account at 4 and I see my limit is up to $15000 on my new card. Wooo hooo! The CSR also said that I can get a cash advance for up to my maximum credit line at 0% until April of 2016. Fees are 3%. He already had approved me for $4800 (Since my initial credit limit on the new card was only $5000) but said once I get my CLI just call him back and he can give me more. I'll be calling him Friday! Lol I'm gonna put all my other card balances on here so I can get the 0%. They'll be paid off well before then.
  3. I don't know a way (for free) to check my Equifax file but I doubt I have anything reporting there and I know DnB doesn't have anything but I do have some tradelines reporting to Experian. Does anybody know any relatively accounts I can get that only check your experian file? Also I'm NOT looking to PG anything, and it would definitely help if they reported to all 3 as well. I'm sure there's an answer to this already in the forums somewhere, I tried searching but couldn't find my answer. Thanks in advance, & I'll still be searching in the meatime.
  4. Hey everyone. I hope everyone has a great holiday. Does the Experian Credit Expert program work for bumpage? Let me know. Many blessings for you and your families.
  5. Hey fellow CBers: I hope everyone is enjoying themselves during this time of year. I have a question. On December 15th I FINALLY embarked on my app spree after putting it off for longer than I had wished. Well it paid off (more to come on that in another post! ) My question is, I checked my mail on Tuesday and had an Invitation to apply for the Freedom Card. Here is my dilemma/question: 1) During my spree I app'd for and was approved on the CSP $22K and Ink Plus $10K (though I feel that I could have received more had I answered other usage questions with higher numbers). So will this Freedom Invitation be null and void with those recent approvals? 2) If I can apply, do I apply NOW? Or wait til I B* TU and freeze EX? (I am worried if I do this the new accounts will be reporting by then (total 6) and as of right now only Barclay's is reporting with 6 INQ on TU, but I can't freeze EX via online, says I must mail in, so I will call Monday. Any and all recommendations are appreciated! Thanks to all again, I will be updating CPDB and posting my approvals in the next few days. I know they are baby steps, but I am very happy with results and have CB and all of the awesome members here to thank!!!
  6. Hi All, Just wanted to post this for any of those who might have disputed an Advanta Credit Card account with Experian. I had this exact problem with Experian. Just received a notice in the mail that Experian is being sued for identifying Advanta as the provider of information on Advanta Bank Card accounts. Advanta Bank was taken over by the FDIC, and its portfolio of credit card accounts were sold to Cardworks Services. In typical Experian fashion they continued to verify that Advanta Bank was verifying the account data, even after they were taken over and closed down by the FDIC. It was actually this company Cardworks Services, that was verifying the data. Luckily Michael Dreher has brought a class action against Experian. If you think you are eligible you should join the class. Website is www.advanta-experian.com you can email them at AdvantaExperian@clalegal.com. Or PM me I can email you a copy of the letter. I know people are going to say your only going to get a couple dollars, and that is fine. Hopefully Experian gets hit big time, and realizes it is cheaper to follow the law than pay these fines. Good Luck! Tommy
  7. Hi All - been a member for several years and find the advice and repartee always refreshing and practical. Anyway, recently received my hard copy CR from Experian. I noticed under all the Status Details area they add comments like "This item remained unchanged or changed from our processing of your dispute in Apr 2011." Should I be concerned with these comments? Do banks or credit card companies put any weight on these comments? Can you have them remove these comments? Just an aside, I find it curious the way they "stick it to you" and indirectly characterize you as the "whiner." It's like "How dare you dispute this information:)" Thanks
  8. So the 'View your report again' section of the Experian site is down. Not sure if anyone looks at their EXP report, but I check mine to review updated SPs and other account info to see what makes it through a frozen report. I generally use the same report number for an entire year and then pull a new one after Jan. 1. In any case, just wanted to let folks know that it's been down for a week, at least, and it's being addressed as its apparently a nationwide issue.
  9. Hi, I sent in a dispute to Experian in late October, they responded quickly that they had "re-investigated" and verified the two items in my dispute letter. Ummmm...ok, but there were several more items that I disputed in that same letter that they don't even mention. My 30 days is up. Should I send in another letter to Experian stating that they did not properly process my dispute and to remove all disputed line items? Do I stand a chance? LOL that would be way too sweet ;-)
  10. Got a notification through MyFico Monitoring that a fraud alert has been issued on my Experian file. Says user initiated, which I certainly did not do. So I call Experian this afternoon to find out what the deal is and it dumps me into this phone loop that says I need to mail in copies of DL, utility, etc etc etc. Loops around in this message until it hangs up on me. Called 888-397-3742. Anyone know a way to circumvent this incredibly poor system? Or have another number? I vaguely remember seeing something similar from someone else on here not too long ago, as part of a dispute with the WhyChat process (which I am doing) but I can't seem to find it now. Is that something that would really trigger a fraud alert?
  11. Xpost from Idenity Theft. I have sent block letter per FACTA to Experian along with FTC Affidavit, police report, driver license, social security card, utility bill (for address verification) and received 2 page letter from them after a month of investigation. Basically here what is said on the first page "If you still wish to have this information blocked, please submit an identity theft report without the deficiencies noted at the end of this letter". At the end of the letter is noted "The identity theft report that you provided to us does not meet the guidelines established by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act for the following reasons(s): It was not filed with a law enforcement agency which subjects the person filing the report to criminal penalties relating to the filing of false information" Can someone explain what is this response and what is my next step? This is unbelievable. Equifax and Transunion diligently blocked within 24 hours of receiving. [/ post]
  12. I wrote a letter to the AG in NY, along with some other CB members, regarding EX's policy of ignoring the NY 5 year purge rule as opposed to TU and EQ. This is not a debate re the 5 year rule, good or bad (obviously good for NY'ers and not for other states but then other states have shorter SOL's and TX is much kinder to creditors...). I am not allowed to speak to anyone on any subject except for Ms. King, who while polite appears to be reading from a script. She has a file on me and knows every letter written. She also took credit for removing a paid charge off and an OC with no validation although they had been removed before the AG wrote the letter to her. I finally asked her "why am I in special handling... Is it because I wrote to the AG in NY?" She said yes, it is because you wrote to the AG re EX so you are in special handling... Because she is the queen of no, this is not special handling, it is a shut out of normal dealing with CRA's at EX. While I fully expect to have to live with three OC chargeoffs for another 2 years, unless I am able to remove using a 623, I find it hard to believe that they admit to discriminatory handling for those who report them to an AG. They are already being sued by the AG in MISS. so perhaps they are being wary... but it makes everything a huge deal and delays dealing with any issue a very onerous procedure. She did finally give me a direct line but virtually ANY issue involves her approval, down to an AU address, etc. How many other people have experienced this on CB and does anyone think that writing to the NY AG and/or the CFPB would stop this practice? It is sort of like having a special guard on you. I have not written hundreds of letters to them or disputed crazy stuff and I have had no problems with other CRAs whatsoever apart from being chopped by EQ after they kept sending me email to open links re response to a fraud report that got a little crazy and resulted in a split file...(which was their fault and which I reported to them apart from raising my score exponentially.) Would appreciate knowing if other people have gotten out of EX's "SH" clutches....I am seeing an attorney next week to see if there is any way to delete these OC chargeoffs using legal methods (some info is wrong so far as contract dates and DoFD and they "claim" to have no records but have reinvestigated)...but I fear with her at the helm I am spitting into the wind...
  13. Experian claims a collection is a new account and has its own DOFD. One of their associates told me I was correct and to send in the proof I had and they would change the fall off date internally since Collection company keeps verifying correct information. So when I called to see if they received letter from OC the new representative told me that the other guy and I were wrong. The collection was a new acct and they have their own DOFD. I'm confused. Wells Fargo the OC states DOFD is a year earlier than what collection is reporting and should be deleted per obsolete.
  14. I can't believe that Experian has the audacity to send me this: 'We received a suspicious request regarding your personal credit information that we have determined was not sent by you. this could be deemed as deceptive or fraudulent use of your information. We have not taken any action on this request. Any future requests made in this manner will not be processed and will not receive a response." I have sent all three CB's the same request to change my name to my legal name and remove old inaccurate addresses. Both TransUnion and Equifax complied Experian sent the above. I have also attached a copy of my drivers license and 2 proofs of my address. What should I do next?
  15. As a few fellow New Yorkers know, a few hardy souls have presented Experian's refusal to follow the NY 380J law excepting 5 yr paid collection accounts from being carried on the CRA's to the NY AG. TU and EQ honor this and delete. Exp. does not. I referred this to the NY AG who felt that it was a valid issue who referred it on to Experian for mediation. Experian refused to mediate (that is their option) and said that they would deal with it directly with the consumer (me). I received a letter from JenniferKing, Sr. Regulatory Affairs Associate dated July 1/2013. It was a vague letter indicating that I should call them. When I called Experian re something else altogether, I was transferred over to Ms. King. The CSR said that "only she cold speak to me"- special handling. She told me that they would not delete any original creditors that had not been paid directly (if payment had gone to the CA's they would delete, she said, but she did not say only if paid in full). While I know that this is their position, they are clearly raising their haunches about it as they hear from the NY AG. Of course, I have a new way to attack which is a 623 letter on the three OC's, of which two cannot even tell me the amount of the chargeoff and one could not tell me who bought it or when... Bank of America is going to be the killer on this one as they have retained 7 years of records but they bought my account from Fleet in 2002... I am taking bets on whether they still have THAT contract... So this will be a long haul as it is formally war with Ms. King, who while professional, is not a warm cup of tea. I am clearly on their chocolate list and they are on mine. Two more years to go until time out but I will push. On the good side, My dear beloved BF with whom I live got an AMEX so that I can D* to 1982 (he of 750 CRA's) AND my stepbrother is a member of NFCU and is going to refer me as a family member. So, a little progress on that part and I shall continue to climb up from the bowels of earthly hell (420) up to the angels of the 700 club, if it kills me. Maybe even DCU will let me open a secured savings account since my Equifax is nearly clean...Equifax is very slow on vacated tax liens even with paperwork supplied to them. Oh, and I sent Dell from Hell their f------ police report so they will remove it. $428 of more bad will then they will ever be able to recapture with a million dollars worth of ads... Even the guy from the post office who had a nephew who worked there told me "it was bad"... So, Experian, my family is from Charleston, SC... and we know who fires the first shot...(however much I would support the Union as I am from NY). Freeze Experian Forever. I have D* 1982....There are some good points to being an old biddy.
  16. I have about six AU accounts reporting and the first three hit all three credit bureaus without problem. Now, however, the last three were picked up by TU and EQ, but not EX. Any ideas why this could happen and any recommended solutions?
  17. I need to start my own thread on this and perhaps it can help some other people. I have three OC's- all charged off, -0- balance from early 2009 DOFD BK OF AM VISA $4,929.68 4888 9302 9603 xxxx $25 pymt 4/25/2009 charge off nov/ 2009 JDB (CACHE ONE) no contact Original contract was with Bank of NY, sold portfolio to Bank of America in early 2000's (NY 6 yr SOL) feb 09 delinquency CHASE 8937 CA no validation $798 4266 8411 7755 xxx $25 pymt 9/17/2009 charge off 0ct/2009 they show 4/09 last pay apr 09 delinquency (NY 6 yr SOL) CAP ONE charge off paid through PortRec $8,448 4305 7223 0061 xxx last payment d $455.81-11/13/08 ??????? Bank of America has sent complete records to me... so they have the info but Cache One has NEVER contacted me. Chase claims that they have no records, sold it to Midland ages ago, Midland fell off at first Vof D Cap One was paid through Portfolio Recovery, they claim to have no records whatsoever. All of these have fallen off through NYS 5 yr purge on EQ and TU, Experian is holding tight although I have a letter into NY AG and to CFPB. I have also disputed through CRA (EXP) and no reply yet although about 30 days at least now (unless I get mail tomorrow) whereby I will amend this post I am sure I will get "reinvestigation completed, no change)... NOW WHAT? I can do a 623 but on what grounds? They are not listing a lot of information and except for Bank of America, they all claim to have little or none left due to sale of account and purging of files. They are willing to give me name and employee number regarding this... All have my new address through letters of dispute... If I send a 623 on some point, and they do not answer within 30 days, can I get a delete? Do I have to state what the dispute is when I write CFPB and FTC? Is there any hope for a good will from CAP ONE due to paying off Portfolio Recovery? In other words, am I blowing steam off into the sunset or should I just keep trying to tire them out? Is a goodwill possible (although I doubt with Chase in that I called them and they noted some O/D checking accounts not reported to CHEX but they did not list some other more substantial sold chargeoffs that are not on any of my CRA records here is my Exp listing: Account # 42668411XXXX CHASE VISA Account Type Credit Card Balance $0.00 Date Opened 5/1/2008 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment Close Account Details Past Due $0.00 Payment Status Charge-off High Balance Limit $400.00 Terms Revolving Comments Account in dispute-reported by subscriber Account # 43057223XXXX CAP ONE Account Type Credit Card Balance $0.00 Date Opened 5/1/2002 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment Close Account Details Past Due $0.00 Payment Status Charge-off High Balance $9,575.00 Limit $7,500.00 Terms Revolving Comments Account was in dispute-now resolved-reported by subscriber Account # 8XXX BANK OF AMERICA Account Type Credit Card Balance Date Opened 3/1/2004 Account Status Closed Mo. Payment Close Account Details Past Due Payment Status Charge-off High Balance Limit $4,000.00 Terms Revolving Comments Transferred to another lender or claim purchased None now show who they were sold to or the balances written off by charge off or the date of charge off or DofFD.... Does anyone see any hope for these? should I just hope for a lack of timely response from 623 by CMRRR and then what and on what basis. thanks for any ideas beyond mine and for any corrections on what I think I know (although I seem to be fuzzy on these). These are the last three baddies that I can't resolve... One is with EO of Dell so Iam waiting on that and will file a fraud with police dept if that does not work. One other question: last payment on a sold mortgage (sold to SLS by Bk of America as part of Countrywide Portfolio dump, was in foreclosure proceedings) last pay 4/09- do these age off CRA's like credit cards? I think that is is not having a huge bump on my scores at this point but I may be resolving SLS soon and would like it all off , even showing -0- balance.... sorry for such a long post but each one is a trying blot on me and I can't pay them off due to prior sale to CA/JDB....THANK YOU ANYONE
  18. Ok, I am getting down to the brass knuckles.. Have three stubborn OC chargeoffs from 2008/9, one paid in settlement to a CA, the other 2 no DoV from Collector/JDB... I believe that prior validation to the CRA Experian was cursory, at best. I know that one account originated from an early 2000's purchase of Wells Fargo credit card that I would doubt that they have a copy of ten years after the bulk purchase. My question is, what are the total lines of information in an experian CRA TL and which lines are they required to fill out- ALL??? for example, it does not list a line for date of first delinquency, does not list dates of chargeoffs, last activity, amount of last payment, etc. Is there an open field of lines where I can request that that be filled in, hoping of course that they won't be able to , and if they cannot do it, can I request removal? What is the remedy to a 623 that they cannot answer in full... are they obliged to have a copy of the credit agreement if they write in when the account was opened? should recent balance reflect the charge off date and balance? so many fields say not reported or they are missing entirely (such as to who the account was sold, etc)... can I send them a laundry list of information that I have since I am a compulsive saver of paper that they might not have( date of last payment and amount, for example)
  19. my complaint with the NY AG was registered after screening on June 16th... This is the process... they send a letter of concern, if valid, to Experian. they wait about three weeks A second request is sent with a copy of the complaint after another two weeks( 5 weeks total). If the situation is NOT resolved, they contact the company verbally and try to suggest "voluntary mediation" obviously presenting it as valid. Ms. Andrienne Walters of the AG's office, Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, has only received TWO complaints (Bravegirl, they hear you)... they need more for more formalized legal action. They believe that the complaint is valid and cogent. Ms. Walters can be reached at 519-474- 5481. She is aware of the issue and it is already 'screened". She WELCOMES more complaints as they need more to take legislative action. Until then all that they can do is to strongly suggest that the issue be mediated in the consumer's favor, assuming it has been screened. address is: Ms. Andrienne Walters/ AG's office of Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection/The Capitol/ Albany NY 12224-0341. Although it is better, letters do not have to be CMRRR... Please, if this issue of Experian not purging a paid account after 5 years from DoFD or not removing both the OC and the CA applies to you, you will save two and a half years of waiting for the fall off. I strongly urge you to write off a quick letter or you can PM me and I will send you a template. Good luck... and don't complain- write a letter because they are on it and need your support to make this not a letter by letter case... thanks to all/ MizLiz
  20. I've don't recall having a Chase account. I think the account is an account Providian alleged I owned at some point (Providian--->WAMU--->Chase). The account was sold to Equable Finance. INC. And I was taking to court over the debt maybe two years ago. I won the case because they were not able to furnish any agreement with my signature to actually prove the account was owned by me. After several letters to Equable Finance. INC. I was able to have them remove their negative TL off all three CRA. The problem is Chase is still report the alleged debt the three CPA which is greatly impacting my credit score. Any advice on how I should go about having Chase delete the negative TL. I am unable to determinate the DOFD. Its a little confusing to me Hence why I listed it this way DOFD... CLS = closed so how could I have a closed account, then several months later it reported as 30 delinquent?? DOFD: 2010 2009 DEC NOV OCT SEP AUG JUL JUN MAY APR MAR FEB JAN DEC NOV OCT SEP AUG JUL CLS 180 150 120 90 60 30 CLS CLS CLS 30 CLS CLS CLS CLS CLS CLS CLS CHASE BANK USA, Address Identification number: BLANK Stauts: Closed. $1,289 past due as of Dec 2010 Date Opend: 10/2001 Last Reported: 12/2010 Original Amount: $4,422 Comment: Purchased by another lender. -RealMcKoy
  21. Maybe there is nothing that can be done about it, an maybe it does not really matter anyway, but figured I would ask: Last year, we purchased a house. We had hard pull on all three files on March 13, 2013 in order to get pre-approved. It took so long to find the right house, we ended up with a second round of hard pulls on July 29, 2013, when it came time to make an offer, as our original pre-approval was more than 90 days old an no longer considered valid. Then, as this was an FHA 203K loan which took nearly 3 months to close, we had a third round of hard pulls on October 15, 2013 just prior to closing. Obviously, I am not that worried about TU and EQ. So there are 7 hards on EX, one of which will be 2 years old in July. Three are from the mortgage process. Does it matter that much that the wide spacing of the pulls resulted in them being counted as three pulls instead of one? In other words, does 6 or 7 hards on EX really matter that much on score or approval consideration when they are spaced over 2 years? And if it really does matter, is there any way to ask the mortgage company to retroactively change the latter two hards to softs?
  22. I have made several attempts to resolve this debt with Macys the original debt amount was $245.00 cant remember the year.. but the debt have been sold the a CA that does not report to the CRA. I sent a letter request a paid for deletion and they never responding, and sent a DV and they never responded. I am frustrated because I don't know what my next option is in order to exonerate negative TL from all three CRA. DOFD: Safe to assume the DOFD = NOV/30/2010 2012 2011 2010 JAN DEC NOV OCT SEP AUG JUL JUN MAY APR MAR FEB JAN DEC NOV CO ND ND ND ND ND ND ND CO 180 150 120 90 60 30 Macy's Address Identification Number: Blank Status: Account charged off. $445 written off. pass due as of Jan 2012 Status details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until Aug 2017. This item w as updated from our processing of your dispute in Jul 2006. Date Opened: 10/1998 Last reported: 1/2012 (This information is incorrect) Comment: account closed at credit grantor's request -RealMcKoy
  23. I paid this debt off in settlement before I knew about the wonderful creditboards. I was bullied by Rubin & Rothman LLC associate that they will sue blah bah blah, that kept calling my phone, and eventually I agreed to pay $10,000 on $20.000/50% debt over a 6 months term. I paid the debt off as agreed. but Citi Card still reporting negative on CRA account... To add insult to injury I was hit with a Forgive Fed. Debt by the IRS ($7,600) for both NYC Federal ($1,212.58 paid) & NYC State ($1,000.3 still pending just received it last week). Collectively I paid more than half. If I knew what I knew now I would have just negotiated a deal with Citi Bank and paid for deletion... Any input will be greatly appreciated.... DOFD: 2008 SEP 80 Citi Card/CitiBank Address Identification number: Blank Status: Piad in Settlement. $20,339 written off. Status Details: This account is scheduled to continue on record until June 2015. Date Opened: 06/2004 Reported Since 06/204 Last Reported: 03/2010 Credit Limit/Original Amount: $18,210 High Balance: $20,339 Status Details: This account to continue or record until June 2015 Comment: Account paid in full or less than full balance -RealMcKoy
  24. Ok gang, this is not FCRA because it does not apply to original creditors. If a CRA is reporting information that is contrary to federal definitions of a state law, does the OC, upon notice of same, have a responsibility to withdraw the tradeline or insist on consistent reporting of the information that if gives to Experian CRA vs other CRA's... are they culpable if they participate in the misreporting when it is knowingly done by virtue of notice to them... Any legal eagles out there? HELP- this may do the deed if so..
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