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Found 5 results

  1. I have the following items remaining that have $0.00 balances, (2) accounts are only showing one 1 CRA and I have 2 reporting to all 3 CRA's. Even though they have been completely paid for at least 1.5 years now they are still showing as "Potentially Negative". Is there a way I can have those deleted or moved to out of the "Potentially Negative" area? These are the last 4 accounts reporting in that area. VETERAN'S ADMN- Account #--9XXXXXXXXXXXXX Account Type--Installment Balance--$0.00 Date Opened--3/1/2011 (Completely paid off as of 3/2012) Reporting Bureau: Equifax COLLECT ASSOCIATES Account #-CXXXXXX Account Type-Collection Account Balance-$0.00 Date Opened-9/29/2011 (Completely paid off as of 9/2012) Reporting Bureau: Transunion G M A C Account #-3XXXXXXXXXXX Account Type-Auto Loan-Installment Balance--$0.00 Date Opened-11/1/2004 (Completely paid off as of 6/2010) Reporting Bureaus: Transunion/Equifax/Experian USA DISCOUNTERS CREDIT Account #-3XXXXXXXXX Account Type-Installment Sales Contract Balance--$0.00 Date Opened-9/1/2007 (Completely paid off as of 3/2010) Reporting Bureaus: Transunion/Equifax/Experian
  2. I was able to successfully remove all 3 of the judgements off of TU. One of the Judgements is not mine so i knew that one would come off. EX shows two and EQ still shows 3. I am currently disputing these items with EQ and EX. Is there a way to successfully rebuild my credit with judgements listed. They are scheduled to remain until at least 2016. CC's I have CAP 1 - $500 limit- Just applied and approved last week, should i ask for CLI with a TU score of 645? CAP 1 Secured card $750 limit Macy's - AUTH USER $1200 Denied credit by Barclays and GECRB
  3. I signed up with Credit Reports . com and paid $1 and got my free scores from all 3 CRAs for a 7-day trial membership. Then, I requested to cancel my membership within the 7-day trial period (they bill $24.95 each month), however, the good news is that they offered to discount their fee by 50%. Now I pay only $12.95/mo. Best of all, I perform daily Exp “soft pulls” which never huts my score; plus, of course, I get full tri-merged (Exp/TU/Efx) reports with scores every 30 days, report monitoring via tex/email, and all of the other credit monitoring bells and whistles.
  4. Just over 2 weeks ago, I disputed again, the negative reporting from Discover Card, that did not belong to me with the 3 bureaus... I was only an authorized user... Discover had it reporting as a joint account. Thinking they would come back and state it was accurate again, I also filed with the CFPB... I'd never knew they existed until I posted here... Thanks to those folks that responded with CFPB!! Now.... This past Friday, I get an email from TransUnion stating there was an update to my dispute. I checked last night, all 3 credit bureaus, and it seems Discover or the credit bureaus have removed the negative reporting. Felt great, but today, I get an email from CFPB stating they had an update. I check the CFPB site, and there was a comment... The comment was from Discover reporting back to CFPB that they needed more time to research because the issue was complicated, so now I'm worried and have some questions.... 1. Being that it's been 15 days and the only response back to CFPB was they needed more time, is the removal permanent or are they allowed to keep researching this? Normally I wouldn't care, but I'm in the process or refinancing my mortgage and this is a make or break thing. 2. Could the negative report have been removed because of the dispute I placed with the credit bureaus, and not CFPB, or was it because of CFPB since it was removed in less then 30 days? 3. For whatever possible reason, will the credit bureaus allow Discover to put the negative back on the report, or is it now permanently gone .... as in even if Discover wanted, they can't put it back on because it was disputed and they allowed it to be deleted? Thanks!!
  5. I just looked at my credit reports in detail. They report my former and current addresses, all phone numbers ever used, jobs, etc. Where do they get this information from? Especially my job. I have judgements from collectors who bought a disputed debt from another collector who bought it from a credit card company. These bloodsuckers ran my credit and tried to garnish wages from an old employer. Luckily, my credit report does not list my current employer, even though I have been there for 2 1/2 years. I have not applied for any credit in the last 5 years. Is this why my current employer isn't listed?
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