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Found 11 results

  1. I have 2 negatives on my CR. Absolutely not mine !!! No way they can prove it, I"ll fight to the death. How much of a rise should I see in my score when they are removed? Anyone know how long it will take? I just sent letters to the big 3 Thursday. Someone out there has to have at least a guess????
  2. I just got a Midland tradeline deleted from my credit reports. I first submitted a DV and Midland quickly validated (the debt was legit). I called Midland to settle* -- I offered to pay in full ($200) if Midland agreed to delete the tradeline from my 3 credit reports. They refused, saying they would only update the tradeline to paid in full. I ended up walking into a brick and mortar T-Mobile store and asking to check on the status of an old account I had with them. The T-Mobile agent told me the account had been sold to a CA, but I asked if he could call customer service and see if I could pay the account right there in full. After a quick call, corporate agreed, and I walked out with a paid in full receipt showing my account number, phone number, address, and name on the account. I faxed a letter and receipt to Midland disputing the charges as already paid in full to T-Mobile and demanding they delete the their three reported negative tradelines from my credit report. I was denied via mail. I called Midland and asked them to explain the denial. I again explained my dispute verbally. After a few minutes on hold, Midland's customer service representative told me they agreed with my dispute and were going to be deleting the tradelines. The entire process took 15 days. A few takeaways: I read tons of horror stories about Midland on these boards. If you can afford it, I think (when trying to delete T-Mobile related tradelines with Midlands) this method is the easiest way to do it. After Midland agreed to delete, I filed a dispute with the three CRA and it speeds up the process of the change showing up on your credit report. *Many people say not to call their consumer support, but if you let them know you are recording the conversation and you're knowledgable about your FCRA rights, I have always found disputing faster via phone.
  3. Macy's had two 30 day lates on all 3 of my CRs. Almost 2 months ago, I wrote to Macy's with a DV style letter asking them to verify/validate the lates. After a month, I got impatient and wrote to all 3 CRAs with an enclosed copy of my letter to Macy's along with the certified mail receipt. I simply stated that Macy's hadn't responded to my letter. While on the phone with an EX CSR last week, it asked her to delete the lates from Macy's because I felt they were obsolete. She denied me by stating that they had more than a year left. Oh well. It was worth a shot. Now during this time, I have opened a new Macy's account and Macy's has closed my old account. However, I have left the new account dormant so that it doesn't show on my CRs. This morning I checked my EQ CR and Macy's trade lines have been deleted. Just waiting on TU and EX to follow suit. If TU and EX end up not deleting my lates from Macy's, do you think that I could dispute by sending in a copy of my new account with a copy of my new card stating that the old Macy's account is not mine? P.S. Macy's eventually answered my letter stating that the lates had been verified as correct. BAHAHA!!!! Of course they verified.
  4. Yup, it’s true. About two weeks ago I disputed a paid civil judgment online with EX and TU (it wasn't reporting on EQ). The judgment was due to be removed late next year. TU came back a few days ago with a deletion, but I wasn’t holding out much hope for EX. I get an email from them last night and they, too, have deleted!! This is wonderful. The only other negative on my three CRs now is a paid federal tax lien from 2012. It’s really affecting my scores and I’ve asked the IRS to withdraw but it doesn’t look likely. Anyway, I’m happy about this victory. I want to add that before I came to CB in November, I really didn't realize it was possible to fight the bureaus and CAs. I find that I quite enjoy it and I've gotten rid of medical collections and that judgement and now am hoping the IRS will be responsive regarding the lien. I have an unsecured credit card for the first time in about 10 years -- and it's got nice limit -- and a 2.49 percent auto loan, when my other car loan was at 17 percent! (Thanks DCU. I love you.) It's all happened so fast. You guys should know how much your advice helps others. I don't go a day without reading this board. Thank you so very much.
  5. OMG. I had a paid civil judgment that I was trying to get rid of. I disputed it on TU and EX (EQ wasn't reporting it), and had no response from GW attempts with the OC. I tried WhyChat's method. Bingo! TU wrote today to say it was *deleted.* Wow! I'm still waiting to hear back from EX (I'm not holding out much hope for that one, though). Now I have to work on a paid fed tax lien. I've asked the IRS to withdraw it but it seems unlikely. We'll see. Thanks so much for your help, CB!! Oh, and I also had a medical collection on there that was due to be removed from the report in two months so I disputed that as obsolete. That was removed too!!! Yay.
  6. It feels so good! After five years I finally got EX to delete my paid judgement. It took many letters and methods (jack attack, whychat's, nutcase, etc), many phone calls (most to special handling), multiple BBB disputes, and a CFPB dispute. But in the end what did the trick was a simple Fax. I guess they got sick of hearing from me and knew I wasn't going to stop disputing.
  7. I just signed up to this website today, and I am still not quite sure how it all works. I tried looking through some of the posts for the answer to my question, but the site was so big it was kind of overwhelming. Anyway, my question is, is that I just viewed my credit report and found that I have a medical account for $1000 that was first opened in november 1 2007. it was then updated november 1 2008. I never made any payments to this account (I was not aware of it until now). I read that after 7 years any delinquent account is deleted from your report. Is this true? and if it is, would it be from 2007 or 2008? with there only being 1 year left before it is deleted, would it even be worth trying to pay off? I only have 2 open accounts that I am paying off on my report, and have paid off a car. one of the accounts is a couple of months away from being paid off, and the other is a revolving account. my score is pretty low right now, but I figure it would go up significantly when I pay off one of the accounts in a few months. is this true? I know I have lots of questions, but I am really just starting out with a family and just now paying attention to my credit. i'm a little overwhelmed!!
  8. Happy to say that after DVing Midland for the fiance with the basic DV from WhyChat's Page, Midland has responded to an out of SOL T-Mobile debt saying ... "Based on the information provided to use, we have instructed the three major credit reporting agencies to delete the above referenced MCM account from your credit file. Blah Blah Blah Blah" Thanks CB... Thanks WhyChat.. Pressing Forward!
  9. So I deleted all old Addys off EQ and Transunion and obviously didnt fly with Experian... I opted out... and i no longer live at the address I was at when these things were filed.. I sent off my own version of a SAME NAME DISPUTE and disputed all the public records in one swoop... So far with Transunion the judgement is gone (they only recorded one) but both BKs still show But as far as EQUIFAX... THE PUBLIC RECORD SECTION IS CLEAN! Experian dispute as far as I know (i cant get in the backdoor anymore) is still in dispute as of about 2 days ago... BKs were supposed to fall off in October 2014 and 2015 respectively... i filed 13 in two desperate attempts to get an Automatic stay on the property i was trying to save at the time that had a ridiculous ARM on it that i knew no better about. Soooo.... how does it go now with disputing accounts that have the bankruptcy notation on them on the report. Does this make it easier...no difference?.. Any special strategies? Will keep everyone posted on the Transunion and Experian outcomes.. I havent received letters from any of the 3 but signed up for monitoring today to see this progress.
  10. So fired off some disputer letters to all three bureaus for the fiancee at the end of May and already received the results of the dispute from Transunion.... Talk about service with a !! Anyhow, so out of 4 disputed accounts, 3 were deleted, and among the included MIDLAND CREDIT MANAGEMENT for an old T-Mobile account!!! ... So right before we got to celebrating the victory as I was very worried if this was going to be daunting.. i also opened a collection letter that didnt look like any of the usual suspects. It read as follows... Dear Fiancee, The purpose of this letter ir to request your assistance so that we may reach a quick resolution to your dispute. As part of our investigation of your dispute, it would be helpful to have a copy of any documentation you may have that supports your dispute. In the interim, we have requested that the three major consumer credit reporting agencies change the status of this account to "Disputed."* Examples of such documentation include the following 1. Paid In Full or Account Settled: (examples were listed) 2. Fraud: (examples listed) 3. Balance Discrepancy: (examples listed) 4. Death of consumer owing the debt: (examples listed) Please mail any documentation you may have to support your claim to: Attention: Consumer Support Services PO Box 939069 San Diego, CA 92193 We can be reached at (800) 825-8131 ext 32980 should you have further questions. SIncerely, COnsumer Support Services *****THIS NEXT LINE IS WHAT IS LEADING ME TO THINK WE HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT**** *Your credit report will not be updated if the federal reporting period has expired. MAIL CORRESPONDENCE BUT NO PAYMENTS TO: blah blah blah address.... So what i am being led to believe is that maybe they realized that this account is outside of SOL.. the account went bad back in 2005 at latest... instead of disputing using SOL, i did a verison of Not Mine to bureaus first... Midland account was opened in 2011 on the report but looks like they were smart. Anyone think there is anything to worry about with this showing back up? Is oru letter showing DELETED grounds for dispute if this were to occur. Thanks in advance for all replies.. PS.. Also deleted were a Macys account and old Hooters card with Merrick... JEFFERSON CAPITAL SYSTEM for an old charged off checking account that never even went to ChexSystems is still showing..
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