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Found 217 results

  1. Today I received a 30 day letter from a local collection attorney who is handling a deficiency balance from a voluntary surrender auto loan with a local credit union. The balance is a little over 2k. Should I respond to this with a DV letter or would I be better off leaving this alone? A while back the credit union sent me a letter showing the breakdown of what I owed after the auction. I noticed that they must have manually added up the numbers owed. They had a breakdown of all of the fees and they clearly did not add the fees up correctly and were collecting on a larger total than what the numbers showed. I am not sure if that really matters or not? Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. I have been trying to reach United Bank for 2 months now after bogus collection call to my wife. Checked her credit and definitely something fishing going on. First letter send to address on Credit report. Return because bad address. Disputed on her credit so they changed address. Second letter... is Return to Sender again. Waiting for letter still after 30 days with USPS. Second address is confirmed their address via web searches and google maps. Recommendations?
  3. Looking for some clarification regarding the process. I have sent each of the CRAs the initial dispute letter for a single account on my credit report that I am disputing per https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html I have received a response back from all 3 saying they were verified/valid with NO documentation provided or proof it's my account. My next step is (https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html-unpaid) correct me if I'm wrong is to send 3 letters to the Collection Agency. What do I put in the PM# field? Do I put in the PM# of the currents letter I am sending to them or something else? ABC Collections 123 NotOnYourLife Ave Chicago, IL Date: _________ PM#____________ Re: Acct # XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX And do I have to wait 30 days to follow up dispute? Or can I send these once the Collection Agency receives it? https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE Thanks for the help.
  4. I just rec'd a letter from TU stating my dispute for a collection that is over eight years old came back verified. History: In 2016 I came to terms with the dreaded reality I needed to look at my credit reports. I paid for a TU credit report online and saved it in a PDF file. It showed an open collection with a JDB with an estimated drop off date of 3/2017. There never was any payment history reported; only OPEN DATE of 4/22/2014. It did in fact drop off my credit report. Fast forward to last month it was reinserted on TU with a new JDB with all the same information showing no payment history but the same OPEN DATE. And now TU says it will remain on my credit report until 2021. Here's the problem: the reported account numbers between these JDB's are completely different with xxxx at the end but all the rest of the information is identical. I am positive this is the same collection and it has been re-aged and is way past the 7 year, 180 days CR timeline. Does this make sense that the acct #'s are different? Does this happen where the acct numbers are different? And no I do not have any statements from the OC. Thank you in advance for your time and patience.
  5. Hi ya'll. I've been lurking about for a min reading but I'd like to ask for specific help to make sure I've got it all right. In 2014 my husband bought me a gym membership and paid for some personal training. We were paying $140 a month for the training that I didn't end up using because I just couldn't do it physically. I went in and talked to the manager about it with some Dr.'s notes and was told not to worry about it. A year later 2015 collector's call me ( I think new management happened) and I explained I physically couldn't do anything and had appropriate medical notes. The collector's said ok, as long as you have a Dr's note don't worry about it. My bad because we were in a contract and I thought it was taken care of. Apparently I didn't cancel it the right way. This past May 2018 we try to buy a house in Hawaii. Pulled our credit and it was the only hit on either mine or my husband's. The loan officer said he could have given us a better rate if it wasn't for that. In the end we didn't buy a house but I was shocked to know that was there after all these years and people were telling me not to worry about it. I tried contacting the gym forever but no one would call me back until today. I told Loren I shouldn't be penalized for sessions I never used. A few months ago I was barely walking my back is such a big issue. I'm 70% disabled through the VA working on 100%. He says I owe $800, and that unused sessions were my problem because they give you 18 months to use them. We have no problems paying for our bills, obviously if we tried to buy a house and it's the only ding on both our credit. I just don't feel this is fair and I feel like no one is willing to help me. I deal with chronic back pain and depression stemming from it. CGI called me twice already, both times this week at 6:30 in the morning. I gently asked them to stop calling so early and did get their address to send a letter. Thanks for reading. Mahalo Edited to add. Looking up Max Fitness with the BBB it looks like they have similar issues with other military members and others in general. So sad. https://www.bbb.org/us/ga/columbus/profile/fitness-center/maxfitness-0743-11507/complaints
  6. Hello all. I had a charge off in dec 2016/Jan 17 from TD bank(Nj/ny I forget?) for about 11.5k. I was in bad state financially but has since clawed back to sustainability. It has since gone to collection agency, which I’ve knowingly ignored and I’m not sure if its the same collection agency from the first contact. I received an offer from a collection agency for a 30% off settlement if paid by certain deadline. I’m now in position where I can pay this debt off in full but want/need this charge-off gone from credit. Should I accept this offer and ask credit site for deletion? I’ve read that one way to get rid of it is to contact OC(asking for a manager?) and request for debt to be sent back to settle for deletion in exchange for payment?. Is this the best way? Or is pay for deletion the recommended way on this case? Would love to hear if this applies for my case being it’s been thru several collection agency?
  7. Hello, I was trying to find out some type of understanding on repossessed vehicles in the state of Virginia. I would like to ask is it legal for a loan company to charge interest on a repossessed auto loan that has been written off as uncollectable? I had a bad health situation last year and we lost our main car. I remember receiving one notice stating that I owed like $5000 but now on my credit it is stating that I owe like $22,000. The vehicle was sold last year in November at a repo auction. It was a new model vehicle in excellent condition and the loan balance at the time of repo was $24000. It doesn’t make since for me to owe $22000 on an auto that was sold for around $15000. Can someone please help me understand this? The loan company was Santander. I live in Virginia and I think they keep pumping up the balance to try and hurt me.
  8. Hello, Ok...ok don't laugh at me too hard. I know it sounds crazy but IF....I could pull this off and of course potential ramifications come into play; so let me have it to keep me focused. Scenario--- I have a Santander account at $1800 that was written off and sold to NCB. Both are not scheduled to fall off my credit reports until mid year 2020. The car, well for all argument sake, will run and has a great deal of sentimental value to me (and my daughter). Yes, I know it is a piece of metal that can be replaced. MarvBear has been helping me over in the Automotive section regarding some of the things I was working on getting beater etc. This is my oldest account (over 12 years), so helping my AAOA(correct???), as all my positive tradelines have been created just this year. So, here is where all the IF's come into play (insert some of the Keven Hart's Ok...OKKKKKay....Okkayyyy's in here now lmao). If, the Florida motor vehicle information confirming the title lien is still in Santanders name(again from other post in Automotive); and I want to get the title thus going through Santander ultimately at some point. If I wait till both Santander and NCB fall off my report, I will still want the title and will have to go through this with Santander at some point, correct to get a title? So, I am thinking "IF" I contact Santander and work this deal out---(yes I know good luck) -We agree to a dollar amount of $900.00 (total amount) -This will get NCB removed (part of the agreement-after my first payment is received) -The even bigger IF...request they re-age it and remove all the negative payments (stop laughing now) -even if they don't remove the negative payments, I will end up paying $900.00 and get the title -understanding if they make this as X-amount of payments that I agree to(thus the re-aging) help to get this as paid in full as I do want to purchase a home in the near future--next 1-2 years. -definitely getting this in writing from them I understand this re-aging will put me on the hook for up to another long 7 years of restarting the clock if I sign an agreement with them. I remember some of the situation, where I thought I owed 1 last payment and then all this interest from "no where" came out along with my decline in body/mind unable to work scenario back then...it was a hot mess. At the end of the day, if they said max amount you owe us is $1800(no further interest will accrue--flat out $1800), we will accept payments on this and update it on your credit report (I would have to have the removal of the baddies), with the REMOVAL OF NCB (after first payment or something) and then I get the title; I would do it. I am looking at, I did owe them something and I want the title. Ultimately trying to turn a re-aging into something positive on my oldest AAOA and get the NCB tradeline removed off my credit report to boot. Trying to turn the lemon to lemonade. Ok....smack me around and keep me focused please.
  9. I have a few accounts with Midland. In looking to gather information I came across the "Look Up Your Account" feature on thier website. It asks for the last name, birth month & year and last 4 of SSN. Once into the system there is a list of accounts they are collecting on including the OC, amount, original account number and thier account number along with payment options. This disturbed me quite a bit. That is very basic information used to see information which I dont think should be this easily accessible. Maybe I'm a bit caught up in my feelings this morning... I just cant understand how this is allowed.
  10. I have a Comenity account that was sold to PRA on 7/6, but is not reporting yet. I can afford to PIF if I need to, but not sure if there’s any course of action that is likely to keep this off my CR.
  11. I have a new collection from IC systems that has been assigned to them by DTV for 1k. My Experian and Equifax list the date to come off as 9/19 and transunion 7/19. At this point is it best to wait it out? My score went down 60 points when they placed it. I have no plans to app for anything in the next year, just concerned over current lenders. thanks
  12. Hello All. I hope I am posting in the right section, I've been reading the rules. But let's hope straight to my inquiry. I recently ran my CR and noticed a Collections Account was placed there in 12/2017. Now, I can recall this company, however, there is a backstory to this. I was a partner at an LLC in the state of OH. I can not recall ever giving them my SSN as its a business and I had access to the EIN and I left the company and state well over a year or so ago. I thought I performed my due diligence, I made sure to remove my name from the licenses and even filed an amendment with the secretary of state at the end of 2017 just as a precaution to basically say "Hey I'm no longer involved with this company, all business matters will should be referred to the current registered agent on file". I even have a notarized purchase agreement for my own personal records just in case of any legal actions that may arise from my tenure there. My question is what is the best method for removing this from this derogatory mark from my CR, its currently only reporting to one CRA, EQFX, but it's affecting my score by over 100+ pts. Should I file a dispute with the CRA, do a DV or try the Pay for Delete method? I am not sure, I am a newbie that just looking for the best solution out of this. My other scores are EQ 760 and TU 756. I have posted a screenshot of mentioned account. Any recommendations, help, advice, and guidance is appreciated.
  13. Hello! I am closing on a loan shortly, but I would also like to finish cleaning up my credit. I have a couple of stragglers and it seems this one below must be the one pulling down my score still due to the "status as of date/" I opened this card up in South Carolina, their SOL is 3 years, so I am well past this timeline. At this point, I just want the balance to show zero (I will do this after I close on the house because this wasn't requested to be paid off). What is the lowest you think I could settle to have this show a balance of zero, even if it states settled for less than full amount. It will still be better than continuing to update (even though it's been a few months maybe they stopped). I would like it to show 0. Any input is appreciated. Status as of Mar, 2018 Date opened [?] Oct, 2012 Date of last activity [?] Jul, 2014 Loan type [?] Credit Card Credit limit [?] $2,000 Account Type [?] Revolving Account holder [?] Individual Scheduled Payment Amount [?] $2,209 Industry All Banks Balance [?] Current Status [?] Past Due Amount [?] $2,917 Charge-off $704 Seven year payment history [?] 30 days late 2 times 60 days late 2 times 90+ days late/other derogatory 12 times (Feb 2015, Jan 2015, Dec 2014) Descriptions [?] Charged off account Account closed by credit grantor
  14. Saw this article, https://abc11.com/finance/your-credit-score-may-soon-be-going-up/3962367/, along with others recently. Are they saying even like cell phone collections will no longer be reported? I've searched around but cannot find more detailed information on this new change. My take is that only loan originating collections will be reported from now on. Thoughts!?
  15. So, long story short I cosigned on a car loan back in 2013 with my step father. He paid for the car up until April (pay off was supposed to be in May). He and my mom have divorced and it wasn't on good terms. I had no idea he stopped paying for the car. If I would have known he stopped paying the loan I would have stepped in and took over for the last two. I only found out because I logged into my old email and found a few emails from the company. I definitely don't have the $900 that is due (I have a 9 month old baby I'm still trying to figure out how to budget). I logged into to look at my credit report and found the loan listed as closed. Payment status is listed as "In collections/charge off." In the remarks it says "Charged off as bad debt. Profit and loss write-off." I'm not sure what this means, exactly. Has it gone into collections, just like any other credit card or loan would? Are the going to attempt to repossess the car? I plan on reaching out to them on Monday to see what's going on. When I go to log into the financial site for the auto loan it says information is unavailable at this time.
  16. Hello today I received an alert that a CA popped up on Transunion. Im sure the others are to follow. I have not received any type of dunning letter nor have I answered a phone call and spoken to anyone. I was wondering what steps I go from here? The CA is Plaza Services. Thank you
  17. I finally got around to getting things done. The letters will be sent tomorrow afternoon priority mail proof of delivery only. Mainly my husbands 4 accts. all assigned July through Dec. 2015, all PAID, one with nationwide recovery and the other three with the same local collection agency. Mine is first reported 6/2012 with same local agency not paid. opted out a long time ago, have lived same house for too long to worry about deleting old addresses. To be sure I am doing this correctly..... will wait for response before mailing. 1. send this Credit Report Dispute Form MULTIPLE accounts new initial dispute form and wait for response from CRA OR for his (all paid) do I send the letter for paid collections first? MEDICAL DISPUTE VALIDATION LETTER FOR PAID ACCOUNTS
  18. Hi Why Chat Opted out Sent initial dispute EQ deleted Ex and TU came back confirmed. Next step?
  19. A couple weeks ago I received a collections notice from IQ Data International dated 7/12/18 for a small balance due after moving out of my townhouse. The notice directed me to pay the OC (the property management company), and - as I had done so on 7/9 and the notice said "if you have already sent your payment, please accept our thanks and disregard this letter" - I disregarded the letter. Yesterday I received a VERY aggressive phone call from them demanding immediate payment. I explained I had already made the payment directly to the property manager weeks ago. The CSR wanted to give me an email address to submit proof of payment. I declined and said I would be contacting the property manager directly (mostly I just wanted to get her off the phone). Sooo...now what? Obviously I'm not going to trust the property manager to contact them and verify payment. DV letter? Do I say the debt is not valid because it's been paid? How much detail do I give them?
  20. Hello, I am new to the forum and have done some reading around but I have not been able to resolve a question I have. I owe a medical debt which was sold to a collections agency but I have not received any communications from them and I am not sure how to proceed. Back in March of 2017 I saw my primary care doctor (in NC) and bloodwork was taken during the visit. Unbeknownst to me, there was a billing error where my insurance paid my primary care doctor but never received the bloodwork paperwork. The bloodwork was processed by an off-site hospital and I was not aware of this procedure up front. I heard from a random hospital (also in NC) in September of 2017 saying I owed $133 for bloodwork from that visit. I resubmitted this to my insurance company. I have a high deductible plan and my insurance company instructed me to pay the provider directly and gave me credit towards my annual deductible for the payment. I did not hear back from the insurance company until 11/15/17. At that point I attempted to pay the debt directly on the hospital's website but was notified that I could not pay as the balance had been forwarded to a collections agency. The agency appears to be a NC collections agency, but all I am provided with is a name and a telephone number. Since then I have not had any communications from the collections agency. I have not contacted them. I am happy to pay this balance but I am afraid of the consequences of contacting the collections agency on an unsolicited basis. I plan to buy a house in the next 6 months and do not want this to impact my credit score which is in the low 700's. What is the best way to take care of this without impacting my credit? Thank you so much for your time to read through this!
  21. Should I even bother paying this? It only shows on Equifax and just fell off from Experian. Finally getting back on track and was wondering if this would even keep me from future credit limits.
  22. I had a debt that changed hands five times. CA #3 is reporting it as a collection to all three bureaus. I paid the debt in full to CA #5. I know that the debt can only be reported once by the OC and once by a CA, but does it matter which CA reports? For example, if CA #5 is not reporting, can CA #3 continue to report the debt even though it was transferred to another CA?? I disputed the entry with each of the bureaus, and all they did was update it. However, the CA is reporting the wrong account number (let's say the real account number ended in 4263; they are reporting it as 5260--same middle digits, but different first and last digits), and the amount they are reporting is not even the original amount of the debt. I know I can dispute it based on the incorrect account/balance info, but I am betting the CBs will just update it with the correct info instead of deleting. I'd love to be able to send proof that it's paid in full and have them delete it for good.
  23. Hi new member, I have a question, I'm currently on a payment plan with NRA collection agency for about $5k in medical debt. Which i should have paid off within the next 6 months. But I want to know would it be wise to do the HIPPA process now to try to get it just removed from my report. and I still be able to make my monthly payments. Also they said they would remove it complete once the debt was paid in full.
  24. My mental health (such as it ever was) has been going through a good deal of modifications, evolutions, confusions, contusions, concussions, percussions, woodwinds, winds in willows, and chirping cardinals lately (you heard me). As a result of my ever-wounded psyche's new position, the rental collection I've been talking about, and only talking about (gross) for about 2½ years now and that some of you followed in the thread linked below, is on the front burner, for at least two reasons. One is that I now have an understanding, if only of the faintest kind, that I actually do owe money and that I don't want to be a thief or a fly-by-night. Another is that I'm just plain mentally healthier and less burdened by childish anxiety and social paralysis - both of which are gross. Now I feel poised to stroll over to the old apartment complex - it's walking distance from where I currently live - and tell them I want to take care of this. Link #1 https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=553853 Link #2 https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=564811&hl=%2Brental+%2Bsidewinder+%2Bcollection&do=findComment&comment=5459215 I've not looked at my report in a long time so I'm actually not even sure if the debt's been sold to a CA/JDB by now, I'm crossing my fingers that it hasn't been so I have the option of paying the complex, getting a receipt, and using the tactic ICAN outlines in this post Link #3 https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=496348 for getting the derog removed. It's on both EQ and TU and it's my only derog. However, in this here thread Link #4 https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=537970 ICAN cautions against ever letting them know you're going to start house hunting or credit repair. As I've rehearsed the conversation in my mind, the apartment office asks why I'm only acting on this now, two years after the collection appeared on my credit file. The real reason is thathave finally realized that I cannot afford my current over-schnazzy apartment, must (stay with me now) move to a less expensive one and have read here on CB that you can't get approved for an apartment lease if you have a rental collection showing; i.e., I am finally more motivated (threatened?) to start real credit repair. But - at least according to ICAN, to whom I'm happy to defer on these matters - I oughtn't let them know that I'm starting credit repair. At the same time, in order for the tactic in link #2 to work, I have to get a receipt from the complex; and I shall have to make that crystal clear to them when we are working things out; how to make it as crystal clear as possible and not tip my hand that I have a secret objective of getting this baddie off of my report? In order for me to have enough courage and walk into the old place's office and start the conversation, I need to be very well-rehearsed; I don't think I would be without a ready answer to that why-only-now question. I am spinning my wheels on this one.
  25. Hello Everyone, In light of my recent troubles, I contacted Capital One about 2 closed accounts I have with them. One balance of 2100 and one with 1300. None are 30 days past due. They float around 20 days past due each month. I was offered on one account, 3 months of no fees in interest, and on the higher balance one, no fees and interest with a 60 month 43.00 minimums payment. Anyone else here use such programs?

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