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Found 16 results

  1. I have an account from WI Electric that is very old. It went to collections and the CA later charged it off. About a year ago I paid the balance in full to the CA. I think it's possible that this may have hit SOL from DOFD. Who do I speak with to find out when DOFD was? SOL is 7.5 years on this right? This occurred in WI and I currently live in IL. Another question I have is since this was a monthly payment for electric, is the DOFD the first month I stopped paying, or the last month? My roommate didn't pay the electric bill for about 4 months and it was in my name.
  2. So I had a perkins student loan defaulted on in 2000. I never made a payment or consolidated this student loan because I forgot all about it. now Fast forward to 2013 the dept of ed picks it up and I pay it off in full. On my credit report the dofd says 2009, I contacted the cra & dept of ed to tell them the original delinquency date was in 2000 not 2009. They both refuse to act on my dispute. Now I just received my letter from my school staying everything I said is true. So my question is can gov serviced loans have the ability to be re-agged?
  3. I've don't recall having a Chase account. I think the account is an account Providian alleged I owned at some point (Providian--->WAMU--->Chase). The account was sold to Equable Finance. INC. And I was taking to court over the debt maybe two years ago. I won the case because they were not able to furnish any agreement with my signature to actually prove the account was owned by me. After several letters to Equable Finance. INC. I was able to have them remove their negative TL off all three CRA. The problem is Chase is still report the alleged debt the three CPA which is greatly impactin
  4. I have made several attempts to resolve this debt with Macys the original debt amount was $245.00 cant remember the year.. but the debt have been sold the a CA that does not report to the CRA. I sent a letter request a paid for deletion and they never responding, and sent a DV and they never responded. I am frustrated because I don't know what my next option is in order to exonerate negative TL from all three CRA. DOFD: Safe to assume the DOFD = NOV/30/2010 2012 2011 2010 JAN DEC NOV OCT S
  5. Hi all, Thanks for all your help thus far. I am finally making progress. I have this last negative account on my experian report. Equifax and Transunion has fixed this on my report but Experian is being stubborn about it. I received this letter from my mortgage company after I contacted them trying to get the correct information. I had a short sell back in 2007. Experian says this will not fall off until August of 2015. Since they say in this letter that the loan was still due from May of 2007 shouldn't it have fallen off already or do I go by the Dec 2008 date. I
  6. Hello all, I bought a computer 1/09/08, many delinquent payments but paid in full balance on 10/11/08. Realize now that I must have had a late payment fee since paid by check written on that date (going from NYC to Texas) which was the due date on the account vs enough time for check to get there. Lots of late fees (15) since 2/06 (when I opened account) and one returned check on my account... new purchases on account (don't know who made these, a norton antivirus and a memory stick) in Jan, 09 totalling $181... With fees, now $429 charged off in Sept 2009...... I believe that this would
  7. I need some clarification: How long does it take a TL to fall off a credit report? 7 years from date of first delinquency or date of last delinquency? I am looking at my TU report, hard copy right now. I have a [30] from 03/2008, that would be date of first delinquency or not? (that is my first missed payment of this account and it says under account summary the date closed is 04/2008!?!) After the [30], there are 3 months of [60] then [OK] until 7/2009. From 7/2009, it goes [30], [60], [90], [120], [120], then 8 straight [CO]'s, with the last [CO] being 07/2010. DOFD or D
  8. Who do I call or write an obsolete letter too? Also how do I write the letter?
  9. Morning, I need help confirming my DOFD on my Experian credit report, so I copied and pasted the info below. Is my DOFD November of 2008? They don't actually list it, they just show you the chart. And do I need the actual "day" of first delinquency, or will the month and year suffice? Last question.. on the online report, it's listed as Tribute/Compucredit Corp. Is Tribute/Compucredit Corp. the name of the OC? Or is showing me OC/CA? Thanks in advance! Payment History: 2009 APR CO MAR 150 FEB 120
  10. I have a bunch of student loans that went into default several years ago. They've all since been rehabilitated and I pay them every month like clockwork. Through a LOT of persistence (ie, making a pest of myself), I actually managed to get Sallie Mae to remove all of the lates from their loans but I was never able to get KHEAA to budge, so I've been waiting those out. KHEAA told me at the time they were due to come off in the fall of 2014, but looking at my credit report, it seems they should be aging off sooner than that. Here are the dates for the 4 KHEAA loans: Date updated: 08/07/
  11. I'm on the home streach but...... Unfortunatly the last Charge off on my report is reporting different DOFD to all 3 agencies. I'm not sure how to handle this , Experian DOFD 11/06 due to fall off on 11/13, Equifax DOFD 08/07 due to fall off 8/14, Transunion DOFD 07/07 due to fall off 7/14. The OC is showing the DOFD was 11/06 on the 81 payment history for all 3. I'm confused, how should I dispute ? How can the creditor report 3 different dates ? Shouldn't all the information be uniform? Please help.
  12. Looking for input on this account. HSBC Bank account (formerly an old Orchard card) is reporting on EX & TU as closed/charge off. Account opening date on EX & TU is May 2006. I disputed the HSBC entry as obsolete (my records indicate DOFD was September 2006, so should drop off September 2013). I disputed both EX & TU as obsolete in hopes this would fall off early. Transunion dispute results are back and they updated as follows: Account Sale Info: ACCOUNT SOLD TO PORTFOLIO RECOVRY Remarks: ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CONSUMR; PURCHASED BY AN
  13. If a DOFD is August 2009, and the SOL is 4 years, is it outside SOL now (July 2013) or will it not be outside SOL until next month (August 2013)? Thanks!
  14. I have a CA showing on my reports Fairway Capital Recovery Placed for collection 3/14/12 Responsibility Invidiual Account Type Open Loan Type Collection Agency/Attorney Balance $479 Date Updated 4/2/13 Original Amount $479 Original Creditor Duke Energy Southeast Past Due $479 Remarks Placed for collection Estimated removal 12/2018 I did have a Duke Energy account at a residence I moved from in April 2009. On a utility account, is the DOFD the date the bill went past due? If that's the case, then the DOFD should be 4/09 or 5/09 at the latest. I read all of the below li
  15. I got my hard copy CR from EXP last night. I'm so annoyed. The $55 collection for Columbia House is on my report until Nov 2013. That being said they do not show the date of default. Just the CAs date of opening and when they started reporting. Now is it really okay to contact Columbia House to find out when the acct was open and defaulted? Would EXP havet that info? (This same collection was on my TU report and gone the same week I discovered it so I'm thinking it is already out of reporting time). Usually when I get my hard copies I have all the info I need so this
  16. On my 1 year old TU CR, each TL has this entry: "estimated month and year this item will be removed". Is this something the creditor would have provided, or TU guessed on their own? (The reason I'm asking is that I have a baddie in my EX CR past the date TU said it would remain)
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