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Found 1 result

  1. Ok.. so i searched around and if there is a thread for this purpose i didnt see it so mods feel free to guide.. but i was thinking that when it comes to trying to figure out who is who on the DnB report.. you know.. since most of us do orders with several companies simultaneously and they also dont list them under company name. I figured that if we combine as many similarities as we can on accounts that we know are among those that we see with several titles then maybe we can arrive at least what categories are placed on certain vendors. This thread even has a place for those just starting to participate, especially someone who has only one or two vendors that they dealt with and reported. Let me get it started.. Ok..for instance... Looking at my DnB now i have 5 showing... now in my personal history i know i have ordered from all of the following vendors.. AZ Snacks (about a year ago) which i remember them saying they reported to Equifax but i just put it out there anyhow.. SETON ULINE QUILL GRAINGER AT&T LANDLINE SPRINT CELL PHONE SERVICE FEDEX OFFICE all of these were rumored to report to Dnb/Experian or both... now i ordered all those net 30s and and paid them and then let my business credit sit for a minute because honestly life was taking place and i forgot about building credit to be honest.. so now that i look at the report im trying to narrow down who is who.. so i show the following TOP INDUSTRIES TOTAL RECEIVED TOTAL DOLLAR AMOUNTS LARGEST HIGH CREDIT WITHIN TERMS % Whole Service paper 1 100 100 100 Ret Mail-Order House 1 50 50 100 Courier Service 1 50 50 100 OTHER PAYMENT CATEGORIES: Cash Experiences 1 0 0 Unfavorable Coments 1 100 100 PAYMENT DETAILS DATE REPORTED PAYING RECORD HIGH CREDIT NOW OWES PAST DUE SELLING TERMS LAST SALE WITHIN MONTHS 5/13 (001) 0 0 0 Cash Account 4-5 mos 4/12 PPt 100 0 0 6-12 mos (nothing here) PPt 50 0 0 N30 6-12 mos 2/12 (004) 100 100 0 1 mo 6/11 PPt 50 1 mo Ok... so during my hiatus.. only things that are regular monthly repeating is the landline (if that is one of these accounts) and the cell phone bill... and in all honesty... since i forgot cell phone bill was reporting to biz credit. i always paid it right before disconnection.. which was definitely outside of 30 days.. the landline sometimes similar situation... so what i am trying to figure out is how to conclude what the difference codes (001, 004, etc) mean as well as the categories (Whol service paper, etc) so i can start looking at my DnB knowing who is who.. If i have a cash account being reported i have no idea who it is.. but it says that it was first reported 5/13 and i cannot recall anything business credit related i did within even the last 3 to 4 months outside the two phone services.... any and all experience levels are welcome here to play the process of elimination... PS.. if there was any other easier way to put this up the way it shows on DnB report then i guess i lost with the time it took me to do this however i hope that just equals this becoming a HOT TOPIC so i can feel like it was worth it.. LOL EDIT: i do recall i opened the cell phone account with Sprint in December 2011.. so if they didnt report until 2/12 that would make since in that maybe the (004) account and the one that states as being an unfavorable comment.. though i dont know how that works.. but the only things ive had since 6/11 was the landline.. but what throws me there is the balance cause my landline and DSL (now Uverse) is over $100 and the amount reported says $50.. its always been over $100
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