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  1. Consumers did great job paying down credit card debt during pandemic. That may be ending.
  2. Ive had the Citibank Double cash card for over 2 years now with a measly $2060 credit limit and with high 700 credit scores, 6 figure yearly income and only 2% Utilization on 18 credit cards, Mortgage and no late payments These suckas keep declining me for a simple credit limit increase.. Sock drawer it goes.. F Them!!! Im not saying im entitled But dang I KNOW im atleast a good candidate for Hell a $1000 increase atleast..sheesh smh Anybody else want to weigh in on this?
  3. Credit Cards Start Cutting Limits for People Facing Tough Times
  4. Ok, I just got an unsolicited $5,000 CLI on my CITI Simplicity MC, bumping me up to $23,000. I have been using this card recently because they gave me a 0% on all purchases and BTs deal until April 2021. This has come in handy, as we're selling our house and had to make some repairs along with paying moving and storage costs. The CLI is just gravy on top.
  5. Hi there, For a few years now I have been in credit card debt with Gap. I had gone through a period paying some of it off to the creditor, Synchrony Bank, then for other reasons became broke and started to neglect my finances. After several months of radio silence with the store and the creditor, I received this email by a third party, TrueAccord, claiming the creditor, LVNV Funding LLC, now has my account and may take legal action. These agencies look legitimate through my own background check but I'm still suspicious they didn't contact me by mail and I also want to be sure they hav
  6. Barclays MC was tossing me beautiful BT offers. Example: 12 months, O% int, 2% fee., etc. I could direct deposit to my bank account. Everything huggy face kissy poo. Second highest limit (even now.) One BT for $5000 PIF. Six months later BT $8000 PIF. Did downgrade from $89 card to free one a year ago. For the last six months current offer: 23% int, 3% fee, no direct deposit, creditor payment only. My data points steady Freddy. Mid-High 700’s. Well under 8.9% overall, all usual advice followed, not credit seeking, only one reporting balance, etc. etc. I realize their
  7. https://www.businessinsider.com/kroger-reverses-visa-credit-card-ban-2019-10?r=US&IR=T
  8. Hello Everyone: First I would like to thank everyone here for all of your assistance. The information in the post here is really appropriated. Today I applied for a credit card account with Chartway Federal Credit Union. The application was approved for $1000.00. I was shocked! But happy. I currently only have students on my report. Chartway only pulled Equifax! My score was 634. I had 14 inquiries. 1 late reporting. No collections, and no public records. I was also approved for an Auto loan! The offer was a max loan of 15000. They would only finance 90% of the vehicles value.
  9. https://www.americanbanker.com/news/citis-credit-card-business-reaches-a-turning-point
  10. I wanted to encourage everyone who is military or veteran or have a friend of the family thats military join Navy Federal Credit Union is giving away credit cards with 10,000 limits. Credit Score as low as 589. Im applying for a few other cards at this time.
  11. Here's my big list of low interest credit cards, sorted by cash advance interest rate (excluding those with a big transaction fee). My starting point was the top 100 credit union list here: outbound link removed. Obviously, this is not the place to look for rewards cards, and a lot of people will prefer 0% balance transfer offers, but some folks may get a benefit. Feel free to reply with updates and additions, especially smaller credit unions that weren't on my starting list. Name Location Type Purchase Rate Cash Advance Rate CA Fee % CA Fee $ Apple Federal Credit Union Fa
  12. I have a experian 578. I have a equifax 588. I have a transunion 586. Are there any credit cards I can get approved for?
  13. Hi all. If you are looking to apply for the Barclays US Airways card and wish to help a brother or sister out by allowing them to refer you for the card, they will benefit from some bonus miles and you will benefit from 50k in miles. The offer is only good until January 18, 2015 so you would need to apply by then and get approved for the referring person to get the bonus miles. If interested, just PM the next person on the list with your email address as the thread moves along. If you are on the list and get a referral, please post and let people know who is next up for a referral. If some
  14. i have a friend with a 702 fico score 25k citi 13 yrs AU acct 2.5k cap one 5 yrs AU acct 500 credit one 2 yr old acct Im interested in applying for more unsecured lines of credit but i have been stomped on where to start i don't want a ton of inquiries, nor a ton of denials someone please help a newbie out
  15. Ron1? Anyone have any of these, or want one? BTW, I am not endorsing getting any of these cause I know little to nothing about them. Webster Bank http://www.mybonusrewardscard.com Simmons Bank https://www.simmonsfirst.com/creditcards/apply BB&T http://www.bbt.com/bbtdotcom/banking/credit-cards/bright.page JCB https://www.jcbusa.com/for_consumers/speciality-cards/marukai-premium-jcb-card/ Texans Credit Union https://www.texanscu.org/home/home Love that a Texas concealed handgun license can be used as a primary ID. SNL
  16. In my second year of graduate school, I let seven credit cards charge off. The charge off dates are all between April and June 2013. I had no income at the time other than student loans and, with everything on my plate, I let them go without much thought to the consequences. I'm now done with school and will finally have an income for the first time in three years starting in mid-September. All of my loans are in good standing as well as nine other revolving accounts with low utilizations and low limits (six of those opened since May 2014). I would appreciate advice on how to approach t
  17. About 4 years ago, my husband and I pulled our heads out of the sand and realized we had over $80,000 in credit card debt. We signed up with a credit counseling company (Credability, which is now Clearpoint). Some of the accounts were late when we started. We have missed a few payments over the years, but, for the most part, we have paid $1,674 monthly towards these cards. As of today, we owe just over $7,000 and are going to be able to pay them all off in the next few weeks. We both have negative comments on our credit reports for some of these late accounts. What can we do to get th
  18. What type of credit do you need to get approved for an immediate use credit card?
  19. Hi everyone . About 6 years ago I remember seeing a bank who issued credit cards to Californians through Fifth Third Bank (CA is not in Fifth Third's service area). I forgot the name of that bank and if anyone knows it please let me know. Thanks in advance
  20. I know there are a lot of you who have either 1 or more of these cards. I believe that basically, from what I can read, they all tie in to BofA. So to my understanding, they are all underwritten by BofA, correct? Also, I realize that they all have their different benefits, but can anyone chime in on which may be a "better" choice to apply for? I don't see where there is a banking/investment account requirement for the Merill+, is that correct? Thanks CBers!
  21. Seeking opinions and advice on last steps to do before 1st App Spree, as well as cards I may not be thinking of but should apply for (by the way AMEX may still have me BL). Pulled myfico.com scores tonite, EQ 691, TU 716, EX 706. Need to correct address on TU, (showing my address as that of Primary on accounts I am AU), on 10/31 EX will update my dispute on 10yo CA, and my TU inq's will be gone by Tuesday 10/28. My file is somewhat thin, AAOA is 4 to 5 yrs depending on CRB, I have personal CLs of $5k, $4k, $3k x2, $700, $600, $500, and $425 reporting, along with my Student loans. Also have 6
  22. Hi CB! Hope everyone is enjoying their week. I am wondering what opinions are out there on the Citi Prestige vs. Citi AA Executive (and for that matter feel free to chime in, as I am sure you will, regarding your opinions on other Premier Cards, i.e. CSP, SPG, etc). The reason I ask is that I am seeing my FAKO's improve, and being that I just payed for a Tri Report on myFICO on 10/26, I feel as though on 11/1 or whenever I pay again, real FICO's will be higher as well). That being said, if I am considering cards like CSP (just showed up on my Chase Pre Approvals Page), Citi Prestige, Citi
  23. Up late again reading Creditboards and have a question. I am going to do an app spree in November and want to get a few Chase cards. I am pre-approved currently for their Freedom and Slate, but I also want to app for their Ink w/ the 70k bonus. Yet I don't wanna screw up my potential pre-approvals either, any advice?
  24. Hi Everyone: After reading a lot about Synchrony, as well as other CC's and multiple apps, in various post on CB, I am hoping to get opinions and feedback to a question(s). Do you think Synchrony just chooses to be liberal with Lowe's? I know that there is one # for Recon on ALL Synchrony CC's. And I also know from reading (and personal experience), it seems as though if you app for more than one Synchrony card and call to recon on all of them, Lowe's end up getting the largest CLI. I wonder if this is because most of us see the success others have had and call on that card 1st? Or is it t
  25. On the rebuilding path like almost everyone else on the site.. I currently have a Cap 1 Platinum and Cap ! Quicksilver 1 as of July 2014. Looking to add a third easy card, I already tried Barclays, got denied, tried Discover It, denied. I don't want to keep burning inqs, any suggestions on easy cards like Cap 1? My FICO on TU is 602, EQ is 596, EX 564, should I just go with a Wells Fargo Secured and wait out a year to apply for some of the premium cards?
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