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Found 213 results

  1. Helping a friend with a Credit Management LP derog for $95.00. The credit report is not showing a DOFD, but it is going to some time in 2013. The original creditor was WOW Cable, it is balance of a cable bill. He never received a bill in the mail. Will the DV alone be enough or should he use the one-two punch: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=428895 I'd like your feedback on the one-two punch versus simple DV and your feedback on the DV. Here's the DV: My Name My Address May 5th, 2014 Re: 1234XXXX Dear Credit Management, You have added information to my credit report. I dispute your claims in their entirety and request validation pursuant to the FDCPA. Be advised that I am not requesting a "verification" that you have my mailing address, I am requesting a validation, that is, competent evidence that I have some contractual obligation to pay you. Also, please provide the original creditor's name, address, and date of last activity. It is inconvenient for me to communicate by phone. Send all communication to the address above. Sincerely, My Name Sent via Certified Mail: 7000 0000 0000 0000 0000
  2. Hi all, so I recently checked my credit score and was reminded that I have an open collections account from 3 years back. The original account is from the Justice Court over a parking ticket and got sent to collection agency NCO. I recently read that simply paying off the collections account does not improve your credit score and that I need to send a 'demand to validate' letter to NCO before I pay. I also read that you can negotiate a 'pay to delete' agreement. Is this accurate? If so, can anyone elaborate on the process and what needs to be included in the letter? Also, can the negotiation to delete the information from my credit report be done over the phone? Does anyone have experience dealing with NCO? Thank you for the replies.
  3. Hello from a newbie, I was unemployed last year for almost half a year, and let a Kay Jeweler's account go delinquent after November. First off, I take full responsibility for this, and it should never have gotten this far. However, it was a $2500 debt that, with interest, is higher. Today, I received a credit monitoring alert that it went into chargeoff status. I have not received any communication from them (and don't expect any until the mid-end of the week?), but... What are the odds of a settlement offer from them? I want to pay it, but need to make payments. At this point, this is my only delinquent account, so I guess I'll take the credit hit as a tough life lesson...but my concern is a garnishment/court action - that is what I DON'T want, obviously. Thoughts? Thanks
  4. A friend of mine had a PNC bank overdraft from some sort of subscription that automatically dinged his debit card. He did not notice the overdraft and the overdraft charges racked up. He didn't have the money to pay the charges and they would have kept accumulating so he closed the account. He was contacted by LHR: http://empower.lhrinc.com/ He agreed to pay them. We pulled his credit report from EX and EQ. They have not reported. They call him every week and he makes a 32.99 payment. What should he do at this point? He owes $130.00 more. Should he pay it off and hope they don't report, or should get something in writing that they won't report? I asked this already, but I don't believe I made myself clear. I believe he's validated the debt himself by making payments to JDB.
  5. Asking for a friend. I've been talking about what I've learned from this forum with friends. PNC bank overdraft from some sort of subscription that automatically dinged the account. Didn't notice and the overdraft charges racked up. He didn't have the money to pay the charges and they would have kept accumulating so he closed the account. He was contacted by: http://empower.lhrinc.com/ He agreed to pay them. We pulled his credit report from EX and EQ. They have not reported. They call him every week and he makes a 32.99 payment. What should he do at this point? He owes $130.00 more. Should he pay it off and hope they don't report, or should get something in writing that they won't report?
  6. I have been around this site for many moons. I was a member back when it started I think but recently stopped in to work on a few things and to see if I could find some advice on an issue. I moved in with a friend a few months ago from Florida to Southern California. He offered me a place to stay so I had no need for a credit check. Well few months later he's selling his house and I go looking for an apartment and out of nowhere I find 2 bad trade lines on my credit report both from past apartments. 1. The first is mine that I had given my ex the money to go pay when we moved out (I can see that never happened) and I am for sure going to pay the fees for moving out but have questions. Since its on my credit and I need this off ASAP to rent an apartment does anyone have any advice on how to pay this and have it updated as paid or removed right away? I will be homeless before 30-60 days is up for it to show and the last apartment I looked at said that a receipt will not work, it has to show on my report as being paid before they will accept me. 2. This apartment was not there last time I applied for an apartment (the one above) It shows an original balance of (example) $400 then says current balance $500. I did live at the place where the collection is from but I never had a late payment and when I left I did not owe them anything. The debt never showed up on my credit report until recently which is odd since I was there in 2008/9. I think maybe it was a debt from a tenant that got reported to me. Not sure but the issue is I need a place to live ASAP and was considering paying it just to make it go away and so I can get in to an apartment before my roommate kicks me out when the house sells. I am down to weeks if not days and freaking out. I have lost so much sleep over this I don't know where to start. I'm really upset that I can show them 20 years of perfect rental history never late once, I have 2 credit cards 3 and 4 years old perfect history with a 19% DTI, 3 student loans all current retired with guaranteed income and these 2 bad trade lines are stopping me from getting an apartment or any place that checks credit. Really really frustrating so if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction to get these off my credit ASAP it would be appreciated. Just paying them won't help me here that much.
  7. I have a dilema on how I need to approach an old Verizon Wireless debt and I hope the credit board memebers can help. First I will show you what is being reported on my CR: VERIZON WIRELESS PO BOX 26055 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55426 (800) 852-1922 Date Opened: 02/04/2009 Responsibility: Individual Account Account Type: Open Account Loan Type: TELECOMMUNICATIONS/CELLULAR Balance: $986 Date Updated: 03/31/2014 Payment Received: $0 High Balance: $986 Past Due: >$986< Pay Status: >In Collection< Date Closed: 02/28/2011 Remarks: >PLACED FOR COLLECTION< Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 08/2017 This was an account that I fell behind on when I was going through some hard times and eventually it went into collections in 2009. I'm sure I owe a debt to VW but I am unsure about the amount. I have not recieved any calls or letters for this debt in a couple of years. My first thought was to wait until the debt fell off in 7 1/2 years but considering it doesn't fall off untill 2017 and I want to purchase a home in the next 9-12mo that is no longer an option. I don't have the full $986 up front that is owed on the account and I doubt I will have it anytime soon. I have researched the boards and I have not seen anything where people have been allowed to pay over time or have had been able to negotiate a lower settlement but I would like to know from someone who is familiar with VW to chime in. Also if I do pay it off I have read that if I cannot get a PFD (which Verizon is reluctant to do) then a paid account won't help my score anyway. So my question is how do I go about approaching this. Apparently it is still with Verizon and not an outside CA. Currently my credit score is in the low 600 to mid 600's and this VW bill is my only blemish right now. I'm sure if I could get rid of it I would see a jump in my score but how do i go about doing that the right way?
  8. Please Help! I have a GE Capital Brooks Card which was recently closed - can anyone provide advice on how to best negotiate and minimize the impact this will do to my bureaus? Last Payment was made November 2013, with the next payment due Dec 2014 I received a letter with GE Capital Retail Bank letter head today offering to settle for 50% of the original balance of $1800, in three installments - and the account would be marked 'Account Paid in full than less than the full balance' (which is worth little) Is there a way to negotiate that I pay the FULL Original amount, in exchange for either deleting it, or marking it 'Paid as Agreed' 'Account closed by grantor' Help anyone please.
  9. Asset Acceptance is reporting 3 different fall off dates to the cra's they are 7/14, 9/14, 10/14 and the OC is Target National Bank I am from MI and SOL is 6 yrs . My question is should I call for the DoFD do I DV them ? I need to get them of my reports ASAP trying to purchase car in July.
  10. So today I got a letter from DRS dated April 1. It informed me that I owed AT&T $250 and offered to work with me on payment. How generous of them. Well I’ve been an AT&T customer for a year and never been in arrears. The account number cited by DRS doesn’t have the faintest relationship to my actual account number. It's obviously a scam. Does it require a regular DV letter or something else? I’ve never written a DV before -- but I’ve read a lot here so know how to do it – but just want to make sure I proceed correctly. How has this company not lost its license to collect in my state (NY)? And who do I complain to in order to get that ball rolling to make it happen? The AG? As always, thanks for your help.
  11. HUGE shock yesterday. Did another mortgage pull to see if I can move things along a bit quicker, and there were TWO collection tradelines from the same garbage collector reporting. They were on EX only, and according to CREDCO, have been reporting since August. I've been pulling daily since July to *B EQ, and these TL's had never appeared before. One collection for $151, and another paid collection reporting as zero, and disputed. You can guess how the bank felt about that. Referred to manual U/W, and put everything on hold. I pulled CCMP again this morning, and one of the two that were missing yesterday appeared ($151). I received an email alert last night about the new pull, but still no alert regarding the new account. This is extremely upsetting to say the least. Neither of the debts are mine BTW, which really chaps me to no end but that's for another post. Has anyone else experienced entire TL's missing from CCMP vs. mortgage or other types of pulls?
  12. I have done the following steps. 1. Disputed with the CRAs. - Received the debt was verified from the CRA, but not the info requested from the Collection Agency. Never heard from them. 2. Sent a written Dispute directly to the Collection Agency. 3. Sent a second Dispute to the CRAs with Certified proof of CA received my Dispute request. 4. Received notice the CRA is investgating. 5. Now I just received a letter from the Collection Agency. - They are offering a 50% discount for the dept. That offer is good for 30 Days. - They also say, unless I notify them within 30 days after receiving this notice, that I dispute the validity of this debt, they will assume the debt is valid. - They go on to state, If I notify them in writing that I dispute the validity of the debt, they will obtain verification and mail a copy of judgement, the name and address of the original creditor. Now, I know the Medical business this debt is allegedly from, has gone out of business. And CA is from out of state. Should I send another Dispute as requested by the CA? Thanks.
  13. Hi, this is my first post here, so I hope I'm in the right place... My husband received a call on his cell phone this week about an old credit card debt of mine from before we were even married - 21 years ago! It was originally a balance of 750.00, one of those cards they give you when you are new in college with no job... So stupid. Anyway, life happened, I couldn't pay it, and it had been off my report for many, many years. Well, the person from Dynamic Recovery Solutions, after much prodding from my husband, told them the original account holder was Chase. The 750.00 balance from 21 years ago? They want almost 13,000.00 now! My husband just laughed and hung up on them. I received a letter from them this week giving me my options for repayment. It says in the fine print that I have 30 days to contact them, or else they will assume the debt is valid. I opened this account when I was living in NC but haven't lived there in 15 years. The SOL is 3-4 years there. I have no idea what steps I should take or who to contact. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I know that it sometimes is a bad thing to pay off collections, but something interesting happened when I paid a medical collection with Paramount Recovery. I first called and they said they would list it as "Paid" and not "Paid Collection". So fine. I forked over the $54. Well now that my credit report is updated it shows that 1 derogatory remark was removed. It was for the medical collection that I had paid. So not only did they list it as Paid and Closed, but as far as I can see they didn't create a new date to extend it the 7 years.... and it was removed from my Negatives??? I have a total of 14 medical collections with Paramount and they all have the same OC. If this is the case should I just pay them all off. I tried doing the Pay for Delete with them and they will not do it. They said they would only do it if I pay all $5,000 of what I owe (all 14 collections). I can't do that, so is just paying with them taking off the negative derogatory remarks good enought to improve my credit?? Thank you for all your help. I feel so much better about my credit because of all the advice I get from you all.
  15. On Feb 21, 2014 I received an alert from CreditCheck Monitoring through USAA that I had an account go into collections. I immediately called the phone number listed on that alert to see what was going on. I was told that it was for a physician's bill from 8/14/13 totalling $62.60. I do think this debt is legitimate as I normally pay for my office visits with cash, but the last time I was seen I decided to have them run it through my insurance to see if I would save more than the cash discount they offered. The problem is I never received a copy of this bill, or any late notices. Also I never received any notice that it was going into collections or had gone into collections. I went ahead and paid the bill and was told that they would delete it from my credit report, but that it would take at least 30 days. I also asked to see a copy of the bill as I had never received it before. I received a letter today from the creditors which says I have a $0 balance on the account as well as a copy of the bill which has an address that I haven't lived at since Oct 2012. This would explain why I never received a copy of the bill. At this point I'm questioning if I did the right thing handling this all over the phone as right now I'm just resting my hopes in the spoken word of a debt collector that this will be removed from my file. I'm about a week away from the 30 days she said to wait for this to get removed, but I'm wondering what the best thing to do at this point is? Should I wait? Should I send a written letter to someone disputing the address on the bill or something else? The other thing I will add is I have been going to this practice for 20+ years. My doctor retired a year ago and there is a new guy that's taken his place, but I still know the office staff fairly well. If the best way to handle this is trying to resolve it face to face I can do that as well.
  16. My thread logging my progress and misc questions. http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=521248&hl= I have a question in regards to OC Charge-Offs. I have 2 collection accounts reporting from 2 CC charge-offs. OC reporting $0 and the CA reporting the balance. So from what I gather, OC sold the debt, CA has complete control over the debt and report on the CRAs. I also have Chase CC, Cap1 CC, and Macys CC reporting Charge-Offs and the remaining balances. No other CA reporting. Basic action would be to contact each OC and find out which CA has the debt? or since they still report the debt, can I take care of the debt directly with them? And If they still own the debt, can OCs settle for % of total like most CAs? I know this may be a simple question, but I have just been looking around and don't really see anything that satisfies the questions I have. Or I may just be skipping completely over it. But I know you helpful folks out there don't mind schooling a newbie
  17. Hello everyone...I am new to the board but have a rather "small" situation for which I am trying to gather my thoughts! Story: I Helped my mother obtain electric for her house since she was not able to put it in her own name without a deposit. Therefore, the bill was placed in my name and they were sent to her address where service was listed for. Recently, she moved to a new residence and was able to obtain electric in her own name. When I called to have the service disconnected I provided them with an address to have the final bill sent. Apparently, the final, bill indicating it was being sent to collections, the letter(s) from the collection agency were never received at the new address. I found out about the collections because I have fredit monitoring on my credit report. I noticed it today and immedieatly called the collections agency and paid the past due amount. My problem is they are not willing to delete the debt from my credit report. I did some research and tried to work with them and they claim that legally they are not able to remove this debt from my report. However, I have spoke to a few Credit Repair agencies and they feel different. I am skeptical if they can get it removed but I have submitted a dispute with the credit agency for which they reported it to. I am not confident that Equifax will get it removed but I figured I would try. Can any of you all offer some stories, suggestions or anything of that nature that I can try to do to get this done. My credit score went from a 722 to a 643 because of this $128 collections bill! I am hoping that I can get it deleted so my score will return to normal... Thanks Kyle
  18. We need some advice for dealing with Dell - we had fallen behind a few months and sent several letters asking for a payment arrangement which were all ignored. We called several times and only got non-English language operators who only wanted full payment. I called to setup payment arrangements and they accepted the terms which was $500 a month for 10 months which pay the account in full. After setting everything up they informed me that our would be charged off and even after the last payment was made would reported that way to the credit reporting agencies and would not be reversed for any reason even payment in full. I was told at the end of the payments I could write letters to the credit bureaus and dispute that I had paid it off and show proof to get the balance to zero. But they would never remove the charge off. This is crazy - I am willing and able to pay this account off and I get told they will do what ever they want even with payment? All our other credits agreed to a debt management program and after $65,000 are paid off. We were told Dell would not accept any debt management plan. Now our debt management plan is over and we cn afford to pay off Dell. I am very hesitant to send them any money until I can learn more about charge-offs and my rights. This does not seem like it should be allowed. Any advice for those having dealt with them?
  19. I'm new here & apologize in advance for any errors/Mis-Postings. I've also been perusing for a few days & now it is time I chime in. First, I APPRECIATE all your hard work and information available on this site. I'm quite impressed & grateful that there are so many people willing to take the time to help others. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE GREAT JOB :) Anyway, I've rebuilt myself up after my "7-10 year penalty" due to becoming disabled & after a house fire in 2007. Long story short, it took alot of hard work and A LOT MORE PATIENCE/TIME!!! After re-establishing to the point I am in the midper (mid & a tad North of the700's ), on 02/15/2014 I got an alert that a "New Collection Account has posted to my CR". About an hour later, I got another one from CK for the same thing. So I log in, I see I've LOST 45 points, and I immediately do a CR pull to find out more on this "Pinnacle" place. I've done alot of searching on this "Factoring Company" nonsense, as well as Pinnacle, as well as what letters to write but again, and PLEASE do not be irritated, however I just have NO idea how to even begin to tackle this. I've never seen it happen before and I have NO CLUE who the OC would even be (or who they bought this from if Pinnacle is the OC). No letters, no nothing - just an IQ from 12/27/13 from Pinnacle, then it hit on 02/16. None of this makes sense & I am in a COMPLETE panic over what my creditors will do to me as a result of the score dropping due to, of all things, a BRAND NEW collection account that has been RE-AGED from the looks of things. I know that's an FCRA no-no, and I know the lack of ANY correspondence is also a no-no. This could not have come at a worse time as well as I'm in the midst of a mortgage process & when the lender catches wind of it, I GUARANTEE all deals will be off. Given the intensity of the situation, and before I send off my 3-page Validation to Pinnacle (based on § 807(11) - lack of required disclosure from a debt collector, § 807(8) communicating info which is known to be false, § 809 - standard stuff, and § 623 - reporting w/knowledge of errors et.al., and finally a § 623 dispute w/the CRA's. I am using that § 807(11) since even though there has been no "communication", they have now "communicated" via a third party, i.e. the CRA's, Certainly I am no expert however I have had my fair share of all this too - and knowledge is power - but this whole "Factoring Company" nonsense has thrown me for a loop. Looking through these forums, they're a JDB/CA, but apparently utilizing the "Factoring" aspect allows em' to report a WHOLE lot more - to which they are - as a revolving account impacting my AAOA, Util, and history. I'm at a total loss and again, I apologize for all this as I admit I'm STUCK!!! The TL appears as follows: PINNACLE CREDIT SERVICES L PO Box 640 Hopkins, MN 55343-0640 (952) 939-8100 Account Number: OK05XXXX Current Status: At least 120 Days or More Than Four Payments Past Due Account Owner: Individual Account. High Credit: $1,253 Type of Account : Revolving Credit Limit: N/A Terms Duration: Terms Frequency: Monthly Date Opened: 12/20/2013 Balance: $1,253 Date Reported: 02/15/2014 Amount Past Due: $1,253 Date of Last Payment: Actual Payment Amount: $0 Scheduled Payment Amount: $0 Date of Last Activity: N/A Date Major Delinquency First Reported: 02/2014 Months Reviewed: 3 Creditor Classification: Factoring Company Activity Description: N/A Charge Off Amount: $0 Deferred Payment Start Date: Balloon Payment Amount: $0 Balloon Payment Date: Date Closed: Type of Loan: yes Date of First Delinquency: 12/2013 Comments: Collection account 81-Month Payment History No 81-Month Payment Data available for display. I really appreciate it in advance, I honestly do not know what else to say/do at this point, but I want to utilize the rest of the weekend to attack this come Monday morning. Thanks again everyone & I hate to even ask for help but I've tried & tried only to start getting more confused. Take care
  20. Sorry in advance for the long first post. My wife has a bill from her labor & delivery in July 2013. We prepared for some expenses at the beginning of the year but did not expect complications that led to about $800 in meds and DME, and a week in the hospital for mom and baby after delivery. So after paying for the meds and DME we had a $1500 bill from the hospital. I wanted to try getting it reduced since our income is at ~150% FPL but couldn't get the paperwork figured out. Long story short, I was putting it off until we got our tax return, checking the bills for "final notice" or "past due" in case we needed to just throw it on a credit card, and I was reading the bill wrong so missed the fine print and we got a letter from the CA this week. The CA letter has our correct information and amount, plus interest. The letter reads: Your delinquent account has been assigned to USCB America to collect the balance now due. USCB is not aware of any reason for your nonpayment. If you do not dispute the amount owing, please pay the balance due. And on the back: INTEREST DISCLAIMER: In the event your account is accruing interest, be advised that because interest charges vary from day to day, the amount due on the day you pay may be greater than the total amount due referenced on the front of this notice. I tried to research what to do which is how I ended up here. I told my wife not to talk to them if they call her. The letter says the debt was assigned to the CA, not purchased by the CA, so I called the hospital billing to confirm the amount due and ask how we can pay. The hospital billing rep gave me the amount due without interest, and said we can pay them directly, but she said two things that I don't completely understand. First she said, the account is in collections, and so the CA might charge interest, even though the hospital isn't charging interest - it sounded like she was saying the CA was charging the hospital interest, but she was definitely implying that this interest was our problem, not the hospital's problem. I tried to get her to explain but all I got was that we would find out within 30 days if interest was an issue. I thought a CA can't charge interest on a debt they don't own, but if they owned the debt, 1) why would the letter say "assigned" and 2) why would the hospital still accept payment or even talk to me at all? Second thing that I didn't understand: She said when we pay the bill, the hospital will tell the CA that we paid it. That's exactly what she said, but I don't think that's what we want. It sounds like they're going to put it on the wife's credit report as a collections account. I want to just pay them off, I can put it on the credit card and worst case scenario we pay a month of interest before our tax return comes (just waiting for the W-2s, they usually come at the beginning of February from wife's employer), but only if it's going to keep the debt from going on wife's credit report. Today we pulled her reports and there are no bad marks with 2 of the agencies, we have to wait for the trans union report to come by mail because she made a mistake in the identity verification step, but she checked her credit karma account (which uses trans union) and it's not showing up there so we're assuming the account has not been reported to the CRAs. (So I don't think we can use Why Chat's HIPAA process since we have no collections account to dispute to the CRAs which is the first step.) In a perfect world here is what I would do: Send a cashier's check to the hospital with a letter insisting that they instruct the CA to nuke the account without reporting it since there is no payment due, reference applicable laws (FCRA, HIPAA, others?), and relax. Is this the right move? I'm worried that if we rush to pay the hospital they will just tell the CA to report the account as paid. And to be honest, if she has to have a bad mark on her credit either way, I would just as soon wait until we can negotiate a smaller settlement from the CA. Thanks for your advice.
  21. Newbie here. Needing help w/ things. Been lurking and I don't think I've found this scenario yet. I haven't touched my Credit report in years. I figured my credit was in the toilet but my goal has been to fix it up and I've started this week. I've been playing catch up and think I need to work on creating various validation letters to send out to CA's. I've grouped my debt into 3 blocks: CC's and Lifestyle, Vehicle Loans and Medical Accounts. I've only been at this for two days but I am proud at how organized I've gotten. Even did a spreadsheet for myself. I must admit, I am a little disappointed after checking my real FICO score (not the FAKO). Ever since I started disputing online this week, my score has DROPPED 30 POINTS. Not very encouraging but I am trying to stick with this and not give up. I was so frustrated after seeing my score drop, I called up all my CA's to figure what information they had. What a noob mistake. I forgot that calling the CA's are a no no but I gave out no personal information so I didn't feel so bad. I even learned that one of the reps was upset to see most of my medical debt was invalid because of SOL. Calling was not ok because I know they recorded my calls, and I just hope I didn't hurt my chances of submitting a quality DV for them to remove my negative TL. A few things to keep in mind: 1. I've never declared bankruptcy. 2. I believe the SOL are in effect because it's been more than 7 years for most of this debt. 3. I have one student loan that has been transferred over time that I currently pay on time (no longer in deferment) and is the only positive item showing on my credit. I have some closed positive accounts that help my CR but not worried about those for now. 4. No longer living in the state where most of the debt occurred. (I do believe the CA's are using my new address.) Here is my grouped debt: CC's/Lifestyle = all items have been charged off from OC and have unpaid balances collecting fees with CA CC 1 (clothing) > Asset Acceptance LLC, Opened in Spring 2004, Expected to be unlisted on Experian next month, Equifax Spring 2014 CC 2 (electronics) > Asset Acceptance LLC, Opened in ??, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014, Equifax Fall 2014 CC 3 (n/a) > Calvary Portfolio Services, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014 CC 4 (clothing) > LVNV Funding->Resurgent->Allied Interstate, Opened in Spring 2007 CC 5 (home) > LVNV Funding ->Resurgent->Capital Mgmt Services, Opened in Spring 2007, Expected to be unlisted summer 2014 from all bureaus CC 6 (electronics) > Midland Funding, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014, Equifax Winter 2014 CC 7 (n/a) > Midland Funding, Opened in Winter 2004, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014, Equifax Winter 2014 Rental Bill (ex damaged walls but I need to pay for it) > National Credit Systems, Opened in Winter 2011 Utility Bill (ex refused to pay his share but it was in my name) > name of CA withheld, Winter 2008 n/a = actual credit card not tied to a particular store or use. Used everywhere. Vehicle Loan Credit Union > name of CA withheld> opened up in Spring 2004, high balance reported but car was given back to dealer in 2008. Never listed as a repossession. Expected to be unlisted summer 2015 on all bureaus and become positive, unpaid account. Medical Accounts 8 ER bills all sent to various collections, opened up in 2007 but all expected to be removed from CR beginning next month into the spring 2014. I HAVE ONE CAP1 CREDIT CARD NOT IN COLLECTIONS WITH A HIGH BALANCE. Opened up in Summer 2000, expected to be unlisted in Winter 2014 from all bureaus. They said they won't sue and that I just need to pay. Any idea why this may have not been sent out to collections? They want to settle for half. I hung up the phone. High balance. I guess my question is this: If the CRA's are going to remove the item off their bureau is there even a point to writing DV's to the CA's seeing all this time has passed. Since I made the mistake and called them today, will they try to say the SOL is not in effect and attempt to collect all over again? And for the two accounts that were passed to multiple CA's do I only do a DV for the CA willing to settle the debt or them all including the parent CA? I need help in determining if the following DV is good enough to send out to the majority of my CC's and Lifestyle/Vehicle Loan debt. I plan to use the HIPAA DV sample for the Medical Account debt but being a perfectionist, I want to make this right. SAMPLE DV Letter My Name.... My Address on file Date of Letter By Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested Name of Debt Collector Address of Debt Collector Re: Account # ?? To Whom It May Concern: The letter is written in response to the letter/call I received from your office dated. I respectfully ask, pursuant to my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that your office provide me with suitable validation of the debt. I would like to emphasize that this letter is not refusal to pay, but simply a request for proof of legitimacy of my obligation. This said, the proof of the obligation should be complete and should include copies of the following documents: 1. The agreement with the original creditor that authorized you to collect this on behalf of this debt. 2. The agreement reflecting my signature that confirms my acceptance of the obligation. 3. The complete payment history of this account. Until your office fully complies with my validation request, I expect there will be no further action on your part to collect this debt. Additionally, if your office fails to reply to this letter within 30 days of receipt this account is expected to be deleted from my credit file and no further efforts to collect this debt can be made. Sincerely, name print only
  22. Hello, I had comcast since 2008 and always made my payments, 6 months ago I moved to a different state. I was sent to collections without my notice, comcast or collections never called me or anything. I log into my credit experin and I see that I have $860.37 unpaid and brought down my score 100 points, I opened a BBB report, I had this lady who said if you pay the $860.37 that she will contact the credit bureau and get the collection removed but I dont believe her since she never replied to my email when I asked her to send me an itemized bill to show why I owe $860.37, I dont owe them anything and they dont want to provide anything to show that I owe them that amount, they also blocked me from login comcast.com. So now i have bad credit because of comcast sent me to collections for no reason. I would like to know if I pay them what they are asking for, will my credit go back like it was? , even though I dont owe them anything, I rather pay the amount so I can get my credit back. THanks
  23. Last year I had a horrible year and I was unable to pay several credit cards that were business and personal and a SBA loan and I fell several months behind. I owe over $100,000 and will soon have the funds to pay all of my debt off. However, up until last year I had flawless credit, I had never been late on any payments, nor had anything ever sent to collections. In the hard times I fell on as a business owner I had no way to pay on my credit cards and almost 20 years of flawless payment history was lost as I had numerous credit cards I could not make minimum payments on, well over $100,000 in balances and over 10 accounts. I will soon have the funds to pay everything off in full, but I was told that will not delete the collection on my credit report and the damage from them will remain for 7 years unless I obtain a written letter from every bank that guarantees me they will delete the collection from my credit report upon payment in full. I have already had a bank send me a letter that they will settle for 50% of what I owe on the accounts, and I owe over $10,000 on each of the accounts, but I do not want to settle them and have a negative item on my credit report. A negative item on my credit report could cost me a lot in the next 7 years on future business needs as I own my own businesses and need to get my credit fixed. I also read that if I pay the accounts in full and get a delete letter that I can also get the banks to delete the late payments from my credit as a error or glitch. That would be ideal so that I can have my perfect credit again. I will have ample money to pay it all off, but I do not want negative items on my credit report still. I was going to write a letter and mail to each bank and tell them that in return for removing the late payments and collections from my credit report within 15 days of being sent payment for the full balance due, but many of these letters I have found are for settling for less than what is owed. I want to pay what I owe and after I pay them off in full, I want to get the accounts re-opened as many are over 10 years old and I do not want to lose them from my credit profile as strengths. How should I go about doing this? Considering many of the banks already are expecting to get no more than half of what I owe them, and I writing them to offer to pay it in full now, I am guessing that they will agree to my request, but I would like to get the accounts reopened if possible or to report as closed by consumer, not closed by lender, so they report more favorably.
  24. Hi CB, I have been lurking for about 3 or 4 months reading everything that I could find on here. I have been attempting to plan my attack on my bad credit. Most of my bad debt is less than one year old so I want to make sure I don't accidentally end up in a courtroom. I pulled together my statements and letters from the ca. I have a fico 3 bureau report and time. Here are the damages: CA: CRS AMT: $100 LEND: MHC STATUS :Collection Acct Date Assigned: March, 2013 Acct holder: Individual Medical CA: CACH, llc Capital One/Best Buy AMT: $6542.00 $6541.90 LEND: HSBC/Cap1 Open August 2009, c/o 7/13 STATUS :Collection Acct account transferred or sold Date Assigned: 7/14/13 Acct Holder: Individual CA: Cach, llc BOA AMT: $5572 $5572 Lend: BOA Opened May 2008 c/o 12/2012 STATUS: Collection Acct unpaid debt reported as loss by grantor, charged off Date Assigned: 1/2013 Chase Regions $2543 $2268 Open Jan 2004, c/o 12/13 Open 2/09 180 days past due Acct closed by consumer/ Acct closed by grantor Charge off account CFNA $984 Open 6/07 Closed 2/13 unpaid debt reported as loss by grantor, charged off Amex, up to date with two 30 days and one 60 days late 8 months ago I am thinking I need to verify/validate debts first. I have opted out, my addresses are correct per my report and my current address is the only one attached to said debts. As I get ready to write letters, should I start with the medical or the cc debt first? This board has given me more peace about a process I have yet to even fully start and a wealth of knowledge. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much! Karla

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