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Found 12 results

  1. I've don't recall having a Chase account. I think the account is an account Providian alleged I owned at some point (Providian--->WAMU--->Chase). The account was sold to Equable Finance. INC. And I was taking to court over the debt maybe two years ago. I won the case because they were not able to furnish any agreement with my signature to actually prove the account was owned by me. After several letters to Equable Finance. INC. I was able to have them remove their negative TL off all three CRA. The problem is Chase is still report the alleged debt the three CPA which is greatly impacting my credit score. Any advice on how I should go about having Chase delete the negative TL. I am unable to determinate the DOFD. Its a little confusing to me Hence why I listed it this way DOFD... CLS = closed so how could I have a closed account, then several months later it reported as 30 delinquent?? DOFD: 2010 2009 DEC NOV OCT SEP AUG JUL JUN MAY APR MAR FEB JAN DEC NOV OCT SEP AUG JUL CLS 180 150 120 90 60 30 CLS CLS CLS 30 CLS CLS CLS CLS CLS CLS CLS CHASE BANK USA, Address Identification number: BLANK Stauts: Closed. $1,289 past due as of Dec 2010 Date Opend: 10/2001 Last Reported: 12/2010 Original Amount: $4,422 Comment: Purchased by another lender. -RealMcKoy
  2. Yesterday I pulled all three reports and in going through the accounts saw that my foreclosure (Capital One (who bought out ING)) was not listed. I last pulled a report and score on April 10, 2014 and it showed up there (EQ) and also showed up on credit monitoring reports in April, but it's gone from all three this month. My EQ report actually says, "You have no mortgage accounts." The account had a DOFD of March, 2010, but the foreclosure was not finalized until April, 2012. TU has always reported it as expected to come off March, 2017. I don't know what to think. I know Cap One filed an insurance claim because the insurer called to talk to me last month so maybe they got the insurance money and just put it to bed? I did not dispute the account so that's not the reason it's gone. I've not had an unexplained score jump either. Thoughts? I don't know if I should celebrate or worry. I mean, it's great if it really and truly is gone and as far as problems go, this is a good one to have, I just feel like there's another shoe about to drop. Has anyone ever heard of a foreclosure being deleted 3 years early??
  3. Hello all, New to the boards here, but I have to say the amount of knowledge that's shared is pretty amazing. I think that is awesome that everyone takes the time to help each other out as much as they can. I ruined my credit years back, and I'm finally on the road to redemption. I do plan on posting my trade lines here on the boards for some insight, but I'm running short on time. So it will have to wait until another day. I do however have a question regarding the collection agency, National Account Systems. I have a dental bill in the amount of $131.00 that was overlooked. My DW put the bill on the fridge and forgot about it. Subsequently the dental office sent it to collections. Now normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but my dentist and his partner had a falling out and went their separate ways. So my dentist is no longer partners at that office anymore. I called the dental office told them that I pulled my reports and seen that I forgot to pay my bill, due to the fact that the account is now in collections. I asked if I could come up to the office over my lunch break and pay it directly to them as I really didn't want to deal with the collection agency. The account manager at the dental office said she would talk to the dentist and get back to me. I explained to her that I would like to have the collection agency's negative tradeline removed upon full payment to them. A gesture of goodwill. For goodness sake, I've been going to them for years and always paid. Well she calls me back and tells me that the dentist would like me to deal with the collection agency due to the obligation he has per their agreement. However, she did say he had no problem with them removing any negative information once the account was paid. The account manager informed me that she had already called the collection agency and informed them I would be calling. She gave me the contact info for the CA and I called them as soon as I could. I called the CA up and spoke to the accounts manager for the company. He told me that the dental office called, told him what had happened and that we could get everything taken care of upon receipt of full payment. He had no issues with deleting the tradeline. Now I know what everyone says on these boards "Never call a CA!" Normally I live by that mantra, but I thought this was a special circumstance due to the situation and my relationship with my dental office. So the accounts manager tells me that if I want to pay over the phone with my card he can get that tradeline deleted ASAP. So right before I pay I ask what the total cost is going to be. He proceeds to tell me that it will be $131.00 for the past due bill and a $159.00 fee to delete the negative tradeline. I asked him why he did not inform me of this before he wanted to take my payment. Then it hit me, he works for a CA, and due to my laps in judgement, I almost thought they could actually do the right thing. I told him while I understood that he is in the business to collect on the behalf of his clients, that is an extremely unethical way to conduct business. Then credit boards popped into my head, and I told the CA "Thanks for your time and have a great day!" Now I have searched the boards, but all I can find is information related to PFD. My question is this. Is what this accounts manager did illegal. To me it really felt like I was being extorted. I know...I shouldn't be surprised. What I want to do is call them back and say that I have no choice but to pay their deletion fee, but I need it in writing before I pay. Something that say after receiving $290.00 the tradeline will be removed. That way I can show that the original balance will be satisfied, then the ball will be in their court to explain the other $159.00 charge. What do you all think? Sorry, first post! I will practice condensing my information! Thanks guys.
  4. Does anyone know if these vampires are still in business? (I know, they sold their portfolio to Ocwen a few months ago, but if I dispute a TL, will anyone respond, or will it quietly drop from my CR?)
  5. Good Morning Fellow CBers! I am down to my final and last baddie. Here is a little background and i would love to have ANY and ALL input on what direction i should go... (BTW with the help of YOU folks i have had success in moving my FAKOs from the mid 500's to 695...I know it isnt true FICO but it is an improvement so i really appreciate the helps from ALL!!!!) Okay: Capital One original Bal 500 charged off to a little over 1750 out of SOL (in texas) I have contacted their "help" line and was willing to pay the total amount charged off for a deletion but lady told me they "cannot" delete information.(which i know is inaccurate..probably what she is scripted to read) even if i paid the full amount. I am really stuck at this point on what to do...PLEASE HELP....
  6. I am trying to have 2 mortgage company remove 1 foreclosure and one charge off from my credit. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. After legal separation from my ex husband, he had the terms of the primary and secondary mortgage changed without my signature or knowledge. In regards to the primary mortgage, he exercised an option to extend the Interest Only payment that was set to expire after 5 years. The option was to extend for an additional 5 years. Which he changed during a legal separation. On the secondary mortgage, the payment was based on principal and interest, he changed to interest only without my signature or knowledge. Additionally I was never notified of the foreclosure in writing by either lender. Does the terms changing without my consent and while I did not reside in the home help in getting this foreclosre removed? Or is there any other way to fight this with the lender or credit reporting agencies? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I posted on here last week about Equifax being slow to remove 4 negative accounts from my husbands report. The original lender agreed to remove the accounts and we have a letter in writing confirming this. This was only 2 weeks ago and Experian has removed 3 of the 4. Transunion has removed all 4. But nothing from equifax. At first I thought it was because they are just slow, so I figured I'd give them 30 days to update- but... After talking to a rep there, they said they never received a request from the OC to remove which I know is bogus since the other bureaus did so. What should I do? I'm disputing the 4th account that's still in my experian... Should I go that route with equifax? Will sending in the letter from the OC help? Thanks!
  8. I received a letter today from MCM stating that they have instructed the three major CRAs to delete the account from my credit file...yippee!!! But wait...then it said it does not affect any credit reporting of this account by the OC. So I'm guessing the OC will still report this in my credit file?? Has anyone else ever received a letter similar to this?
  9. So back in January I found out I was the victim of ID theft- someone applied for and received a Sears card and a Best Buy card using my information. Thankfully I have USAA monitoring so the problem was discovered in a matter of days. A police report was filed, and both accounts have been closed and deleted from my credit reports, but the inquiries for those accounts remain. I have fraud alerts on all three CRAs as a result of this ID theft, so is there any downside to disputing these INQs for removal? I'm going to be looking for an apartment and a car loan in August, and would like my report to be as clean and accurate as possible. Thanks!
  10. I have a BK13 that was dismissed due to divorce and a BK7 that's been discharged after the fact. After my BK7 was discharged in 2010, I decided to dispute the BK7 on my reports because there was inaccurate information about the BK's even though I did in fact file for BK. TU was the only CRA to immediately delete my BK's from my reports, which I was happy with to start. I'm working on this report and wondering how I should dispute the accounts that were actually included in the BK. Should I dispute them as "Not Mine" or "Inaccurately being reported" or something of that sort? I don't want TU to try to locate and validate the BK and put it back on my report as all my accounts that were included state they're scheduled to report until 2015 - 2017 at the latest and then they'll drop off, which is okay I guess, but at the same time, I want this over ASAP, of course. I know I'm probably pushing my luck though. Some of these accounts are being reported incorrectly with incorrect balances and showing "charged off", or late payments even though I've never had a late payment in my life. I thought once I filed the BK, the OC couldn't try to collect funds and I was protected by the BK laws. I would think they can't report me as late at that point as long as I was up to date with all my payments as of the day I filed, which was the case. Any advice on how to dispute these accounts would be greatly appreciated.. or if I'm just plain outta luck and shouldn't even attempt to do anything Thanks!
  11. Right when I could see the light at the end of the tunnel... I'm almost completely done with my cleaning up my credit, but Experian is a killing me. 2 weeks ago I sent "delete as obsolete" letters to TU and EX for the last of my baddies as it was within 2-3 mos. of DoFD . EQ was done successfully online. A week later the account had been deleted from my TU, and today 3/18/13 I received the official response letter from TU indicating the account had been deleted. I just did my daily monitoring pull to see if by some miracle it dropped from EX, but it hadn't which I expected, and I planned on calling anyway. Business Name PLATINUM PARTNERS & AS Inquiry Date 3/18/2013 Business Type Other Collection Agencies I have never received any letters or phone calls from this agency, nor have I even heard of this agency, let alone had any correspondance with them. How should I approach this? Should I dispute with EX asap online, over phone, or in letter? Should I send a letter requesting removal directly to the CA citing Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 1681b©? I've read the horror stories about disputing a unauthorized inquiry only to have it re-verify or lead to bigger headaches. Up until now my clean up and reestablish has been relatively headache free, so I definitely do not want to approach this wrong and set myself back a couple more months, or worse years, but I'm definitely itchin to bring the pain to whomever I must Thanks in advance for any input or advice.
  12. Curious if anybodies had any luck getting a $0 charge off balance being reported by an original creditor deleted WHEN it was also being reported by the JDB/CA who bought it but both listings didn't appear on any 1 report? Have an old charge off that was sold and the outstanding debt (which is grossly inflated) is currently only reported by Experian, and is not reflected on TU or EQ reports. However the $0 debt (and not the inflated jdb/ca version) is being reported to TU & EQ. I'm trying to get the $0 listing deleted from EQ in hopes of being approved for a Chase SW Visa. They currently won't approve it because this card makes it appear I had a derog Chase card but it was actually a Capital 1 card, bought by WaMu became WaMu card and was never even owned by Chase when I had the card. (which was stolen by a former roommate and charged up- hence the CO). I was thinking of requesting deletion with CRA's directly on the basis of the $0 CO being obsolete but don't want them to somehow start reporting the sold off version which is $3k. I also considered requesting deletion since it was already being reported (duplicate) but its not actually reported twice on any of the 3 reports as discussed above.... Just trying to figure out the best angle to try to get the $0 on EQ deleted... Any ideas?? TIA. What I would like to get deleted appears like this: CHASE BANK USA, NA Show Details XXXX 04/17/2005 $0 01/17/2012 CHARGE-OFF $2,500
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