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Found 3 results

  1. So after 8 months of following repair advice from this board, I've gotten about 50% of my baddies deleted which is good but not great. Today, MYFICO states I've got a 555 which started in the pits at 493. I thought after all of the deletions I've gotten, it would be closer to 600, maybe even 650, given that I've opened up 3 secured cards in the past 4 months with util under 20%. I'm guessing I need to wait until at least the 6 month mark for these secureds to make any real impact? I've got a private student loan with a $42,000 balance which has been paid on time ($350 a month) for over 24 months. I've also got 7 different federal loans that are currently being rehabbed. After the 10th on-time payment (I'm currently on my 4th) those will convert into positive lines. I reached out to a credit repair company (Blue Sky if that matters) to have them analyze and told them what I've been doing. They stated on the phone today that I've pretty much exhausted my disputing and only time will heal the wounds (I'm looking at mid 2017 for the last baddie to fall off if I wait for SOL). Essentially they didn't want my business so for a repair company to not want my money must mean I'm screwed. I only reached out to them to get a fresh pair of eyes and to see if they can take me down any other roads that I haven't travelled but alas... They did say, however, to let my disputing rest and to call them back in 6 months because things might change. I know that repair is a patience game, but I am trying to be proactive and fix sh*t today not 3 years from now. Any advice? Thanks
  2. Hey guys I have a question in regard to how EX and EQ are now not blocking items as fast as they used to. I have been working in the ID Theft resolution business for quite some time now and as of the last month or so things have drastically changed. Before my client would have to furnish an FTC affidavit of ID Theft, police report, ID, SS card, Utility Bill, and Driver license along with a cover page and usually within a few weeks they would block the negative items opened by ID theft. Now they don't block anything, and you have to send in the information multiple times on top of now having to upload the 16+ pages to EX website (after you get a file number assuming their site works to get one) where as before you could fax it. Not sure what is going on but maybe someone can help me out with that the heck is up. TU is still the same thank goodness. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  3. Ok so I've researched this board constantly and began my latest repair journey about 5 months ago... I fell into a deep hole back when the recession hit and am trying to make amends. Heres what I'm working with: I have 8 cards reporting, 1 from BofA ($8,500 CO as of 11/10), 1 from Target ($500 CO as of 8/10), Care credit (no balance reported, transferred '10), PayPal (no bal reported, transferred '10), HSBC ($1,000 CO 12/10) HSBC ($400 CO 12/10), Macys ($2,500 CO 12/10), Discover ($3,400 CO 11/10). These all had collection agencies attached to them. Thanks to this board, I managed to get everyone of them (about 12) deleted and my score popped from avg 491 to about 560 today. While the CAs deleted easily, these Original creditors aren't moving... The 2 HSBCs I first disputed via certified mail 3 years ago. Came back as verified. Did another round last year and no budge. Wrote directly to HSBC, no response. Filed CFPB complaint. Been 40 days, no response as of yet. BofA, sent both CRAs and BofA letters, and BofA sent back my purchase history and all of that. Discover and Macys did the same. CareCredit and PayPal (both GE accounts) have not responded to my letters sent to them. Filed CFPB, 40 days and no response. Im just trying to figure out which direction to now take. The CFPB has helped especially with the Collection Agencies (Midland was the worst, owning 5 of my accounts alone) and all were deleted but like I said, I cannot get these Originals off. I have sent them nice letters asking for forgiveness and all of that. I even offered to pay Discover in full and they said too late. If I keep disputing to the CRAs, it will just be tossed as frivolous so I must change up my strategy or just wait until 2016-17 for them to drop and I'd much rather take the former. Any sound advice? Grazie!
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