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Found 7 results

  1. This is for non-members. Members, just login and add CCMP to your services. For non-members: Go to www.usaa.com URL will be https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_logon/Logon?redirectjsp=true Click on Our Products dropdown, Choose Credit Monitoring & ID Protection Scroll down to “Sign Up Today” and click on Sign Up for CreditCheck Monitoring Premium (CCMP) In the Not a member? Box, choose Get Started Answer No to “Are you already a USAA member?” If you get eligibility checkboxes, start over again If you get the “Tell us about your military affiliation” checkboxes, And you answer no, You’ll get the “Sorry, we can’t open this account for you” message. If you get that message, you were trying to sign up for something other than CCMP. You should now get the eligibility form: https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_membereligibility/CpModularPersonalInfo?action=executeTask&target=ModularPersonalInfoTask&operationName=INIT Complete it and you should be able to access CCMP
  2. Check link below( For Target Customers): https://corporate.target.com/about/payment-card-issue
  3. Just in the last week I've had all kinds of weirdness happen with my credit monitoring/ daily puller accounts. MyPrivacyMatters through EliminateIDTheft has locked me out of my account because they can't figure out how to charge certain credit cards. I called customer service and was told, very nonchalantly, that their system has problems processing MasterCard, AMEX, and/or anyone with Hotmail accounts. So, I gave them a VISA card, they said thanks, hung up and I'm still locked out. And they don't seem to answer ANY emails. Worst customer service ever. Call 'em and see. USAA errored out continuously over the last couple of days. No explanation; no one knows why. CITI charged me twice for an account that they can't seem to locate. All my cards and accounts check out fine. I'm not sure what kinda karma backlash this is. And no, I'm not a hardcore puller, I don't pull for *B* or anything similar, and I don't have a lot going on with my reports. Anyone experiencing anything similar??
  4. Hi everyone I currently have SCP and was looking to add TU+ but when I went to sign up, it looks just like SCP? And the only way to sign up is to get the 7 day free trial? I know I have read where many members have both so I guess my questions are: Am I on the right site at www.transunionplus.com? Since they are both look identical should I choose a different login and password for each? Just to clarify, I am looking to add TU+ to help with TU B*. It is the only reason I want it for now. Anyone have experience with both? Thanks in advance!
  5. I thought this might be hepful to those searching for other credit monitoring services besides MPM, SCP, etc. This spreadsheet provides you with all the info regarding credit scores, reporting bureaus, etc in addition to the options of reading the full review for each service and offers to direct links to the official site that provide you with a discounted rate for going through the links provided ( under each provider name). With so much discussion with members trying to find other options, I thought i'd share my find. http://www.nextadvisor.com/credit_report_monitoring/compare.php?h1=4&a=2&kw=gcrmb1+credit%20monitoring+ntwk+g+dvce+c&gclid=CLWYtqCL0bgCFelAMgod3msAJQ Good luck on whatever your new conquest may be!
  6. I used the credit score simulator from three different credit monitoring sites and my score decrease for on time payment on mortgage. The reason I am not paying the mortgage late is due to a current law suit. Due to the damage on my credit report I tried the simulator to see if it will improve my credit score if I paid on time. All the simulators are showing a lost of about 30 points. Is that accurate? Why is this? I thought paying on time even after late increase your credit score. Can someone please help?
  7. gca


    I have been paying $11.12 for USAA-CMP for the last few months. I guess my 6 months is over so they raised my rate to $22.24. Does threatening to cancel the product get you the old rate of $11.12?
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