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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I found this board by accident in Mid November and am so glad I did. I've been feeling quite a bit of despair regarding my bad credit. My bad credit forces me to live a life with very limited choices. I could give a heartbreaking story about why I am in this boat and tell you all about my ex-wife, divorce, custody etc and blame a lot of it on her. The simple truth is that I am to blame and I am the one who needs to fix it. What I like most about what I've read is the support given and genuine responses when good things happen. This is a great forum, and I can't wait to be a part of it. I'm taking it slow in the beginning because there is so much information. I've read and re-read the "required" material from psychdoc, whychat, newbie forum etc. Because of the reading I've done, I decided in Mid December to first opt out, I pulled my reports from creditreport.com, and just today I called TU to ask for my old address to be deleted. It was simple and easy and I had a bit of thrill run through my veins when he said yes and then deleted my phone numbers as well. I know this is the low hanging fruit of the path I'm taking, but its a great feeling to be in control! My next steps are to try for the deletion of my old address from equifax and experian, and then re-read all the info I've looked at in order to properly triage my baddies. If there is one question I have to begin with, it's this: Is creditreport.com an "okay" place to get my initial CR's? I've seen a lot of talk about myfico. Should I pull from there instead? I'm planning on being an active member in this forum and I look forward to talking with you and hopefully one day, offer my own advice as well.
  2. Hi everyone... first post so let me know if I miss any important details and thanks in advance. I'm in the process of applying for a mortgage with my wife for our first home. Her scores are good (787/792/794) but our joint application was denied because of my score as reported by CBC Innovis. They pegged me at: BEACON 5.0 SCORE +652 EFX01 CLASSIC 04 SCORE +688 TRU01 FAIR ISAAC SCORE 2 +661 XPN01 By contrast myFICO yields: Experian 709 Equifax 705 Transunion 704 We are moving to the San Francisco Bay Area (so expensive...) and are looking to qualify for mortgage above the conforming limits. The first lender we've spoken to used CBC and told us I would need a 700 to be approved. The major difference between the reports I can pull and the CBC report is a tax lien filed by the District of Columbia in 2005 (for the 1999 tax year). I had moved around a lot in the mid-2000s and didn't get the notice for this lien until 2010, when I paid it in full (around $3000). That lien doesn't show up in any of the reports I pull (from myFICO or from the the CRA websites). However, I have a copy of the CBC report, and it does show up there, with a LACT date of 01/2010. I guess that leaves me with two main questions: 1. Is there anything I can (realistically) do to convince CBC and/or the lender to discount this particular event? 2. Will other lenders use a report similar to the CBC report, such that no mortgage lender will view me as having a 700+ score? Any help on either of these questions very much appreciated.
  3. Hi, Been reading on these forums for a few months now. BTW, Great stuff. Hopeing for a little advice here. I have 4 negatives on my account that is killing me. I think my CR is keeping me from getting a job. Went through hard times in crash and lost house and then more money troubles lead to divorce. Ran CR and later found that not all CC's had been closed and had beeen run up and not paid. Wife did BK and left me with foreclosure, 10k line of credit and a 10k CC and anoher small card. I had pulled my CR 2 years ago and all of these were being paid but all late 180+ Now I see these accounts 2 years later as forclousure joint but all the other accounts had been changed to individual owner status. I don't remember getting this line of credit and even if I did i don't think I could get a loan off my house by myself, It would have to be joint there. Question is what can be done here. Sure would like to make it go away. Already have Calvary Portfilo calling 2-3 times a day. Is therre a way that I can get the CC to find out dates of purchases so I can prove it wasen't me using them? It may be MDW did a BK and erased her name off and they had to name me. I had assumed a lot of the debit on a few personal cards as per a divorce agreement. She was supposed to take care of the home. My layer never did what i had asked and pulled a CR to see that all accounts were straight. Now i'm gonna pay again. Any help much apprecieated.
  4. Opened NFCU on 2/11 - 2/12/14 Applied for the following: 1) NavCheck 2) Signature Rewards 3) HELoC Here are the 5 HP inquiries generated, is this normal? 2/11/14 Navy FCU (Finance other than personal) - TU 2/13/14 NFCU/Visa (Finance, personal) - TU 2/14/14 Equifax MTG (Misc. & public record) - TU 2/14/14 Navy FCU (Credit Unions) - TU 2/14/14 Navy FCU (Credit Unions) - Equifax
  5. I have a couple questions regarding a collection account. I filed a BBB complaint against Portfolio Recovery for how they are reporting on my CR's (namely showing monthly $50 payments and 120+ days past due which are both false). They responded with some BS that they are not 'reporting' that information and that the information came from HSBC (the OC). On my EX report as an example the comments section says 'Collection account. $512 past due as of May 2013.' Balance history shows as following: account balance / date payment received / scheduled payment amount / actual amount paid Apr 2013: $512 / no data / no data / $50 Mar 2013: $512 / no data / no data / $50 Feb 2013: $512 / no data / no data / $50 ... all the way back to July 2011. My questions are as follows: 1) I am sure that 120+ days status/comment is dinging me. I know it is on EQ where the account is listed as 120+ days past due, because that is specifically outlined as my number 1 derogatory item. On the universal data form that is sent in, would the CA would have to furnish this comment line? Or does it pull from the Account Status/Account Type fields? I have never agreed to terms, so I cannot be 120+ days late, therefore they are furnishing false information, right? 2) As I have not agreed to payment terms, and have NOT given Portfolio the 25+ $50 payments stated on my reports, they are also furnishing false payment information, correct? I have a response ready to go but I want to confirm that my basis and understanding for my claims is correct. Thanks everyone.
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