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Found 10 results

  1. The Master Understanding SOL and 7 Year Reporting Thread There is often much confusion on SOL, restarting SOL, and the 7-year/ 7.5-year rule for reporting. Hopefully, this thread can be of some help and answer some of your questions. I will discuss SOL and Credit Reporting separately, so some of your questions not answered in the first part may be answered in the second. This info in this thread is generally aimed at credit card debt, but the basics may apply to other debts. If there is anything I missed please feel free to add to the thread and if you find that I made a mistake, please le
  2. I just ran across this last night and it got me a little excited! (http://goo.gl/U00YRg) A new bill was introduced to the Senate on April 9th that, if passed, will ensure Consumers receive a free credit score once per year. A Vantage score? a FICO score? - This is a quote from Senator Schatz's press release: “The bottom line is that everyone applying for a loan should be able to see the same information that banks rely on to judge whether a consumer is creditworthy.” The S.E.C.U.R.E Act of 2014 will provide greater accuracy and accountability from the credit reporting industry. It will
  3. Hi, Im still in school and my student loans- Which Originated with Wells fargo and has been transferred serveral times- Are currently listed with PAST DUE 90 days!! HOW CAN THIS BE? I need assistance on how to effectiviely dispute these past due items because they're having a negative effect on my scores. HELP
  4. I think I got the title wrong but I don't know how to edit it, it should read: First day of default being reported as first day of delinquency I have 3 loans with Department of Education, originally they were Direct Loans in 2007, now they are called Direct Stafford Subsidized. I have consolidated them last year, they show "paid collection" as of now. Also, these 3 loans share the same first day of delinquency since I never paid for them once they got out of forbearance initially (other than through tax offset). Now, the problem with the first day of delinquency. I am waiting for t
  5. Hello all, I have a question that hopefully someone here can answer. I have a mortgage pre-approval (and am scheduled to close December 26th), but my ratios are really tight. I know I can't let anything new report balances on my credit report, and have been trying really hard to pay my cards off before the statement cuts...but I missed two. They were small balances, but they would be adding about $65 in monthly payments to my numbers, which I believe could skew my ratios just enough to get me in trouble. The two cards that reported were Merrick and WalMart. Do you think, since I have s
  6. Can a company that bought a CO debt from the original creditor also report the trade line as a CO if they sold the debt to another company? Or can they even report a CO in the first place, if they bought (acquired) the debt, meaning that they are now a debt collector? From my understanding only an OC can report a charge off. If that's correct, what section of the FRCA would it violate by reporting it as such, if any? Or is there a better violation in the FDCPA that would cover the reporting of a CO? I've been reading but haven't really found anything that is clear. Any sections you could dire
  7. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/should-credit-scores-include-rent-and-cable-bills-2013-10-21
  8. And yet another reason why Pro Se litigators need to do thier homework or hire it out... NEVRIK BERBERYAN v. ASSET ACCEPTANCE, LLC Case No. CV 12-4417-CAS (PLAx). United States District Court, C.D. California. March 18, 2013. Ashley Fickel, Attorneys Present for Defendants. My highlights: ____ In opposition, plaintiff argues that defendant "communicated" with her through its alleged reporting of a debt that appeared on her credit report, but plaintiff offers no authority that supports such an expansive reading of the term "communicated." Opp'n at 6. Defendant must do so
  9. Firt time posting, hopefully it's in the correct forum. I successfully settled a HELOC loan with USAA in Oct 2012. We were never late on payments, but we were underwater in terms of the value of the home. So we reached out to USAA with a letter to settle the debt. Thinking that we could pay them less than what we owed and settle the debt and no longer owe the remaining amount. As well as releasing the lien so we could someday possibly sell the house without the 2nd mortgage hanging over us. Home Value = 175k 1st mortgage = 205k USAA 2nd Mortgage = 60k We paid 27k Unbaid bala
  10. http://www.cutimes.com/2013/03/14/cfpb-proposes-to-regulate-non-bank-student-loan-se?eNL=513a5923150ba0942600011c&utm_source=Daily&utm_medium=eNL&utm_campaign=CUT_eNLs&_LID=137763512
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