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Found 4 results

  1. i have an issue with my Tu. I get it every month via Discover. Does anyone else have an issue with wild fluctuations month to month? Im going to want a car soon. Id rather walk in with a "good" credit score rather than a "fair" one. I have a friend who says his is the same every month. He has much better credit, I dont know if that makes a difference. Lets see. I use all my cards at least every other month. I pay off balances within two weeks most of the time. I do use one card much more than the others because it has a lower interest rate. My utilization rate has been 10% or less all year. Im kind of stumped and aggravated. *shrug*
  2. Hello Everyone! Been lurking this forum for the past year and finally decided its time to fix my credit. I am still young and would like to raise my score to the 700's over the next 18 months before I settle down and all that jazz. My current score is 624 and all of my debt is relatively small the biggest one being $3,800 from citibank. The citibank one has been taken to collections. The other two are $600 and $200 from medical bills which both are in collections. I am rounding up grad school and just got a job and I believe I can easily pay these off aggressively. I am wondering if I should go with a non profit counselor agency that can help me reduce the interest rate of my citibank amount and help me pay off the others or should try to go on this journey on my own. Also one of the debts is like $83 with a Macy card. I want to pay them off but I am trying to figure out a way to do this and they do not just close and charge off my account like the VS card. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. My mom's credit is hurting because of my dad.They have been divorce for quite some times now but unfortunately,there were some bills that under my mom's name still sent to my dad's house,and of course,being a jerk that he is,he didn't tell my mom about it.So my mom's credit went down because all the late payments that she didn't even know.So is there any way that we can pull her credit score back up? is there a trusted company that can lead us to do that? Because we're looking to buy a new house and i don't think with my mom's credit,she can do that.And by the way,she doesn't have a lot of debt,she pays 3000 back every year for tax.So she makes good money too.Just the late payments.
  4. Ok, I am really happy my friend referred me to this forum board. So far you guys are answering my questions quick and accuratly So heres my next question I read through a topic refferring to EXPEIRAN as the devil. lol. I think i agree In that board it was made known that inquiries were a sort of... larger issue with experian because it takes them longer? to drop off, i suppose a few weeks afer the 25 month time frame. Assuming this is a bigger deal than what i see it to be, does anyone know just how much an inquiry is worth to your credit score. I ask also because i have 2 inquiries on my report. 1 of them should be gone by april as it is approaching its time. My credit score is a 640 up 13 points as of today. I have a dispute or 2 in which should levitate me to a 680; just some BS where i have been in afghanistan, paid off a credit card and was charged intrest which i didnt pay because i never recieved the bill lol. (me thinking it was paid off right) I already pleaded my case on that and they said they would drop the late ticks in a month or 2. Any who, im wondering when the inquiry drops off my credit report, should i see a definit point value increase and if so, how much?
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