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  1. Hi there, everyone! [] I just opened my E-mail and I see this: To whom it may concern, It has come to our attention that you or someone in your household may have recently been delinquent, past due or simply made a late payment on 1 or more of your bills in the past six (6) months. If this information is true, please do not hesitate to apply for your priority UNSECURED Continental Finance Cerulean Discover®credit card NOW. To Apply Now...click here!!! Upon final approval, your unsecured Continental Finance Cerulean Discover® credit card, can provide you with access to SPENDING POWER
  2. http://www.doctorofcredit.com/the-discover-it-secured-card-does-graduate-to-an-unsecured-card/ Say what you want about Discover, but this is a solid rebuilding option that starts at $200.
  3. My first prime card since I screwed it all up years ago after college !!!! I'm actually shocked I'm part of the Discover family I'm excited! I applied for Discover It got a $1,000 limit with an intro apr of 16.99%. Does anyone have a recon number where I can plead for a higher limit ? I'm at $1,500 with Cap1 (Thank you EO office) and Amazon GECRB just bumped me up to $1,400 up from $800. What do you guys think , should I even give it a shot ? or just be happy with what I got ?
  4. A friend of mine has a $50K limit from Discover for an account from 2004, but has a promotional balance at a very low interest rate, causing his utilization to be at around 60% on that card, so I was suggesting he apply for a CLI, but wonder if he is already at the maximum they will give anyone. Does Discover have a maximum credit limit above which you cannot go beyond, if so, what is the maximum exposure they will allow?
  5. Hello, I have been dreaming of good credit and having a 730 since I've been little. I was in the process when I turned 18 and I got my first secured card courtesy of Capital One. I would pay it off every month. Then months later I applied for discover and a regular capone credit card and approved by both. I was paying my cards and then I lost a job and ended up moving to another state I for 4 months on my discover and 3 months on my Capone cards. As Soon as I got a job I paid off my two capone cards and Theb I paid my Discover card they reopend it for me and everything. I talked to capone toda
  6. 4 years post Ch7, unfroze the 3 CRs for a bit since my scores were pretty good (low 700's) and ~1% util, 1 inq on each. Currently have Priceline The Shat 8K, CapOne 5K, BBRZzzz 500 (pffft!), Macys 2K, Kays 5k. BK'd some big boys, BOA, Chased, Wally, USAA, so don't have much of a choice where I can apply. Immediately got shot down by Amex, HP on EX. They are not BK friendly, that was reason given, but no longer on BL there. Not IIB, but burned them many moons ago pre BK. Got instant 5K recon to 8K by SSFCU/Security Service FCU for the Travel Rewards card, 3% on gas, airfare, dining
  7. I was declined for a discover it card, reasons being: % of balance to credit limit too high on revolving accounts Length of time accounts have been established Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts is too high What is the best course of action to get an approval? What are discovers requirements?
  8. Is Discover it worth the go for the $75 Amazon GC if it's basically a soft pull anyway?
  9. Hello all, When a credit card gets 180 days all, accounting rules call for it to be charged off to a value of -0- on the books of the owner of the debt. This does not mean that they cannot try to collect on it up to the SOL or sell it to a CA... But how can they report it as having a balance owing when it is on their books as -0-. Additionally, the three main CRA's sometimes report the same account in different ways. Discover and Webbank DFS (Dell) and Citibank all report it as owing money even thought they have sold or settled. Is this a violation of FCRA? I need to go after the
  10. did not read this until I settled, hope I save someone else some money...! Update! In April 2010, New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, confirmed that the statute of limitations that applies to a credit card debt may beshorter than six years, depending on where the credit card issuer is based. (See here for the Court’s decision, from Portfolio Recovery Associates v. King.) Here’s how it works: New York has a law stating that the statute of limitations on a credit card debt is six years. But New York law alsostates that a creditor cannot take advantage of NY’s six-year statute o
  11. Hello everyone. A little over a year ago I stopped paying on my Discover account, which had a balance of over $9,000. I was working with a credit mediation company which Discover did not work with, so they charged off my balance without notice. A few months later I got a call from Zwicker & Associates, advising that they are collecting on my Discover debt that was charged off, and advising that I owe the $9,xxx.xx that was charged off. I did some research on Zwicker and found that they were sue-happy, and that several people that were sued by Zwicker were forced to go into bankruptcy. That
  12. So, I'm planning to refi my mortgage in about June. I've been bringing my utilization down over the last few months since that and new accounts is what is hurting the most right now (I did an app spree at the end of May last year that this card was part of). I've been pulling FAKO scores in the mid 600's for TU and low 600's for EQ (I haven't bothered checking EX in a few months). Today I decided to ask Cap One for an increase and got a 33% on one of my cards with them putting it up to 2k. Then I searched around for Discover to see if they do a hard or soft pull. I found that they do a soft an
  13. I have a $677 charge off from Discover that has been updating every month on my reports as a charge off. It always shows on experian as a "late payment". Two weeks ago I sent them a PFD letter. I know typically that doesn't work for OC, but thought I'd see if some magic happened. I'm two years before the SOL. Discover owns the debt, they've sent me a few settlement offers. The letter I recieved back from them states: "We researched the dispute of liability for the above refrenced account. We found the account and balances to be valid. Enclosed please find (copy of statements). Pa
  14. Discover just reported a new TL on my EQ today. The extra TL boosted my score 6 points; I'm in process of B*; at Master TU EQ B* thread.. Date Opened: 12/20/2013 Balance: $0 Date Reported: 12/27/2013 EquifaxAs of 12/29/2013 707 GOOD
  15. Hello everyone, I am a newbie, but I have been reading the forums, and I decided to try and goodwill two consecutive 30-day lates with Discover. I emailed the CEO and another Exec the first time, and got a call with the usual "we have to report, can't change, blah blah blah." I waited a month and sent another pair of emails. This time, I got a call...the woman (in an annoyed voice) said "This letter was the same one I received from you in November, right?" And then re-iterated what she said last time. It wasn't the exact same letter, but, obviously, the content was simi
  16. I have a couple of charge offs that are 4.5 years old and the OC's still report a past due balance. I find it hard to believe that an OC would hold this debt on their books this long. I disputed with the CRA's and they both came back verified. The SOL in my state is 4 years. Has anyone experienced this? The two OC’s are USAA Bank and Discover.
  17. After seeing on here that Discover was offering a secured 'it' card, I decided to apply as I like the cashback offers, purchase/travel coverages, and my parents have always had good luck with their customer service. I didn't think I'd get an unsecured one, but I knew you had to apply, get denied, get offered the secured one, etc. so I filled out the app a few days ago. Well, this morning they called and left a VM asking me to call back, and when I did, they offered me an unsecured card! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! It's a smaller limit ($1400), and a higher APR (22% I th
  18. 5% back on $250 through the end of March when you buy gas from Chevron/Texaco. discover.com/chevron Input login info and click sign up.
  19. I am looking for anyone who may be interested in a discover card that isn't currently a member. If I can invite you through refer-a-friend for the DiscoverIT card (no annual fee), you get $50 cash back on first purchase and I get $50 as well. You can email me at rclark@central-lee.k12.ia.us (teacher emails are ridiculous) and I can send you an invite via email or I can add you on facebook if you would prefer that. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions!
  20. One that's not even asked for! I opened my email this morning and there it was. An email from discover saying we've raised your CL $2500! from 7500 to 10,000! Yay! Yay! I did the happy dance!
  21. This is my DW's upgrade I'm talking about BTW. I had always assumed that when your Wal-Mart credit card got upgraded from their store card to the Discover Wal-Mart card that it would be the SAME Trade line. But this wasn't the case. In fact now she has her WM CC card with that CL be and when she called in to activate her WM Discover card they gave her a different CL. I just figured that they would CLOSE out her WM Store care but now when she logs into her account it shows the 2 different cards and you can click on to which ever one you want that you need too and also shows the dif
  22. New York Community Bank (under a variety of brands) offers a Discover Card with up to 5% cash back. That's awesome, right? "Up to" are the operative words. When you read the fine print (and then get out Excel and some ibuprofen), here's what you really get: It's not a bad 2% card if you only spend a little over a thousand a month, which is where the benefit is maximized. But it is NO 5% back card, nor anywhere close. Card offer: https://www.firstbankcard.com/nycb/site/personal/products/discover/discover_card.fhtml Fine print (rebate structure is in the second half, of
  23. Just over 2 weeks ago, I disputed again, the negative reporting from Discover Card, that did not belong to me with the 3 bureaus... I was only an authorized user... Discover had it reporting as a joint account. Thinking they would come back and state it was accurate again, I also filed with the CFPB... I'd never knew they existed until I posted here... Thanks to those folks that responded with CFPB!! Now.... This past Friday, I get an email from TransUnion stating there was an update to my dispute. I checked last night, all 3 credit bureaus, and it seems Discover or the credit burea
  24. Scored a nice CLI from Discover. Last jump was from $34 to $6k in November, followed by an auto CLI to $6750 in late January or early February. Asked for an increase today... approved to $10k -- woot! I appreciate this more than normal because my credit portfolio is SO heavy with GECRB that I need the diversification.
  25. I need advice and I need it fast!! I've had excellent credit for years but around late 2009, I found that my credit took a hit. It took a hit because of Citibank and Discover. On both of these cards I was only an authorized user, but they were both reporting it as joint with an ex GF. At the time, I contacted Citibank, and asked them to remove me off the card as I was only an authorized user. They researched quickly, and I was told that they would get me completely removed from the account and the account off my credit report. They stated they were doing it as a courtesy, but I kno
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