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Found 220 results

  1. Hi guys, I've been lurking, reading the boards intensely over the weekend, and finally decided to join and post a question. On Friday, I received a call from a debt collector. They've called me before and I missed almost all the calls and they never left a message. The call I got about 3 weeks ago was from a man that didn't seem to have a grasp on English. He wouldn't identify himself or his company but kept trying to get personal info from me. I told him to send correspondence in writing and hung up. The call on Friday was different; it was from a woman and she identified herself and the agency using proper protocol. She said she had two debts for me. I asked her to send me documentation regarding the debt. She said that she needed to settle the matter with me in seven days or else. She could only offer me a settlement within the 7 days but the debts were too old to sue me for. I again asked her to send me documentation; she said with the Memorial Day weekend it would never reach me in the 7 days but she would put in a request to have them mailed to me. I told her send the paperwork as I couldn't give some rando my financial or personal info just because. She mentioned to me during the conversation that the debts were from 2005 and the collection agency had only had them since 2008. I told her I never recevied correspondence about them. SHe claimed they tried to contact me but received returned mail. I verified my address (a mistake I think since reading the boards I realized they should already have had my address) and she was trying to pull a fast one. After the conversation, I realized that tha agency had to have had my address the whole time since that is they only address for me that is associated with this particular phone number. Was this just a way to keep the debt from aging out? Do I send them a letter or do I wait for paperwork to materialize?
  2. Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have a student loan which went into collections. I have been paying on that collection account for about a year and a half. On my credit report though it shows that two months ago it stopped being a collection and was posted as a 150 day late. it was a 150 day late before it went into collections and since February it now shows on time payments. My questions are these... Do all collections revert to their previous late status once you start paying on them? and If I have been paying on the account for a year and a half why is it only recently that they are pulling it out of collections. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Thank You
  3. Greetings, I have a 6 year old T-Mobile Bill for 1100$ in collections. It falls off in a year but I am going to pay it anyway because I owe it, and because I will be shopping for a mortgage in a year or two. The lawyer has been in contact, offered a GREAT deal (300$) and I am going to take it. How do I proceed? I have seen posts that say do not give him my credit card number. I am not sure why as I doubt he is less trustworthy then the nameless, faceless people who process my transactions online but I won't. How do I protect myself and make sure it is marked as "Paid In full"? It will still fall off in a year after the payment right? Thank You, SG
  4. I got a call on my cell phone yesterday from a lady stating she needed help to verify an address for me. I asked what company is this and she said C.A.B. Legal. I have never heard of them. they call my phone everyday about 10 times from different numbers. has anyone ever dealt with them???
  5. I am a salon owner and want to send an independent contarctor to collections for early termination of a signed contract. Any help
  6. Now that we are stable and in a good place financially we are ready to fix our credit(we were dumb and uneducated when we were young and destroyed our credit). I took the first step and pulled the free report today. After adding up all the amounts owed on our credit we are looking at about 6044.00 in debt on our credit(Minus one 4500 dollar loan which we plan to dispute. About 7 years ago we took out a loan from JD Byrider for a truck and it blew up on us, we have been fighting them every since). Most of our debt is medical bills. 6000 could be worse I guess but we are trying to figure out a plan of attack. Should we start with the newest things added first? Should we pay the lowest amount owed things first? Also there are two things that are charged off, and two that say closed. Should we pay those last, first? I am confused about the best way to handle paying these things off and how to start rebuilding our credit. Thanks for any help. Ps. only 1,700 of the debt is credit card. Don't know if that matters or not. Sorry to seem so general, I am new here(was referred to come here by a friend that said you all could help) and I wasn't sure if this was the right spot. Thank you in advance for any and all help
  7. I asked this in my larger post, but getting ready to send out the validation letter and want to make sure I should before I head to the post office. I have 5 speed camera tickets - each reporting separately - on TU and EX. The dunning letter they sent didn't have any of the required language. I've searched the boards, and used the google, but am getting differing opinions. Are collections from these tickets covered by the FDCPA? They are considered a civil fine in my town (I believe) and don't go on your driving record. THANKS!!
  8. I'm new to this sight, and I love what it has to offer. I'm a debt collector and work for one of the largest collection agencies in the country. I want to extend my knowledge, insight, and advice to anybody out there that has collection issues. Whether you're being harrassed and want to know your rights, or what to do with an account that may be affecting your credit I am here to help. AND...I can give you all of the tips and tricks on how to get a debt collector to settle for a fraction of what you owe. Please feel free to post to this thread and I will respond to you in a timely manner. Take care!
  9. Greetings, I'm looking for an opinion or two on this. First, just to get it out of the way, I acted irresponsibly with this particular situation and let it go too far - so no denying that. I had a doctor's visit in 2010 while covered under an HMO plan that pays 100% of all such routine visits. In fact I'd seen that same doctor many times that year and each time was covered 100%. However with this one visit, something went wrong with insurance and they declined it. I'm am 99.99% certain this was simply a mistake on their part of some kind. The bill was for $179. I've had this happen several times in the past and the doctor's office will just re-submit after a time and then insurance pays it. I figured this would be the case this time as well, so I did nothing. I continued to get bills (for $179) from the doctor's office for quite some time and just ignored them as typically this would go on for months and eventually the insurance would pay. Fast-forward to mid-late 2012, now it was apparently turned over to a collections agency and I start getting letters/bills from them. I ignored those too (again, no excuses from me on my bone-headed behavior here). I got several letters up through the end of 2012. While doing taxes this year, I finally sat down to do a sort of financial review and in the process started digging deeper into this particular bill. The fact that it was sitting in collections for so long surprised me (I have no legitimate reason to be surprised) so I became concerned about how the situation might impact my credit report. I checked all three credit reporting agencies and it's not in there and my credit is still very good. This leads me to my current situation. My main concern and question is that I don't want it to affect my credit. I'm perfectly willing to pay it (even if it's no longer possible to recover it from my insurance company), but now I'm not so sure that paying it won't actually somehow "trigger" a negative effect. I've had zero contact with this collection agency (beyond them blindly sending me letters) and I'm not sure if initiating contact will do more harm than good? Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -C
  10. So, I am following the Why Chat HIPAA Letter Program. I sent the "COLLECTION AGENCY VALIDATION/DISPUTE/CEASE AND DESIST" letter yesterday. The letter contained no personal identifiable information other than my name and account number. I did not sign the letter, and I sent it via fax from a free online faxing service. Today I received a letter in response in my mail. It says: "In response to your fax received 3/12/13, enclosed is validation of the debt." Enclosed I found 4 billing statements with all of my personal information on it. I can see billing cpt codes, treatments, insurance information, ect... My question is: I did not release this information, I did not sign a request, nor did I provide anything to verify my identity. Is this considered a violation of the HIPAA regulations? If so, what do I do now??? Thank you in advance for your help! --b
  11. Hello folks, I have been working over the past 90 days to repair credit. (i'll spare you my #1 Country Music Song sob story). With this board's help, I've managed to do the following: - 90 day late removed with Target, goodwill letter - JJill (CITI) charge off removed with Texas DV letter - Midland Collection removed with Texas DV letter - delinquient authorized user account removed, CITI STILL THERE: - EX, TU, EQ- Chase Charge off, 0 balance, DOFD 4/2010 - EX, TU, EQ- Gap charge off, $120, DOFD, 10/2009 - EX, TU, EQ- Midland collection for Gap charge-off, $420 (previously disputed 6/2012, no response from Midland, was waiting for SOL to pass... it has, now what?) - EX and TU - CITI Charge off- reporting a balance of 2448, limit of 5500, (collection agency assigned Credit Control LLC but not reporting) - EX and TU- Collection account, Sky Recovery Services, 894, for old apartment lease (2010) (previously disputed 6/2012, agency sent me a final bill) POSITIVE TRADE LINES: - Navy Federal Visa, limit 8k, balance 2k (working to reduce this further) - Target Visa, limit 1k, balance $50 - Navy Federal autoloan, pif, august 2011 - Nelnet student loans, never late, $37K So where's the question: I need some advice on how to handle the final 5 baddies. Here's what I am thinking: 1) Although I previously disputed with Midland and Sky, I can redispute using the Texas DV letter and see what happens? This time, following through with 1-2 punch? 2) Now that Gap/Midland is outside of statute of limitations, redispute using the Texas DV letter and see what happens? This time following through with 1-2 punch? 3) What to do with CHASE? It's a zero balance and the collection agency who purchased it, I already had deleted off. 4) What to do with CITI? (this one was my biggest error. I entered into a repayment plan to pay down the balance in 11/2010, which I did by $4000. That reset SOL, so I am well within SOL on this 2448 remaining.) My FICO scores are at 655 Equifax, 630 Transunion, and 562 Experian. I am trying to improve my scores and rebuild strongly. Can someone offer assistance with the game plan from here on out? Repairing the first round was easy, now I need some of the expert's honing skills, advice, and expertise on where to start on these final baddies. Also, best way to rebuild and increase scores? By the way, I live in the great state of Texas and use the TFC to the fullest!
  12. I had an unpaid parking ticket that went to collections and showed up on my credit report. I thought I had paid the ticket, but it turns out there were TWO tickets and I only paid one. It was a stupid mistake, I got multiple notices in the mail but I thought the second one was just a duplicate of the first bill, I never realized there were two separate tickets. It was an honest mistake, but regardless, the damage is done. I've since paid BOTH tickets and made sure there are no more outstanding tickets. My question is, how long does the parking ticket that went collections stay on my report? They said they will update what they report to the credit bureaus on the first. Does that mean the ticket completely comes off of my report, or does it just show it going to collections and having a paid status? After it's off the report will it still have a lingering effect? Is there any sort of letter or something I can do to get it off of there faster? Thanks!
  13. Has anyone ever dealt with Unified Processing Group or Services phone number is 317-542-3730? I received a call from them (Brenda Cross and Jim Page)) about a bank account that I closed a few ago with Navy Federal Credit Union. I listened to the spill that they had which including going to jail but they never said the normal debt collection statement like this is an attempt to collect a debt and information gathered will be used to collect the debt and so on and so on. I called Navy Fed to see if they used this company or were affiliated with this company in any way and they stated no they were not and that this sounded like a phishing scam and to Unified back to see what specifically the account was regarding. When I called Unified Processing back and asked for specific information he gave me the complete SSN and the original collector (MyCashNow) and when I stated that was wrong and gave him my last 4 he told me that he believes I am lying about my social and that since it didn't match I would not be going to jail today. I dug a little further and called MyCashNow which is a payday lender from what i got from their website and they informed me that they have no dealings with this company nor have they ever heard of them. So I called Unified Processing back and asked them to Cease and Desist contacting at home or work until they can validate the information correctly, and that threatening was against the FTC. Needless to say they became pissed off to the max. I would like to send them a Cease and Desist in writing but there isn't any information on the web about them other than a couple other complaints.
  14. I am unsure where to start with everything, as I am just now taking baby step 1 to clean up my credit report and raise my score. Please bear with me as I ask what are considered elementary level questions. I have several collections from medical bills that I would like to attempt to have removed - Where do I start in terms of letters, settlement options etc. These are all small collections of under $200. Do I start with a pay for delete option? Most of these are from 2010. I have an old Best buy card that was at one point 120 late but was paid in full and then closed by me. It still shows on my report and is from 2005. Should I request that this be removed in an effort to get the negative portion off? Should I dispute every negative item in my CR? This is somewhat overwhelming Would you recommend the use of credit repair software as a tool to make this process easier? Any other software? Thank you so much in advance!
  15. Hi, I hope I am posting in the correct area, this is my first day on this site! My situation: My father co-signed a credit union car loan for me in 2003, in 2004 I began to be late making payments and the car was repo'd late that year. I filed BK in 2005 and the car was included. Haven't heard anything since.....Until...... 6 months ago my poor mother got an intimidating phone call from some collection agency saying that if they didn't send them a payment they were going to start garnishing my father's wages. Unknowing and being intimidated, she sent them $100. and she has continued to pay $100 when she can. My question is, other than how is that legal for them to misrepresent and intimidate someone, were the SOL up on that debt?? How can they being collection again after so many years? My parents live in Colorado, that is where the loan was originated. This collection company is in Wyoming. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.
  16. Verizon, has my account listed w/ a high balance of $511 paid $0 past due $511 120 days past due status noted as collection. They sent the account to Convergence whom I settled with. My question is can they report this debt with this notation? It seems as if its a revolving credit account. How can I tackle this issue?
  17. I filed a complaint with the BBB and Verizon gave a response withe the amount of money that I owe on my account. Is it legal for them to share this info with someone else without my consent to do so?
  18. I am 26 years old. Recently married (May 2011) and a financial mess! Ok, so I might not be in as bad of a situation as some....but poor enough for my own liking. I have over $15,000 worth of debt and I have no clue how to tackle it. Oh and there is a plus, my newlywed husband is in the same situation. Most of the debt is from hospital bills, and miscellaneous things left unpaid as an irresponsible teen and young adult. The major (most expensive) things are a auto loan, ONE credit card that was put in my name when I was about 17 by a family member, and an unjust court judgement placed against me. We want to buy a house in the near future, we NEED to buy a car AND we have a baby on the way! I'm scared, lost, confused and not to mention full of pregnancy hormones that aren't making me worry any less. Needless to say, I need help. ~Jacquelyn
  19. I used ebay for a few months back in 2004. After that I never used it. Since then I changed my e-mail address and phone number. I got a letter from a collection agency yesterday called Convergent Outsourcing for a bill of $55.85. I didn't think I owed ebay any money, so I logged into ebay and I did owe that exact amount and paid it off through ebay. However I now fear this collection agency is going to want the 55.85 or put it on my credit report. I checked "Experian" today and there are no delinquent accounts from Convergent Outsourcing, however they do show up as looking at my credit a few months ago. I Googled Convergent Outsourcing and they have so many complaints, etc., but on the letter they sent me--they knew the exact amount I owed ebay as well as my username. So I contacted ebay and they said pay the bill, which I did last night. But if ebay sent this to an outside debt collector Convergent would never know and possibly still give me "Account in Collections." What should I do. I mean it's only 55.85, but I would hate for this to show up on my credit report. Like I said I already paid ebay last night. I thought once a company (ebay in this situation) sells a debt to a collection agency that the collection agency owns and collects on any payments. I am confused. If I have to pay Convergent the same amount to protect my credit I will. Just Google "Convergent Outsourcing" and you will be shocked. I assume it was a legitimate bill because the collection agency knows the amount due and my user name. But I paid e-bay after the bill from the collection agency . Should I pay twice or risk having this on my credit report? Thanks for any advice.
  20. Hello, I lost my job 2 years ago and my credit went down the drain. I'm rebuilding and have a good score now. However there is a collection on my account from an energy and power company. I moved and requested my electricity turned off on a certain date. Well these lame-o's didn't turn the electricity off by my requested date. They turned it off a full month later, by then the new tenant had racked up about $120 in charges. I refused to pay because I moved out and requested it turned off on my moveout day and they're the ones that didn't. Anyway, this collection is from 2009, however the collection agency, continues to refresh the "date assigned" every six months so that it continues to looks as if it is a new collection. It's the same collection agency too. Actually the debt is charged off. I've disputed it and tried to get it fix but they refuse. So the collection agency that purchased this charged off debt refreshes the "date assigned" every six months and it continues to list as a "new collection" which we all know affects our credit score more than an old collection. Even though the debt was assigned to them in 2009, they know that by refreshing the date assigned they can keep banging my score in hopes that I'll pay the measly $120 and their tactic is working. I'm so tired of this collection "relisting" itself as a new collection every six months that I'm willing to just pay the $120 even though it's not my debt. Is it legal for them to misrepresent the "date assigned" date. For example they'll list it as "Date assigned January 2012" and then refresh to "Date assigned July 2012" to "Date assigned December 2012" etc, so that it looks as if it has been "newly" placed for collection which bangs my score hard. Is this legal? And if not, what can I do about it? As far as I know, "Date Assigned" refers to the date it was assigned to the collection agency, which should actually say "May 2009" and that date only changes if the debt is then assigned to a different agency or bounces around to different agencies.

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