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Found 8 results

  1. Greeting Everyone, I am a new member. I want to thank all of you for your sincere efforts and guidance. Devoting time to help others is actually a best good some could offer. Thank you all. Now about me. I am working to clean up my credit. I have a student loan that is currently under deferment until 02/2016. Back in 2014, When it went to repayment phase, I was overseas. By the time I cam back in Aug 2014, the loan was already 180 Days late. I applied for Econ Harship that was granted and back dated to Feb 2014(The original date when the repayment was due). I have recently noticed
  2. Well, I'm on my journey to try and buy a house. My scores are currently EQ 635, EXP 585, TU 601. One of the major things hurting me are my student loans. 15 months ago I allowed them to go 90 days delinquent before I got smart and decided to fix my credit. I paid one monthly payment to Nelnet, but at the time there were 9 different accounts, but only 1 bill. So, the dilemma is, I paid one payment, received one bill, but the delinquencies show as 9 separate delinquencies. I am hoping that in November I may see a bump in the credit, as the delinquencies will all be over 12 months old. But,
  3. I need some clarification: How long does it take a TL to fall off a credit report? 7 years from date of first delinquency or date of last delinquency? I am looking at my TU report, hard copy right now. I have a [30] from 03/2008, that would be date of first delinquency or not? (that is my first missed payment of this account and it says under account summary the date closed is 04/2008!?!) After the [30], there are 3 months of [60] then [OK] until 7/2009. From 7/2009, it goes [30], [60], [90], [120], [120], then 8 straight [CO]'s, with the last [CO] being 07/2010. DOFD or D
  4. I think I got the title wrong but I don't know how to edit it, it should read: First day of default being reported as first day of delinquency I have 3 loans with Department of Education, originally they were Direct Loans in 2007, now they are called Direct Stafford Subsidized. I have consolidated them last year, they show "paid collection" as of now. Also, these 3 loans share the same first day of delinquency since I never paid for them once they got out of forbearance initially (other than through tax offset). Now, the problem with the first day of delinquency. I am waiting for t
  5. I request advice with the following situation (reported in order of facts): The wife's credit report showed a 120+ day delinquent payment. She called credit bureau and was told it was probably information mix-up She called creBank of America that reported late payment, and was told her balances were all $0 and all her accounts closed. She called again and was told the same She requested a letter showing this She received a letter regarding 8/5, stating one of her accounts was closed She received another letter 8/9 saying investigation showed her accounts were overdue She called 8/12
  6. I just signed up to this website today, and I am still not quite sure how it all works. I tried looking through some of the posts for the answer to my question, but the site was so big it was kind of overwhelming. Anyway, my question is, is that I just viewed my credit report and found that I have a medical account for $1000 that was first opened in november 1 2007. it was then updated november 1 2008. I never made any payments to this account (I was not aware of it until now). I read that after 7 years any delinquent account is deleted from your report. Is this true? and if it is, w
  7. Some of you may have read my post about helping my friend with an issue concerning how US Bank is reporting the account history. When I compared the online credit reports, TU and EX have it differently, but a month apart. So let's use an example going back to 2011, TU has it:July (90), August (30), September (OK), October (30) while EX has it: July (60), August (90), September (30), October (OK) In other words, the Experian is always a month behind TU. As my friend has no other baddies in the last 24 months, nor do I or my GF, I have no way of knowing if this is a commo
  8. Five years ago, I fell into some credit trouble, but came out of it. I got 60 days late on several credit cards. All were paid off in full, then closed. Two of the credit bureaus show these accounts as having hit 90 days, while the other correctly shows 60. My question is, after nearly 5 years, I am sure I could dispute based on the accounts never having been 90 days late, and they would likely be removed altogether. As they are closed accounts, are they helping me at all just by being there? Is the status (90 days late) even hurting my score anymore as it was 5 years ago and the
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