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Found 4 results

  1. So, to make a long story short my D&B application for a DUNS# was denied. If your wondering why I sent a app in the mail is because I was unable to be verified online through the iUpdate registration. I received a email stating as follows: Thank you for submitting your registration documentation to obtain an iUpdate user account. Your application has been reviewed and at this time we are unable to approve you for access. Please see below for details explaining the reason for denial. If you are able to resolve the items indicated, please resubmit the entire package for us to review. Partial submittals will not be accepted. Reason>>> Unable to verify connection to business from documents provided. The business documents must contain references to the applicants name and/or personal address. I provided them with three acceptable documents they have listed and asked for on the application. (EIN Confirmation letter, Secretary of State Certificate of Filing, and Company Stock Certificate.) Now I did use a Virtual Office address instead of my home address on the app and by me doing tons of research on here, I've seen some people have issues using Virtual Offices with D&B and getting DUNS# so I'm guessing that's where I went wrong?... I'm not really sure but I think that's the reason I got denied. If anyone can please advise, I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Logistics LLC is 18 months old. Approved vendor accounts. All accounts applied and approved this month. Grainger Strategic Network Solutions Quill Gemplers Fed Ex Office Inter-Tech Communications Received a call from DNB yesterday the guy left a voice mail saying he noticed our business made 5 purchases in the last month from the durable industry and our file is incomplete and the company is wasting money purchasing items,and to give him a call to resolve this issue. The only thing I can think of thats incomplete on the file is our financials, our CPA is suppose to help us with this. Anyone know any info on adding financials to DNB using iupdate? I know they probably want me to purchase something. How can I resolve this without purchasing? My goal is to get some fuel cards along with home depot,samsclub,sears and lowes accounts in a couple of months. looking for some positive advice on this journey!
  3. In your experience, what is the best trimerge business credit report (w/ or w/o scores) provider? Are there any "specials", such as what Microsoft used to have for Experian Business reports - so that a business would be able to pull its reports with scores cheaper than buying them through the bureau's themselves?
  4. In my attempts to obtain a D-U-N-S number online, I cannot seem to get past the first registration step. The online application says it is using my home address to validate my personal identity. When the authorization during the first step fails, it says that they were unable to verify my personal identity. So basically, from just my name and address, the D&B system is unable to match me with their records and will not let me continue the application online. As far as I know, D&B is a private company, so they would not have instant online access to databases such as IRS records or DMV records. This leads me to believe that they are attempting to match my information with data from another private source. My money is on Experian. From the week I have spent reading the CreditBoards forum, I've gathered that calling D&B will only lead to sales harassment. What is D&B trying to match my information with? I do not wish for them to match the data I type into this online registration to my personal credit reports. How do I provide working name/address information to D&B so that I can continue with the application?
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