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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone have an verified/recent EO email they can share/pm for Credit One Bank or Robert Dejong directly? Tried to google his email but only came up with Kay Gilson's, who looks to be his assistant but not sure how recent that info is. TIA.
  2. I had read a few bad things about Credit One, but this is just sad: I applied for barclay rewards & this one at the same time. Barclay was declined but approved after i called the recon line. I read and re-read both application. When i did the credit one card it showed nothing for the card, (it was the default one), Didn't say anything about the "authorized user fee", & the annual fee was supposed to be billed monthly (there was a box on the upper right corner that showed that). HOWEVER, when i got the card & logged in i saw those charges. IMMEDIATELY i wanted to cancel, but the fine print says only if i haven't used it yet. If i pay this off in the next 2 weeks then close it, how much damage would it do? (the $7 transaction was lunch lol)
  3. FYI: I am out of lawsuit SOL. I am not worried about them trying to sue because I have the best affirmative defense: Time-Barred. California is 4 years. Last payment made was late 2007 to OC which they acknowledge so you would think they wouldn't be crazy to try a lawsuit. Either way, I'm not losing any sleep over it but I will challenge them at every turn to get this off my report early. Heard from Resurgent regarding the CFPB complaint. They explained why they report as factoring account blah blah blah. They included a bill of sale with an Exhibit A attachment with a receivable file date, transfer group number and portfolio number, nothing else listed. They sent an identity theft form. These folks need to get real. I don't have to prove I don't owe you, you have to prove that I do and then we can go from there. Of course I'm not submitting an identity theft form, I'm sure they know that. They did tell the CFPB that their answer was partial and they are still investigating and they will respond again within 60 days. Those folks and their chain...MHC to Sherman to LVNV, then Resurgent collects for LVNV. Of course Sherman would transfer junk debt to their limited liability company, which probably has very little assets so Sherman can protect itself from big lawsuits. I forgot to mention they included the infamous one statement from OC before charge off that says pay or they will charge off. I'm not going away until they decide I'm a lost cause and delete. I don't owe them nothing and that's exactly what I'm paying them. As long as I am stuck looking at them on my credit report, they will get dispute letter after dispute letter. Not constantly with the CRAs though. I don't want the frivolous label. I still have open jack attack disputes with all three bureaus so hopefully they will get thrown off my report this way.
  4. Go through the pre-qualify procedure, Credit One Bank® - Get Pre-Qualified http://www.creditonecards.com/pre-qualification.php Which is supposed to be a soft pull only. The score range is 350-850, not the usual 300-850 FICO range. But the COB score seems close to my Ex04 and Ex08. So, I’m soliciting volunteers, Especially those with a very recent Experian FICO, To get their COB score, And report back with comparisons. TIA, Bob
  5. Has anyone had success with getting LVNV and credit one bank off the credit reports using Why Chat's special SOL letter? They are set to drop off my reports in Sept 2014 and since I'm in California, I'm clear of lawsuit worry so I want to try everything possible to get them off earlier.
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