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  1. Updated: 04/16/2013   This is what worked for me. Use it only as a guide. I think it can really help people that want to know the general process of how things work in the ''new age'' of establishing business credit. Ok if you want to get some business credit it's NOT going to be instant. If you look in my signature where it lists my trades you can see exactly how much I have and who has extended me credit. Starting from the top. Left to right. Is the order they were obtained. So you can look at it as ''Easiest'' to Hardest'' if your just starting out. The first thing you need to do i
  2. I'm going to make this a short and sweet summary found the forums in 1/11 1st card since '08 in 2/11 ($400 MC by HSBC) 1st discover card in 11/11 ($1k) then had 3 fights: cap one (charge off): failed Public Storage (public collection?): tie [they will fall off next year so meh] LVNV/Resurgent (CA for cap one): WON! in 3/12 MC $400 -> $520 in 5/12 Discover $1k -> $1350 in the last year i have gained a minimum of 50 pts on all 3 8 days ago i was approved for a $900 amazon.com store card 3 days ago i got my very first car! a 2008 Prius touring package #6 it's b
  3. I'm just interested in everyone's plan for 2015. Are you rebuilding, just beginning, in a holding pattern, or are you ready to be a credit repair pro and help others? Did you meet your goals for 2014? If you want, provide your plan so you can come back at the end of 2015 and see if you met your goals.
  4. Hey there, I recently turned 18 and want to get a new car on my own (parents won't co-sign). I am considering leasing or financing a BMW, as my car is a bit older. The problem is that I haven't developed credit yet. What isn't a problem is my income, I make plenty to pay for the lease estimate ($550/month). I also won't have a problem getting insurance or setting up an auto pay or anything like that either. So, before I go to a dealership and make a fool out of myself (if I can't pull it off), I was wondering what options are available and any ideas. Thanks a bunch.
  5. A foreclosure that was eliminated months ago is being reported on my CR by Ocwen. They foreclosed on me in 2008, but it was a countrywide loan back then. Ocwen must have purchased it. Since I have never had a loan with Ocwen I immediately wrote TU and EQ to remove it as I thought it was an error. When TU wrote me back that they confirmed it is mine, I called Ocwen. It is mine, but the dates being reported on my CR are all wrong. Any strategy suggestions on how I can remove this? Thanks.
  6. http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2330942 There is a .pdf file to download. Lots of interesting info. The abstract is below. Abstract: We analyze the effectiveness of consumer financial regulation by considering the 2009 Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act. We use a panel data set covering 160 million credit card accounts and a difference-in-differences research design that compares changes in outcomes over time for consumer credit cards, which were subject to the regulations, to changes for small business credit cards, which the
  7. Hi Guys, I pulled my Experian credit report and I saw that a law office has been pulling my credit once a year for the past two years. It's to collect a debt I owe from 2009/2010. How can I stop them from doing this? Is there a way I can find out how much time is left on the SOL on the debt? Also, when I got this debt, I was not a legal resident in the United States but I am now.Can this help in making the validity of this debt slightly illegal? Does this change anything? I also pulled my Equifax credit report but it does not have this information on it. Is this normal?
  8. Hi guys, My mother and I have the same first name and last name. I checked my EQ CR and there is a negative account on the report for Verizon. It says in comments " Collection Account, Account closed by credit grantor" There is no collection agency listed on the EQ CR. Now, I don't remember signing up for Verizon and this could be my mothers'. How do I go about disputing this? Should I send a validation letter to Verizon or to EQ telling them that account is not mine?
  9. Is there a way to get the CRAs to remove/delete a charge-off from my file if the OC has updated it from a balance owed to $0 and transferred? I have tried to get it updated or deleted and only one CRA has changed it from a charge-off. This is the only neg reporting thing on my report but it's still there and it has cost me nearly 175 points. So, the cliff notes version of my backstory goes a little something like this: I had an account that I chose to close because they wouldn't give me a CLI. I was told I could set-up autopays for the remainder of my account balance until satisfied
  10. Hey everyone. I hope everyone has a great holiday. Does the Experian Credit Expert program work for bumpage? Let me know. Many blessings for you and your families.
  11. Hello everyone. Happy holidays. Received an automatic credit line increase from Barclays today. (Got that card thanks to the info on this site) I was waiting for my sixth month anniversary to call and ask for an increase. I started with 1,000 and they increased it by 650.00 Can I still call to see if they will give me more? Let me know.
  12. Hey, just joined here looking to get some advice and information on my situation. I just graduated college with a Mechanical Engineering degree in May. I started work and have been saving up for various purchases and moved into a nice apartment complex. I got married as well in October. There my background for you. When I moved to Dallas, I had to get an apartment for us. I got denied based on my credit regaurdless of how much oney I was making based off of insufficient credit history. I started to look into this more and got a account on creditkarma to see my scores. I have around a 59
  13. i have an issue with my Tu. I get it every month via Discover. Does anyone else have an issue with wild fluctuations month to month? Im going to want a car soon. Id rather walk in with a "good" credit score rather than a "fair" one. I have a friend who says his is the same every month. He has much better credit, I dont know if that makes a difference. Lets see. I use all my cards at least every other month. I pay off balances within two weeks most of the time. I do use one card much more than the others because it has a lower interest rate. My utilization rate has been 10% or less
  14. Hello all, It seems like forever since I have been here. In fact, it has been a few years I believe. A few moons ago, I got started repairing my credit and suddenly a divorce popped in front of me, then homelessness, and now I'm back on my feet with a great job and a place to live with extra money rolling in. My credit is still terrible and I really want it to be better. In the past I got as far as sending validation (or was it verification?) letters to the CRA's through CMRRR and got several replies back saying they were verified. I no longer have these documents, though.
  15. Hello all, It seems like forever since I have been here. In fact, it has been a few years I believe. A few moons ago, I got started repairing my credit and suddenly a divorce popped in front of me, then homelessness, and now I'm back on my feet with a great job and a place to live with extra money rolling in. My credit is still terrible and I really want it to be better. In the past I got as far as sending validation (or was it verification?) letters to the CRA's through CMRRR and got several replies back saying they were verified. I no longer have these documents, though.
  16. I just was wondering should get it from each CA or third party or get it mail or not ?
  17. I received a pre-qualified offer from Chase Slate. When I use the chase pre-qualifier it says there are no pending offers. Does this mean anything important that i should be concerned or aware. Let me know. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  18. I am currently working to have false or negative things removed from my credit. So far, Transunion has been very helpful and easy to work with. I am not having the same luck with experian and equifax. Is there a customer service number for them? I have gotten several things removed from my transunion, but am pretty sure they remain on the other two reports. What is the best way to file disputes and have it updated to all three, or is this even possible?
  19. Hey all, All of a suden, my capital one account, in good standing and 0 balance, is giving me an error when i try to access the authoized user section...here is the error as chris tucker likes to put it......"what the prol is?" am I the only one getting this error? Is it just maintenence? anyways, I'll call them in a bit but just figured this was wierd.
  20. I will be disputing with a few Original Creditors some derogatories they are reporting to the CRA's using the 623 dispute method as these came back from the CRA's as verified. My credit report only lists partial account numbers. Will these partial account numbers along with a copy of my credit report listing the item they are reporting be enough information for them to respond to my dispute as I do not want them to deny the request based on incomplete information.
  21. Hi. I am new and have been lurking and ready for about a month. I finally decided to pull my reports and post here. I have been in a battered women's shelter for 5 months. I now have my own apartment a great job starting at $13.94 an hour with a trucking company as a dispatcher and an opportunity for tons of overtime this holidau season. Here is my situation. I was with my crazy ex for 12 years. He handled all fiances. I pulled my trans report and score faco was 589 and $16k in collections. Lots of medical 3-5 years old and some of his credit cards where I was on them that are 5 year
  22. I am so overwhelmed. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=533733&hl= I was sent this direction to post in medical- and I am attempting to start the process for the medical bills, but have so many questions! DO I have to opt out? What does it mean I am opting out of insurance also? My credit report came up with my maiden name (Been married 4+ years) does that matter? Do I opt out under my maiden name or my married name? Also, for verification, I have a couple of disputes on my credit report, I am not supposed to even look at those until I clear up the medical ones, right
  23. Good day, I want to make this the starting point of my journey to homeownership. I know that posts on message boards can be very interpersonal but I want everyone to know that I appreciate any advice or help given. A short bio. I am a 29 year old male. I grew up fast and moved out of my house when I was 18. I put myself through school and had my own place when others are usually still living off the teats of mommy and daddy. I made mistakes mainly from having no financial guidance and plainly being over my head. I went through most of my 20s struggling financially pretty hard. I had t
  24. This is a long read but well worth it. It illuminates the disgusting tactics JDB's stoop to to earn their significant profits. It also points to serious deficits in consumer's privacy and integrity of credit data - data which is so often passed around from thug to thug as they leach off the least informed consumer. Very sad. Should be required reading for anyone involved in credit repair. The article was in the NYT Magazine. It's entitled, Paper Boys: Inside the Dark, Labrinthine, and Extremely Lucrative World of Consumer Debt Collection. The author is Jake Halpern. http://www.nyt
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