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  1. Hello, Posted this on a different site and got zero feedback. Hopefully ya'll can offer some insight. I currently have 12 credit card accounts that have either been closed by the creditor and are currently in house in their collections department or charged off. Total balance on all accounts: $80K. Credit Card Companies they're from: Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, Discover, and USAA. Charged off accounts are USAA (2), Chase (1), Citi (2), Bank of America (1), Wells Fargo (1). Closed In Collection accounts are Discover (1) which is in a repayment arrangement with a 1% interest rate. And Citi (2 more) that are closed in collection without a payment arrangement set yet. For the charge offs, I've called all of them and basically was told settlement is the only option other than paying the full balance due on the account. They said they will not delete or modify the charge off on my credit reports even if I were to pay the full balance owed on the account. My biggest concern is that my credit score has nose dived from the 700s to about 400 over the last year because of my financial situation and having to let these all go delinquent. Prior to a year ago, never missed a payment in my credit history (12 year history). I am planning on offering each of the charge offs 20% of the balance owed to settle the debts. From my understanding, the notation on credit reports will say Charge Off-Settled-Paid. For the non-charge off accounts, what should I do? For the Discover collection account, should I just end that arrangement and request a settlement of that balance? They aren't charge offs thankfully but paying the full balances won't accomplish anything to salvage my credit at this point. I'm planning on offering 20% of the balances for these account as well. Is there anything specific I should know before making my offer to these companies to best set me up for "success"? I feel like I'm already at the point of no return for credit score death. 7 charge offs is brutal. I want to make the decisions that will best have my score recover fastest. Any feedback appreciated.
  2. Anyone want to place bets?????????? I have two accounts that are scheduled to stay on file till 02/24. Will they fall off on 02-01-2024? Or just an unspecified date within the Month of February Or actually fall off on 03-01-2024? I am not disputing them, I am just trying to figure out how the major Credit Reporting Agencies work and periods for scheduled deletion. I will follow up in this thread and let the board know as soon as I know. Any thoughts or guesses?
  3. Hospital A sent 3 different bills to there factoring partner(collection company A) and now mba law shows up on my credit report for over $14xx.xx but hospital A unpaid bills are a totaol of 3 from 3 different visits 1 bill is for $12xx.xx another for $75.00 and another for like 130.00 where total of all 3 come up to almost 1500.00 but mba law only shows 1 collection for almost 1500.00 isnt this skirting the law is it even legal to combine 3 different bills from 3 different times like 2 years apart from 1st bill to 3rd billr if it is illegal what do i do?
  4. Medical collection My husband has a medical collection for $1900. This was for an E/R visit, prior to having insurance. It went to collections because I wasn't able to negotiate on his behalf due to hospital not uploading the HIPAA form with my name on it while he was out of the country. He is a lawful permanent resident (Greencard holder) now. He has a SS and is working to build credit. This collection item doesn't show up on his credit reports yet. We want to pay it, however don't want it to affect his credit. What is the best way to handle this with the Collection agency (Revco Solutions)?
  5. Hi team, Long time listener, first time caller. I never thought it would happen to me. Earlier this year I checked my credit report and found an item in collections for about $200. Huh? I paid all my bills. I don't owe anyone money. It brought down my credit score from about 820 to 699. This ain't gonna fly. I need every mortgage basis point I can get. So, I disputed it with the CRAs as unknown. Bless their hearts, they conducted a thorough investigation and it came back as verified. From here I made calls to anyone who might plausibly think I owed them money. I hit pay dirt with a utility company from three years prior. After explaining that they never sent me a bill, I offered to pay it if they could provide me with a copy of a valid bill and take it out of collections. They refused. Back to the CRAs. I disputed it again: I was never billed, so this can't be delinquent. They dutifully investigated and concluded that it was verified. Hmm... public utility companies are regulated. I wonder what I can do with that? My state affords residential utility customers some rights: you can dispute a bill at any time, the utility is required to answer your dispute in writing, during a dispute a bill cannot be considered "due", bills are due upon receipt, and receipt is rebuttably presumed to occur a few days after mailing. Armed with this, I sent them a dispute letter and someone there signed for it. After thirty days, I sent them a second dispute letter, which they also ignored. They must be really busy with something else. Let's not forget about our friends the CRAs. I dispute it yet again: Since the underlying tradeline was under dispute, state law prohibited it from being reported. Validated. I'm beginning to think that they don't really care what I send them. At this point, I contacted the utility commission. Here's where we meet Todd. I still couldn't tell you what Todd's problem is. Maybe he hates his job. Maybe he dreamed of being an actor but got stuck being the poor clod at the utility stuck answering complaints. Well, I explained it to Todd, "Todd, these guys never sent me a bill. When I disputed it they refused to reply to my dispute." Todd assured me he'd get to the bottom of the situation. Todd's reply laid out the following: They had received my dispute, but refused to answer it because they had already refused me. They had sent me the bill. He had the bill right in front of him. It was my responsibility to pay my bills. That I was welcome to waste more of my time fighting over $200. Thanks, Todd! To his credit he sent me the bill. And there, friends, it was in black and white: The utility had mailed the bill to the wrong address. Not only had they mailed it to somewhere that I never lived, they mailed it to a house that didn't even exist. Someone had gotten very creative. Doing my due diligence, at Todd's suggestion (this time he came through), I contacted the person who had bought my house and asked them to check the address the utility had on file with them. And I'll be damned: the utility had the same bogus address for them. Jackpot. It was their provably mistake. Receipt rebutted. I told Todd and he told me, "nah" and invited me to send in a written appeal. He was also the person who handled appeals. Todd must be a Kafka fan. lol. Yet again I disputed it with the CRA. Hey, this was sent to the wrong address. It's a bona fide billing error. Yeah, whatever, verified. Here I turned to the papers and got in touch with a guy on the David and Goliath beat at a major newspaper. He was very excited to make hay out of it. But something came up on my end. It suddenly dawned on me. Todd had written something strange in one of his e-mails. The utility claimed that they had offered to take it out of collections in exchange for payment. Uh... what? That's what I offered them and they refused. Someone screwed up when typing up their notes. But hell, if it's in their notes I'll go for it. Todd put this offer to them. They accepted and took it out of collections. I cut them a check, wrote a letter indicating that it was being paid as part of dispute resolution. Todd declared the matter closed. Thanks, again, Todd. Good luck in Hollywood. So friends, here we are. For good measure I lodged a complaint with my state's AG, sending them a 25 page paper trail. This mess should vanish off my credit report shortly. But you know what? I wasted a lot of time on this and would like to be compensated to the fullest extent of the law. Is there any FCRA liability for the CRAs failure to investigate or the utility's refusal to take it out of collections during the dispute or the CA repeatedly verifying a bogus tradeline?
  6. Chase charged off my account 2 accounts YEARS ago, as a matter of fact I think this year I'm supposed to be hitting the 7 year statute of limitations, but I started getting a bunch of emails the past day or two from my old chase account and some of my other credit monitoring things and apparently JP Morgan is reporting my accounts as being charged off... again? Is that even legal? Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. Hi All - I'm new here but I'll cut to the chase. I have an ambulance bill from 2021 which I've received a collections letter despite my insurance paying 50%. I'll provide some details below. I'll have some questions too. Background Details / Additional Info This was an emergency Location: California I reached my out-of-network out-of-pocket max and out-of-network deductible by the time this was billed I have the EOB from my insurance for this bill There is a note on the bottom of my EOB which says: "HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL: THE PATIENT SHOULD NOT BE LIABLE IF YOU ACCEPT THE ALLOWABLE AMOUNT. CUSTOMER: CALL XXXXX AT THE NUMBER ON YOUR XXXXX ID CARD IF YOUR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL BILLS YOU MORE THAN THE "WHAT I OWE" AMOUNT ON THE FRONT OF THIS EXPLANATION OF BENEFITS." Is this binding in any way? Timeline Mid-Late 2021 I was taken to the hospital/ER via ground ambulance (out-of-network) after a 911 call After some time, I received a bill at some point for ~$2,000 (I can't remember when or how I got in touch with them for billing) I sent the invoice to my insurance who made a partial payment; their was eventually a correction from the payments by my insurance to the ambulance service which resulted in my insurance paying an additional amount totaling 50% (treating them as if they were in-network and pay the "allowed amount") May 2023 I received the first collections letter from Grant Mercantile Agency stating I have 30 days to dispute May 30th, 2023 I called my insurance and mentioned that I have this collections item for this service which they had already paid and the insurance rep said don't pay them a dime, we'll call them and take care of it. I was amazed and confident it would get resolved, so I didn't send any type of dispute. Eventually the 30 days elapsed and I didn't hear from them, so.... First Week of July, 2023 I received a second letter from the collection agency. They said they want a letter of intent to pay or a payment plan setup. They can report this to the credit agency at any time. July 8th, 2023 I called my insurance and made sure to speak with a supervisor. I followed up to find out the resolution, they said the ambulance service would not negotiate and that I had to pay the balance and they marked my claim/despite with their insurance company as "Resolved". It would remain in collections. She said that she would open one more dispute internally to see what more could be done. She said it would be 2-3 day and I'd be notified. I have not gotten an update yet. July 14th, 2028 I spoke to my insurance again and they said that the negotiation that I opened with the supervisor is still on-going. Where should I start?
  8. I am dealing with CCS for an account from Comcast. During the early 2021, I was stuck overseas due to fligh ops suspension. CCS was assigned this debt on June 7, 2021. CCS claimed they mailed me two letter but I could not find any at home when I came back on June 29th, 2021. As a backgrop of this, the final bill was disputed and that is why I could not pay before leaving in December of 2020. Xfinity restricted my access to the account overseas and I could not log in. I was planing on returning in Feb but due to the second covid surge, I could not fly until June 29. When I returned, I contacted Comcast about the dispute. It was never resolved. Two Questins, Can Comcast place a disputed final bill with a collection agency without resolving it? Fact that I was overseas, does simply mailing a collection letter to my residence fulfils CCS's legal obligation under the law?
  9. Hello there I am new to this board, I have been going around the forum but I am kind of lost, there is just too many information, it would be great if you could direct me to forums that can help me. And bear with me this is all very new to me. I have 2 collections from rental properties that have been on my account for 2 years and they are greatly affecting my credit (Speaking 18k). Anyhow a couple of months ago I contacted the debt collectors (Big mistake I realize that now 🤧) I wanted to pay the debts off because I cant get a credit card or rent an apartment. But they wouldnt negotiate with me on a good number so I didnt proceed with paying. Anyhow, after that I disputed the collections with the 3 credit bureaus, TransUnion and Experian removed the collection but not Equifax they were able to verify. On one of the collections I have a comment "account previously in dispute – now resolved by data furnisher" I dont quite get that part. Anyways, heres the catch I didnt have a social security number back when these collections where created (I was international) I just got mine a year ago, so I think that should be used against them? How can I remove these collections -- please help! And since I contacted them recently does that mean I wont be able to dispute the collections? Thank you!
  10. I had a Capital One credit card that was charged-off in 2019. The debt hasn't been sold. They haven't contacted me about it. I've called several times to see if i can pay it but they said i can't. It's stopping me from getting new credit and i'm not sure what to do about it. Has anyone here ever experienced something like? Advice needed. Thanks
  11. Long story short! I got a call from a debt collector saying that I owe $4K for a default back in 2006 due to bad decisions I made. Caught me off guard, last month i got a call from a debt collector enquiring about the debt I owe. I inadvertently told me that i had an identity theft and resolved it with bank , but got to know I was wrong (I had a similar named credit card from a credit union and had a identity theft a few year ago and i thought the call was from them trying to resolve.) The lady said they have a judgement against me in PA and when i searched the courts public record, indeed there is an open judgement since 2007. Any suggestions for me?
  12. Someone please help me I am trying to get an eviction off of my credit report. It is the only thing I have aside from two medical under $200. My eviction collection is 1500. I have Navy Federal and I am now working really can use a credit card, but wanting to wait a few months my score is 524.?
  13. I have 2 Cap1 credit cards. One has a balance of $8,700. I will soon have to default on that card. The other is a Cap1 Walmart card. Its balance is $125. After I default on the larger balance, will they go ahead and cancel my Walmart card also? Answer Follow Request
  14. I have a CO credit card from NFCU with last payment being Dec 2018. I recently began getting e-mails that LVNV had purchased this debt, and a week later I received a dunning letter. What's interesting is the dunning letter also included "validation notice" which seems to have all the information that would be required for a "DV" My question is, what information is given to LVNV (the JDB) from NFCU? I was in a dark place before and didn't look at my credit for years, but I'm convinced there are fraudulent charges on my (previous) credit card but I cannot see any list of itemized charges. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  15. Almost 10 years ago my wife and I fell for the time share scam. We used it a couple times for the first several years but after the yearly maintenance fees kept climbing higher and higher we realized it was only going to get worse and decided to cut our loses and try to sell or surrender our membership. We were unable to do either and decided to stop paying yearly fees hoping they would end it. Nope. After 3 years of not paying the fees and getting "reminder" notices and calls from the time share people, I got a call from Monterey Collections this morning. The woman of course, demanded a CC # to take care of it, I declined and said I would have to look into it and get back to her in a week. I have not gotten anything from collections in the mail yet. When do I send a validation letter? Does anyone have any recommendations for getting rid of a timeshare? It has no resale value, (I tried) and they will not let us out of the contract (tried that too). Am I really stuck on the hook paying the increasing fees every year for the next 21 years? The fees started off at $450 a year and are now almost $700/yr. I already sent an email to the state AG hoping for guidance but know they will comeback "contact an attorney" (great, another $5000) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi, One of my family memeber had a NFCU LOC in the amount of 5k that was closed in 2019. They have not made any payments because they have no means of income and partially disable. They recently received an email from LVNV that NFCU sold the account to LVNV (Resurgent Capital Services). I want to help them navigate this. I want to ask how they should handle it? Is the NFCU LOC agrement is same as CC? In this state, SOL on CC agreement is 6 y.
  17. Hi all, I'm getting conflicting feedback about how to handle this situation. I've been getting calls that come up as "Firstcredit". I have no prior dealings with this company (I don't know if they are even legit) and I have no outstanding credit. No loans, one credit card that I keep under $500 and I pay off most of the balance every month. I have a new cell phone number and it rings several times a day. The name that comes up is always "Firstcredit" but with different phone numbers and locations, so blocking these numbers are akin to the little boy who tried sticking his fingers in the holes of the dam. Anyway, when I try to answer to tell them that I am not the person they are looking for, the call always "disconnects". I have been trying to answer so they can ask for so and so and I can tell them they have the wrong number. Today, I decided to ring back the number. A man answered. I told him I've been getting these calls from his company and asked him who they are and who they're looking for. The man told me it is an attempt to collect a debt. I told him he most likely has the wrong number as I don't have any outstanding debts. He asked me what my name is. I almost told him then I stopped myself, because he could be spammer just trying to get my info and I told him my reasoning for not wanting to give my info. He told me the calls won't stop until I tell him my name (and what good would that do him, if he's a legit debt collector). I told him "that's okay. I just got this number and I'm not all that attached to it yet. I'll just change my number" and hung up. I'm seriously considering changing my number again, but I had all these issues changing my logins that use text for verification. The "Do not call" list doesn't help as they don't cover "debt collection" calls. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I tried a 100 day trial for a mattress and didn't relies I was basically taking out a small loan. Before the trial ended I refunded the mattress and they gave me back my money and now I have a closed installment account on my report. All my payments where on time I just want to remove the closed account from my Experian credit report. My original dispute was rejected does anyone have any suggestions?
  19. tl;dr - Hosting company refuses refund and cancellation, credit card chargeback in favor of buyer, merchant threatens collections On Feb 9, I purchased a VPS(virtual private server) hosting service from the merchant. After logging in and attempting to set it up I found that the product and service were not to the performance and standard based on the advertised specs. I shutdown the server and contacted support the same day. I asked them to cancel the service and refund the charges as I would not be using it. There support answer the next day was I again submitted a cancellation request on Feb 10, saying that I cannot use their product and request a refund of charges.They reply quickly with back-to-back emails stating that With that I opened a chargeback request through Citi (my card) for Canceled Service/Goods, truthfully stated that I attempted to work with the merchant first and they ruled in my favor on Feb 15. I have not used the product since I requested a cancellation and refund. I have not logged into the service panel for the merchant since communications ended. Feb 26 - I received an email from the merchant With an attached invoice for the original purchase price + $15 chargeback fee. The companies letterhead shows an address of Wyoming, I am in Colorado. Can they send me to collections for this? What is the best way to get in front of it to protect myself? Are there any legal consumer protections for this scenario? Thanks for reading and any advice!
  20. Hello guys. I’m a 22 year old who got their first credit card last year. I ended up getting 3 and was VERY dumb with them. I owe $500 to Discover, $460 to Macy’s & $1,200 to Nordstrom. I currently have closed accounts from all 3, but only Macy’s and Nordstrom have flagged my account as a charge off. Is there is ANY way to get them to delete the “closed account” and “charge off” history off my credit report. I just got my tax returns and have enough to pay them all in full. All I want is to have a CLEAN credit report as if I had just started from scratch. I just got off the phone with Nordstrom CC services and she told me they don’t do pay for delete, as they have to accurately update the credit bureau, but that if I fully pay, in 10 days, the balance on my account will update to zero, meanwhile if I do a settlement, it’ll update 30 days after the last payment has been received. I asked if I could negotiate through mail, and she said all they could do is send me a “current status letter”. I didn’t know this stuff stays on your report for 7 years. I really hate myself for this.
  21. Hi I need some help. I’ve been contacted by Resurgent and they are being pretty agresive in their communications threatening legal action. And I’m not sure if this crosses the line and what to do if it does. i should note: I’m judgement proof because I’ve been unable to work for 4 + years, am on SSDI, that money goes into the SSDI payment account where no other money can be added to, I’ve unfortunately had to spend down all my savings during the fight to get ssdi, and the last account I have is going to be spent down next week; I never keep more than a months worthy of benefits in the account. I own my condo, and one car . I also have a bankruptcy on my history until 2024. Because of a tax issue, even if I would pay enough to get a refund it’s going to the government for 10 years, Im not opposed to pay for delete but I can’t do that right now because of my income. I have several other collections accounts but they aren’t threatening to sue me. this is their latest email, https://www.dropbox.com/s/qmje5w3ff1ndsiy/Photo Jan 29%2C 10 57 33 AM.jpg?dl=0
  22. So, I also have a balance from Verizon that went to collections in 2007. After a couple of years I disputed it. I felt there was late fees added and I truly owed $600 and something not 1099.00. Well, I was injured and out of work for quite some time during this. Plus, I was dealing with wild fires in my area that came extremely close to my house. My point is my Verizon account is 15 years old and every time I dispute it, it gets sold to another collection agency. I have had I think 6 different agency that has had this bill. Currently it is with Jefferson capital. In my old credit reports (2018/2019) it show the account is closed. When I pull up my credit report from today it show the account is open and it is still owed. I thought thing fell of your credit report after 7 years. So, why are they trying to still collect the balance from 15 years ago.
  23. Hello, I'm in bit of an issue where a medical bill was fully paid, but the account is in collections. In an imperfect sequence of events, the insurance company briefly withdrew a previous payment and re-payed the provider. Meanwhile, the provider sent me the bill, went bankrupt and they are not reachable. Looks like they sold the debt to the CA and CA wants the money that was fully paid. I have the Explanation of Benefits and proof of the original payment. Feb 2019 to April 2019 - Service Provided by an in-network medical service provider for my child May 2019 - Co-pay fully paid. Insurance fully paid. Account settled. Sep 2020 - Insurance withdrew the payment (mistake). Provider sends me the bill for around $1,200. I disputed it. Feb 2021 - Provider sends the account to the collection agency $1,200. CA sends me the letter. Mar 2021 - Provider closes the door. Unable to reach the provider. Apr 2021 - I sent the DV letter (after 30 days - on 39th day as I was traveling), used WhyChat DV letter. I got a vague response that I owe the money. Apr 2021 - Insurance re-payed the provider in full. They sent me the Explanation of Benefits which shows the account is fully settled. Apr 2021 - Certified mail to the provider returns back (with HIPAA language), as the provider closes the door. Phone calls or emails not returned. Sep 2021 - CA keeps sending emails. Contacted the Insurance company. The Insurance company contacted the CA by phone and told them the account was settled. CA informs the insurance agent that it will contact the service provider and sort it out. Sep 2021 - CA reports to CRA. Credit scores drop. Sep 2021 - Online dispute raised with CRA with full proof of payment. However, all disputes closed that the debt is valid. Oct 2021 - CA sends me the letter I still owe $1,200 + interest. I have the payment proof (insurance payment + co-pay that was paid in 2019). Can I please get your advise? Would this constitute as an insurance fraud? Should I send the proof of payment to the CA? Thank you so much. Appreciate it.
  24. Hi there, This is a complicated story with a few parts, so I'll try to be as complete as possible. I'm a college senior currently trying to clean up the mistakes I made over my very short credit history thus far. I currently have 1 medical collection at $1500, 1 tuition collection at $4700, and have painstakingly carved my CCU from 90% to 50% (and going down every month). I also have plenty of federal student loans that are deferred until 2023, and have never missed a payment on accounts in good standing. TransUnion and Equifax hover around 660 these days, with FICO 8 and Experian closer to the 630s. Regarding the medical collection: The bill was initially for a college physical and routine vaccinations back in summer 2019, and was supposed to be paid for by insurance. I had just turned 18 at the time, so I was oblivious to the way it worked, but my parents told me the clinic screwed the billing up and our insurance denied it. I didn't think I had to care since they told me they would take care of it, but they didn't. About a year ago, I ended up with a collection which I attempted to dispute it electronically (didn't know what I was doing), but it was validated. Roughly a month ago, it suddenly dropped off of my report, but today I got a voicemail from a new CA, so it's likely coming back within the next few months. Regarding the tuition collection: For my first two years of college, I attended a tiny regional private school that charged way too much for tuition, but my parents insisted that between the veterans' dependents' benefits, federal loans, and scholarships, I would be able to attend without any out of pocket cost. Like before, they let me down and it ended up costing far more than they told me. I was a stupid college kid who just got his taste of living away from home, and my spending and priorities were insanely out of whack, so my account balance kept climbing. At the end of sophomore year, I transferred to a more respected school with more financial aid, but I still had the balance on my old account with no way to pay it. Around July 2021, it was passed on to collections with the remark "affected by natural disaster" (referring to COVID). After a reality check of sorts, I've been religiously budgeting, paying off my CCs, and exploring every clever credit building account under the sun. I haven't sunken completely yet, but I'm very fearful that 2 collections at age 20 is a recipe for disaster. I'm looking for the best way to handle these derogatory accounts, and don’t know what my options are. I feel tremendously ashamed of the position I'm in, as I come from a family that's terrible at managing money, and because I'm 6 months away from graduating with a degree in finance. Somehow I ended up going down the road that I knew I should always avoid. I'm very anxious about my future and where to go from here, and I just need to know how to get out.
  25. I sent out a validation letter to a medical collection on the 1st. today the 17th i got an alert that a new account was added. The account was never removed to my knowledge but it is the same Collection but now the balance says zero. Why would they do this? I haven't received any response from them. Should I wait the 30 days to see if they remove, or move forward with another letter? Thanks for any response
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