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  1. Pre approved Blaze MC offer. Sent to shredder. Pre approved Sync BP Visa offer. Sent to shredder.
  2. I just woke up and saw an email from Experian Credit Tracker for: 1. New account from ELAN reporting on the report 2.. Credit limit increase from $1,000 to $3,000 on my Target/TD Bank account. I don't know why TD Bank is doing CLIs. I have a few CLIs report recently. But TD Bank has no pattern for CLIs. May be I should call and ask. :-) So, what did you get in your email today?
  3. REMINDER! Account Status 05 (Account transferred) to become obsolete for reporting Effective April 2022 As noted within Exhibit 4 (Account Status Codes) in the Credit Reporting Resource Guide (CRRG®) since 2020, Account Status 05 (Account Transferred) will become obsolete for reporting in April 2022. Refer to the Transferred category within Exhibit 6 for a list of
  4. To raise awareness, I'm going to keep a running thread on credit and banking issues caused by "computer glitches." Here is an ACH payment problem caused by a computer glitch. Thanks PotO for the explanation I appreciate that. A second checking account is free and you can keep a $5 balance. Get a debit card which then becomes your new CLOC Credit Card.Is it looked upon negatively (like using an overdraft) if you use the CLOC regularly and PIF every month? I ask because I always have side projects with friends who find things to fix up and flip. I could use it as a slush account t
  5. I didn't know this prior to my posting this tidbit. I've had a Bloomingdale's store card for well in excess of a decade. I have only used it twice since about 2005. I keep getting emails, so I decided to log in. Couldn't. Had to reset my password. Sent me a new password link that expires in four hours. Changed my password. Then they did not recognize my account. Oh well, thought I did it wrong, so I went thru the same steps again. They cant find me, all the while allowing me to resent my password. So, I called. Nice Nice young CSR answered, I g
  6. Within a 30-minute period this afternoon: I tried to make a < $10 purchase on Ebay using my PayPal Extras MasterCard. Declined three times in a row. No apparent reason. Next I tried the PenFed Useless RewardsTM Visa. Declined. Oops, wrong billing address. Tired again. Approved. Then I went to Vons and tried to put $11.xx on my Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa. Declined. Tried the same card again. Approved.
  7. can any one tell me which bureaus does the Wells Fargo Business Platinum card report to
  8. http://www.ibj.com/articles/58982-brown-mackie-to-shutter-indianapolis-campus-in-nationwide-retreat
  9. CARES+Act+Post-Accommodation+Reporting+Guidance.pdf I have no idea if this will be of assistance to anyone. It's full of links that are accessible. Happy reading.
  10. Any explanation would be great. I thought to list a series of events would be better than some long paragraph. I have pics and proof for all events below. Mid May: Ordered Vehicle (checked credit score showing 730 at the time) June 7: Toyota Financial Services received payment for old lease June 12: TFS closed account June 30: TFS reported to the credit bureau account closed on June 12 Friday July 9: Credit was pulled by dealer (first of knowing of outstanding balance on a said closed account)Was able to get bumped to a Tier 2. (Nothing was reported n
  11. Hello, Does anyone know either by experience or with a good degree of certainty if American Express (AMEX) will decline card membership if you have ever filed bankruptcy against them? I have read somewhere that they keep a permanent “barred from membership list”. Is this right, no. However, as you probably know a financial institution may choose to do business with whomever they choose (a rather broad definition). I have read that even if an American Express account has been fully-discharged by a successfully complete bankruptcy case, they will no longer choose to do bu
  12. Just noticed these charges appearing on all our Synchrony Bank accounts on the statements. 1.6% of the statement balance added each month that a balance posts. Was carrying a $500-ish balance under a 0% promo for CareCredit and $2,500-ish balance for Lowes under a 0% promo and saw the fees. Don't have any recollection of authorizing this service to be added to any of my or DH's accounts with Synchrony. Just looked back through statements and they started appearing (for us) in November, nothing prior. Apparently, it's been billed on all Sync Bank statements that we have. Walmart, Amazon
  13. Just thought I would post this in order to save someone else some time. After waiting for about 2-3 months for my trade lines to post to no avail, I decided to make some phone calls to vendors who I thought may report to DNB. Here are my results: Quill - Still reports. Have to make a purchase of at least $50 and wait 19 days to pay it. (I hate this personally) Uline - Still reports. Not sure what their terms are. Grainger - Have not been able to get an account with them because they are saying you must be incorporated for at least 3 months until they approve an account wi
  14. So- my credit file has not significantly changed in a long time (and I qualified for long-term zero% auto loan back in April). I do carry significant balances on my credit cards, but always pay (auto-pay) significantly more than minimum payments. but something triggered an odd cascade in the last few weeks. I got notice one of my Synchrony accounts had suddenly had the credit limit dramatically reduced. I contacted them and they said they periodically check credit report and make changes. The letter they sent indicated high balances to limit on cards.
  15. Hey trying to help my boyfriend build his business and I am having a hard time with tier 1-net 30. So far he had Uline but Quill didnt have an option He did newegg and cleanitsupply. He tired to do Supplyworks but that didnt give an option. If anyone can send updates list please with success we want at least 5 tier 1 Net 30;s.
  16. https://www.marketplace.org/2020/06/30/netflix-to-deposit-100-million-in-black-owned-banks/
  17. https://abovethelaw.com/2020/02/after-40-years-the-lexisnexis-mainframe-is-no-more/ There is no paywall. I did not know this, but found it interesting.
  18. 110 million consumers could see their credit scores change under new FICO scoring "will start incorporating consumers’ debt levels into their scoring model."
  19. Hello, I am seeking some help on understanding the reason as to why I keep getting denied credit for my business. I’m wondering if maybe I. Filling out the application wrong or something. Here is some info on my business, and business credit. An established business over $75,000,000 a year in revenue D n B score is 89 Paydex Score 92 delinquency predictor percentile 90 financial stress 2 supplier evaluation risk rating low business risk overall highest past due $0 highest owing is $75,000
  20. Some interesting tidbits in the news articles about the contract change. First Barron's is reporting that "Synchrony expects to convert some of the existing Walmart private-label cards to general-purpose cards." https://www.barrons.com/articles/where-synchrony-financial-goes-after-walmart-1533337840?mod=yahoobarrons&amp;ru=yahoo&amp;yptr=yahoo I would assume they are referring to the co-branded MC as opposed to the store cards which are obviously subprime. I wouldn't be surprised to see these Walmart MC's changed over to a 2% card or something si
  21. https://www.foxnews.com/us/philadelphia-cbp-agents-seize-ship-owned-by-jpmorgan-chase-after-1-3-billion-20-tons-of-cocaine-found-on-board JPMorgan Chase Bank needs to recoup the $1.3 billion lost when their cocaine smuggling operation got busted by Customs & Border Protection and their 20 tons of cocaine got confiscated. Since the cargo vessel, the MSC Gayane, owned by Chase, has been seized by CBP and federal prosecutors plan on keeping it, add an additional approximately $100 million to the tally. Jamie Dimon is sure to ask for a pay raise, too, when the retail
  22. https://www.valuepenguin.com/news/british-airways-credit-card-hack
  23. NASA FCU offers very generous lines of credit on their credit cards, but for the uninitiated, there are tricks and traps they don't disclose to you upfront that you will find out about later. Around three years ago, my husband and I each opened new NASA accounts and were promptly given $30k in credit each. We did balance transfers on the accounts. Last month, we paid off one of them (actually overpaid it, thanks to their obnoxiously awful online banking system that does not always acknowledge account actions like payments). Instead of seeking a refund, I just decided to pull out the NASA credi
  24. Hello, I have create a situation for my self that my monthly expenses exceed my monthly income so I been missing payments to my credit cards. I was thinking of cashing out one of my mutual funds and pay off two of my cards to reduce my monthly overhead, Best buy has offered me a settlement offer where I would pay them half of my total statement within 90 days and they would charge off the rest, but they would still show on my credit that this was paid but not all of it. And I still have to reach out to chase to see what options I have with them. My question is, is this a good idea right now I
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