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Found 8 results

  1. There are usually a lot of questions about why to apply for new Amex cards in January, particularly this time of year. Below is a brief explanation. When you have an Amex log in, you have a "Member Since" date. For example, here is what mine looks like when I log in to my account. Once you have established a "Member Since" date, every new Amex you open will show as being opened in the MS year. For example, every Amex I open reports as being opened in 1992. A new Amex will report the month that it was opened with the MS date as the year. For example, let's assume a MS date
  2. So my Amex reported upon refresh of USAA today. I have read that letting a balance report may, or may not, aid in the first reporting cycle. Here are my results: Two cards, approved same day, 30 days ago. PRG no balance/did not report first cycle. ED had a balance/reported first cycle, 30 days after acct opening, 3 days after statement close. If we can get more data on this we can establish how much the balance reporting method has on reporting the new accounts. Whether or not it is more common with revolvers opposed to charge cards. There must be a method to the mad
  3. Happy New Year's to all my fellow CBers: Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I had a quick question, I have read threads on D* and in everything I got a little confused. With regards to an AU card, IF the AU had their OWN AMEX in say 1993 would they be able to use that as a D* date if added on as an AU? I know that it is said AU D* is dead, however, I kinda got turned around in my readings, I think that it is dead with regards to the MAIN CC Acct Holder having D* and the AU trying to get the SAME D* that really wasn't theirs. I am assuming that if the AU had a potential D* o
  4. Trying to keep it short ... I have been away for a while. Came back this week to say hi in GD. Started reading around in CF and saw this thread: The Master Blacklist Black List Thread – Work In Progress, Help Needed Now, I haven't applied for an Amex since 2007. Back then, the CO was no longer on my reports. Only denied because of internal blacklist. Not sure when it actually CO'd. So, I thought WTH. I'll try. Applied for the Everyday card because it looked kind of cool. FACO on TU is 721. The rest are unknown. I do have quite a few other cards at this point with a
  5. I have a friend who had an Amex opened in 1985 but does not have one today. Their Experian FICO was 666 a month ago due to these factors: Pluses: Utilization: 8% Oldest Account: 20 years Average Age: 10 years Inquiries: Zero Minuses: 3 Public Records (3 federal tax liens from Feb 2012, two say released, one not showing that) Only 2 Accounts in good standing No recent non-mortgage installment loans Most recent late payment 1 year 6 months ago (60 days late January 2013 on car loan) I think an Amex backdated to 85 would be a great addition to their credit report, but don't want to have the
  6. Okay, so I know that AU's have gotten drastically less d* love in the last year or two... but how about if a current/past Amex customer applies jointly with a person that has never had an Amex and they fight to get the account d*? Has anyone done this? Does it work? Again, I'm sorry if this has come up before- I've said it many times- I SUCK at the search feature on here.
  7. Dr. Wang, I need a diagnosis. I can't see where you have given a definitive answer in a CB search, so I will ask. I have no D* connections anywhere. I do however have a corporate green card that is 7 years old. If I can get in with AMEX individually, will I be able to D* to my corporate card date? I have been opted out for about 3 years now. I was going to opt back in. I am thinking that if I get opted in and start getting offers from AMEX on my online account or prescreeened by mail, not just invitation to apply, that would link to my current account which says "Member si
  8. A little background: I got an Amex Delta gold card in 2006, and then got unemployed and it charged off in 2008. I paid off the chargeoff in January of 2012, and was finally approved two weeks ago for the Delta Gold again (after applying FOUR times). When I got my card, it said "13". On the website, it said "Member since 05". Ebuddog: Hi, my member since date is incorrect on my card. Rep: It sure is! Let me get with the printing department to see what the issue is. (puts me on hold for 5 mins. I'm kind of getting nervous) Rep: Okay, looks like they printed up a whole bunch of cards a
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