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Found 17 results

  1. You'll never finding a bank doing anything like this. Just another reason to join a CU. http://www.sacbee.com/news/state/california/article4381328.html
  2. Whoo Hoo! DW was just approved for NASA Visa Platinum Rewards, $13K, 9.9% I'm trying to make sure she has a complete credit profile, she has no credit unions yet. Although, she was just accepted to Navy FCU (based on my membership). CC application there is "pending". Her FICO scores: Exp : 789 TU : 798 Eq : 806 The NASA HP has not shown up yet, but I'm guessing it will be Experian like mine was. GIFSoup
  3. I joined the Jacksonville Historical Society which was supposedly in the field of membership, but never got application approved. Never got any notice as to why, they don't return my phone calls. Has anyone had success getting into this CU while not living or working in their Florida area of membership? They offer free outgoing wire transfers for members age 50+.
  4. I have some questions hope someone has answers to. So, been repairing my credit for some time now. In the past two years I was able to have 20 or so items removed from my reports. But, in me going so my score dropped points mainly because I been applying for credit cards but have not secured one. I tried several secured cards and was denied for all except capital one witch oddly was the same card I had a charge off with in the past. I have not signed a contract with them just because they want me to send them $300.00 and in return the would send me a card in like 8 weeks dont sound practical to me. So I've been reading on other options and my main option I am drawn to is a secured card from my local credit union. But once again I was flat out denied. So I asked If I can be a authorized user on my daughters card and I was told that that would not help me improve my credit at all the dont report on authorized users reports and that was a myth that it will help my score is this true because if it is I dont know what to believe any more almost every thing I read on the net says thats the way to go. Please if some one could clarify thanks
  5. Haven't been late on a revolving acct in >2 decades except by a couple of days on rare occassion, just a small handful of times (can't say the same for SLs). As it turned out, glad the oversights were with PSECU and PenFed, neither of who responded with a nose dive on internal (read: Amex) score, late fee or requirement to request a reversal of it- due to a standard grace period. Luv me some majors, but diversity is king and CU can take the bite out of a slip up, give some good product with great CLs/rates/ member relations and warm fuzzies. They're not for the feint of heart necessarily but offer more than amateurish displays for so many of us, to be fair. Our fav big banks don't always have the staying power we had imagined when an economic downturn hits either. The mini panick attack, when reviewing accounts and realizing, doh! PSECU was somehow not set up for auto-pay and already 12 hours late vs the relief felt after called in to see it wasn't going to be an issue is still fresh in my mind How has your local, regional or major CU been a player for you? Please post CUmbaya moments here
  6. I applied for financing through a dealer. The rate offered through their main bank was worse than my current loan. I declined the offer and arranged financing through my CU at a much lower interest rate. A few weeks later I received a letter in the mail from the bank through the dealer telling me "we are unable to approve your request", and goes on to list the reasons why. So, my question is, are banks required to send this notice by law regardless of why the loan was not carried forward? Just seemed to me that the letter is indicating that I wasn't credit worthy, when I really am, and truth is it was me who declined them, not this way around.
  7. I have been trying to remove capital one and municipal credit union new York city closed account. They were secured cards and closed because was late two times on each card. Payed what I owed and closed the account. I have been disputing for three months and wont budge. Please can anyone help. Don't know what to do.
  8. I just obtained a membership application for the credit union the Sheriff Office, that i work for, uses. Going to set up a savings account with the deductions coming out of my paycheck. Figured it be a extra way to put money off to the side. Just don't know how it will or even if it will help me in regards to anything related to my credit. Worse case, ill just have extra money stored. Another thing I've been looking into. Secured CC's. I was told since I'm on the road to credit recovery, I should look to get a secured CC to have a positive TL reporting while cleaning up the bad ones. I just don't know which is better as compared to another. I know most have annual fees, lump sum down-payment to use as your credit limit. Any suggestions on which would be good to look into? I know some things I should be looking for is roughly how long it will graduate to unsecured (if it ever does) and how it reports to CRAs (if it does). Thanks
  9. Hi, I just got an auto loan and CC with DCU. The auto loan rate is 2.99 percent, but DCU says the rate could be 1.99 percent if I direct deposit my entire paycheck with them. I initially said no but am now reconsidering, since the lower rate would represent a savings of about $700 over the life of the loan (although I hope to pay it off early). So I wanted to know if anyone uses DCU as primary bank and if so, how are they? How reliable is their bill pay? Auto pay? App? Website? Customer service? I'm a little leery because they were very disorganized when I was getting the loan closed -- documents disappeared; multiple requests for docs I'd already sent resulting in a need to reapp for membership, causing me a third HP with them. It didn't really inspired confidence. Anybody have any feedback about them? I currently bank with Chase (there are branches all over my neighborhood, which is great) and my work CU (although they denied me an auto loan refi a year ago so I don't have any loyalty to them anymore.) I'm okay closing my work CU account and giving that to DCU, but the main account? Not sure sure. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Wow. DCU just made me do a happy dance! I am trying to rebuild my credit and with a thin file – a 3-year-old car loan and 2-month-old Cap 1 secured CC with $350 limit and I knew I had to get other positive TLs, but I have an IRS lien on my report that was paid in 2012 and I've been was denied for two CC apps last year (Discover and Barclays). I have been working to get rid of all baddies (medical), and now with an EQ Fico of 679, I decided to try DCU for a cc. I called up today and talked to a pleasant woman who asked me what limit I’d like. I decided to shoot for the moon and asked for $10K. I also mentioned I’d also want an auto loan soon. She put me on hold and was gone for a looong time and I started to worry. When she came back she said the application was approved but they couldn’t give me the limit I requested. My heart sank, and then she countered with $7,500!! I was in shock. I never expected such a high limit and I’m ecstatic. She also qualified me for a car loan on the spot with the same pull! I still can't believe it. I have so much love for DCU right now. My rebuilding is definitely in progress. Thanks to everyone here for all your wonderful advice.
  11. Hello, I'm curious if anyone who has/had a joint checking account with a credit union that did not require the sharing of one userID/password to view both accounts and perform bill pay. For example, Most of the banking between me and my wife is currently performed at Alliant - unfortunately they require the sharing of online credentials (she has to use my ID and PW) - it makes it rather tough when there are certain identity questions asked "what was the name of your childhood friend?" that she will have a hard time answering. And this situation occurs quite often since her work computer apparently doesn't save cookies. Logix - same thing, sharing of ID and password is required. DCU appeared to be the only one that had separate logins that would allow both people to login and view all accounts and perform bill pay with only their payee's listed. Unfortunately, DCU wasn't all that good to us so they were closed - toy limits, and their debit cards failed on us twice (once apparently was due to some flag being set when the account was new, and then the second time some kind of problem with their network). Thanks!
  12. Hello, I wanted to share my experience with DCU to hopefully help others make an educated decision. I applied on Sunday online, became a member by donating to one of their supported organizations. I used AAPD to become eligible within their FOM, AAPD was selected since it was purely online (wanted to avoid the delay with mailing, printing, etc). Once that was out of the way, I immediately applied on DCU's website and was instantly approved. My member number was provided online at the end of the process - very important to write that down since it's not e-mailed and can't be given out over the phone. Also, during the application process you'll be presented with a series of questions that have to be answered correctly - some were very strange - "How tall is <NAME>" - there were 6 of these identity questions. I feel pretty confident that I got every one of them right, which may help explain how I avoided the ROSEFACTOR and was immediately approved. I received a welcome e-mail within about a half hour from DCU and off I went. Next, I applied online member number in hand for one of their credit cards (they aren't all that great, but decent - I opted for the card without rewards). Was instantly approved for $15,000. Strange thing here - I received a phone call the following day asking for a copy of two most recent paystubs. Those were promptly faxed and I received a call again about 2 hours later - you have been approved but your limit was adjusted to $3500.00. That was a bit puzzling since my income is nearly 3 figures. When prompted what triggered the decrease - I received a bit of a cryptic answer - You have sufficient credit and most of it is unused. Considering closing the unused lines and in 6 months we can re-evaluate. I have had 12 INQs this year (not counting the 2 that DCU added), FICO score was 711, no baddies. Fast forward a bit, Wednesday now - PIN is received - you can't customize the PIN (strange) - and it's used for everything - online banking, their IVR, etc. Thursday - debit card arrives ready to go. Again, it too uses the same PIN that I can't change. - very speedy in getting their welcome kit and debit card! - Impressive. I have feeling I'll likely get my DCU credit card tomorrow with the reduced limit. Now that I have the PIN and debit card in hand I login to their website - it has to be one of the better credit union websites I've used. I'm also a member of PenFed and their site didn't impress and neither did their iPhone app. DCU's website and iPhone app is much more robust. PenFed's was all over the place, separate login for their bill pay, etc. In closing - their customer service (DCU's) has been top notch so far, their check card/PIN/welcome kit arrived with lightning speed. I am a little disappointed with their credit line reduction off the bat but we'll see what happens in 6 months. One nice benefit as well - up to 2 day early direct deposit - can't wait to see how that works, as well as their free FICO score if you qualify. All in all - can't wait to see where DCU takes me. It's now my primary "bank". Good luck dodging ROSEFACTOR - I hear that really throws a wrench in the works.
  13. Can anyone tell me if they pull separately for membership and credit, or if they use the same pull if it's the same day? Trying to decide when I want to join. I'm not planning on any credit apps until later in the year, so if they do use the same pull, I would want to wait to join. Also, for anyone that is a member, do they have the ability to transfer funds to other member accounts? My girlfriend lives near a branch, and I'm always sending money to her. Figured it would be easier if I can have her join, and then transfer into her account. Thanks!
  14. http://www.cutimes.com/2013/05/14/california-dfi-warns-against-everyone-can-join-ads?eNL=51520a1b140ba0ed7800006c&utm_source=Daily&utm_medium=eNL&utm_campaign=CUT_eNLs&_LID=137763512
  15. I tried to search but nothing came up. Looks like they are based in Southern CA and have locations in NV as well. Anyone can join with a donation. Does anyone have any experience with them?? The website is scefcu dot org. TIA
  16. http://www.cutimes.com/2013/03/18/harborone-members-approve-conversion-to-bank?eNL=50b52ba3150ba03013000235&utm_source=Daily&utm_medium=eNL&utm_campaign=CUT_eNLs&_LID=137763512
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