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Found 15 results

  1. I have been lurking on the boards and finally got the nerve to start getting things in order. I have looked at why chat's HIPPA process (Thanks for all the nice info Why Chat, by the way) but I am still little confused on how to proceed in my case. This is my situation. 1. I have 2 paid collections showing from 4 years ago (yes I know, I shouldn't have paid, i didn't know). QUESTION: Should I send a pre-HIPPA or dispute letter to get these off my CR? 2. I have lived at my current address for 10+ years but one of bill and subsequent collection is from time when I went visiting my folks and had to go ER (in a different state). The bills for the visit went to my parents address first before they started coming to my current address. I used to live at that (parents) address while I was going to school so it does showup on my CR QUESTION: Should I do address delete first and then the dispute letter? 3. I recently called the another OC regarding another bill and while talking to CSR, asked her if I had any other bills and she confirmed that I do have some older bills but they have been sent to CA (they are being reported on my CR) and validated the right amount as being reported on my CR. So I asked her if I could pay her directly and then they could tell the CA to take it off my report. She said NO and said I have to contact the CA about paying it off or a settlement. QUESTION: Should I still do the dispute letter first or should I just do the payment to the Health Care Provider, since I kinda already validated the debt? So I am confused at the very first step I should take. Any guidance will help.
  2. First let me say that it is a pleasure being a part of this awesome community/forum, and I look forward to learning so much from you all. This site has given me renewed hope in my quest to obtain more favorable credit scores! I have only been a member for a couple weeks (newbie) and probably spent 5 hours my 1st day trying to read all the info (not possible). Therefore, I look forward to a long long relationship with creditboards.com. Current Score Situation: EX 596 TU 576 EQ 532 A little background... 1 BKO - Discharged 9/2009 2 Charge Offs - Accounts I did not authorize/open (furniture acct & credit card) 8 Student Loans - Reporting 90-120 (deferment request not processed, their error) 10 Collections - (8 Hospital/ER, 1 Installment, 1 Appliance Warehouse) About the fraud... I have 5 accounts that were opened fraudulently. A police report was filed, also completed an FTC ID Theft Affidavit, sent to all 3 CRA's about 50 days ago. To date all those accounts haven't been blocked. EQ has been the only CRA to respond, in fact EQ said they investigated and determined 3 of the accounts belong to me (not true). I am furious because I don't know what else to do. I would greatly appreciate any advice you all can give me that might be helpful and getting this stuff removed. I will also continue to reading the threads as well. Thanks, Prodigy
  3. EX deleted all of my addresses that were tied to negative TL's ! Yeeeee Hawwwww !!! Just a little FYI....I told them I was worried about identity theft since I havent lived there for over 20 years. (Which is true)
  4. hello everyone, I've been a longtime fan of this site and have used its advice to progress my credit repair over the years. I guess I should describe my situation because where I'm at now will be my second time (unfortunately) in the rodeo.... I fixed my credit back in 06-07 and applied/ got approved for numerous lines of credit. I guess this was at the peak when they were just handing out anyone without income a CC. At one point I had a: Audi Visa- $2G, BofA Visa $5G, Macys store-$3G, Discover $2G, 2 HSBC MCs at $2G each, a Carecredit at $3G, a PayPal $2G, a Home Depot $1G, and a couple of other smaller lines. I had a job, I paid on time and then the recession hit and I lost said job and stopped paying because there was no way to keep up. It was either pay rent in Manhattan and eat or pay the minimums on all of these cards that had high balances due to the fact I had to buy my food/other survival items on them. Fast forward a year (2010/11) and everything was charged off. My credit went from a 785 to a 490 with numerous collections (F U Midland ) I have worked steadily over the past year trying to get these items removed and have been quite successful without the help of any outside companies. It takes time and patience but it works for the most part. My question for the experts is this. I have been very strategic and had every collection deleted, I have had all inquiries purged, I even had a judgement vacated (which I heard was nearly impossible). I now need to know how to get the OC's off because they are fighting. I have sent DV letters to all of them and they have sent me bills with my name but no signature or anything else that I would think would be needed in a court of law. Some of the items show a $0 balance/ charged off and are under the negative section of my report. If they are $0 balance then why are they being reported? All of the collections accounts tied to these have agreed to delete because I assume they are just lazy. These companies have already written off my bad debt and there is nothing benefiting them by continuously reporting these accounts right? I have even gotten the CFPB involved (their site is great) and it produces tangible results. But not always... What would you guys recommend? If I continue to dispute the OC with them directly and the CRA will they just call it frivolous and throw my dispute in the trash? Is there a way to offer a pay for deletion on these old accounts if they are written off? (I dont think the OC will even accept the monies owed at this stage). I just hate that some of these old accounts are still lingering and mucking up my reports when Ive made phenomenal progress by getting the Collections removed... Do I just have to suck it up and wait for them to drop off? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated
  5. Hello everyone...I am new to the board but have a rather "small" situation for which I am trying to gather my thoughts! Story: I Helped my mother obtain electric for her house since she was not able to put it in her own name without a deposit. Therefore, the bill was placed in my name and they were sent to her address where service was listed for. Recently, she moved to a new residence and was able to obtain electric in her own name. When I called to have the service disconnected I provided them with an address to have the final bill sent. Apparently, the final, bill indicating it was being sent to collections, the letter(s) from the collection agency were never received at the new address. I found out about the collections because I have fredit monitoring on my credit report. I noticed it today and immedieatly called the collections agency and paid the past due amount. My problem is they are not willing to delete the debt from my credit report. I did some research and tried to work with them and they claim that legally they are not able to remove this debt from my report. However, I have spoke to a few Credit Repair agencies and they feel different. I am skeptical if they can get it removed but I have submitted a dispute with the credit agency for which they reported it to. I am not confident that Equifax will get it removed but I figured I would try. Can any of you all offer some stories, suggestions or anything of that nature that I can try to do to get this done. My credit score went from a 722 to a 643 because of this $128 collections bill! I am hoping that I can get it deleted so my score will return to normal... Thanks Kyle
  6. I received a letter dated 1/28/14 from CMRE Financial stating confirmation that the request for deletion has been submitted to the credit bureaus. I checked Experian online and it is still there. I'm planning on sending out a letter tomorrow with a copy of the CMRE letter via certified mail to see if I can speed up the deletion. This was my only collection account, so I am pretty excited! I followed WhyChat's HIPAA Letter Program and it took just under 60 days to get this deleted. The trade line was from 2009, with an open date of 2008. It was opened in California while i was in NY. I also filed a complaint with the NY Dept of Consumer Affairs and the California Better Business Bureau. SOL for both states had tolled so I felt pretty comfortable making a nuisance of myself. I had contacted an attorney to help me resolve this and she wanted to charge me $2,000. The collection amount was less than that, so I figured a PFD would be better. But luckily it didn't come to that. Thanks, WhyChat!
  7. Hello CB!! This is my very first post here on CB and looking for help! I started my journey by going through Sky Blue Credit Repair and to be completely honest They were great, but now after looking through this forums for many months I feel it is now my turn to finish the Job. 05/2013- exp- 560 5 derogs eq- 535 5 derogs tu-590 5 derogs 12/ 2013- exp- 675 2 derogs eq-643 3 derogs tu-708 1 derog The main derogs were collections which I paid and had deleted, but the one aspect of my credit report I cannot seem to get handled is my CO from wells fargo when I was 18 and didnt realize that their supposed "over draft protection" was BS. That $ 300 credit line turned into me paying 857 3 years later So now its time to really boost my credit and heres my plan: 1. Get my previous address deleted 2. Jack attack the infractions, one that I will attack is the fact that the CRA did not follow the 30-60-90-120-150 progression with wells fargo In the mean time credit app spree Goal is 3 new cards! Currently I have: Premiere- 300 CL 2 years perfect payments Credit One- 500 CL 5 months perfect payment HFCU 20,000 @4.5% 2 years perfect payment Current UTIL 4% Please I need additional advice, comments and concerns. The only drawback is I do leave for the NAVY 2/5/2014 Goals! Exp 725 Eq 700 Tu 750
  8. Hi, guys, I've been lurking on this board for about a week and this is my first question: I have a default judgment on my CRA from two years ago. It was for some master level college courses that I never finished. Anyway, I moved and got really sick and didn't realize I was being sued by the school until after the default judgment. The school's attorney really pressed me to pay quickly with the threat of wage garnishment. I was scared so I paid off the $6,600 in eight months. It's one of three dings on my CRA (other is a medical collection for under $1,500 and a federal tax lien that has been satisfied.) I've pretty much stayed away from credit since but I now understand I have to get back in the game. Can you advise me on how to get the civil judgment removed? Should I try a GW letter to the school or to the school's attorney? I actually have written to the IRS and asked them to remove the lien and it's probably that they'll do it (under the Fresh Start program). i'll post my question about the medical debt in the medical forum, but hoping you can help me with the judgment part. Is it possible that it can be done? If the school won't respond to GW, what should be my next step? Thanks so much. You guys are wonderful! Btw, I checked my fico two weeks ago and my scores are 593, 632 and 647.
  9. I'm trying to boost my credit to get in the 640+ range. Middle score is 588. Sending letter's to remove old addresses from CRA's, what does this do and how can this help me? Any adverse effects will this cause? Will a CRA actually remove previously reported addresses? Does this help scores, or is this just for the purpose of avoiding identity theft?
  10. Wrote Georgia Power a Goodwill PFD asking if the account could be deleted upon payment in full (balance was only $101) ... they wrote back stating that they would do so if payment was received by the 29th of this month and also stated they report on the last day of each month and to give up to 15 days for deletion to reflect on reports. Searched the threads to see someone else successfully was able to get a paid accoutn deleted as well. Im not going to push the signature route on this one.. I'll chime back in to inform of the account in fact being deleted but this is DEFINITELY more progress than I've seen couple times over in the threads with Georgia Power...
  11. Sooo, I started my credit repair journey about a month ago and have gotten a few collections removed. I have 2 medical collections by ucb. I sent ucb collections a dv letter using whychat's process for medical collections. They sent me a letter about 2 weeks ago saying they will no longer pursue me for payment and have ordered the all 3 cra's to remove the collections. HOWEVER, its been 2 weeks since and the collections are still reporting. I should also mention that these accounts are also in dispute with the cra's and the investigation isn't finished yet. I don't know what to do. How long should it take for it to be deleted? Any advice would be great!! :-)
  12. I have a cc charge-off that was settled for less than the full balance but they are reporting the difference that I did not pay as the current balance. I want this account deleted, not merely marked as paid/settled. How should I proceed? Any advice is appreciated.
  13. I have been searching for hours through CreditBoards and google with no real answer regarding removing charge offs on my CR. I have two HSBC charge offs on my account that were charged off in 2009. Before discovering this board and (trying) educating myself I started trying to repair my credit and paid them off through the collection agencies. I am now trying to find out if there is a way to get these two TL's deleted from my report. I have been searching leading to more questions regarding this issue. Should I try GW, DV, 623 Dispute? Since I paid these through a CA would any of this be relevant? I was thinking of DV'ing both accounts and hopeing they don't respond, or 623 disputing stating last reported payment is wrong. My question is basically what route should I pursue, and since they are already paid can I DV the OC? Also it seems I have found varied outcomes with the HSBC accounts since they were purchased by Cap One, has one course of action been more sucseful than others? Sorry it it seams like I am rambling on, just feel overwhelmed and it seams like the more I learn the more questions I have. Made some mistakes in the past, now trying to correct things. Thank You, -Brandon
  14. I have been advised that I should not send a DV letter on an alleged account from a JDB, but rather wait approximately 6 months in hopes that the JDB does not file suit before the SOL passes. This account was charged off by the original creditor and by my accounts this has been with at least 2 to 3 CA’s or JDB’s prior to the current JDB. The thought is that by DV’ing the JDB it might bring more attention to the alleged account thereby causing them to file suit. I have other items on my credit report that I would like to dispute such as charge offs, and late pays. If I start to work on these items and am successful in getting these removed will this action also draw unwanted attention to my account from the JDB.
  15. So I sent letters a week or so ago to all three CRAs to have old addies removed and then today I received an email alert from creditkarma saying there is a Fraud Alert placed on my Transunion report. I think all 3 will have the alert since they send the alerts to each other. Is this a regular accurance? I used Whychat's advice and said in the letter that I'm concerned about identity theft and that's why I wanted the old addies removed. Is this a problem or is it no biggie?
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