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  1. Was just in my local DCU branch and they had signage all over about this offer, though I have not yet received any direct messaging from them about it. https://www.dcu.org/whats-new/zero-percent-balance-transfer.html
  2. Does DCU give out Equifax FICOs with accounts other than Credit Cards? I thought I read somewhere that they include it if you have a savings account with them, does anyone know if that's correct?
  3. Last months thread Mine is up from 744 to 787!
  4. Hi Marv, Marv Question because your the only one that came to mind while i been car shopping recently. i recently applied and was approved by nfcu for 56k over 6 months at 4% but the car is really for my soon to be wife. and insurance has been under her name for the longest. so question is would i be able to proceed to finance and insure and register under my wife, using NFCU ?
  5. +40 to 721 My third 1992 Amex reported and I passed an anniversary on my student loan baddies. I also lost a few inquiries, but I doubt that is responsible for much.
  6. Hey CBers! I am in need of advice. Just completed an App Spree for DW. (I am still waiting on a few things, then I will post the whole shabang!) Nonetheless, at the end of the App Spree I decided to do a few last apps for some CU's (lesson learned, All Newbies, PLEASE READ CB BEFORE ATTEMPTING ON YOUR OWN!!). Alliant pulled a soft and DCU pulled a hard. The dilemmas are that 1) DCU approved her as a "Limited Member" due to balances on open accounts and current accounts less than 2 yrs old and are saying that they must pull another hard for any other apps (i.e. CC and LOC). So should I allow them to pull a hard, the new CR will show the app spree (inquiries and new accounts) and I am worried this could adversely affect her membership. OR is there anyone I can talk to that may be able to change the decision to do another hard pull? 2) Alliant says they would need to pull a hard since they only pulled a soft to join. Hence I am worried about the app spree showing up with all the new accounts and inquiries, is it worth a try? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks, BD
  7. Checked my EQ score at MyFico last Thursday and it was a 682. Joined DCU the next day since I may be in the market for a new vehicle in the coming months. Checked my messages online at DCU yesterday and my EQ score was 657. Nothing has changed on my reports except a $500+ payment to my Amex Gold, which reported yesterday. The DCU score comes directly from EQ, right? Are they using different scoring models?
  8. Just a PSA - Dropped to 1.24%. Not sure if there's a thread around here that I missed?
  9. Can't seem to get it to actually upload anything ... I'm overseas currently so the print & fax option is not much fun. Did anyone ever get this to work using a browser? (Yes, I called... they said they had no idea and suggested that I email it in ... yep, clear-text email... grrrr...)
  10. So, I have a new DCU account, a member name and password, and I have opted in to get a free fico equifax each month... but I don't see where on the dashboard to get the score! do they send it to you or do you have to call? I can't find anywhere on the dashboard to click for this information. But then I am seriously handicapped when it comes to innovation on the computer. I need to be led to the water...
  11. I would like to know if anyone knows if DCU will pull TU for an auto loan if the EQ report is frozen or will they request to have the EQ unfrozen?
  12. So, I was brave and asked DCU for a CLI on my credit card, Knowing it would be a hard on EQ... Well, to my surprise, they hit TU as well, and TRIED to hit EX. When I was talking to the LO, It didn't dawn on me at the time that she mentioned my freeze on EX, and she also mentioned that I judgements in one place and not the other... IN any case. moral of the story, DCU might pull all three.
  13. Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm not nearly as experienced as most on here but just have a general observation and am trying to determine the age old question of "why" My wife and I both have (about to close them) accounts with DCU for almost 2 years - with both have what I would consider to be fairly good scores - I'm a 718 FICO with around 9 inquires and my wife is a 754 with far fewer inquiries and low utilization, she does not have any baddies and I have one (a CH 7 that was discharged in 2005) that is only on one bureau. DCU denied us for a joint credit card about 6 months ago- claimed we had sufficient credit and too many inquiries. The real salt in the wounds was that the loan officer even said - "you all wouldn't even qualify for a secured card". Crazy! Thought about refinancing both our vehicles about 3 weeks ago - went through all the motions with DCU and again denied. A reconsideration request was made and it was approved at 12.99% for one vehicle, they would not refi both. Forget that. So we had enough of that and opened a membership with Logix last week - it was like night and day. We opened our membership on the phone and during the process the rep clearly indicated what was going to occur and presented us with offers we couldn't resist - membership approved, interested in a 15K card? - Approved, interested in any refinancing? Both vehicles were approved at their lowest offered rates. Any interest in a personal loan? Sure, approved at 36 months at 8.99%. I don't quite understand how one CU that we've been with for nearly 2 years does not feel we are worth the risk for any sort of credit product while an entirely new CU membership that isn't even a day old felt we were a good risk and offered all those approvals? And as a side note....the refinance process for both vehicles went off without a hitch. We've since decided to begin winding down DCU and moving our funds to Logix. My only criticism would be their iPhone App is a bit lacking and they don't seem to support two separate logins like DCU. Thanks for any comments
  14. Two months ago I was approved for two lines of credit: - $3k Personal Loan - $5k Platinum Visa Card When I called DCU concerning the lines, the UW looked at my reports and stated that it was my choice on which line of credit I wanted. I chose the loan as I wanted to consolidate my debt. She told me that I had to establish a history of on-time payments with them before I would be eligible for another line of credit. How long would you suggest I wait before applying for the DCU Visa line? I'd love to get a $5k line to shoot for higher limits in four to six months!!! Thanks guys.
  15. I logged into DCU to check my score and there is nothing there for me nor my DW. Did others get their score already? Perhaps they have decided that we need a checking account now, since we each only have savings accounts?
  16. I DESPERATELY want to send my statements & copy of paystub in asap to get these paid and reporting. So please, I hope this great community can help clear up the questions I have below. The quicker I can get these answered, the sooner I can send my docs in. With that said, here is a bit of info before my questions. I appreciate EVERYONES help as this is very important to me right now. So thank you! I was approved by DCU for a debt consolidation loan yesterday. It doesn't cover all of my cc debt but about 90% of it,and I've never done a debt consolidation before over numerous CC's. The reasons why are a mixture, which will be explained in the following questions: -- What if you are going to get a CC or two paid off and the balance has gone up since the last statements were posted and the statements you provide to the banks won't cover it, how do you get the whole CC(s) paid off? -- What if there is a CC payment due in a few days, before the bank will most likely be able to post payments? Obviously that will change the amount due at the time they receive it making the total payments owed more than what the balance is. -- What if the statement(s), all paperless by the way, doesn't provide the entire account numbers, only the last four digits? DCU asked me to send statements with the entire account numbers on them. Right now I only have one statement out of seven that show all numbers. -- Can I ask them to put what is left over (approximately $140) onto a statement at my request? Or will I have no bearing as to where they put the money? Again, thank you all for your help in this time sensitive matter!!!!! I am so thankful for this community!
  17. Yesterday I was applying for new accounts and CLIs on my current cards, and I was trying to get a CLI on my DCU card. I was told to call in and check the status this morning, and this morning was told by an underwriter that my request was declined. The main reason? Too many recent accounts. The underwriter was listing the 4 accounts I opened in June, 2013 as the new accounts. I mentioned that I was trying to rebuild my credit and needed to add positive accounts. I asked him what he considered to be a new account and he said anything under a year. After pointing out that I don't carry balances, he offered to check my EX and come back with a counter offer, which I declined. It's a good thing the new accounts I was approved for yesterday aren't on there or he would have laughed at my application for a CLI. So if you have borderline credit and accounts under 12 months, don't burn an inquiry with DCU trying to get a CLI. If you call for recon, be prepared for them to pull EX as well. He actually tried to pull EX, but I have it frozen. I was a little disappointed in the decline for the CLI, but I have had the best month in my credit rebuilding so far. Barclay's $1500 CLI to $4500 NFCU PC from cashRewards to Flagship Rewards and $10000 CLI to $17500 NavChek $10000 CLI to $15000 Walmart $900 CLI to $1150 Lowe's (crappy limit ) $300 Amex PRG Chase Freedom $4500 Discover $8500 I'm waiting on a response from the Cap1 EO for a CLI as well.
  18. So I joined DCU -- just got all their letters, the debit card, and setup the online access thingie -- for the explicit reason to get free FICO from them. Now I have a few quick questions: How to put/transfer money into that account? I think I originally used a credit card; is that the best way? Should I put money in the checking or savings account? When I registered, the only way to qualify was to do the $5 school contribution thingie. Is that a monthly thing or what? And how is that done? Is it taken from my checking/savings account? How do I get the free FICO? Can't find it in the menus. Do I need something else, like having their credit card? What is the credit-related requirements to have a DCU? Friend of mine could use that (for the free FICO), but has FICOs below 640 and probably some baddies (trying to get him to order reports).
  19. woohoo Approved for a DCU card with a limit of 5k(My current highest card is 2k). I did not expect this but took a chance after reading about B*. I though even if there are inquiries I could B* EQ. Just confirmed by the loan dept after sending my DL and a paystub. Now I have to open a savings account for memmerbship(another hard inq but who cares)
  20. Wow. DCU just made me do a happy dance! I am trying to rebuild my credit and with a thin file – a 3-year-old car loan and 2-month-old Cap 1 secured CC with $350 limit and I knew I had to get other positive TLs, but I have an IRS lien on my report that was paid in 2012 and I've been was denied for two CC apps last year (Discover and Barclays). I have been working to get rid of all baddies (medical), and now with an EQ Fico of 679, I decided to try DCU for a cc. I called up today and talked to a pleasant woman who asked me what limit I’d like. I decided to shoot for the moon and asked for $10K. I also mentioned I’d also want an auto loan soon. She put me on hold and was gone for a looong time and I started to worry. When she came back she said the application was approved but they couldn’t give me the limit I requested. My heart sank, and then she countered with $7,500!! I was in shock. I never expected such a high limit and I’m ecstatic. She also qualified me for a car loan on the spot with the same pull! I still can't believe it. I have so much love for DCU right now. My rebuilding is definitely in progress. Thanks to everyone here for all your wonderful advice.
  21. Okay guys. I’m a bit dejected right now. I have a thin credit file – one 2.5-year-old auto loan, paid on time, and a two-month old Cap 1 secured card with a limit of $350. My negatives are a paid IRS tax lien that was satisfied in 2012 ($21K) and a civil judgment that was satisfied in 2010. I applied to have the tax lien withdrawn under the Fresh Start program, and the IRS initially said yes, and now they’re saying no because they accepted a settlement and so don't qualify for the withdrawal. I’m so frustrated. EQ is my cleanest report, showing the positive TLs but also the lien. EX and TU show both the lien and the judgment. My EQ Fico score is 679. I make $57K a year. Do you think DCU, which I understand pulls EQ, would approve me for a credit card? Not sure if Logix would approve me, and I doubt Discover would either. I need to add another positive TL to raise my score but I don’t want to waste and inquiry and ding my score if it’s not likely to be a favorable result. I appreciate your advice. Thanks.
  22. I only joined Aug, 2011, so I don't have any earlier e-mails. If you have the times DCU sent out your scores for months prior to Aug, 2011, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would post them, and I'll addd them to the Master FICO Effects Spreadsheet TIA, Bob Started by chugs102, Sep 27 10:14 AM (12:08 PM ET) Started by ckvb, Aug 30 2013 09:39 AM (11:09 AM ET) Jul 26 2013 11:09 AM ET Started by cv91915, Jun 28 2013 09:17 AM (11:12 AM ET) Started by chugs102, May 31 2013 09:44 AM (10:43 AM ET) Started by jkk4life, Apr 26 2013 09:50 AM (10:44 AM ET) Mar 29 2013 10:52 AM ET Started by cv91915, Feb 22 2013 12:37 PM (11:14 AM ET) Started by BDK, Jan 25 2013 11:09 AM (10:53 AM ET) Dec 28 2012 10:28 AM ET Started by Benji, Nov 30 2012 10:01 AM (10:09 AM ET) Started by BobWang, Oct 26 2012 12:57 PM (02:38 PM ET) OCT 01 2012 03:58 PM ET Started by BDK, Aug 31 2012 09:36 AM (11:01 PM ET) Jul 27 2012 10:49 AM ET Jun 29 2012 10:42 AM ET May 25 2012 10:10 AM ET Apr 27 2012 10:30 AM ET Mar 30 2012 10:16 AM ET Feb 24 2012 10:07 AM ET Jan 27 2012 10:06 AM ET Dec 30 2011 10:08 AM ET Nov 25 2011 12:47 PM ET Oct 28 2011 09:38 AM ET Sep 30 2011 10:30 AM ET Aug 26 2011 02:35 PM ET Started by shandrewsca, May 01 2011 10:51 AM
  23. Anyone else have this happen? Had an alert show up a few days ago saying that DCU reported a $4,500 balance. Thought this was a little weird since they don't usually report until the last day of the month, for me. FWIW, frontline CSR confirmed that they report last day of the month balance.
  24. Hey All, So we have decided (wife and I) to go back to DCU after being with Alliant - we plan to keep Alliant as an ACH hub. I would have thought since we were prior members at DCU and who closed accounts on good terms it would be fairly straightforward to open accounts and re-gain membership. Boy was I wrong. It's been nearly 2 weeks (tomorrow will be two weeks) - applied online but instead of being given a membership number I got a notification that I would be contacted in 24-48 hours - strange but ok. Was contacted by a Vanessa via e-mail - need a copy of my drivers license. Fine - scanned and sent within 30 mins of getting her e-mail. 48 hours later (Friday at near their closing time - need a copy of your SS card). Sent - and the wait game continues. The following Wednesday (over 48 hours but ok) requested to send in a copy of a paystub (why - not requesting a loan, but ok - done). Friday - again near close of business - "we now require a copy of a recent utility bill) Submitted. Today I call them - and they had no idea what the status was other than they needed a copy of my lease?!? I don't rent, I'm a homeowner - even stated such on their membership application; naturally their membership department was closed so it was a waste of time. I asked for Vanessa's extension but apparently they can't give it out. She doesn't provide her last name in any of her correspondence to me so I can't find her using their automated system. On my e-mail from last Friday, I requested her to contact me and gave my number..but no call. Is this their normal song and dance? I wish I knew what triggered all this paper work - first time around was immediately approved and my credit profile is nearly the same ~720 fico. I'm not sure it's worth it for a free FICO, quicker direct deposits, etc. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they come back and said they couldn't identify me or some other nonsense - if though I even provided my old Member ID.
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