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  1. Great Day Everyone, I have a question as it relates to Balance Transfers Checks and Access/Convenience Checks... (not sure if they are the same really) I was just recently approved for a new Citi Simplicity Card 21K and a Chase Freedom Unlimited card 26k I remember getting Access/Convenience Checks in the mail periodically years ago and wondered... Do credit card companies still offer those, if so who? and are BT checks something that can be used for purchase - payment to self by way of deposit into my account? (Do I have to request these
  2. America’s craving for credit may get a little more difficult to satisfy, according to a survey of major banks conducted by the Federal Reserve. The results of the questionnaire given to senior loan officers at 72 domestic banks indicate these credit card lenders are looking at applicants with a more critical eye, particularly those whose credit score fall in the subprime category (defined by Experian, a leading consumer credit reporting agency, as a score below 670, though there’s no hard-and-fast rule over what qualifies as subprime). https://paymentsjournal-com.cdn.amppro
  3. Capital One is apparently upgrading the existing Savor card. Now, it's a 4/2/1 card (4% dining and entertainment, 2% grocery, 1% base) with a sign-up bonus. However, it now comes with a $95 AF (waived in the first year for new cardholders). https://www.capitalone.com/credit-cards/savor-dining-rewards/ And now, there's a SavorOne card with the old 3/2/1 structure (3% dining and entertainment, 2% grocery, 1% base). No AF https://www.capitalone.com/credit-cards/savorone-dining-rewards/ If only they countered the UBER Visa with a Lyft World Mastercard (but no one
  4. Saw this article, https://abc11.com/finance/your-credit-score-may-soon-be-going-up/3962367/, along with others recently. Are they saying even like cell phone collections will no longer be reported? I've searched around but cannot find more detailed information on this new change. My take is that only loan originating collections will be reported from now on. Thoughts!?
  5. The check arrived out of the blue, issued in his name for $1,200, a mailing from a consumer finance company. Stephen Huggins eyed it carefully. A loan, it said. Smaller type said the interest rate would be 33 percent. Way too high, Huggins thought. He put it aside. A week later, though, his 2005 Chevy pickup was in the shop, and he didn’t have enough to pay for the repairs. He needed the truck to get to work, to get the kids to school. So Huggins, a 56-year-old heavy equipment operator in Nashville, fished the check out that day in April 2017 and cashed it. https://w
  6. I was just approved for a BOA Business Advantage Card - does anyone know if this reports to my personal credit? Thanks!
  7. https://www.kiro7.com/consumer/clark-howard/every-american-express-cardholder-needs-to-know-about-this-new-security-feature/810267530 Yawn.
  8. http://www.therepublic.com/2018/08/08/state-attorney-general-warns-of-credit-card-scam/
  9. https://www.pymnts.com/news/international/2018/visa-mastercard-canada-transaction-fees-credit-cards-smb/
  10. https://www.cutimes.com/2018/08/08/filene-plans-national-launch-of-immigrant-lending/?slreturn=20180708201722
  11. Why does my banking session time out in just a few minutes when I'm using my desktop computer at my house? Is someone going to break into my home and wire money to Nigeria while I'm taking a shower? Are they going to pay my credit card bill from my checking account while I take the trash can to the curb? Google Maps can pinpoint which end of my house I'm in when I visit their site. How can my bank not know that I'm at home? They have my address. Why does my State Farm Insurance login require a complex password that I can never remember? Is someone going to hack into my account and
  12. I have a small loan through a loan company. Usually I make the payment through my bank, with my checking account. A couple of weeks ago, I made a payment with my PayPal debit card. Yesterday I saw that the loan company, on their own, pulled the payment I was to make today, off of my PayPal debit card. My PayPal account didn't have enough for the payment, so PayPal pulled it out of my checking account. End result, is the current payment is made, and I am baffled and irritated they used my debit card to draw the payment. I did NOT authorize the company to use the card.
  13. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/the-amex-offers-multi-tab-trick-is-dead/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  14. Here is my current card line up that sees the most use. Amex PRG Amex Delta Blue Citi AAdvantage MileUp (Recent PC from Gold. Card is in the mail). Citi DC Chase IHG Thinking of app for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select for the 2x on gas and dining to compliment the 2x groceries on the MileUp. Mrs. Vig has an increased desire for domestic travel. Little Vig has a desire for international. Asia and Middle East. Currently I'm sitting on 832k SkyMiles, 187k AAdvantage miles, Chase IHG 140k and 120k Amex MR. I've been heavy with SkyMiles for eternity..
  15. Does anyone happen to know if Dell Financial Services has a uniform reporting date for the personal accounts – if so, what date? I just got a new DFS account and I made liberal use of it to get the 9% rewards, but didn't get a chance to pay it off before it hit my reports, two days ago. 😓
  16. http://www.emissourian.com/local_news/crime/stolen-credit-card-found-at-campsite-woman-charged/article_13ef491a-40ff-5626-92ac-c7e723c4e37e.html I'm normally not judgemental, but...
  17. https://twocents.lifehacker.com/credit-cards-still-charge-interest-after-you-die-1827929097
  18. https://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/2018/07/11/aadvantage-mileup-card/?utm_sourcemedium=OMAAT+Facebook
  19. https://money.cnn.com/2018/08/04/news/companies/wells-fargo-mortgage-modification/index.html Wells Fargo said the computer error affected "certain accounts" that were undergoing the foreclosure process between April 2010 and October 2015, when the issue was corrected. About 625 customers were incorrectly denied a loan modification or were not offered one even though they were qualified, according to the filing. In about 400 cases, the customers were ultimately foreclosed upon. The embattled bank revealed the issue in a regulatory filing this week and said it has set aside
  20. Wells FargoWells Fargo is launching a new rewards credit card, a revamped iteration of its Propel Card. The card will earn 3x points per dollar spent on dining, transit and travel, and streaming services, and 1x point on everything else. Points can be redeemed at 1¢ each toward cash, gift cards, travel, or more. The new Propel will have no annual fee. The card directly competes with premium products like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, although that card potentially offers a higher redemption value. Applications for the new Propel will be available on July 16. If you're interested in opening a new
  21. https://www.bizjournals.com/washington/news/2018/07/27/capital-one-lands-the-big-fish-walmart-credit.html McLean-based Capital One Financial Corp. has been tapped by Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) to be the exclusive issuer of the retail giant’s credit cards, the two companies announced Thursday. Capital One (NYSE: COF) will take over Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart’s private and co-branded credit card programs from Synchrony Financial (NYSE: SYF) beginning on Aug. 1, 2019. More details of the program will be released later.
  22. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/30/kroger-california-subsidiary-to-bar-visa-credit-cards-amid-fee-dispute.html
  23. Anyone applied for this card and approved or denied? What were your scores, initial CL? Having a history with Fidelity help? There are very few entries in credit pulls db. I have recently opened CMA, brokerage accounts, and a 40 month old 401K account with Fidelity. I am thinking of applying in a month. I am looking for a decent CL and wary of low CLs US Bank/ELAN is known for. Thanks in adavance.
  24. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/f-a-q-about-chase-ihg-premier-100000-point-50-deal/ (DOC) Apologies in advance if this is a dupe.
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