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Found 5 results

  1. I had a large tax bill and signed up for aggressive installment payments. Then I was struck with a massive vet bill and unfortunately now have paid about $6k in funeral expenses. I now calculate negative monthly cash flow for three months and my savings is tapped out. I have 35% LTV so can get home equity out but it’s complicated by a few things and I expected minimum of 8 weeks to get a lump sum to correct problems. I also have kids to support and car repair looming. I would like to ask lender to defer mortgage payment 60-90 days at which point I could resume payments and make a lump sum catch up payment in February 2023. Has anyone ever request payment deferral? Forbearance? It’s an FHA loan but I’m below 78% LTV and PMI is gone now.
  2. In 2008 my ex wife got the house in a divorce. There was no way for her to refinance it in her name b/c of market at the time--she was $50,000 upside down and didn't have the money. It was best for the kids to stay where they were, so I just let let it ride. The Final Decree had very specific language about her financial responsibility. She moved to a new state a year later, in 2009, and hasn't made a payment on the house since then. I did have my name legally removed from the deed, but that is not the mortgage. I know. I know. I should have made her refinance it. I didn't--my mistake. But I didn't expect her to do what she did. Because my name was on the mortgage, the subsequent foreclosure is now on my credit. Is there any way to get the foreclosure and payment history removed from my credit? Somehow, she's managed to buy two houses in her new state; however, I just tried to refi my current house and couldn't do it because of the negative payment history and foreclosure. I hate that I tried to do the right thing by the kids and that now I'm stuck with a major credit downgrade because of her financial irresponsibility. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I am in the process of divorce, and I have racked up a lot of debt. I am not sure how much information I should give, so I will start with some basic information. I have a mortgage, car loan, lending club consolidation loan and 11 credit cards. I want to try to keep from filing bankruptcy, but not sure if it is even possible. My plan is to close several if not all of the credit card accounts. I want to call each company and explain my situation and see if they will allow me to close the account, adjust the balance and/or APR My wife owes me her share of the marital debt and is giving me half of the money owed. I was going to look at the accounts with the highest APR and highest balance and apply that money on them to help lower monthly payment amounts. Anyway I was curious if I am headed down the right or wrong path. I appreciate any input.suggestions sk
  4. Ok here goes I got a divorce 2010 and in the divorce papers ex got the house. I also signed a QC the day divorce was final. She was to refinance with in a year. She has not refinanced as of yet and I want to buy a house. She has kept up with payments but here is what she is coming at me with. Says there is a second mortgage of $3700.00 and HUD will not refinance for her until this is paid and she is asking me for half of that. I am thinking I am 100% in the clear because of the divorce papers saying she gets the house plus the Quick Claim Deed that I signed. Can I even buy a house with the house I QC to her on my credit (yes I checked and it is showing on my credit) Please any help is good Thank you
  5. CreditBoards Community. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have the following dilemma: 1) Parents bought timeshare in mid 1990 as Tenants by the Entirety 2) Parents divorced in 2000 3) Father passes away in 2007 4) Timeshare dues go unpaid since 2007, sent to collection agency ($3500) My questions: 1) When my parents divorced, the Tenancy by the Entirety is abolished and defaults to Tenants in Common. Is this true? 2) If so, is my mother legally obligated for the whole amount ($3,500)? 3) The collection agency is reporting the full amount on my mother's credit report, is there anything I can do according to FCRA? Thanks, Vic
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