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Found 213 results

  1. Hey Folks. I received a notice from ACI notifying me that they are collecting on a debt that I owe PayPal of $513.12 which they are willing to settle at $384.85. I sent in a validation letter and they responded with a form letter and a list of charges against the account with a PayPal letterhead at the top. PayPal sent me the same letter prior to it going to collections. I have no issue with settling at $384.85 so long as the debt is considered fulfilled and they can't come back to collect on the remainder in the future. My wife and I made that mistake previously. Any help advising my next move is appreciated. Thank you! Validation Letter: Re: Account Number: 1271538864906440 Creditor: PayPal, Inc Reference Number: 133824 This letter is sent in response to letter received by you on 12/23/2019. I am requesting that you provide verification of this debt. Send the following information: The name and address of the original creditor, the account number, and the amount owed. Verification that there is a valid basis for claiming I am required to pay the current amount owed. Details about the age and amount of the debt including a copy of the last billing statement from the original creditor; a detailed explanation any interest added or payments made since the last billing statement and the legal authorization for this interest; the date the original creditor claims this debt became delinquent. Whether this debt is within the statute of limitations and how that was determined. Details about your authority to collect this debt: whether you are licensed in my state and if so provide the date of the license, name on the license, license number, and the license number, and the name, address and telephone number of the state agency issuing the license. If you are contacting me from outside my state, provide the licensing information from your state as well. I need more details about what you claim I owe so that I can make an informed decision.
  2. Hello all, we're in the midst of Dave Ramsey'ing our way out of debt. Baby steps... My husband entered our marriage 20 years ago with two loans at our local credit union: a visa and a personal loan. Over the years, they more than got their money back. This is interest. We had been making minimums on both, when suddenly the Visa disappeared from our online account. A few weeks later, the credit union called and asked us to pay in full ($5200). I told them I couldn't do that, and questioned why they would do this, after all we were at least making minimums before. I told them we'd have to pay off the other loan first (we have about $1000 left), then we can start stockpiling for the visa. Now it's gone to collections. I haven't talked to them yet. Shall I stockpile a fraction of the $5200 and then go back to them and make an offer?
  3. Hello. First time posting and I'm hoping I've come to the right place for advice. I have a situation with a collections company named Velocity Investments. A few months back they used a third party collections company and contacted me about a personal loan debt they alleged I owed. I found a response letter online that asked them for all sorts of information to prove the debt was mine, their right to collect, what they paid for the debt...etc. Sent the reply off certified mail, it was received, I got the stub back with the receipt signature and never heard from this company again. A month or so later I get a letter from Velocity Investments themselves, it's essentially the same thing as I got from their third party minions. They are collecting on a debt I allegedly owe and so on. I send the same letter to them via certified mail and receive a confirmed receipt. A couple weeks later I receive a letter from them stating they are "putting the matter on hold". Cool. I've now received a follow-up from them, out of the blue for something being "on hold", and well past the 30 day mark from my 'Prove it' letter. They've sent me a copy of the loan paperwork from the original lender. However nowhere on this documentation is my signature. It literally looks like something someone wrote up in Word and just entered my information in the appropriate fields. So here's where I could use some pointers. I see myself presented with the following options, but I'm not sure which would be the best. 1. Ignore it completely. The information they sent came well after the 30-day request for validation. Therefore they failed to comply with the Debt Collections Laws. 2. Send a reply and state they failed to provide adequate proof that this debt is mine, it's past 30-days, and I'm considering the matter closed. I'll include a bit that states if they contact me again or post this to my credit report that I'll take legal action against them. Any advice would be really helpful. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Hi, I'm new here and got a notice from a credit agency on my private student loan. It's been 3 years since I last paid as I was contesting the amount and got sick. I signed for the loan in D.C. and the loan originated in OH. I now live in OH. I also stopped paying while I lived in NY (before I moved to OH). I just got a letter from a CA based in NY state (don't know if the CA state location makes any difference). My question is which SOL will apply? OH, NY or the shorter DC SOL of 3 years? OH has a number of SOLs, 6 years, 8 years so I'm not sure which SOL would even apply to the promissory note for the bank based in OH. How could I look this up at a law library. I'm not very familiar with the process if anyone could help with legal research ideas? I'm also contesting the validity of the loan because the promissory note states that the repayment period is 240 months and I think I have passed this point. Any help I can find would help a long way; very stressed out by this situation---there are so many ways this could go---if the CA goes through with a judgment and wage garnishment (I'm disabled and earn a very small part time income) can they revive the judgment every five years for 15 years (OH) even after the SOL expires on the private loan itself (3 yrs DC SOL, 6 yrs NY SOL, 6 or 8 yrs SOL OH)? I don't know if I should just ignore the CA or write them to dispute this loan (and risk waking the sleeping giant) or wake the sleeping giant with a dispute letter and prepare myself to go to court (have no idea how I would defend myself but would like to dispute amount of the loan, SOL etc). This all seems very risky. Can this debt sold to a credit agency be invalid?
  5. I recieved a parking ticket from the city that unbeknownst to me went to collections. I paid the ticket this January directly to the city. The collection is still showing up on my report as unpaid to the collection agency. How do I get them to update this, or at this point does it even matter (it's been on my report about a year)? My score is 691 so not amazing not terrible. I have a higher utilization ATM.
  6. In early 2016, I lost my job in the oil field. It was a very good job, and I made good money. I received a decent package when I was laid off, and starting looking for a job. Sadly, the entire oil patch was going through the same thing, and it took my 18 months to find a job that paid 1/5th of what I had been making. It took another six months after that to find a job that allowed us to keep our heads above water, and now I'm back in the saddle and we're doing much better. Around the 18 month mark, we had to let some of our credit cards go. They had pretty high balances, but we were doing fine until that point. It was always our intention to try to pay them when I found a job, because we did incur the debts and I felt pretty bad about having to let them go. Also, we'd worked so damn hard to get our credit straightened out and it was very nearly physical pain to let it go to hell again. But when I got to the point where we could actually start looking at making payments again (around that two year mark), well ... OCs were sort of like, too bad, we've already charged them off and sold them. I decided to try to ride it out and see what happens. We haven't applied for new credit, but we've maintained three or four cards, our car payments, student loans and a personal loan in the time that's elapsed. Fast forward to last month, and I was sued by Midland for a small-ish debt. I responded, but haven't heard anything back yet. The thing is, we're trying to move in to a new rental, and the RE agent is telling us it may be impossible for us to do so with our credit scores (my FICO scores are low 600s and I make the bulk of the income; DH's are mid 500s). Soooo I was wondering (and I'm no newb but I am sick of dealing with this crap) if I should try to settle some of these with a couple of caveats - primarily that they are PFDs and the remaining debts are never sold. I still have two years to ride out the SOL, and I cannot wait that long to move or buy a car (that needs to be done next year). Should I try to settle these debts? I'm morally opposed to paying bottom feeders like Midland and Portfolio, but I need to get my scores back to a reasonable point, and the damn collections from JDBs are what's really screwing it up. Also, I'm concerned that since half or more of my debts are now owned by Midland, if they are in any way successful with this lawsuit, they will charge full steam ahead and go after me for all of them. I can see it really opening the flood gates, so to speak. What would you do in this situation? TIA, TQG
  7. Over the past 24 months, I have experienced many life changes. In my efforts to return to the land of credit worthiness, I need to address several adverse issues on my credit file with the 3 major reporting agencies. I would like to seek advice on how to handle the following derogatory comment on my file. I had taken out a pay day loan. Given many financial challenges, I was not able to pay back the $5,000. I did make a couple of payments, but on August 2018 they wrote off my account and sent it to collections. I reached out to the originally creditor to settle my credit obligation, but they informed me it was sent to a collection agency. I contacted the collection agency about this debt, but they informed that they no longer handled this debt collection. However, they provided me the contact information of the collection agency who does. Which brings me to my question, should I try to settled with the new collection agency or file a request with the credit agencies to get this item removed? It seems that the trail to track down this debt is not simple. In the case, I work with the new collection agency, do they have the ability / power to remove the adverse credit? I look forward to your comments.
  8. Hello, If anyone with experience could read this over and please tell me if I'm heading in the right direction, I'd be FOREVER grateful. Thank you! (I live in TX) I was served on March 18th a JUSTICE CIVIL CITATION by Midland Funding. Original creditor: Synchrony Bank Card/Account name: JcPenney Claim total: $2889 Date account opened: 11/02/2005 Date account closed/charged off: 03/11/2018 Date of acquisition: 04/27/2018 Backstory: we were displaced back in June 2017...we were given 30 days to pack up everything we own and find a new house (we had been there 12 years). Our rent went from $700/mo to $1250/mo and I was completely unprepared for that price jump so I had to stop paying on a couple of my credit cards. Fast forward to this year...as I mentioned, I was served on March 18th and my response was due on April 1st. I completely forgot. And then three weeks later, my 12 year old nephew committed suicide. So, THAT was an obstacle in itself. It has taken me months JUST to get back to "normal" from the depression/etc. So now, here I find myself in September already, looking at a letter titled DEFAULT HEARING NOTICE (rcvd 08/29/19). It says I have a default hearing set to be held on September 20th. I know I'm cutting it SO CLOSE, but what options do I have right now? I did some research and found that I should still be able to file a MOTION TO SET ASIDE DEFAULT JUDGEMENT and NOTICE OF HEARING, with the reason that I didn't attend the hearing due to "accident or mistake rather than intentional or conscious indifference". Is this true? I keep seeing conflicting information (or I'm not comprehending it completely). I also saw in the forums that Synchrony Bank does arbitration. I was successful in beating Midland about 4 years ago by going through arbitration, SO if I am able to get the judge to set aside the default hearing, my plan is to ask for arbitration.
  9. Hi All, Well it's been literally YEARS since I've needed advice here (my credit is great now, thanks to everyone's wise advice and my persistence after going through a BK some years ago)! So, about 1-1/2 weeks ago, I had mine and my husband's bills with Aurora HC to call in and pay all of our co-pays ($25 for each office visit). It was late on a Friday afternoon so I paid all mine (around $200). I asked the customer service rep if they were open on Sat and she said no, so I said I'd call back this week to pay my husband's co-pays ($150). Of course, stupidly I forgot to call them back (I could kick myself now), as today I got a collection notice from Alliance Collection Agencies, Inc. in Marshfield, WI for the oldest of the co-pays (3/18/19) for $25. I immediately called Aurora to pay his current $150 (which no longer included the $25 for the 3/18 date, but one more future office visit he had), so those were taken care of. However, I asked them if I could also pay the $25 3/18 directly to them. They told me no, that I had to call the CA. Believe me, not something I want to do as it could come back and bite us as a PAID COLLECTION. We both have pretty stellar credit and this just kills me. So then I asked to talk to a "Lead" at Aurora, and she told me she could take the payment, but then Aurora would have to wait until the CA contacted them (and there's no predicting how long that could take as she told me they only contact them once a month). So I did NOT pay it for now. And I didn't want to call the CA and pay it either. I did ask her (the Aurora Lead) if I did pay it would it stay in their system to be applied to that date, or would it go to one of my husband's future doctor visits, she seemed to think it would stay until the CA reached out to them. I've NEVER had this happen before. I've always been able to call the HC provider if one ever did slip through and they'd always take the payment. As I said, the CA letter just came in today's mail. So what next? I am familiar with Why Chat's HIPPAA method, I had to do it years ago to get a bunch of medical collections OFF my Credit Bureaus (it worked), but at this early stage of the game, should i just call Aurora (medical provider) back and talk to the Lead again and give them the payment today or tomorrow? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to start with any letters or anything if it delays this getting paid and accidentally goes on my DH's credit. I'll wait for any of your wisdom, and THANKS!!
  10. Help with Eastern Account Systems I have a collection showing up on my 3 reports from Eastern Account Systems (EAS) for a medical bill from back in 5/2015. The account is listed as first opened in 6/2016. I have never made a payment to them, nor have I even contacted them. They now have "updated" the balance in 7/2019 (I am assuming to attempt to extend the SOL), yet I never did anything, and the reports list the balance as the same amount. Looking to possibly buy a home in the next year or 2, and would like to see this gone. What are my options? I am in a better position financially then I was 3 years ago, and could pay the medical provider directly, or do i wait out the SOL ? I also just recently payed down some CC debt, and pulled all majors + Innovis, so i have an idea where I sit. I just have this medical collection and 2 lates with Cap1. the lates are on 2 different Cap1 accounts in the same month about 3.5 years ago. Is it worth trying a good will? Or just let them age gracefully? thanks!
  11. Neighbor whose wife has the math skills of a monkey has a credit card charge-off and asking me questions about who owns what tradelines and how long they will remain. Specifically: 1. If bank hires a CA, both bank and CA can report, right? Does bank have to report $0 balance? 2. If CA can not verify debt, can they still report? 3. If you tell CA to FOAD, can they still report? 4. If bank sells debt to JDB, can bank still report? $0 balance? 5. If bank hires CA and CA obtains judgment, other than the judgment itself, who reports and what balance does each report?
  12. SORRY IF THIS IS TOO LONG WINDED! I'm in my early 20's looking to clean up my credit due to some naiveness as an 18-year-old. My goal is to get to a point where I can be approved for higher level credit cards and eventually buy a home. I've read most of the posts in the newbie section and am preparing to start sending letters, but I wanted to run my strategy by someone first and hopefully get some advice. The collection I am referring to is below: Afni, Inc. ( Cox Communications ) - Reporting on TU and EQ Amount: $523 (same as the amount from Cox) DOFD: (not reported on Afni collection) my statements show - 12/2015 Date Opened: 04/2018 First Reported: 05/2018 *note* I do not recall ever receiving a dunning letter from Afni *note* before CB I didn't know what I was doing and called Afni to ask what this was and how to get rid of it. Was told I had to pay it and they couldn't remove it but only mark it paid in full. Never paid it and was offered a settlement by them which I did call and discuss with them but ultimately never sent a payment. My state law says this doesn't reage the debt, thank goodness. Arizona sol is 3 years for an oral contract or open account and 6 years for a written contract or credit card. I never signed a contract with Cox, they have a user agreement. I'm assuming the agreement meets the qualifications for a written contract so the sol is through 12/2022. If I'm mistaken in this then I don't think the agreement is legally enforceable ( doubt this is the case ). I'm hesitant to pursue the 1-2 punch because I would like to keep the option of paying the OC directly open in the future (I can submit a payment online) and want to keep the CRA out of it for now. Further, I'm unsure what the likelihood of a lawsuit is in this case if it's within the sol so I don't wanna push it. So, my strategy is to send a simple DV the CA to request information they hopefully don't want to provide and find out if they own the debt outright: "[Your name] [Your return address] [Date] [Debt collector name] [Debt collector Address] Re: [Account number for the debt, if you have it] Dear [Debt collector name]: After reading an article recently about the occurrence of incorrect information being reported to credit reporting bureaus I've become concerned. For this reason, I would like to utilize my rights under the FDCPA guidelines to request that validation of all information pertaining to Acct name, acct # listed on my report is correct and valid. I also request the name and address of the original creditor, the original debt's amount, and proof that I owe this debt to you be provided. Or, please delete this in accordance with my civil rights protected under Federal Law. Be advised it is inconvenient for me to accept phone calls or any other method of communication other than US mail regarding this matter. Please communicate accordingly. Sincerely, Me Dawg" If they own the debt outright then I'm most likely going to send a more detailed DV targeted at JDB along with DV to the CRA. If they are a true CA I will most likely use the Pay OC strategy. Any input or advice would be very helpful!!!
  13. I have read a lot of horror stories about Convergent (not so much related to my post, but seemed worth mentioning). I received a call from them yesterday saying that I owed a debt with PayPal and an immediate push to pay. I had an account with PayPal for many years (since they started) until three years ago when a customer filed a claim on work that had been done for him (custom project), and they sided with him, putting my account about $1000 in negative. There was absolutely no valid reason for them to have sided with him, and I said all that in the dispute (and also tried to discuss with them directly). Anyway, that was three years ago that I stopped using PayPal due to this dispute. This is not something that's on my credit report. Obviously, I don't want it to be on my credit report, but it seems like a long time from the issue without it being on my report to come up now (maybe I am mistaken). I have settled other accounts when called about legitimate debts. It's not that I want to avoid paying a debt. It's that I do not want to pay this as I very much disagree with it...and went to great trouble to use an alternative for payments because of it. What do you think? With the time that has past, do you think it will end up on my reports if I don't pay this one? Thanks much in advance for input.
  14. Hi everyone. I’m trying to repair credit for myself and my husband so we can get a good mortgage hopefully by next summer. We have some dings from job layoffs and not having emergency funds, but I have spent a year and a half getting our budget set up so we have a good buffer and should job loss happen we would still be able to pay our bills for a while. So, credit repair is the next step. I am hoping for some advice. I’ve been trying to do things on my own and I feel like I still am kind of clueless. I sent some verification letters but a mortgage lender told me having those disputed notes on my file is no good. Good? Stuff from my credit report: Capital One Quicksilver $1500CL, paid on time and utilization under 9%, opened 3/2017 Capital One Quicksilver One $500CL, paid on time and utilization under 9%, opened 11/2017 Comenity store card $610CL, paid on time and currently $98 balance, not sure if I should pay that down more - I hate to keep buying stuff and I want it to report, opened 10/2017 Self Lender that was paid off in 2/2019 so now it reports as closed Capital One auto loan, balance around $14,500, paid on time, opened 12/2018 All of my student loans report paid on time. The bad stuff from my credit report: Credit One chargeoff, reporting $0 balance, DOFD 1/1/2015 - I paid the CA for this one, both OC and CA are still showing right now (just paid it off for a settlement amount this month) Old Navy paid for less than full balance and closed in July 2013, reports past due through end of 2013. It says “account paid for less than full balance”. Not sure DOFD. Kohls chargeoff, DOFD 4/2013 Barclays chargeoff, reporting $0 balance, DOFD 2/2015, paid the CA for this one as well - both OC and CA report, similar to the Credit One account above. This also says “consumer disputes after resolution”. First Investors auto reposession 8/2015. Reports $0 balance. PRA $999 old Cap One card, DOFD 3/2015 Midland for Barclay, paid for less than full amount, CR has not updated yet Midland for Credit One, paid for less than full amount, CR Has not updated yet Penn Credit electric bill collection, placed 4/2016, planning to pay this week Professional Debt Mediation collection, planning to pay in the next few months, placed 2/2015 My husband has 2 open, paid on time Cap One cards (newer than mine), the auto loan, and then 3 collections that I am planning to address this year. Should I write letters to the original creditors to ask them to remove things? Should I just continue to pay off the CAs? I know PRA will now delete once it’s paid. Are there other letters I should write or steps I should take? I guess I just get confused as far as whether it’s beneficial to actually send all the validation stuff, or whether it’s actually harming my report. Thanks for any advice.
  15. Hello all. Georgia resident here with a few questions about garnishments: Edited to add: Due to an ongoing illness and medical costs I have 3 revolving accounts that have went to collections. A CA originally filed a judgment summons in my county of residence. I was unable to attend due to a hospital stay and the judgment was awarded to the CA by default. The CA then proceeded to attempt garnishment action in my county of residence, but my work agency requires filing garnishment actions in the county where our home office is located, which is Dekalb County. The garnishment was enacted and was satisfied on Jan 15th after 6 deductions were taken from my paycheck. On Friday I received several "Ambulance chaser" offers from various law-firms in the Atlanta area wanting to help me stop a garnishment that was filed by this same CA on Feb 21st in Dekalb County Court. I have yet to be served any summons or notices of actions by the courts or the CA. I was under the impression that a seperate Judgment had to be obtained for each garnishment action that was filed. Can a CA use a single Judgment as a means to garnish a persons wages for more than one account?
  16. I paid the OC before finding this program. The CA updated the collection on TU to "Pay Status: >Account Paid in Full; was a Collection<" The website for the CA states all of their collection programs are "designed to be consumer conscious and are HIPPA and FDCPA compliant." My question is will this will this program still work for them?
  17. Trying this again since i have more info- I have a lease from 4 yrs ago that’s been reporting as a collection. It was an eviction due to them getting sick of me paying two weeks into the month with late fees attached . I called the property today because i think the amount they are listing is incorrect. Apparently there is a new management company and i got this response..can i use this to my advantage? I do know NCC has the debt and is still reporting the original company I rented with as the owner. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.. ——————————————- We have recently purchased the community and changed management teams as of 01/04/2019 therefore, your account and file information was part of XYZ Company. I would have to refer you to them to find out what collection agency they placed your file with and how to get this resolved with them as the debt, if any, is owed to them. Please reach out to XYZ Company here in town and inquire about your home, 11-406, here at Axxxx and they should be able to provide you with Katherine’s information to reach her or another person in their management team that could assist you in finding the collection agency used to resolve this matter. Please see the ledger attached, this is all I have record of. Thank you, Laura J Property Manager
  18. Is a lease considered an open account or written contract? Logic is telling me written but I’ve here due to how leases are paid, it could be open. I’m in Virginia so it’s 3 vs 5 yrs difference. thanks!
  19. Hi, I have two Collections left on my account. I have PRA which I believe I’m going to pay in full just to get them to remove it off my account. It’s not very much $$and I can afford to do it, so I can get that one off my reports if their removal of complete payments that I’ve been reading about is correct. My main issues with NCC. I’ve got an old lease that ended about 4 1/2 years ago. It was an eviction due to late payment- i always paid my rent late, with late fees, and they got sick of it lol...I disputed with NCC one time last year which wasprobably not smart considering I was still with SOL. My reports came back as “updated“ but I don’t believe I ever got any verification sent to me. At this time, would it be smart for me to go after NCC again? My reasoning is if they were going to come after me they would’ve done it last year when I disputed with them. I’m thinking they may not have any concrete proof of the debt. Or would it be smarter to go after the OC and see if the amount they are reporting is correct. I don’t believe it’s correct because, as i said, i always paid and The landlord even gave me an additional week to get my stuff out of the place after the evection. I don’t believe she would’ve done that if I owe them any money. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Hi gurus here, I got a collection on my 3 CRA reports, for a utility late bill on an apartment which I moved out since 2015. My previous roommate continued using my utility account without my knowledge. Once I saw the collection, I contacted the roommate and he paid off the debt. But as you expected, since he paid off the debt already, i don't have much to argue with collectors. My credit score dropped 100 points (This is the only collection I had in my life) Before i found out this site, I've started with lexington laws service (yeah i might be very wrong) roughly a month ago, and they mentioned they sent out letters to all 3 CRAs already. But nothing changed on my scores yet. After reading valuable posts here, I want to dispute with CRAs myself this way: I have evidences to show I weren't living at that apartment since 2015. (I can provide my new apartment lease / utility bills during 2015 to 2019. I even moved to another state since 2017, and started a new job here), and my identity is used by somebody else. Is this a valid dispute strategy to go? Any advice will be appreciated!
  21. I had been making great progress in my credit journey and had a pretty good credit score. Back in 2013, I opened a CreditOne account (which I didn't need, and shouldn't have done...but they offered and I accepted). And then I lost my job. My replacement job paid more than 30% less than I had been making for the last many years, and the CreditOne card ended up being charged off. I have made a lot of financial adjustments, and am in a MUCH improved situation now. But I still have the CreditOne charge-off and the account has been sold to LVNV. The CreditOne limit was $950, but I don't really know what my true high balance was. The LVNV claim is $1317. I am able to pay the full amount. I really want to just settle this one out and get the best possible result for my credit report. I have pretty decent credit other than this. I have an auto loan with Chase, credit cards from Citi, AmEx, and Cap One. So making the CreditOne debacle go away is my big issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hello, This is my 1st post, I'm really glad i found this place. I've been reading here for hours and while I'm 100% better off than i was I'm also a bit overwhelmed with all of the information. I thought a post requesting specific advise on my issue would help lead me out of the fog. I am in the process of preparing to apply for a mortgage. On my credit report there is a collection for a utility bill in the amount of $9700. I honestly have no idea how my name was associated with this account other than the fact that i did have the utility in my name after this date for a short time and for 2 years before in 2008-2010 at this address. The address listed is my old house but from a time frame that my father lived there. To clarify i lived there from 2008-2010. I called the DC and they gave me information over the phone stating the address and the delinquency date of the bill (April of 2013). My father passed away in March 2013 so the dates make sense that his electric bill had not been paid in some time. I transferred the utilities for this home into my name at some point in April 2013 until the home was sold in late 2013. I know for certain and have evidence that this bill was paid after it came into my name. It seems that they are trying to pin the prior amount owed before it was in my name onto me. Long story short it isn't my debt but its on my credit report wrecking it. My payments are actually listed on my current utility account with the same provider because i had a current account with them at my current home at the time and when i had my fathers home added they just added it to my current account. This debt is past the statue of limitations to be collected but apparently not too old to be on my report until 2020. I talked to the DC again today on the phone (I know now and wont do this again) and requested they they send me validation which they said would be an itemized copy of the bill. I also offered to settle the debt at 10% to have it removed from my credit report because time is a factor for me on getting approved for this mortgage. I was careful to be clear that i was not acknowledging this debt was mine but it was worth $900 to me to save me the aggravation. They flat out declined and came back at $7k. I said i looked forward to their validation. I have not disputed this with the CB only verbally with the CA. What is my next step? Do i just go right to the flow chart pinned in this forum and get the paper trail started Monday morning with a written verification request? Have i shot myself in the foot in any manner thus far? My fathers estate is closed, but i was the executor/administrator. I do not think this legally ties the debt to me although i could be wrong. The lawyer did send out notice to all of his creditors and it's almost like someone at the utility company just put my name on his account. The DC is telling me my fathers name is no-where on the account in question, not even as a 2nd name. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hi! I could use some advice. Whychat? Out of the blue, I received a settlement offer from EOS CCA in Boston, a CA for "current " creditor, U S Asset Management, Inc. It says the original creditor was Century Link Qwest and gives the original account number as my old phone number. This number was disconnected when I moved on Nov. 1. 2011. This is past the SOL. There is no original date on the letter. The letter does say that the original amount is $176.36 with no interest or fees. This seems a bit high but I do not remember the correct amount. I forgot all about it. I did not receive collection letters and it never reported to the bureaus. I would think that the information contained in the letter covers everything which a validation letter would generate. So what plan of action do I take? What letter do I send? I opted out 3 years ago but have since obtained more CCs. Perhaps that left me vulnerable to data miners. I have opted out again. Your help is appreciated. Jaybird
  24. The first dunning letter is for an alleged old medical bill for $900 Collection Agency is Dynamic Recovery Solutions. They give me three payment options but down on the bottom it says they cannot sue me for this debt nor report it to my credit reports. How should i handle this one? Just ignore them? The second one is not a medical collection but from the same CA. It's for an old cell phone bill for 200. Again down at the bottom it says they cannot sue me for this debt but they can report it to my reports. I have a feeling this comes from filling a complaint with the BBB against Jefferson Capital Systems last week. I filed on the 16th and these letters are dated for the 15th. Coincidence? Just an fyi the phone bill lists JCS as the "current creditor". May i also add that after complaning to the BBB then disputing JCS to the bureaus they did remove JCS from all 3CRA's. How should i proceed? Thoughts
  25. Hi, there was a wells fargo account credit card account that was charged off years ago in 2011 but the accounts last payment is showing 2013. here are some more details: Account Status Closed Payment Status Charge-off Status Updated Oct 1, 2013 Usage 125% Balance $1,498 Balance Updated Jan 2, 2019 Last Year I received an IRS letter stating that I didn't report the charged off amount as income for my 2016 taxes. Wells Fargo cancelled the debt and sent it to the IRS on the last day of the year in 2016. As soon as i received the letter i paid the debt in full. Here's where I'm stuck on how to proceed. My credit report still shows the full charged off amount even though I paid it to the IRS when requested and i cant get it removed no matter how many times a dispute it. According to experian the account will be removed from my credit report at the end of this year in 12/2019. I need some more information because I don't want to do anything have the clock be reset on when the account will be removed. ( I'm afraid of a situation where if any new information is inputted resulting to a reset of the 7 year rule) Should I give up and wait for the account to be removed? Or should I press further and keep trying to have it corrected. And if I were to do so, what is the best way of going about it? Thank you so much for the help.

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