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  1. I had a $1200 collection from Midland. They decided to sue me and they won as I did not go to court. The papers were served by the Sheriff's office to an address that I was no longer living at and I did not know about the case or even Midland. When I pulled my credit report and found this collection, I paid them right away (split into 3 payments). The account was PIF with no negotiation on the balance. Is there a way of getting this judgement removed? My reports estimate deletion date from the CA as 04/15 but the judgement is set to stay on record until 2019. I also have another judgement from
  2. Hello everyone. I'm a new member here and have been reading topics on here for about 2 or 3 days prior to starting this topic. I didn't find anything quite like what I'm looking for beforehand, so here I am making a new topic to try to get some advice. I started paying for Experian Credit Watch a couple days ago so I can try to fix everything wrong with my credit. However, upon inspection of my credit report I found a few things that made me rethink my entire situation, Just so you guys have a little back-story, I'm young (22) and made some very poor decisions resulting in me not being able to
  3. Hey, just joined here looking to get some advice and information on my situation. I just graduated college with a Mechanical Engineering degree in May. I started work and have been saving up for various purchases and moved into a nice apartment complex. I got married as well in October. There my background for you. When I moved to Dallas, I had to get an apartment for us. I got denied based on my credit regaurdless of how much oney I was making based off of insufficient credit history. I started to look into this more and got a account on creditkarma to see my scores. I have around a 59
  4. Hi all - I've been trying to clean up my credit & like many people have some bad marks from years past..unfortunately, two of them relate to Portfolio Recovery Associates which is seeming to be IMPOSSIBLE to deal with. 1. I had a store credit card that I fell late on and it went to collections in Feb. 2013. I called and for someone to agree to a Pay for Delete so I paid the entire balance in Dec. 2013. I later found out this was the worst idea ever because they didn't delete anything and seeing I trusted their word, I have no proof that that was the agreement. So now I have this ac
  5. If anyone can help me with advice, that would be great! So here's my story: I have been working my tail off for the last year to rebuild my credit. I really screwed it up in my teens/early 20's and I'm finally on the right path. It has been over 4 years since my last baddie and I have had a 15 month streak of on time payments. I have acquired quite a few credit/retail cards in the last year that have helped me bring up my score. (started with a CapOne secured card/ now have Nordstrom, Kohls, Kay's, VS, Express and recently a Barclay's card.) Anyhoo, I just had a baby and my employer swit
  6. Looking for some advice on dealing with this collection agency Portfolio Recovery Associates. Same old story, I went thru some very hard times about 4 years ago and now im dealing with the consequences. Recently Ive been contacted by Portfolio Recovery Associates regarding TWO accounts that they have purchased and are now trying to contact me about settling debt. One of the accounts is an old GE Bank Credit Card (Walmart) that is out of the Statue of Limitations in my state. (im in Texas and I believe the SOL is 4 years on debt.) The letter that I received regarding that account is has thi
  7. Sorry, another newbie question, but didn't get any clarity after searching. I've got a MyFico alert for a credit card account, saying "Account Is Deemed As Uncollectible By The Creditor And Written Off As "Bad Debt" Or "Loss". My credit score actualy rose 1 point as a result of that (LOL). So does this mean the OC completely wrote off the debt as a loss for tax purposes, and I'm off the hook, or they still may sell the account to a CA?
  8. Been away from CB for a long time... but I could once again use some help on something. I moved to Washington state briefly for work during 2012, and during that time my wife experienced a medical episode that required an ER visit. The total bill rang out to around $7,500. I was mailing small payments to the hospital each month (which they agreed to) to pay it off. We didn't have any kind of plan for that sort of bill to pop up suddenly, and at the time, using our emergency fund didn't seem appropriate if we could pay it off over time. However, in the chaos of moving back OUT of Washington
  9. I have three accounts in colections, actually four. Two are from Atlantic Broadband, one for 58 dollars and the second for 78. They both are with the same collection agency. The third one is for 200 dollars from a checking account with bank of america.The account is in collection with an agency. The fourth is for 1500 dollars. This is from a towing company. Said company towed my old,not-running car in christmas of 2010. The final bill was more expencive than the car was worth, so foolishly, I just let them keep it and never bother with again. I want to take care of all three in
  10. Hello WhyChat and everyone. I have been on the path to restore my credit for some many months/years. I have obtained paper copies and have cleaned my reports of almost all baddies except for medical collections. All three reports are clean of addresses, names, phone numbers, etc that are not current. Also, I'm opted out. After reading a post about how soon obsolete tradelines/collections could be taken off, I recently disputed an old non-medical tradeline (only showing on TU) as obsolete, which it was (and was deleted). With the quick success of that, I also have one medical tradeline
  11. Professional Account Management is engaging in unethical and possibly illegal tactics. They report to credit bureaus without any verification of debt owed and make no effort to remove credit reports if debt is proved invalid or paid. They are based in Milwaukee WI. Below is a part of the public record on the Wisconsin BBB website. If this has happened to you, as suggested by the BBB, contact: Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection P.O. Box 8911 Madison WI 53708 Phone Number: (800) 422-7128 Email Address: hotline@datcp.state.wi.us Website: http://datcp.state.wi.us/ From
  12. Hi. I am new and have been lurking and ready for about a month. I finally decided to pull my reports and post here. I have been in a battered women's shelter for 5 months. I now have my own apartment a great job starting at $13.94 an hour with a trucking company as a dispatcher and an opportunity for tons of overtime this holidau season. Here is my situation. I was with my crazy ex for 12 years. He handled all fiances. I pulled my trans report and score faco was 589 and $16k in collections. Lots of medical 3-5 years old and some of his credit cards where I was on them that are 5 year
  13. I had a Eufora account 5 1/2 years ago. I paid the yealy $80 fee once 5 years ago and then requested that the account be closed. I did not have any outstanding charges on the card. Now it is appearing on my credit report as a 30 day late(not a collections account) and shows that the account was opened 5 years and 4 months ago. Eufora is now defunct so...what do I do to get that $80 off my credit report? The tradeline says Eufora and an Arizona address, unsecured loan payment rems $10 for 12 months. Does not list any payment history for the past 48 months. How do I get rid of them?
  14. Hello Everyone - it is Oct 1, 2014 I have been lurking on this site for a bit and finally decided to register and post my own struggles and seek advice. I just graduated from college in June and got a job in August and make a decent salary; I'm able to save about $1000-1500/mo after regular bill payments, depending on how frugal I am. I also live in California where the SOL is 4 years. I have opted-out and am in the process of calling the CRAs to remove old addresses. I haven't gotten any real reports, annualcreditreport.com gave me "We were unable to honor your request. " I am
  15. I am hoping to find some good help In Nevada, I had my car repo’d from coming out of divorce, nothing I could do… it seemed like the best move. anyway to make a long story short. After the Repo about 3 months later I received a letter for the bank notice to pay in full and they will be selling the car, then nothing for 9 months. I get a letter from a collection company wanting $13,600 I respond with this > Dear Mr. Recoveries Thanks for your letter I just received it. Sorry for the delay in returning correspondence I am currently struggling with unemployment and homelessness
  16. Hi all - I'm new to the site but from what I've been reading it seems to be VERY informative! Hopefully this a quick question to answer. Just recently I started taking my credit seriously and that meant actually viewing my reports. I found many discrepancies that I disputed and had them removed, yay! I have a valid collection that remains on two of my reports. I am wondering if it is best to pay them (hopefully at a settled price) and ask them to remove it from my reports. Is this something that I could ask? Is it even possible? Should I even pay them? It's with Midland and from some of th
  17. I had another post but thought it may be best to start a new one with this information. I disputed Midland's collection on my TU report and this is what is now written as a note: "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act)." So basically they verfied the debt but that doesn't mean that it's validated correct? I could send them a DV letter? I'm still reading up on boards every chance I get. This debt is the only negative on two of my reports (besides some late fees). Midland is currently NOT showing on my EQ report (that one
  18. Does anyone know how a cell phone bill is classified? I have been googling for days and have yet to find a clear answer. The statue of limitations in my state is 10 years for written contracts and 3 years for open accounts. I have a 3.5 year old cell phone bill in collections (Midland) and I desperately need to know if the SOL has run out on this. Thank you.
  19. I have credit cards that's in collections and a for profit school that I need to remove from credit report.
  20. Hello CBers. My credit was looking great thanks to your help, but now I have a new baddie. It is from Online Collections for about $50.00. Reported on 8/14. Assigned 6/14. DFD of 6/11. Original creditor is Entergy New Orleans. Before I send a DV, I'd like to know if anyone has any other thoughts or experiences. I've removed an ERC collection using a DV. I removed CM collection for a friend by PFD. I've read on the board that these Online Collections people respond to DV and will not PFD. Not reading good things about them.
  21. Hello, I'm in the final stages of recovery from a bad financial situation in 2008. I had a ton of negatives on my reports. Now I have zero late payments (96 payments and all on-time), 0 credit inquiries, nice aged accounts, and credit utilization under control. I'm happy about that. However, I have one major issue with my report. I have FOUR derogatory remarks: 3 open accounts in collection and one public record. I defaulted on those credit cards way back in 2008. However, on my most recent pull on credit karma, it shows a "data opened" of feb, 2012 with Asset Acceptance, LLC. The
  22. Hi, So, I pulled my credit report from Experian and there is an account listed in collections. It says the original creditor is Comcast. The "date opened" is 07/2013 and "reported since" is 02/2014. It also says under "Your Statement:" "Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act). Well, I didn't open an account with Comcast in 2013 and I've never disputed it. I may have had an account with Comcast about 4 or 5 years ago (I don't remember if it was in my name) but this must be somebody else's account? I went to the coll
  23. I'm about to send my first DV. Is it okay to use an online service to send CMRRR such as LetterStream? Or does that somehow defeat the purpose of the CMRRR? The only thing I can think of is I might not be able to add the tracking number to the letter itself.
  24. I am not talking about OC's that have lawyers or inhouse collectors, perhaps working on a percentage... I am talking about a charged off OC balance with -0- due and owing that has totally sold their position in the outstanding amount... Anybody know about this?Thanks if so...
  25. I sent a DV to CACH LLC over a month ago. I sent it certified mail but they don't mention that I'm disputing the charges on my recent Credit Report. Since this is an error on their end, could I send a letter to the CRA's demanding deletion?
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